Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
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Lego Indiana Jones X360

Your Favorite Hero in Lego Form

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes the fun and creative construction of LEGO and combines it with the wits, daring and non-stop action from the original cinematic adventures that enthralled audiences everywhere (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). With a unique tongue-in-cheek take on the original adventures, LEGO Indiana Jones follows Dr. Jones escapades through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India. Fans can build, battle and brawl their way through their favorite cinematic moments, from Indy’s entanglements with snakes to his dashing boulder run.

Of course, pop culture’s most iconic archaeologist will whip through all the classic moments with the help of a host of supporting characters including Marion Ravenwood and Short Round. Players can also mix and match the body parts of more than 60 playable characters to create new heroes just as they could in the best-selling LEGO Star Wars games.

Lego Indiana Jones

Key Features

  • Everyone’s favorite fedora wearing hero returns to theaters this May in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and families can celebrate the humor and excitement of the original films with LEGO Indiana Jones.
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor presents The Original Adventures in a manner only LEGO can whip up, with comical reinterpretations of classic Indiana Jones scenes and elements.
  • Use Indy’s signature whip as a multi-purpose tool to attack, disarm, swing across gaps, activate levers and interact with a world of LEGO objects and puzzles.
  • For the first time, LEGO Indy characters are fully immersed in their environment; swim, climb, shimmy across rock ledges and pick up and carry objects.
  • Use a variety of weapons from the environment to fight enemies (e.g., chairs, guns, swords, bottles).
  • Unlock more than 60 playable characters, including villains and supporting characters (Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, Rene Belloq, Willie Scott, Marcus Brody, Jones Senior and Mola Ram).
  • Character specific abilities include excavation by Satipo, an umbrella slide by Marcus Brody, and monkey access by Marion Ravenwood.
  • Create unique playable characters like Sallah Scott or Mola Round by mixing and matching the LEGO body parts of all playable characters.
  • Explore the globe and solve puzzles that encourage creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations only possible in a LEGO world.
  • Cooperative gameplay encourages parents to share the legacy of Indiana Jones with their children in a fun and humorous way.
Experience the Adventure as Indiana Jones
Experience the Adventure as Indiana Jones
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Signature moments from the films
Signature moments from the films
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Customer Reviews:

  • this game is bad so so bad
    in this game the textures are bad and your partner guy is a idiot and if little kids are playing it there gonna be screaming its impossible because most of the time it is! but i got it for christmas in the xbox 360 bundle overall this game is just boring destroy dudes destroy items collect studs solve hour long puzzles fight some more die thats the routine in this game DO NOT GET THIS GAME...more info
  • Not quite up to expectations
    After playing both the Lego Star Wars games and having a really great time with them, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this game. When it came out, I went to the store and rented it to see if it would be worth the money right now, or wait until it drops in price. Sadly, it ended up the latter.

    So why will I wait until it's in the bargain bin? It's not the story; this game is filled with the quirky humor I enjoyed in the Star Wars games, plus who can hate a Lego-ized version of one of America's great heroes. It's not the graphics; they are very good, and look better than what I remember from the Star Wars versions. The music/sound are great; the music changes to let you know when you're being (or about to be) attacked, and the character 'vocals' are very funny. Playing co-op is a fun experience (until you start arguing with your wife over which way to go or who picks up what/assembles what things/etc.)

    There's two reasons why I will wait: the controls and the level designs. The level designs are well presented, but they seem to drag on and on. Now, I normally wouldn't have a problem with this, because I enjoy playing through games and trying to get 100%. The reason I have a problem with them is because of the controls. The controls just don't seem to be very responsive. On some levels, you have to pick up and through items at your enemies. Not a problem...unless you need to be standing still, nothing else around where you're throwing it, and you're not getting shot at by 2-3 people. And that's IF you can manage to get facing the right way. The first level of Temple of Doom is a good example; I picked up the distraction, went to the guy to throw it at him, and had to run around and find just the right spot where the target would come up. Then I had to stand still or risk the target disappearing. Trying to whip an enemy from far away? Hopefully you hit them and don't whip the air just to the left or right of them. Also, don't get stuck dying in the wrong place, or every time you come back to life you'll just die again until you switch characters.

