NETGEAR HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit (WNHDEB111)
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Product Description

HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit is intended for high-performance network gaming and simultaneous streaming of multiple HD videos. It provides more wireless channels, less interference and better connections using 5 GHz Wireless-N band.Works with Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, TiVo HD, Slingbox, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR's Digital Entertainer HD, Apple TV, network attached storage (NAS), and more.

The NETGEAR HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit WNHDEB111 offers:
  • Use of the 5 GHz frequency for less interference.
  • Works with: XBox, Playstation, Wii, TiVo HD, Slingbox, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR's Digital Entertainer HD, Apple TV, network attached storage, and more!
  • Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) that prioritizes voice, video, and gaming traffic.
The NETGEAR HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit WNHDEB111 enables super-fast file transfers at the highest possible Wireless-N speeds, making it an ideal solution for network gaming and streaming HD videos. By utilizing patented metamaterial antenna technology, the WNHDEB111 offers a speed and range far surpassing the old Wireless-G standard.

By operating on the less crowded 5 GHz frequency, wireless connections are stronger and faster. View larger.
Easy Setup
The WNHDEB111 kit includes two access point/bridges, preconfigured to securely connect to each other. Setting it up is as easy as connecting one access point to your router/gateway, and connecting the other to your networkable device, such as your XBox, Playstation, Wii, TiVo HD, Slingbox, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR's Digital Entertainer HD, Apple TV, network attached storage, and more. Setup is easily and securely done with a simple "Push 'N Connect" feature using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which eliminates the need to remember or input security password keys. It automatically configures to access point or bridge mode depending on the type of Ethernet enabled device it connects to.

To add another HD Bridge to your HD network, the NETGEAR 5 GHz Wireless-N HD Access Point/Bridge is available.

Minimal Interference = Outstanding Performance
Most wireless devices today, such as Wi-Fi devices, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and baby monitors, operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency, thus creating a lot of traffic and interference. The WNHDEB111, however, operates on the 5 GHz band which has up to 23 free channels and avoids the interference that most other devices must contend with.

The WNHDEB111 complies with the latest Wireless-N draft specification for the fastest possible Wireless-N speeds. Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) ensures lag-free gaming and jitter-free HD streaming. It supports wireless "ad-hoc" mode for wireless LAN peer-to-peer gaming and supports multicast point-to-multi-point HD video streaming.

The WNHDEB111 supports WiFi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK), and 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Two 5 GHz Wireless-N HD Access Point/Bridges, two stands, two Ethernet cables, setup CD, two power adapters, and warranty/support information card.

The WNHDEB111 avoids interference from 2.4 GHz wireless devices.

Adding Wireless-N to your existing home network is simple. View larger.

  • For high-performance network gaming and simultaneously streaming multiple HD videos
  • More wireless channels, less interference and better connections using 5 GHz Wireless-N band
  • Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) ensures lag-free gaming and jitter-free HD streaming
  • Works with Xbox?, PlayStation?, Wii? , TiVo? HD, Slingbox?, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR?s Digital Entertainer HD, Apple? TV, network attached storage (NAS), and more
  • Each unit measures 8.9 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple to set up, and it works!
    I'm not going to bore anyone with too many details... but this wireless-N bundle works like a charm for our Xbox 360. Then there's the bonus of having an extra Ethernet port for another game console, or PC. This is a well conceived item with incredible speed, and it just works. Kudos to Netgear!...more info
    Three words for this one --> DO NOT BUY.

    This product has well known issues with holding a connection between the bridge and access point. Netgear has known about the issues since it was released and they are not fixing it. If you spend some time in their support forums, you'll find ample information and reviews.

    On the surface, these seem great -- and they would be, if you didn't have to cycle the power on one or both 1-5 times each day. Connections drop during games, data transfer for network services (such as DirecTV) have issues and full motion video does not work well at all.

