Casio Exilim EX-S10BK 10MP 3x Zoom 2.7-Inch LCD Screen Digital Camera (Black)
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Product Description

Spontaneous dance parties. Exquisite sunsets. Junior High graduations. Each and every timeless moment is easily captured with the EX-S10. The world's smallest and thinnest 10 megapixel camera fits perfectly into accessible pockets for spontaneous snapshots and personal YouTube-friendly videos. Life seems 10 times more vivid once this Exilim starts shooting. The Exilim's 10 million pixels of extremely high resolution maximize clarity so detailed moments are captured the way you envisioned. Super-high resolution is maintained when printing very large sizes as well. The wide 2.7-inch Super Clear LCD screen delivers amazingly high contrast and brightness, and enhanced movie functions can turn anyone into a phenomenal photographer and monumental moviemaker. Share your stills over the Internet or download them to your iPod or iPhone. Shoot videos and transfer them to YouTube with ease. Strong, thin tempered glass ensures high-tech durability. You'd never have realized that a digital-camera could be so much fun! The Exilim EX-S10 is a party in your hand. Choose among a rainbow of available colors. iTunes compatible video format YouTube video capture Contrast Detection Auto Focus Modes - Auto Focus, Macro Mode, Pan Focus, Infinity mode, Manual focus / Macro Focus for close-ups Exposure Control - Metering - Multi pattern, Center Weighted, spot by CCD / Control - Program AE / Exposure compensation - -2EV - +2EV by 1/3 EV step CCD electronic shutter and mechanical shutter - Auto - 1/2 to 1/2000 second; Night Scene - 4 to 1/2000 second Sensitivity Setting - Still - Auto, ISO50, ISO100, ISO200, ISO400, ISO800, ISO1600; Movie - Auto Dimensions - 3.70 (W) x 2.14 (H) x. 59 (D); 3.98 oz

  • 10mp with 3x zoom
  • Auto shutter
  • You Tube ready
  • Instant video button
  • Face detection

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent camera and excellent value
    I am completely satisfied with this camera. It's awesomely small and it takes excellent pictures. I really don't find the inability to save whatever best shot category I use when I turn off my camera annoying. The shutter button takes a little getting used to but it's not a real problem. Recording video is also very easy....more info
  • Great Little Camera
    At first I was not impressed with the camera, but after getting to know all the features it is a great little camera. It is slim, the battery lasts a long time unlike my other cameras, it takes great video with sound, and there is no software to download. You can just plug it in to the computer and import the pictures. The only thing is that it did not come with very good instructions, but you can find the instructions online. I would definitely recommend this camera....more info
  • Smile! The camera's waiting...
    Seriously, go to Target and give it a test-run. As soon as you try the auto-shutter feature you'll be sold. If you set the auto-shutter to smile, it will wait until the subject smiles to take the picture. It's the best when using it on uncooperative children. No more waiting for them to smile and being a second too late. Also, the continuous shutter mode worked to get pictures of my mother who can never seem to keep her eyes open. It is an excellent point-and-shoot camera with 36 presets to get the right picture. It even has a pre-set for self-portraits where you're holding the camera backwards! In addition, it is one of the few cameras with a functional video mode. While it is a great point-and-shoot, it has easily-navigable menus to take control over every aspect of a picture, giving you the advantages of an SLR for the perfect shot, every time. It's light and compact design is great for touring or to simply slip into your pocket and take it with you around town. It is simply an amazing camera that takes high quality pictures. No regrets....more info
  • Proprietary USB Cable
    Great camera with ONE exception!

    The USB cable is proprietary. While the camera input sort of looks like a mini-USB, it is NOT!

    Come on Casio! I am glad you dumped the dock but where is USB!!!...more info
  • The best pocket-sized 10MP camera today!!
    I upgraded from a Casio Exilim EX-Z120(which I loved) but I wanted something more compact and just as great if not better... so when I saw this camera, I bought it, test drove it and have not a single complaint since it landed in my hands. I highly recommend this camera. The exilims just get better and better. I see myself with this one for years!! All colors are great....more info
  • Good Deal
    - Very small, fits in shirt pocket; a camera that you can everywhere always
    - Sturdy construction, due to metal frame
    - Very fast start-up and autofocus speed; real snapshot camera
    - Good Monitor
    - Side-bar type menu for adjustment of the 8 most often used menu items (flash, picture size, face recognition etc.)
    - Very good picture quality; does not overachieve, but for normal use (blogs, 5x7 printouts, photobooks) it is more than adequate; very nice color rendition; very decent grain at low ISO settings (up until 400); don't expect Ansel Adams like photos, but for every day use the quality is very good
    - Looks very stylish

    Could be better:
    - Very small buttons; if your in the habit of biting your fingernails, bring a pen ...
    - Lens distortion; it does not look very good when straight vertical lines on the edges (like telephone poles or trees) are somewhat bent to the center at the upper part; does not play a big role when photographing people, but with landscapes and architecture, you better know what to expect
    - Face recognition works slow and only when face is not angled; not big deal, but my Fujifilm F100fd does a far more better job ...

