Plant Tycoon
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You May Not Have A Green Thumb In Real Life But You Can Become A Gardener Extraordinaire In Plant Tycoon. This Simulated Plant-growing Extravaganza Will Have You Breeding And Cross-breeding Plants Like A Pro. Keep Mixing And Matching Different Plant Species To Solve The Genetic Puzzle. Only The Right Combination Will Create The Six Magic Plants Of Isola. Be Careful Your New Blooms May Be Blossoming And Flourishing One Day And Suffering From Dehydration And Infestations The Next. Conduct Research Keep An Eye On Your Seedlings And Make Money To Fund It All. Can You Build A Successful Nursery Or Will Your Dreams Of Becoming A Plant Tycoon Wither And Fade? discover More Than 500 Fascinating Plant Species And Collect 50 Species Of Insects That You Find In The Greenhouse. Your Collection Of Plant Life Will Range From Everyday Seeds To Rare Extinct Species. Keep Planting Growing Pruning And Pollinating The Plants With Great Care Until Theyre Mature Enough To Sell. Then Use The Profits To Fund Research And Buy Decorative Items Such As Sculptures Fountains And Ornaments. The More Customers You Can Attract The Bigger And Better Your Business Will Become. Dont Have A Lot Of Time For Your Plants? Put A Seed In The Ground And Let It Grow In Real Time While Youre Away. The Next Time You Play There May Be A New Sprout Waiting For You! features plant Grow Prune And Pollinate More Than 500 Plant Species Ranging From Common Seeds To Rare Extinct Plant Breeds combine Plants To Solve The Genetic Puzzle And Create The Six Magic Plants Of Isola watch Out For Infestations And Dehydration That Can Ruin All Your Hard Work monitor The Plants Health Age And Maturity And Sell The Fully Grown Plants For Profit use The Money You Earn To Fund Research Projects Purchase Fountains And Sculptures Buy Ornaments And Invest In Improvements For Your Virtual Garden dont Squash Those Bugs Collect 50 Insect Species As You Find Them In The Greenhouse virtual "living" Plants "grow" In ...

Customer Reviews:

  • Garden of Fun
    Following is a review by Isabella (6 years old), one of the younger members of dream factory:

    "You can make a big nusery with flowers. "You can make a seed collection. And have as many tools and products for the nursery. And try to discover the 6 magic plants. You catch and collect bugs and insects, either for jars or money. You can sell the flowers to the customers. Their are 100 products to chose from, and 500 different plants."

    Parent: Yes this is a recommended PC game due to it teaching youngsters at many levels. Plant care/nurturing from seed - seedling - plant. Defence against insects. Nursery arrangement and customer service. Not a simple game by any means. Taking much lateral thinking during play and operation....more info
  • Best Tycoon
    I have played alot of tycoon games and I was one of those people who hated fish tycoon but this game is so much better. It gives you other ways to past time and make money other than just selling your items. You can catch bugs for money and sell seeds. Anyone who wants a cute little game to play that's easy and doesn't require alot of waiting....more info
  • Plant Tycoon
    I enjoy this game very much but mostly due to a program I downloaded from the developers forums website that does a great job of tracking all that you do in the game and that program provides an unlimited seed tray as well. If it weren't for that program I don't think I would enjoy this game as much or even play it out to the end because there is just too much to keep track of and it's easy to get bogged down in paperwork with it. Then it just becomes work and not fun, for me anyway, some would probably enjoy getting into all that detail. The plants are very pretty to look at and it's a great little game for when you just feel like sitting and watching them grow without having to think about it much. I rated the game 4 stars but honestly it's because of that program I downloaded. If I didn't have that I would probably have rated it 2 stars because it doesn't help you in any way to keep track of what you've done and the seed trays in the game aren't nearly sufficient enough....more info
  • Highly Addictive
    Got the Plant Tycoon together with Fish Tycoon. Much preferred this as it allows you to save your plant seeds of the new breed for future cross breeding. I would suggest making up a spread sheet to keep track of the parentage of every new plant discovered. ...more info
  • Plant Tycoon
    Really fun game for my 9 year old. It's continous play, for days and days of fun....more info
  • Plant Tycoon
    I like this game. I can play it while cleaning the house and if one of my kids need me i dont have to pause it to see what they need. I think this game is great for parents to just play if you like seeing what you can make by mixing the plants. I think some of the plants look beautiful...wish I had them in my garden. Over all it can get a little boring if you play it too much but it is still fun....more info
  • Entirely too addictive!
    I love this game! I have it, Fish Tycoon (the sister game that came out before it!) and all three of the Virtual Villager games. Actually, I have both the PC version and the PDA version, so I can honestly say that this game is extremely addictive. As for the Fish Tycoon game, I have the PC version, the PDA version and the Nintendo DS Version. The PC versions are put out by Activision which has done and excellent job and the PDA versions are by LDW. I recommend *ALL* of the versions!...more info