    Long made short -- this is one of the worst network equipment purchases I have ever made and I've made many. Avoid this one....more info
  • Get ready to join the whole world in your games.
    You have opened a whole new world of gaming but, not only playing other players, you can get information and insights available only to the online people.

    Where to start? You have an information pipe that connects you to the internet. Most people have cable with a digital router connected to it. It's the box that the network cables or cables a bit bigger than the phone lines go into it.

    Get power to your wireless networking. Then plug it into your digital cable box or how ever you connect to the internet. Then plug your Xbox, Wii or whatever into that.

    You may need to power down the digital cable box so it recognizes the new stuff you've plugged in. And you may also have to program in a secret code to your wireless neighbors don't surf on your connection, but other than that, you should be good to go.

    It takes game playing to a whole new virtual vorld. I'm looking forward to playing Texas Hold'em with others.

    Excellent product, as Netgear always makes....more info
  • Great product!
    Just received this kit. Followed the easy directions and set everything up as default. Worked first time exactly as advertised. I am using this to stream HD video from my HP Vista Media Center computer(on my second floor) to my HP Mediasmart extender in my bedroom (first floor)as well as my PS3 in my living room (first floor). Vista media center has a tool to tune your network with a bar graph allowing you to move your bridge around to get the best reception. Before I installed this, my Mediasmart was only getting marginal performance. Now my bar graph is showing the best reception available. I can stream HD to my Mediasmart and my PS3 at the same time with no dropouts. I highly recommend this product! ...more info
  • perfect for adding xbox 360 to network if U have router
    I struggled with how to add kids xbox to my network. This was easy as pie. There are 2 more ethernet ports available after using this to create an ethernet wifi to a remote xbox. I connected it to my pre-existing router via ethernet and I have a great N device wirelessly connected with ethernet and have 1 extra port remote, and 1 wired local. The only problem is there are only 2 ethernet ports per device (you buy 2 devices for 150, each has 2 ports, 1 port is a source, 1 remote to the xbox; it's that easy).
    ...more info
  • It Just Works
    I got the package from the UPS man, opened it, followed the directions on the box and was up and running in about ten minutes. I suppose if I was a techie, I'd've been running sooner. Using one of the included ethernet cables, I hooked one of the access points to my router, leaving the setting on automatic. Then using the other ethernet cable, I hooked the other access point to my brand spanking new Apple TV Box and voila, I can stream stuff straight from my brand new Dell XPS 1 straight to my TV.

    When I ditched my old computer and decided to upgrade, I didn't think about putting my desktop on my television, didn't know why I'd ever want to do that. But go to hulu dot com and you'll find lots of movies and TV shows you can stream for free and it's nice to see them on my TV. The video is crystal clear, not herky jerky at all.

    I'm not a gamer, don't have an X-Box or Playstation, so I can't comment on how well the wireless gaming experience would be, but judging from how these goodies handle video, I'm betting they'll work just fine for gamers. I'm very satisfied with Netgear.

    Reviewed by Captain Katie Osborne...more info
  • I wouldn't bother.
    After spending a fair bit of time on these boxes, I decided they were pointless and not worth the time and the money. The speed advantage is not apparent: I compared between this connection and a regular wireless (54Mb) connection, the latter was in fact a tad faster.

    If it requires some clever configuration to get the speed to be better, as some reviewers have implied, I still wouldn't bother. If it's that fussy, at this price, I'll wait for better wireless technology.

    I spent quite a bit of time configuring these boxes and troubleshooting connection problems. Let me just say that it isn't trivial, unless you like using default settings, AND if everything works right the first time.

    Even after that, inexplicably I couldn't get the bridge side to connect to my XP machine (wouldn't get an IP address), although it worked without trouble with my Vista machine. This was the last straw. Although I'm a technology professional, I find myself getting less patient with poorly made, user-unfriendly products. The documentation is atrocious (sketchy trouble-shooting information), and the boxes themselves don't provide much information.

