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LeapFrog? Tag Reading System
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Product Description

Introducing Tag Reading System, the revolutionary touch reading system that brings reading to life like never before. Tag engages children to make reading a rich, fulfilling experience. Children simply touch the Tag Reader (which looks like an electronic pen) to the book's pages, and words talk, characters sing and stories fly off the pages.

With a huge library of hardcover books and games including favorite TV, movie and classic tales, each Tag Book allows children to learn at their own pace, building their skills and their confidence. Plus, by connecting the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path, parents can see what their child is learning -- and even receive recommendations on what books their child could read next! Includes Tag Reader, plus the "Ozzie and Mack" Book; additional Tag Books sold separately. Tag Reader requires two "AAA" batteries, not included.

A unique touch and talk device that brings stories to life, the Tag Reading System works with a library of books and games from LeapFrog. Funny voice-overs and cool sound effects add to the fun of discovery, helping ensure that children four to eight love the way this interactive, educational system boosts their confidence and their reading level.

The tag reader is designed to fit comfortably in small hands. View larger.

LeapFrog books include fun, educational activities. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Educational tool brings stories to life

The Bad: Supply of compatible books and games is not endless

In a Nutshell: The Tag reader is a fun way to keep kids interested in learning
At a Glance

Ages: 4 to 8
Requires: 2 AAA batteries; setup uses a computer and the Internet
Let's Play Tag!
With a wide grip that's perfect for little hands, the Tag reader adds a unique element to story time. The included book, Ozzie and Mack, features the rhyming adventures of Ozzie Otter and his playful animal friends. Text for this book is preloaded onto the Tag reader, so as soon as you load two AAA batteries (not included) into the reader, the story can begin.

A little camera in the tip of the reader identifies words and symbols on the specially printed pages, giving kids lots of options. They can pick between starting a story at the beginning and having it read all the way through, playing a page at a time, or reading themselves and using the Tag reader to hear single, tricky words spoken aloud. This last option inspires kids to try reading books they might otherwise avoid, since the Tag reader is always there to help them out.

Young readers are sure to enjoy the way character voices add drama to their favorite stories, the way touching certain pictures inspires quirky sound effects, and the leveled activities included in LeapFrog books.

Explore the World of Reading
LeapFrog presents a library of books that are compatible with the Tag reader. Classics like The Little Engine That Could come to life, and kids' favorite characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Kung Fu Panda, help them connect with new stories. LeapFrog has even teamed with National Geographic Kids to present activity cards featuring different animals that the Tag reader brings to life.

To use additional books and games, you'll need to install the LeapFrog connect application on your computer. Once this is done, it becomes easy to download audio for the books you have and put them on your Tag reader. Use the included USB cable to connect the reader to your computer, and drag-and-drop up to five stories onto it.

Watch Children Fall in Love With Books
Young readers may be too busy following the escapades of their new friends to realize they are building phonics skills, expanding their vocabulary, and improving their reading comprehension. The Learning Path can help you keep up with their progress. This parent-centered section of the LeapFrog connect computer application allows you to download education information from the reader to your computer and track your child's progress. Use it to help customize your child's unique learning journey and celebrate educational milestones.

Overall, this innovative touch system makes reading an enjoyable experience, and there's plenty of room for the system to grow with your child's skills. Watching as children learn new skills and thinking up new ways to be involved in the learning process keeps adults on their toes. While the reader seemed quite durable, the imaginative world of stories that it opens up is a gift that will long outlast the reader itself.

Although headphones are not included, the Tag reader is compatible with most headphones, so kids can concentrate on reading without being distracted or disrupting others.

What's in the Box
Tag Reader, USB cable, LeapFrog Connect software CD, and the book Ozzie and Mack.

  • The amazing touch technology of the Tag Reading System encourages a child's love of reading as words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud!
  • The Tag library includes over 20 books and games featuring characters from TV, movies and classic tales.
  • Tag storybooks and learning activities help children build vocabulary and reading skills such as word recognition, reading comprehension and phonics skills.
  • Children learn to read through an exciting and interactive experience in which they can also earn online rewards.
  • Parents can connect the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is learning, and explore ways to expand their child's learning journey.

Customer Reviews:

  • I am amazed!
    I love this toy!!! My four-year-old daughter will sit and read books with this for hours. I am not even sure how it works, but you load five books at a time into it (you do need to have internet access in order to start) and they can switch between those books and it reads everything. The books also have fun activities and games that are suitable for varied ages....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    We have a 4yr old daughter and she adores her TAG system! She hauls the pen and books all over the house with her! We love that it's educational as well as entertaining! It was a great investment, and I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Reading has been made fun!
    My daughter always wanted to watch a movie before bedtime which is against the rules in our house. We would read, but she lost interest and would start to play after 10 minutes. After getting the Tag reader she will listen to me read for a while and the she wants to play with her tag and that makes me happy! She loves her Tag and wants to go through all of her Tag books(5) every night. Thank you Leapfrog for this great invention! I hope there will be more books coming out so we can continue to use this for years to come!

