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Creative Labs Inspire T10 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with BasXPort Technology
List Price: $58.42

Our Price: $44.68

You Save: $13.74 (24%)


Product Description

The Creative Inspire T10 redefines your listening experience. Boasting an elegant stylish look coupled with clear pristine audio, the compact Inspire T10 lets you start hearing detail in your music that you have never heard before. High frequency instruments such as strings and cymbals can now be picked out, thanks to the dedicated tweeters. Even seismic drumming can now be felt with the unique BasXPort technology, which delivers vivid bass effects that can match a speaker system with a subwoofer. The exclusive space-saving BasXPort means you don't really need an additional subwoofer to enjoy deep bass music. Acoustically engineered to enhance the lower midrange, BasXPort channels the sound waves efficiently from the inner chamber to the soundstage. A perfect combination of style and performance, the Inspire T10 is a revolutionary breakaway from traditional speaker design. With a glossy finish augmented by an acoustically slanted front, the Inspire T10 re-introduces desktop speakers. The built-in headphone jack and AUX In connector makes it easy to plug in your headphones for private listening, or play music from your MP3 player or any other analog audio devices.

  • Product Type - Speaker
  • Localization - Eng/Fr
  • System Components - 2.0 Speaker System
  • - All bass, less space
  • - Extended listening

Customer Reviews:

  • Creative speakers
    Great speakers, good sound quality and power for the price. Good for small to medium sized rooms....more info
  • creative labs T10 computer speakers
    i bought these speakers as a christmas gift for my wife. they were easy to hook up and we were both pleased with the full rich sound and deep bass given out by these fairly small speakers. for the amount of space they take up on the desktop it is amazing how much sound they put out. my wife has music going all the time on her imac so she is very pleased at the much better sound she gets from the t10's. recommend them for casual listening on the computer....more info
  • Good speakers
    While I am not an audiophile, I am quite happy with these speakers, I particularly like the fact that they use a standard plug rather than a power pack....more info
  • Great PC Speakers
    These are excellent, well-made speakers that sound very good. At Dell you
    can get them in different colors, too for about the same price. I bought
    3 pairs from them, most recently because they were on sale at a reduced
    price. Even with the shipping it came out to less than sellers on Amazon.
    I believe the audio quality using a Creative Labs SB Live Value card can't
    be beat, and would be even nicer using a better sound card than the one in
    my Dell Dimension 4300 w/XP SP3.
    Excellent sounding speakers for the price. The shielding DOES make a real
    difference protecting from EMI/RFI interference. They sound very clean to
    me, and I am a stereophile. Recommend highly to anyone looking for great
    sound at a reasonable price, with a small to medium size footprint....more info
  • Very disappointing speakers
    I expected more from Creative. Even though I purchased on sale and with a rebate on top of that, I still don't think I got my money's worth.

    Most speakers these days has a volume and a bass boost. This set has a volume and a TONE control. My transistor radio from the 70's had a tone control. The sound reproduction from these is more reminiscent of $9.99 computer speakers, the ones that these replaced. Had I not already sent in for the rebate (UPC code) I would have returned them without hesitation. I admit the bass is a little better than my old ones, but without the tone turned completely up there is absolutely no highs so it's a totally useless knob.

    They are attractive and ok for cheap speakers. They are not worth regular price at all. You can do much better for $50....more info
  • Very pleasant
    Great speakers. Well balanced. Good bass, not giving to much (my 2.1 died, the bass were too present).
    Very impressed for the price....more info
  • Good Speakers For The Money
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • Great addtion to a portable system
    These are the greatest speakers I've owned since I bought my Radio Shack Minimus 7s back in 1982!

    While this may be saying little (the Minimus 7 wasn't that good for sound quality, but it was tiny and portable), they give great sound quality while being small enough to port around for work, presentations, watching movies, and listening to streaming radio content. I have an infant at home, and being able to listen to KCRW Santa Monica no matter what I'm doing with my daughter in whatever room from my house is a blessing. The sound quality range is pretty good for portable speakers. I wish they would have given a little more wire, both for the power cord and for the speakers, so the two could be separated more than about three feet. For my personal needs, the sub-woofer port is overkill--I'll probably not blast sound enough to use them. Great speakers, great value!...more info
  • Awesome sound!
    Great computer speakers at a good price. Not the cheapo plastic speakers we are used to....more info
  • Decent for the price
    Even though I'm not as picky some, I did a lot of research before purchasing these. They're beautiful speakers with good sound. I don't go beyond a soft level usually, so I don't know how they perform when pushed, but they work very well for every day average use. So far I have no complaints and feel it was a good value.
    They match my black Samsung monitor perfectly!...more info
  • Better than expected!!
    I purchased these as speakers for my Creative Zen Stone Mp3 Player...but the sound was so rich that I used them to replace my computer speakers (where they'll get much more use). I am 100% satisfied...more info
  • Impressive build quality, price, and sound
    I was looking for a cheap set of stereo powered computer speakers that were somewhat portable, this meant no 2.1/subwoofer sets. I had lowered my expectations accordingly and was expecting the typical 25-40 dollar speaker sound. I stumbled across these at retail price (~$55) with a $10 dollar rebate which put them right at the higher end of my price range. First the build quality feels solid and the sound is equal to or better than comparably priced 2.1 sets. I would say they are even better than some high end 2.0 sets like Bose's $100 offerings. The cable management, inputs, outputs, knobs, are all very well thought out. I also personally really like the fact that there is a single AC cord coming straight out of the speaker making it easier to move or travel with these.