    (I also find it annoying that you have to count blinking lights to figure out what's happening. Hey, that was acceptable in the 1970s perhaps.)

    So I wouldn't bother....more info
  • Works great
    I had a little more trouble getting this to work than I thought I would based on the description on the box, but once I got it up and running it worked great. I'm not using all the function, but still I'm quite satisfied....more info
  • Easy to install, very versatile device
    It is one of the best networking equipment that I have in my home today !! To test this, I use this to transmit huge HD DVD files and this thing just flies. I think the 5Ghz makes it interference free and makes this kind of data transfers possible - forget about this kind of speeds in 2.4 GHz.

    From the looks, it looks like a very complicated device to setup, even though I am a gadget wizard - I hate to configure devices that are difficult to install.

    This netgear device was very easy to install, almost could it use it out of the box - I configured unit 1 to my cable modem and unit 2 to my apple TV.

    The best part is that like one of the other reviewers noted, I do not have any deadspots in my wireless network in my home....more info
  • Unstable behavior cripples potentially useful product
    Decided to give these a try as they appeared to work well for some people, unfortunately I'm having the problem reported by some others here and on the Netgear forums: installation is straightforward, connection speeds are excellent, and after a few minutes the connection starts randomly dropping.

    The problem persists irrespective of signal strength - you can place the units within a few feet of each other and get the same result - it was present during trouble shooting attemps with with three different XP Pro SP3 clients, and was not solved by any of the various configuration tweaks suggested here and on the Netgear forums. Likely the the problem is somewhere in the bridge firmware, when I swapped units the problem followed the designation as a bridge while both units worked reliably as an access points.

    Netgear tech support was clueless to the point of having me pounding the desk in frustration as a substitute for abusing the tech support reps, in both cases in rapidly became all too clear that once you had wandered off the edge of their flowcharts you were rapidly going down into the quicksand of typical Netgear tech "support" - I'm long used to this from vendors of inexpensive consumer products, but that doesn't make it noticeably less frustrating.

    Why some users have this problem and others don't remains a mystery to Netgear, and the only suggestion I can make is to do what I've done: give these a try, and if they don't work for you, put them back in the box and return them for a refund.

    It's really a shame as this product could fill a valuable niche....more info
  • Great speed and connectivity, no true Wii support
    This really is a superb system for networking. For a basic user, the setup could not be more simple. I placed both devices in the same room next to one another and connected one to my router and went off from there. Really no need to use the software at all -- you push a few buttons and you're done (unless you want to do a more advanced setup, but this is not needed). Once I new everything was communicating, I put one device upstairs and one down. I recommend near center in your house if possible.

    The range throughout my home is fantastic. Upstairs I have the router and a TiVo connected. Downstairs I have a TiVo and an Xbox 360. Everything worked instantly with no hassle.

    If I have one gripe, it is this: All of the advertising material for this product states it is compatible with the Wii. This is false, or at least very misleading. The Wii cannot connect to a 5Ghz signal. Netgear Support will tell you that it is compatible if you use it as a network bridge and hard-wire the Wii into the WNHDEB111. The problem is that the Wii has no network port. To add a network port to a Wii, you must buy a USB Network Adapter for an MSRP of $24.99. So, while it is true that the Wii can be connected, additional hardware and cost is required to do so. So, out of the box, this device is not compatible with the Wii.

    For me, I have a wireless G router which is still broadcasting. The Wii is connected wirelessly to this 2.4Ghz signal and now the new signal at 5Ghz connects all other devices in my home.

    So, to conclude: fantastic signal, speed, and setup -- Wii support is false....more info
  • Easy To Use But A Little Knowledge Helps
    I like this set. I did take me two tries at a wireless card for my notebook to figure out that it only uses the 5 Ghz band for wireless connections. I manually set the mode of each box on the back of each unit and they have been working great.