    To be fair, I only played the first three levels of RotLA, the first level of ToD, and the first level of TLC. However, my wife managed to make it through the entire game and had the same complaints as me. This game is an enjoyable experience, and if the controls were better, I would definitely have rated this higher....more info
  • If you love LEGO Star Wars or the Indiana Jones movies, this game is for you!!
    I am a big fan of the LEGO game series, if you liked the LEGO Star wars you will enjoy this game. Sometimes the AI can be a bit too accurate with projectiles, it makes it a bit frustrating at times, but all in all it oozes LEGO comedy awesomeness....more info
  • it's fun for my 4 year old, my wife, and ME!!!
    We've played the other Lego Star Wars games for the xbox360 and really enjoyed playing them. It's rare to have a game that the entire family can enjoy playing together. the puzzles within the game are challenging and fun....more info
  • Fun Game for the Family
    Reading some of the negative reviews posted already, I felt compelled to respond with my support of this game. To all the reviewers who commented on the game's difficulty - my 5 year old son and I played this game together and he was able to negotiate through the first few levels we've played just fine (and he's not a hard core gamer!) The game has its moments where you have to 'look around' to figure out the next step, but I found the balance of straight forward jumping and fighting to be in good balance with problem solving - really no different than the Lego Star Wars experience. I bought the game to play with my son and pass on the affinity for Indiana Jones. It does that well and more. We have both enjoyed playing it so far. If you are looking for a good family game for the Xbox (they are rare) that extends the Lego Star Wars experience, don't hesitate picking this up. If you were getting tired of L.S.W., then this game will not excite you - just imagine Han Solo with a whip. There are some nice additions with the ability to pick up objects, etc that others have mentioned, but the games overall feel to L.S.W.'s is very similar, just not in space....more info
  • Excellent Addition to the Lego Series
    Let's get this out of the way. There was no way that this game was going to be better than any of the Star Wars Lego Games. That being said, this is still an excellent, but flawed game.

    Funny cut scenes
    A lot of replay value
    Lots to unlock
    Fun adventure gameplay
    An awesome hidden character

    Some puzzles are unclear
    The characters are not as interesting as many of the Star Wars ones you could play as.
    Some levels got dull and repetitive

    If you love the Lego Star Wars games, then you will love this addition. It is a must play for any Indiana Jones fan. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • abillities
    This game rocks! Lego Star Wars could not compare and I like that game too! One cool thing about Willie, her scream can break glass! Wow! Special places are for special abillities. Indy can graple, and pull with his whip on golden brigde stubs. Girls can jump really high on flower platforms. Shorts can travel through shoots. Sometimes, you pick up items to have other abillities. Spears, hats, spitballs, wrenches, shovels, swords. Sometimes monkeys have those things, pick up a banana, and throw it to them. So everyone can get across, there are legdes, brigdes, ropes, anything but sometimes you have to find other ways. I'm off. C U L8r!!...more info
  • great game for family
    We own one of the Lego Star Wars games and bought this one as a family gift at Easter. It's a lot of fun for everyone, from my 5 year old up to my husband. Since your character never "dies," it's a low frustration game for my two younger kids, but also has enough hidden tricks and challenges to entertain my older kids and my husband....more info
  • Not Star Wars But give it a chance!
    This game has met all my expections and has brought many hours of joy! I think any indiana jones fan will find some fun in this game, Overall worth my 50 bucks very happy with it! Alot of fun stuff to unlock....more info
  • Nothing Like Lego Star Wars
    My whole family is a huge fan of the Lego Star Wars games. We were very excited when we saw the new Lego Indy.

    And after playing it for 2 hours we were completely frustrated with it!! In the temple of Dome with the airplane we were clueless!!! As to what needed to be done to move on. We kicked, punched and destroyed everything in the room but nothing happen we were stuck!!! I had to get online to find the answer.

    I think the designer rushed to get this game out, because many times I was stuck in out of camera areas that I had no idea how I got there. And many times I'd hit the tringle to change people and it would drop me out of the game instead, it has many flawess. Even people who give the game 5 stars say "the game is frustrating!!"

    I don't know if they were trying to appeal to adults by making it more challenging but it's more Annoying then challenging; trying to figure out what to do in each level you just want to throw the game in the garbage!!

    If it wasn't for it being a lego game I would have never bought it....more info
  • This Game is AWESOME!!!
    Lego Indiana Jones for Xbox 360 is awesome for many reasons. The graphics are great, the player abilities are improved over Lego Star Wars II, Free Play, and the way the missions follow the movie's plot. The first thing I noticed is that the graphics are exellent. The graphics draw you in like you are actually there. I really like Lego Star Wars II but the player abilities in this game are even better. You have different options of attack; you can use pistols, machine guns, swords, TNT and bazookas. Just like the other Lego games there is a Free Play option. Once you have gone through Story Mode and have access to Free Play you can change characters and access areas that where restricted before (example: change to Shorty to get through a small door). The last thing I like about the game is the way it follows the storylines of the movies. As I played Temple of Doom I was happy to see the game designers had stayed true to the plot of the movie. I spent $50 on this game and that is a lot of money for an 11 year-old kid like me. But, because of good graphics, player abilities, Free Play and mission setup I think this game is worth every penny....more info
  • Rushed to production
    While this game has been anticipated for a time period that seems like forever, the game still feels like it was rushed out to production. I've played through the entire campaign, and it is truly frustrating at times. The objectives are often unclear, and the respawning enemies make you want to throw the controller against the wall. The game is quite fun, minus the mile-away camera angles, and the glitches that clearly plague the game. It is far less polished than Lego Star Wars, and obviously quite shorter than The Complete Saga. It is overall an enjoyable game with incredible graphics, but the gameplay aspect isn't there. I would recommend the game, just don't expect a Lego Star Wars, because it really isn't on the same level. Oh, and a wonderful thing that was added is the ability to buy artefacts (formerly known as minikits). So if you are stuck and really can't find a few of them, you can just buy them and beat the game that way!...more info
  • Potential Unrealized
    I realize that this isn't supposed to be a an epic game, and the target audience is for the younger crowd, but with the Indiana Jones license it draws all. And it fails with respect to Indiana Jones.