    For the money if I ever need a quick set of stereo speakers I would certainly consider buying another pair....more info
  • addle sound
    Totally contrived sound, distorted to the max. Subwoofer, built in each speaker, is like empty can over shallow middle, and no high pitch at all. I advocate avoiding this and going w. simple 2 speakers w-out sub. ...more info
  • Great Speakers! Good Sound for Most Uses!
    I got these to use with my MacBook Pro in college. For normal usage, like movies, music, games, and computer stuff they do just fine. I am not an audiophile, but I do like my music to sound good. These go the trick. The bass is surprising good for speakers of this size but they do not compare to a dedicated bass. If you throw parties you'll want something louder, but I normally do not turn these up more than half way for daily usage.

    Overall, these speakers look great, sound good, and do a great all around job. If you need computer speakers for normal stuff these are the speakers to get!

    (Also, I only paid $45 from Amazon, I don't know why they keep changing prices, but you may want to wait until the price goes down again.)...more info
  • Worst Creative speakers ever
    Don't waste your money on these speakers. They start out okay then develop a very bad hum which remains even when the you turn off the speakers. When the hum starts it continues for awhile then its gone only to return again later. I replaced them with my Bose speakers and all is fine. I will write this off as an experience well learned and Creative should stick to sound cards and keep away from speakers as they are not experts in this field, just trying to make more money. ) 0 stars...more info
  • Better than expected
    These sound a lot better than I had expected from a 2.0 set--I guess I fell for the idea that you need a separate subwoofer to get rich sound. The speakers are actually deeper than I had expected as well, probably as deep as they are tall. If that's what drives the good sound without making room for a subwoofer, I'm happy to make the trade.

    I wish the power cord were a little longer--I would guess it's only five feet long and I had to change the speaker placement to reach the power supply under my desk.

    Initially I wished for separate treble/bass controls (it's a single knob) but for my tastes I found it only takes a little tweaking to find a mix that sounds great. If you love bass-heavy music you'll have to sacrifice crisp treble to get your bass--but if you're a bass fiend you aren't even looking at sets without powered subwoofers, right?

    Overall I think these are terrific desktop speakers, and would still be happy even if I had paid more....more info
  • Terrible GSM buzz
    As far as sound quality goes, these speakers sound fine. However, I keep them turned off almost all the time now because every time I receive a text message or phone call, the speakers go crazy and make an incredibly loud buzzing noise, at least twice as loud as anything that normally comes out of the speakers. The volume of the buzzing is terrible even when I've turned the speaker volume down. Even if I turn the speakers off when this happens, the buzzing continues for about 5 seconds after the power is off. I've tried adding ferrite beads to the speaker wires as suggested by some web pages, but that didn't help either.

    Summary: If you have a GSM cellular provider (T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, etc.) then do not buy these speakers. CDMA users (e.g. Verizon, Sprint) shouldn't have this problem....more info
  • Stylish and Great Functional Speakers
    If your budget is around $50- you'd be hard-pressed to find other speakers that have half the look or sound of these babies. I was surprised by their size and elegance when I took them out of the box. They're very stylish and look amazing on my desk. As for sound, I am very happy with their performance. It was strange- When I turned on some music at a moderate volume and left the room, I could still here the music very clearly from the kitchen, even though the speakers were pointed against the opposite wall. You can hear the music very well, even when they face away from you. They seem almost omni-directional, it's really cool. Great bass, great mids, can definitely blast- Great speakers!!!...more info
  • No competition at this price point
    As an IT professional I've bought dozens of different PC speakers over the years. I have a pretty good idea of what's available at different price points.

    The Inspire T10 really impressed me. They're well constructed and look great on a desktop. They have more bass than should be possible from two small speakers. Bass is not just strong, but it's clean. Most of the affordable subwoofer/speaker systems tend to sound boomy or muddy. Since this set does not have a subwoofer, setup is much simpler: one power connection, one signal connection to the computer and one more cable connecting the two speakers.

    After owning the speakers for a week, I ordered two more sets for other people on my team to use, and also ordered a set of Gigaworks T40 speakers, the top of the line speakers in the same series. The T40's are similar in width but twice as tall. They are more powerful and have more bass. The drivers are higher quality than the T10's. But at low to average volumes, they sound very similar to the T10 speakers.

    The T10 speakers are easily the best on the market at the $50 and below price point. They are far better than the $95 2.1 system I have at home. Pretty soon I'm going to dump them and buy a set of T10's or GigaWorks speakers for my home desktop system.

    I highly recommend you give these speakers a try....more info