    And another thing that is great is the books, she has a great variety to choose from!...more info
  • Reading
    This is great...need to get more of the books to go with and other items available, like the headphones!
    Great for Kindergarten age just learning to read, helps them recongnize sight words.
    Pleased so far!
    Just don't forget the batteries!...more info
  • An great addition to book reading time
    My 3 year old grandson has loved the Tag reading system with the books we got for him (especially Cars- Tractor tipping.) Part of his bedtime ritual is to have a book or 2 (or 3) read to him, and the Tag reader is now incorporated into this time. He enjoys touching different objects on each page to hear the sounds they make --- it's sometime amazing how many times in a row he wants to hear the same sounds. I think it will be really helpful shortly when he has the patience to try actually reading the individual words, but we'll see how that actually works out. I've already bought 4 more books for him since he has had so much fun with the three he has. He also like to do the activities, though his parents have not tried uploading the results of those activities.

    He uses it independently as well as with parents.

    All in all a really great "educational toy."...more info
  • Love the Tag. Hate the lack of memory.
    We bought this for our 3-year-old (about 2 months shy of her 4th birthday) for Christmas, because she's bound and determined to learn to read. She LOVED it right off, and we had no problems getting the books downloaded, etc. Her little sister (just turned 2) was so intrigued that we ended up getting her one as well a few days after Christmas. It's wonderful toy, I love that it's not "screen time", and have already noticed a big jump in the number of words that she recognizes on sight.

    My main complaint seems to be the same as everyone else's - its memory capacity is ridiculous. Given the price of memory these days, its small capacity seems nothing short of moronic. Not only does it limit the device's usability, but I'd think it was a bad, bad business move for Leapfrog. I do like this toy enough (and like that my children use it) to buy every book they sell, which I'd think is where their real profit potential lies, but I'll limit my purchases because I hate to even think about trying to manage which content is on which pen, and when. Never mind - the urgent requests to change content. It just seems silly, and I hope that they rectify it in the future.

    Other than the memory issue, I really do love this toy as do my girls....more info
  • Beware
    Beware of this product. We've had to exchange several after the Leapfrog Connect prompted an update for our Tag readers. The update failed and locked us out of the Tag reader after deleting the audio. Eventually we found a Tag that seemed to accept the "update."

    If you're fortunate enough not to have had this problem feel lucky. Moreover, if you're fortunate enough not to have had the repeated delays in the Leapfrog connect website to even use your tag reader you are doubly blessed.

    Good luck if you choose to invest in this product. I you choose to proceed prepare yourself for the potential for product exchanges if you're committed to the system....more info
  • Learning made fun
    I bought this for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas. She has played with it every day since, most days she easily gets in over 2 hours of play time. I also have a 2 year old son who loves to sit and watch his sister play with it.

    One of the coolest things about this is that you can plug it into your computer and it will show you the childs scores on some of the games that are in the books. This however isnt accurate if you have two kids playing with one tag.

    This is hands down my daughters favorite '08 Christmas present....more info
  • grandson loves it
    My grandson loves the tag reader, he is looking forward to getting more books. I like the different options in each book, different levels of games plus the story....more info
  • LeapFrog Tag reader
    My son loves this! He "reads" as many books as he can. Right now his attention span for reading the books is short so he doesn't usually get through a whole book. The words are pretty choppy if you just "read" them individually. It sounds like someone read the book and then an editor broke those words apart. We haven't figured out a way to make it sound smooth. My 7-yo did discover how to make the pen tell the stories without the books (it is listed in the manual).

    When I was researching the reader before purchase, I was unaware that you download the books onto the device. The memory is relatively small (16 mb)and won't hold all of the books (about 6 at a time) in the LeapFrog Tag library which I found disappointing. I'm sure my son will too when he finds out he has to chose which book to delete in order to add a new one. The books are downloaded to your computer from LeapFrog so you can easily reload them. I thought the devise could read any book in the library at any time. You cannot just go buy a new book and give it to your child to use with the reader....more info
  • Better than expectations
    I was unsure how my 3 year old would like this; he enjoys books a lot and we enjoy our reading time together. Turns out this is one of his favorite gifts from Christmas!! We ordered a couple books and the headphones with it and he will sit still (a feat in its own right) and read. He loves the headphones that we ordered with it and calls them his "ears". I had no problems with the computer connection and the books were easy enough to load and very entertaining. I gave it 4 overall stars because I wish it could hold more than 5 books. That might make it a pain once we get more than that many books. ...more info
  • Initial installation problems - but great fun for my 4.11 month old
    On the strength of the reviews on Amazon, I purchased this system for my son. I do not yet know how well he will like it, since the installation of audio files (required) has not happened yet. I am a sophisticated computer user and yet I cannot overcome the software's "can't connect to the internet" error message. So I am unable to do all that is required before this toy is available to my son for his use. The FAQ on the Leapfrog site is not great. Customer support is heavily geared to asking email questions. Phone support hours are not consistent with parental working schedules.