    Things to note:

    -- This package contains two identical units that operate as an access point and a bridge. One needs to be connect to your router. The other can be put anywhere in your house that you need internet access. Just plug it into an outlet ant then plug an Ethernet cable into it and connect it to your wired device. There are two wired ports on the back of each unit.

    -- To connect to these access points with a wireless device, that device must have a wireless N with the 5Ghz band. A wireless card with just wireless N 2.4 Ghz will not connect. I bought a RangeMax WNDA3100 Dual Band Wireless-N Router USB connector and it works great with my laptop. I connect at speeds from 220 to 300 kps. Things are a lot snappier then they were with wireless g. I can now watch videos. With wireless g they stopped and started.

    -- It seems to make things go a lot easier if you use the switch on the back and set the unit that connects to your router to access point and the other one to bridge. Using the auto setting can cause problems.

    -- There is a switch on the back that lets you turn off the lights on the unit. This is very cool for placing it in a bedroom where you don't want to see the light in the middle of the night. The unit does not make any noise.

    -- The web interface to set the options is easy to use and pretty straight forward.

    -- This is a very easy way to get internet access into a room where you can't feasibly run a wire but still want a decent speed....more info
  • Works As Advertised... Great for wireless HD streaming
    This 5GHz N Access Point/Bridge combo works perfectly for its intended purpose. I am now able to stream HD video (both 720p and 1080p) flawlessly. I have previously tried to do video streaming with a wireless G and also a 2.4GHz N router and they are sporadic at best.
    I highly recommend this if you want to steam video, especially HD Video.
    For anyone with a Popcorn Hour with a video library on their PC, this is an excellent wireless setup. ...more info
  • made my internet connections improve and gaming great!
    Sets up easily-quickly!. I am not mechanical but have computer experience. My daughter likes this as she is into gaming. Increased frequencies throughout computers in my house. I noticed improvement.I also tried going online via Playstion 3 .This works better than Linkys. I If you are a gamer this product will do what it says and improve your connections throughout the home system. A good addition to your home system. ...more info
  • Only good for very short ranges
    I wanted to upgrade my Netgear WGT624v2 (which i use as an access point --see the Netgear instructions on the internet for this configuration) and the Netgeat game bridge (can't remember the model) that Netgear sold for awhile. This HD-Gaming set seemed like the perfect soluction. Set up was quick in both the auto mode and when I specifically designated AP/Bridge modes which I heard would give me greater range. I also tried every conceivable orientation of the units to get better range & transmission rate. Basically if you try to get a signal from the second floor to the first floor of a standard built house -- i.e., no tile, water tanks, ect. in between -- you can only get about 30 feet to get a decent high bandwidth signal. Move the bridge out another 20 more and the units won't even connect. Clearly this won't work for most users. Either I just got defectinve units (yes i did update the firmware) or the other reviewers that talk about the great range must work for Netgear....more info
  • Wireless Networking That Works
    I have been struggling with wireless networking for two and a half years. The home we moved into would have cost a bundle to run CAT5 cable everywhere we needed it. I tried four or five different wireless router/adapter systems, and none of them worked reliably.

    I picked up a WNHDEB111 kit based on a review I read. It was the simplest wireless system I've ever used. Setup was brain-dead simple. Once I had it connected, I took the bridge unit and a laptop to every room in the house. I got a strong, fast connection everywhere. Even in the basement, where I have never been able to get a connection at all.

    I now have eight units around the house. Each unit is connected to a network switch, and connected to those are 12 computers, four TiVos, and a couple of network printers. And it's a huge benefit to be able to plug standard network switches into the units, and not have to put wireless adapters on all the computers.

    After I had installed four of the units, I started experiencing connection drops and very poor performance. I did some web searches, and based on some recommendations I found, I turned off the WISH feature on all the units. Bingo... I was back to full speed and rock solid connections everywhere in the house.