    It plays like the Lego Star Wars games, same type of humor. There are some pretty clever jokes, like if you whip at marion, it draws her in and Indy gives her a kiss.

    What I didn't like about it: It's too short. Each adventure is rather short with some locations that have had some artistic liberties with respect to the films. The controls. I keep getting the characters stuck either in one of the fan things, or really frustrating when I run the forklift into a ledge, the character sticks and I have to quit the game. I haven't had those type of control issues in a long time. The camera is bad, might as well not even use the other control stick. And no Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Released two weeks after the film, and I don't understand why it wasn't included.

    What I liked about it: The humor. It's light and funny. The music! A lot of the original music is here!

    I think that they missed the boat here. The Indiana Jones saga has been done before (the SNES version) and I think better. I'm hoping that the other Indiana Jones game in production is better.

    I wish I had just rented this. ...more info
  • just in time
    just in time is right!anyday now they will release a new lego indy with all 4 movies on it.count on it.good thing mine was a present,so im not out anything.this set only covers the first 3 movies.i know what you're thinking.didnt he battle nazis in one of those 3 movies?yes he did fyi,however they do not show them in such a way on this video settle down.there are blonde haired,blue eyed enemies,but thats as far as it goes.there are no swastikas,the ss,storm troopers,gestapo,the iron cross or hitler youth in this the gameplay IS a bit rough.most any special move comes back to indy which kinda makes its replay value go defeats the purpose of picking any character you choose if in most any place you have to use indy.also different characters have various fears.which causes them to freak out and refuse to move further.this can get very obnoxious fast.the other throwback is puzzles.......puzzles...............puzzles..........PUZZLES!I HATE PUZZLES!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but anyway,i'd rank this one at the bottom of the lego list.even the old lego racers for the n64 beats this one.also,lego batman is so far ahead of indy he cant even see batmans dust.and lego star wars is so far ahead they hit hyperdrive and are on the other end of the galaxy.but,it can be entertaining if youre into ...more info
  • great co op play
    My husband and I are always looking for two player/ nonsplit screen games. We got Star wars last summer and had so much fun, we got this one. I personally like this a lot better. It is fun and I like that is challenging enough for an adult. I don't like just getting through it. I like having to think about what to do next. That way, you don't finish the game in five minutes and gives you a reason to 'explore' and discuss with who you are playing with, what they might think is the next plan of action.

    This game has fantastic color and graphics. The humor is there, for sure. You won't be disappointed if you get this one. I am not sure how people are having so much trouble with it based on their reviews, but it is not the hardest game I have ever played. You won't be sorry you purchased this one....more info
  • Travel the world
    The LEGO world video game has come on strong thanks to the Star Wars games and now Indiana Jones (and soon Batman). You can join Indy on his modified adventures based on the original trilogy with the light-hearted humor and action to fulfill your missions. This one is just as innovative as the Star Wars games although some of the missions seem fairly short while others are enjoyably long. Unfortunately there are a lot of characters you will probably never play as. The cut scene mini-movies are fairly amusing but the 'mumbling speech' does get annoying, this game begs for a few voice over segments in the cut-scenes or better yet, when an achievement is reached they could have used the dialogue from the movie (I know, then you have to deal with royalties and permission from the actors) to sound off the achievement.

    There are some camera angle issues dealing with blind spots but overall, the atmosphere is enjoyable and the caricatures are good. You can now swim, climb ladders, use trampolines, and ride motorcycles & cars. The game is heavy on hand to hand fighting. The guns YOU pickup have limited firing power (much better over neverending shots) but you will die alot trying to get close enough to disarm the enemies - the bazookas are quite formidable.

    There's a few glitches here and there but the adventures are fun to play through, although some a little too easy. Replayability may be limited unless you give a substantial break between defeating the game and your next journey through. There are mass amounts of achievements to obtain and some are hard to get. The cheats are far too easy to abuse (Treasure multipliers are seriously broken and you'll get your True Adventurer almost instantly with one or two turned on). Your special bonus is to find a couple Star Wars references to unlock secret character Han Solo.