    - The so called "Handbook"; this is a joke - it is fairly thick, but only because they cramped a gazillion exotic languages in it. It is written for the total newbie and does not have any useful information for advanced shooters in it; I would like to have known what the numerous Best Shot programs do, like setting sharpness, color balance, shutter speed and so on; this information is given as two liner in the BS menu in camera, but not with much detail. So you need to guess how the pictures will come out when using the BS function.
    And even if you are a novice, it lets you in the dark on so many aspects of this camera. You almost need to possess the knowledge of a pro to compensate for the lack of information in the handbook ...

    Other observations:
    - It was mentioned in a few reviews, that the camera looses all settings when turned off. That is not true - in the REC menu, at the "memory" tab, you can tell the camera which settings to keep when shut off. I really understand that people did not find this information - it is not mentioned in the handbook (see above ...) and if you are not a little bit experienced in handling digital cameras (this is my 15th since 1999 ...), you will not find this function easily.
    - The AUTO program limits the automatic ISO setting to 200. Which is a good thing, because in higher ISO settings, the pictures show considerable noise. The Landscape Best Shot setting does the same, the Night BS setting allows ISO 1600. Would have been nice to find that kind of information in the handbook, instead by analyzing photos by my own ...
    - Battery life is not great - as can be expected when the battery is as tiny as a book of matches. About 200 pictures is my average, which is acceptable for me.

    So, to sum it up:
    A very stylish, small, yet sturdy camera you can carry with you all the time, that makes good pictures and is especially suited for snapshots.
    I use it predominantly for taking pictures for my blogs, and it is great for this.
    ...more info
  • No way to charge without removing battery!!
    This is my 5th (5th generation) Casio Exilim and I would have, without a doubt, given this camera a 5 star review if it wasn't for the fact the ONLY WAY TO CHARGE THE BATTERY is to take it out and stick it in the travel charger.

    The battery doesn't come out easy making the process tediously annoying and then every time you re-insert it you have to go through the process of resetting the date & time. It makes me want to chuck it out the window!

    Casio stated there are no known plans to offer a desktop cradle charger (unlike all the previous Exilms). This is such a huge step backwards that I'm actually selling my brand new EX-S10 on ebay tonight!

    For this reason I highly recommend NOT BUYING this camera but could recommend the Exilm EX-S880 as an alternative.

    P.S. The "Best Shot" mode doesn't store after shut off so if your at a party at night (etc) everytime you turn the camera on you have to reselect the night mode. A sad feature loss....more info
  • Great For Videos
    This product is great. It does anything you want it to do, and the videos are of awesome quality.I would refer this product to anyone....more info
  • Incredibly compact and convenient camera!!
    This camera is great for anyone, but especially a guy who doesn't want to lug around a bulky/clunky camera in his pockets like myself. I recently went to Vegas for my birthday and didn't take any pictures to remember the trip because my camera (at the time) was to bulky. I was so mad that I have no memories from my trip I researched the most compact camera on the market, and the Casio Exilim EX-S10 kept popping up. I went to my local Wal-Mart and it was $199, didnt buy it, came home and found it on Amazon for $165!! Bought it immediately and in 5 days it was in my hands! Great camera, great picture quality, and even great video quality. I bring it everywhere! The only thing I've noticed that is a little bothersome is the hard/black/rubber-type material lining the camera occasionally shows fingerprints and smugges. ...more info
  • Very Pleased! Simple and extremely SMALL camera!
    Just bought the worlds thinnest camera* (* as of jan 8th!) and am really pleased. I use a camera just to put in my pocket and take pictures of people and things I see that I like, so this camera is perfect. Its very, very slim and small. My choice was between a leica and this - but I think if your going to get a leica, you should go SLR - if its just a simple camera to carry round, this is ideal.
    I was not sure about casio as a brand but when I took some pictures I was impressed.
    The pictures I've taken so far came out really nice, clear, bright and good quality when I transferred to my computer. The LCD is huge for the size of the camera.
    Drawbacks I would say are that you cannot fool around with this camera - if does not feel THAT sturdy but its fine for normal use. note to self: do not take out when consuming more than 4 units of alcohol! :) Also, low lighting pictures dont look fantastic on the LCD (a little grainy, but when on a p.c they look fine!)
    Set up was very easy and very simple to get used to! Highly recommend!

    ...more info