    I also don't believe in letting boxes make their own decisions about things. So where there's a choice, I select the best option so the box doesn't have to think about it.

    So in the 'Wireless Settings' section of the configuration, I set:

    - 802.11 Mode to '802.11n only'
    - WPA Mode to 'WPA2 only'
    - Cipher Type to 'AES'

    This is a fantastic product. I recommend it to anyone who needs wireless access.
    ...more info
  • WPS was a waste, but up and running quickly
    I bought this bridge/access point with a NetGear WNDR3300. I was formerly using an AirLink101 and Belkin router on the G-band of Wifi. I decided once I started streaming video and music to my XBOX360, while playing on-line multiplayer games, that an upgrade was needed to resolve lag.

    First, my iMac screams now. Before, even though the iMac was inches from the Belkin router and I have a cable modem, there was always a bit of a pause for common websites with good servers (Yahoo, Google, etc). The first benefit of this upgrade is there is NO pause on those pages now. Secondly, I turned on full encryption and left the NAT up for my game and it was lag free. I have yet to stream audio while playing.

    The WPS auto detect and configure feature didn't work for me, but it may be because I didn't completely follow their instructions correctly. For example, they say to connect the WNHDEB111 to the WNDR3300 __BEFORE__ turning it on. I read that instruction after having already turned it on while not connected. In essence, I wasted 90 minutes fooling with the auto-config before just doing what I planned on doing manually all along.

    So, here is what I did.

    1. Write down my MAC. I have a cable modem with Cox, who in the past locked accounts to a MAC address. Meaning, if you changed computers hooked up to the cable modem, you would have to call them to reset. Routers have a MAC clone feature to avert this inconvenience. I went into my OLD router and wrote down the "WAN MAC Address".

    2. Turn off old Router.

    3. Hook laptop up to new router (WNDR3300) with Cat5 cable and turned on the new router. Once laptop was up, manually configured it to and entered "" in Internet Explorer to hit the router's config page. I didn't use the router's provided CD at all.

    4. Configured router with MAC written down on step 1 (it's the last option for configuring WAN, "Use provided MAC"), turned on WPA2 + WPA (whatever the last option is) and put in a "passphase". After configuring the WAN MAC, the router reboots automatically and I also connected it to the cable modem at this point.

    5. Turn on iMac, let it self-discover the networks. The iMac (as well as Dell Laptop which later had it's WiFi turned on) will see TWO networks. It will see the N and G networks, which are easily identifiable by their default name given by NetGear. Even if you change the network name on the Router, you still saw Netgear...G and NetGear N. I just clicked on "N" and entered my passphrase.

    6. Just to double check step #5, turned on Dell laptop, selected "N" network on Wireless Utility (under control panel, and often an icon on the lower right corner where your time is).

    7. Surfed a little on both computers to just make sure connectivity was ok.

    8. Switch NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge from auto to "Bridge" mode. I know what I needed was a bridge, so after fooling with APS this is what ended up working.

    9. Connect laptop to NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge and reboot both. Put in the config disk that comes with the NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge. This is a critical step because the utility that launches on the disk will find the NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge, even though it's on a different subnet.

    10. The application will scan, find the NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge, and then say, "Would you like to change the IP?". I said yes and manually told it an IP address within the range of the WNDR3300 Router, "".

    11. Go through the manual configuration pages for the wireless security and enter the passphrase you used to configure the WNDR3300. Also, using a static IP didn't seem to work (it did on the Belkin/Airlink combo), and so I ended up being forced to using DHCP to configure the WNHDEB111 IP/Subnet/Gateway.

    12. Rebooted everything (yeah, probably not necessary but this way I know after a power outage/restoral everything will come up clean), and double checked laptop physically connected (Ethernet cable, with WiFi turned off) could surf and resolve its own IP address from DHCP server.