    Overall, this is a fun game, sometimes too easy, but holds up almost as well as the Star Wars versions. It's better to play the story modes without revisiting Barnett College between missions. Downfall is there is nothing that I have found dealing with the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I don't foresee Travellers' Tales coming out with a game only for that movie unless they possibly put one out with some of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles tv show references or just make up three or four 'bonus films'. Play, build, and enjoy.

    Now what I'd really like to see for expansion is LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean or LEGO Lord of the Rings or even LEGO Mummy, Mummy Returns, Scorpion King, and Mummy: Dragon Emperor....more info
  • What happened.
    After being pleasantly surprised at how great the Lego Star Wars game was, and hearing great reviews about the Lego Batman game, I was looking forward to this game. Unfortunately for me it's not very fun. Poor level interaction results in numerous cheap deaths, confusing tasks needed to be performed to move on and a rosters of unlockable characters you won't want to play with have made this my least favorite Lego game. I'm glad I got this game free. If I had spent even $20 on it, I'd have felt ripped off....more info
  • Just as fun as Lego Star Wars
    I had a ball playing this game, but yes, it is a lil too short. Or maybe I just played the Lego Star Wars so much that it is so easy. Great game, great fun, and it is for the whole family!...more info
  • decent game fun to play
    this game came bundled free with my game system so i didnt expect much, it was very hard at first but as i got used to it, it became quite easy to pass levels and get 100% of those little lego pieces.
    +great cooperative multi-player
    +nice sound effects and music
    +playing your own custom music adapts to the game like the music pauses during cutscenes and the video game music is automatically muted to fit into the game when you play your own custom music
    +colorful graphics

    -bad AI, sometimes the computer players automatically jump off platforms when you need them to stay there.
    -camera angles affect multiplaye, sometimes if you walk too far away from the other player, that player either turns back into a computer player or you end up far behind where the camera is in an akward place
    -constant respawning of enemies, i can stand a few wave of enemies, but when im trying to solve a puzzle or fight a boss, they get in the way and killing off one wave of enemies will cause another to come back within seconds...more info
  • Poor controls + poor camera angles + buggy game = Raiders of the Gamers' Wallets!!
    While there are a number of positives about Lego Indiana Jones, those get bogged down by the negatives. A clever puzzle whipped by poor camera angles, an otherwise fun platform-jumping sequence debilitated by poor physics and controls, and so on. Poor control layout plagued this game, where no fewer than three or four actions are all mapped to one button. This in light of the design idea to either have other buttons on the controller go totally unused at times, or making two buttons perform the same function, such as switching characters in Free Play with the triggers AND shoulder buttons. Poor physics had characters overshooting jump points regularly, sliding way past the target with only one press of the button. Lousy camera angles added further insult by pulling too far back or getting in much too close, shifting to a worse perspective. Limited control over the camera added to the frustration.

    The game is as buggy as a Louisiana lake bed in July. Characters disappeared when needed, never to return to do their job and press the button, make their required jump, etc. Targeting was terrible and skittish, and portions of needed jumping/landing platforms clipped into oblivion/disappeared with regularity.

    Worse still, these EXACT SAME ISSUES have plagued the Lego series since the Star Wars games, and Travellers' Tales just didn't seem to care about fixing them. Furthermore, it was as if the "A" developers of Travellers' Tales wrote the Raiders of the Lost Ark levels, and summarily left the other levels to the "D" and "F" teams to cobble and hack together on a few weeks notice. Travellers' Tales has had PLENTY of time to get familiar with the development environments of modern consoles, and yet refused to take advantage of it.

    I was considering purchasing and playing Lego Batman. Given the lack of improvements in Lego Indiana Jones, that decision has been rescinded. I've been fooled thrice (Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars Original Trilogy, Lego Indiana Jones) by Travellers' Tales, and that's twice as many times as the old adage advises...

    *UPDATE 2* After noodling with the pause menu, I found the Save and Exit feature. Still, it's a bit buried in the menu system of this game, whereas it wasn't in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Apologies for misleading anyone.

    *UPDATE 1*: Travellers' Tales outdid themselves, in a bad way, with the Free Play mode. In Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga you could save and quit out of Free Play at any time. A great feature to be sure, as it allowed you to do your thing in a given level, save, and quit out of the level without needing to complete it. Good for shorter "bursts" of gaming, especially for kids hearing the cries of Mom or Dad saying "Find a save point and come do x, y, z". Lego Indiana Jones BROKE that, relegating you to slog through the ENTIRE LEVEL in Free Play before being allowed to save anything. If Darth Vader played this he'd probably say something to Travellers' Tales along the lines of: "Your lack of faith in improving this series is...disturbing"....more info