The 4400 - The Complete Fourth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/06/2008

There's nothing like a psych-out to shake things up. In The 4400's fourth season opener, everyone has taken the medicine Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell) distributed in year three, and all's right with the world. Then he wakes up from his dream. In truth, promicin helps some and harms others. Soon, Shawn (Patrick Flueger) emerges from his coma and Isabelle (Megalyn Echikunwoke), who tried to kill him, escapes from prison. As for NTAC, agents Tom (Joel Gretsch) still mourns the missing Alana, while Diana (Jacqueline McKenzie) returns to work when she finds out her sister, April (Natasha Gregson Wagner), has taken the shot. As the season continues, promicin-related strangeness accelerates, like the outcast (Cameron Bright) who becomes a messiah--and insists his followers only listen to TV on the radio--or the librarian (Constance Towers) who can astral project. An attractive new NTAC supervisor, Meghan Doyle (Jenni Baird), joins Tom and Diana to monitor the positives and those they affect, including Tom's son, Kyle (Chad Faust), who helps Collier establish Seattle's Promise City, an all-positive community. As ever, shades of grey dominate, and anyone can change at any time. Even an NTAC agent can become one of the Marked.

The fourth year ends with a viral outbreak, followed by the death of a key character. For the most part, though, the conclusion holds out hope for relations between the positives and the rest of the population--if they can stop the Marked in time. Because the USA Network chose not to renew the show, some questions may never be answered. Fortunately, The 4400 went out with both humor and heart. Extra features include deleted scenes, featurettes, a blooper reel, and commentary from creator Scott Peters on "Till We Have Built Jerusalem" and the director's cut of final¨¦ "The Great Leap Forward." --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • The final season
    All Sci-fi series suffer from that desire to up the wow factor each season which ends up taking things too far. In this case though I think they could have pulled at least one or two more seasons from this series. This season ties up some but not all of the loose ends from the previous seasons though it does add a couple of its own. While probably not the best season of the series it does a good job of coming up with new angles to explore the characters we've come to know. In short if you thought season 3 was too over the top then you do not need to see this one otherwise click buy now....more info
  • Why did they cancel this show?
    This show is wonderful...... Drama, action and a story that really makes you ask questions. Perfect!! ...more info
  • The 4400 Forth Season
    I loved the series I hope they keep the show on for a long long time...........more info
  • 4400's Best Season Yet!
    I was not sure how this season could ever be as good as the first one, but with a reinvented plot they have done it. Jordan's character gets more interesting, and the relationship between Tom and Kyle gets intensified for both good and bad in different episodes. An awesome twist at the end leaves you craving season 5.

    Overall, this was the best season of the series.

    Buy it and Enjoy!...more info
    This series was 1 of the best on t.v.
    The USA network made a bad mistake in ever letting it go from there lineup. Had it not been for the many and long interuptions in the storyline, this show could have gone on for many more seasons.
    Its to bad that that a good show does not get the support from the network to keep the series moving at an even pace, as to always make the viewers wonder, is it coming back?, its cancelled!!, oh wait, no, here it comes again.
    No wonder good shows with strong storylines get dropped. Viewers get tired of all the games and move on. I was faithful to the end with the series and will miss what could have been....more info
  • Complete 4th season 4400
    The fourth season of 4400 does not dissapoint, in fact it left me gasping for more. The plot thickens, as the gulf between the ones with abilities and "normies" grows. However, the twists and turns make this an interesting ride to be on.

    Unfortunately, the product itself, the discs, also had a level of uncertainty, freezing in mid frame and jumping forward leaving this consumer with more unanswered questions than I had bargained for....more info
  • Fitting and Satisfying Ending
    Not quite as good as the previous three seasons, still the series held intrest as the mystery of the future beings, especially the Marked, held interest. Also, smart twist with having Tom turn bad as a Marked. Clever stories and cliff-hangers also kept the interest even though the plot twisted around and around causing some loss of focus. Until, that is, the final episode, when the writers brought it all together, and perhaps not planned as the series finale, still managed to provide a fitting and satisfying ending. A tearful one, too. Bravo!...more info
  • This Cannot Be The End!!!
    This is one of my most favorite shows and I cannot believe they're letting it end this way! There are still so many unanswered questions now that so many people are promicin positive and Jordan has taken over Seattle. I feel like the fight is just beginning. The way Shawn was looking at Jordan's pictures after losing both his mother and brother...I just feel like there's an entire story there that needs to be told. I know he feels Jordan is responsible and would like to act on those feelings. I wish they would just give us one more season. Just one more. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!!...more info
  • vast improvement over season 3!!
    after a disappointing season 3, I didn't know what to expect when season 4 arrived. I'm happy to report that season 4 might just be the best season ever; (although season 2 is EXCELLENT as well).

    the stories in sea. 4 are a grade above season 3, and Billy Campbell's return to the series elevates the dramatic tension. Joel Gretsch and Jacqueline McKenzie also shine in the 4th season.

    hate it that the series has now ended; maybe the producers will create a big screen movie for fans in the future.....more info
  • The Sneetches updated
    Well written, well acted. Basically, 4400 abductees return in a ball of light, each with a special ability. The central tale revolves around a core group but each week there is a guest ability featured. There are many organizations trying to use the 4400 to its own ends so we have vilains from government, industry and family all trying to take advantage of the talents demonstrated by the returnees. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's good and who's bad (and even who's dead and who's alive).

    This show draws from many sources but still manages to be unique and stand on its own. It has a bit of the Andromeda Strain, H.G. Wells, Biblical figures, but mostly Dr. Seuss's "The Sneetches". (The star bellied Sneetches had bellies with stars; the plain bellied Sneetches had none upon thar's"). That's basically the whole premise - Do you want a star or not? Is having a star better than not? This may sound simplistic but the writers weave episode after episode, season after season's stories around this age old question - Is what we want really best for us?
    In my estimation, each season is quite equal so I'm using this review for each. Watch and info