    13. Unplug NetGear WNHDEB111 Wireless AP/Bridge and walk over to XBOX360 to install. Plugged in power, and Ethernet. Turned on XBOX360 and changed to "Automatic" network configuration (IP/Sub/Gateway) since again, static IPs didn't work. SIDENOTE: My Belkin seemed to work ok with static IPs that hadn't been assigned by the router's DHCP, but the NetGear router doesn't seem to tolerate it, even with the NAT filter turned off.

    14. Ran network tests (XBOX360 will force you to do this), and then played a few games of Gears of War 2 lag free.

    A few notes to add. When I tried assigning the XBOX360 as a DMZ, the 360 instantly complained about moderate NAT filtering. This is even with strict NAT filtering turned off. It also seemed unhappy when I turned off UPnp. Universal Plug and Play is a notoriously "dirty" feature to leave on because it creates a lot of unnecessary traffic to support auto-discovery. I don't commonly connect new wireless devices and need them to auto config, so I had wanted to turn it off. I tried playing with UPnP off and on, as well as DMZs assigned and not assigned, while also playing with NAT filter on and off. It was nearing the 2 hour point since the total upgrade began and I had friends waiting to play online so I cut it short with the final configuration being: NAT Strict Filter off, UPnp On, and no DMZ assigned to the XBOX360.

    This evening I will be streaming music while playing and so we'll see. I also haven't verified the additional range over G yet. I have a pool in the backyard and the old network barely worked after going outside, and was dead before the pool. I will also test the range.

    One very nice feature on the WNDR3300 is that if you push the big blue button in the middle for two seconds, it turns off the LEDs showing which internal antennas are getting the strongest signal. So unless you really enjoy obnoxiously blue, bright LEDs creating a Disco in your room, you'll be pushing it everytime you reboot the router. Yes, everytime it reboots the lights default to on. Nice! :)...more info
  • Couldn't be any simpler to set up
    Here is my entire experience in setting up the Netgear bridge.
    1. Opened box
    2. Glanced at instructions (main point is to connect power LAST)
    3. Plugged one of the boxes in to my router
    4. Took other box to home theater enclosure and plugged in my DirecTV and HTPC
    5. Connected power to both.
    6. Boxes "found" one another and created a high-speed wireless bridge

    In total, the above took 4 minutes and I've had FLAWLESS performance, including streaming Blu-Ray from a shared Network drive.

    This thing is as close as I've experienced to a perfect product. Kudos to NetGear for getting it right....more info
  • Bad Range, otherwise perfect
    Already have a great Motorola G router wifi gateway, but needed faster for my PS3 for online gaming. I had just had a horrendous experience with the D-link DGL-4500 trying to do the same (see my other reviews lol) so I returned it and bought this set.
    Hooked up easily, and pretty much worked right out the box which was great since I previously had 9 hours of nightmares with the D-link. It did what it advertised, made a seperate bridge and did not interfere with the Motorola which I was already running a desktop and 2 laptops from. Very easy to use, nice manual and support, nice product. Only negative was that they are ugly, have to be mounted verticaly (built in antenna) and no external antenna option, hiding them reduced range, they like to be up and seen lol. I did call customer service as I was getting some disconnects. They where friendly, but we figured out that not the 3 room distance, but the 5 walls was a little too much. Darn it as my 2.5 mhz stuff could read fine, but alas, as others have written, 5mhz does have less range. I moved this a little closer (4 walls) and it worked great, but was not feasible. I soon painstakenly ran my own 100ft ethernet cable and am zooming fine now, but alas, waited too long to return these. So, if you need a bridge with speed and without too many complications and you don't need long range or have too many walls, I would recomend this product. If you need range than I would say look for a good 2.5mhz bridge/system. Peace, Big Daddy Ron AKA ps3 BIGDADDYRON1961...more info
  • plug-and-play - works great!
    Just set up my 5Ghz Wireless-N kit. And I have to say, it's been amazingly simple so far. I added this pair as a high-speed bridge for my X-box 360 and Slingbox. I had a 802.11b/g WiFi network already in place, but wanted a faster, dedicated net for media streaming. I followed the suggestions of other comments on this board and manually set one unit to AP (access point) and the other to BRIDGE (there's a toggle switch on the back of each unit). That's all I had to do. Connected one unit to an Ethernet port on my b/g router, and the other unit to my xbox and slingbox (using the two available Ethernet ports on the Netgear bridge). After about 20 seconds of blinking lights, they were both up and running.