    I write this simply to warn you ahead of time that you will need to invest some time, hopefully much less than I have so far, to become operational. My wife is now trying to get things up and running on her Mac. It would appear that installation for some is no problem, and I hope that is your experience. I install software and troubleshoot personal computers as part of my job, so my failures here are not entirely user error. In any event, I would recommend trying the install well ahead of your child breathing down your neck to get this working for him or her. Just in case you encounter the same Catch-22 that I did.

    UPDATE 12-30-08
    I was able to install the audio files from the web, and also from my wife's Mac. My son loves to use the system and is more independently amused than with many other toys/books/games. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    LOVE THE TAG READING SYSTEM!!! this is the coolest thing i have seen yet! Man and all we could do was "sound it out" HA! My daughter has a lot of fun with this! she loves to play the games, so she can find different things through out the book! you can also have it read to you fully or you can have it read word by word! VERY NEAT!!!...more info
  • Love This!!!!
    My daughter is 4 years old and she loved this instantly. I can see how this would help her to learn how to read. She uses it at night before bed and never wants to put it down so I've started letting her use it when we get home from pre-school. She particularly loves the games which are educational while she's having fun. My only disapointment is that its a little expensive but worth the price. ...more info
  • A very entertaining educational toy.
    Bought this for a 5 year old and she absolutely loved it. You can not only run the pen over specific words to hear them, but you can choose the have the entire page read while you listen. After she opened this on Christmas Day, she spent most of the afternoon in her chair "reading" these books. An educational toy they can easily do themselves. Downloading onto the pen took just minutes, and worked flawlessly. A wonderful product which has proved to be durable as well....more info
  • Very cool
    This toy is ingenious. The book it came with can provide endless entertainment. It has several different games inside with multiple skill levels. The story comes to life with the sound effects. Kids really learn phonics and most importantly, they can easily operate this toy by themselves. Very cool. ...more info
  • LeapFrog support stinks. Software buggy / error handling poor.
    Product isn't working properly. I install the software on my computer and then attempt to connect to my Tag reader. It says that the reader needs to be updated and then that the application that will do the updating hasn't been downloaded yet and that once it is downloaded that I should cycle power on the Tag reader and reconnect. There is no indication of whether this is an automatic download handled by the Connect software or whether it requires user intervention. If it is automatic then it isn't working. If user intervention is required there are no instructions and no utility or files anywhere for manual firmware download, etc. And yes, I know how my computer works and no I haven't got problems on my end that are causing the problem. I am a computer scientist. If I can't get it working then how in heck is the average user going to?

    E-mail only support. No phone, no live chat. Stated 48-72hr response time. Crapola folks. In the past I've played a major role in a product support group. I know darn well that results come from real-time communication. I don't have the time or patience for this. It is a mass market product that, after you buy several books, isn't cheap. They should at least have bombproof software or better support -- preferably both.

    I will seriously think twice about purchasing a LeapFrog product again. ...more info
  • Disapointed
    Ok, the idea is great. However, not much fun for kids, hard for them to use.
    My son preses too hard, so i know that is part of the problem. However, I think all kids would press hard. That is a natural instinct. He gets frustrated very eaily when he is trying to "read" the book with the Tag. You need to press it not to hard, not to soft. That is hard for a child to understand. ...more info
  • Leapfrog Tag Reading System
    This invention is terrific ! From the moment we set it up, my son has been mesmerized by it.
    It keeps his intention, offers different ways to read the story and the characters really come to life with great expression. It is a wonderful way to improve sight word reading. Our son especially loves the occasional humorous comments when he presses on different characters on each page. The comprehension questions are motivating and provide support when he doesn't find the answer immediately, and he loves the cheers when he gets the correct answer. This really is an amazing little invention. We bring it with us to keep him occupied on long car rides and other places where a little diversion is needed.
    I would recommend this product to everyone, it was well worth every penny we spent....more info
  • You can get more storage for addional books
    There is another version of tag reader that you can order from which will hold 20-25 books instead of only 5. I got one last month and it works great. I ordered the books from the website and was not sure if the books sold in stores would work in it but my son bought the Dora book from Walmart and it works in it....more info
  • Great gosh
    (Per my 6year old, owner of the item...)
    I like this Tag System. It is nice. I like it.

    (Per mom...)
    I assumed the Tag Reading System would be a cool toy. But, it has over-exceeded my expectations. It is easy to set-up, fun to use, and suprisingly educational. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. As a side note, the product line doesn't feel overpriced but I do wish that the case had been included because I feel like it is a must have item. ...more info
  • Wish I had this when I was a kid
    Our 3 year-old son loves the Tag system, especially the 'Dinosaur Roar' and 'I Spy' books. My only complaint is that the reader only holds about 5 audio downloads. So if my son wants to read a book that wouldn't fit on the reader, I have to hook it up to the computer, move files around, and re-sync it. If they could just build more memory into the reader pen, it would be PERFECT. ...more info