    With just this, I could stream Netflix to my xbox and watch my slingbox from other computers at 'N' speeds. Everything worked. (My 802.11b/g setup still works fine as well)

    I could have stopped there, but just to be sure, I logged on to the ACCESS POINT configuration page and checked the security settings. The Netgear pair come pre-configured with WPA security. Matching keys were already in the units. Again, as per the suggestions in other comments, I deselected all the auto features (band select, channel select, etc), hoping to create the most stable link. But they were working fine before I did this.

    I also managed to log on to the Netgear ACCESS POINT with an 802.11n laptop, and I'm seeing a real-world, 10x speed improvement in file transfers (10x better than my old 802.11g connection).

    I'd read the mixed reviews in the comments, and was a little worried. But my experience so far has been great.

    ...more info
  • Great Wireless Bridge
    SO I bought this almost a month ago and wanted to review it after a good testing. First let me tell you what I paired this with - the netgear WNR3500 (wireless N Gigabit router). And although the setup of the router was a bit akward using a cd-rom it worked out decently. But I digress. After the set up of my router I attached these 2 bridges and it was pretty simple. Almost as simple of pushing buttons but setup may neccesitate logging into the router to establish the initial connection... With that in mind the performance has been awesome! I have not had any disconnections and it provides amazing coverage throughout the house upstairs and downstairs. No deadspots in the house and connection to my laptop is consistently 300 mbps. Definitely worth the purchase....more info
  • FAST... but know what you're buying
    Although this is marketed as an "HD/Gaming" wireless kit, it's important to know what this really is and how to use it.

    MOST IMPORTANT: This kit isn't a router -- you cannot create a Wireless N network with it alone. It is designed to add to your existing network... often a wireless 2.4 GHz network (commonly 802.11 b/g). This will provide high-speed "802.11n" at 5 GHz so it doesn't interfere with a current b/g network. Any wireless b/g devices (Xbox wireless adapter, PS3 internal wireless, b/g laptops, b/g network cards, etc.) currently used on the network will be unaffected by this addition.

    HOW THIS WORKS: The kit features two identical units -- one unit will plug into your existing network's router via Ethernet as an "access point", and the other unit will plug into the Ethernet device(s) (Xbox, PS3, computer, etc.) as a "bridge". Once the two units sync, it will behave as if the device(s) plugged into the bridge is hardwired to the network router.

    Each unit has two Ethernet ports... if you want to plug a 3rd (or more) devices in to the "bridge", you will need to add a switch like NETGEAR FS105 ProSafe 5-Port 10/100 Desktop Switch.

    TECH NOTE: The Ethernet ports on these devices are NOT Gigabit ports, so even though the wireless N signal can achieve 300 Mbit/s, the fastest speed you will achieve on these devices is 100 Mbit/s. However, this speed is more than enough for multiple HD streams and high-speed gaming.

    BENEFITS: As mentioned, your current B/G network is unchanged, so any wireless activity using that will remain the same. This kit is not designed to replace that network... just add to it. Any device(s) plugged into this Netgear kit will have greater wireless range and a MUCH faster connection than using the older B/G network....more info
  • It just works
    I purchased this wireless networking kit after I was unable to find the DLINK DAP1522 access point in stock at Amazon or other retailers. I already have a DIR-655 and thought that going with an all DLINK network would minimize problems. I was concerned that the ethernet port on the Netgear product was only 100MB versus the four (4) GigE ports on the Dlink. I left my DIR-655 in place as the DHCP server on my network and put the Netgear as a supplemental wireless N network operating in an N-only mode. The push button WPA is very easy to use. The over the air firmware update worked flawlessly. Netflix streaming on my TiVo HD works perfect as does streaming to my Vudu. I did have to add my ethernet switch to multiplex the one port on the netgear to my three (3) home entertainment devices (TiVo HD, XBOX 360, and Vudu). In summary:

    - Cost efficient way to bridge wirelessly to HD capable entertainment devices
    - Supports adding additional wireless N endpoints to the network
    - Simple to use push button WPA security
    - Decent web-based configuration software
    - 5 GHz bandwidth which is a pro and a con

    - Only 1 non-gigE ethernet port
    - Signal strength on 5 GHz is not as high as my DIR-655 operating on 2.4 GHz. I haven't run enough tests to determine throughput wirelessly over the 802.11g DIR-655 versus the 802.11n Netgear. ...more info
  • Great Kit
    I am big fan of Netgear, I have personally installed them in my office and home. They are very reliable and they do NOT go down. I have Netgear routers, hubs and switches many 10 years and older, and they are so easy to set up. This pair was no exception, just follow the directions. I am using the Bridge half for my XBOX 360 in my bedroom and the Access point is connected to my router in my Living room. Signal strength is amazing, even with the doors closed! Game play is smooth - I can tell no difference from when I was wired. Just make sure you engage the security features and all will be fine....more info
  • Great. Fewer wires...more footprints...Hmmm...
    Anyone who has had the *pleasure* of setting up a wireless network with a Netgear router will probably have a bit of reluctance about jumping into the fray again with another product from that manufacturer but this kit is at the other end of the spectrum, as long as you ignore the supporting material.

    These little boxes which by the way, offer a nice contrast to the Netgear 834B router (I'm into symmetry in my work area) have a great deal of flexibility and utility, even if streaming video and gaming are not priorities. I have one unit configured as an access point linked by Ethernet to my router and the other unit installed two floors below as a bridge via Ethernet to another desktop. My primary PC has Vista; the secondary employs XP Pro and both work nearly flawlessly with these units. I also have a laptop with a wireless adapter and thus far, I haven't found any dead areas anywhere in the house. I have noticed a slight reduction in processing speed on the XP desktop compared to a hardwired connection directly to a cable modem but for most applications, and I would surmise home-based users, the difference will not be significant. The units communicate under 802.11n draft standards and are backward compatible. The documentation claims speeds up to 270Mbps but since my wireless adapter is under the 802.11g standard, I can only accept the representations. I also tested the bridge capability on a digital cable DVR via Ethernet and I was able to identify the box on the network but that's not a use that is critical to me at present.

    The kit comes with two access/bridge units, two power adapters, two Ethernet cables and a setup CD. The setup wizard is where any problems, you may incur will commence. The units have to be configured for the individual network but the configuration assistant interface makes it more difficult than it has to be. Each unit has a unique security pin that has to be recorded for the network but each unit can be hooked up by Ethernet to a router and configured as access points rather than trying to initially install one as a bridge. There is a switch on the back of each unit that allows selection of AP, bridge or auto. If a unit is set to auto, once it is in place, it will determine functionality based on the devices in communication with it. That said, configuration on the router login site can be accomplished in one of three ways: (1) By push button, (2) by entry of the security pin or, (3) the units can be powered up and discovered under the wireless network device manager. A manual in PDF format can also be found on the setup CD.

    Any upgrades to firmware can be automatically downloaded when the user signs on to the website. I noticed another reviewer apparently encountered some difficulty with customized security designations but in my case I had already established a security-enabled network with my Netgear router so my pre-established security keys were automatically transferred. Supposedly, these units are compatible with most routers. As noted my system is already under the Netgear platform so I can't address the validity of that pronouncement.
    ...more info