AcomData PureDrive 1 TB USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard Drive PHD10000USE-72
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Product Description

The Acomdata pureDrive is the perfect solution for those who want nothing more than pure, high-performance data storage. Conveniently store all of your tunes, your pics, your flicks and all of your other digital files in one compact, portable package. Near-silent operation - Dissipates heat so efficiently it doesn't need a fan System requirements - Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 233MHz or faster processor, Mac OS 10.2 or later, G3, G4, G5 or Intel processor, USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port or free eSATA port (eSATA cable not included)

  • Perfect solution for high-end graphics, storing digital video, photos & music, desktop publishing, and backups
  • High-speed USB 2.0 - Transfer data at blazing speeds up to 480 Mbps
  • eSATA - Transfer rates up to 1.5 Gbps
  • Vertical and horizontal - Adhesive rubber feet and slide-on stand included
  • Security lock slot - Physically secure your Drive to prevent theft

Customer Reviews:

  • Fits the bill
    So far it does what I bought it to do and is simple to use....more info
  • Cheap, nice design, useful features
    I have bought six AcumData PureDrive 1 TB USB 2.0/eSATA so far. The actual drive inside is a Hitachi for the first four that I bought, and Samsung for the last two. I did not see any differences except for different startup and head-parking noises. During operation both types of drives are quiet though.

    I always re-format new drives to NTFS file system, and this puts the whole drive to the test as every bit on the drive gets acessed. I did not have any problems with any of them during formatting or during the subsequent use. I use these drives lightly though: typically I fill them with data almost completely and I do not acess them more often than once a week.

    I really like the design - it's a simple, compact, solid. You can stack them if you want. Some of the drives that you can buy have unusual shapes and take more space than you would like in your drawers; not this one. I also like the on/off button; I can control when the drive is on or off and this does not come at the expense of power management: the drive does not spin unless it transfers data.

    The eSATA connection is a plus, it is usually encountered on more expensive drives. I did not use this connection yet but I'll buy an eSATA card for my desktop - with eSATA I should be able to transfer data almost four times faster than USB2.

    In conclusion, I think this drive is very good value for the money....more info
  • ACOM Data External Hard Drive
    I love this Hard Drive Awesome Product Recommended for any one and for ps3 users too....more info
  • 10 months still going strong
    First of all I use this product for two main purposes: storing backups, and for holding all my movies to play on my Western Digital TV. I do routine backups every 1-2wks, and watch a couple movies 3-5 days a week. Since I take my movies to my friend's houses often, I move it around a lot in a camcorder bag w/my WDTV, and also between laptop/desktop otherwise. I've got no complaints about transfer speed--I can even stream 1080p MKVs just fine on it. Bought mine on 07/2008, no clicky noises and it's still working great! :)

    I'm using it plug & play on Windows XP and 7 no problem....more info
  • neat look with incredible storage
    the design is pretty neat to me, bad thing is that it's uncomfortable to carry out, but you'll get the large storage space in return....more info
  • Mostly Good and Some Bad
    Good: Low price. The enclosure is attractive and is sturdy. The power brick is small with a removable power cord. All of the components fit nicely in a Case Logic HDC-1 Medium EVA External Hard Drive Case (Black). The drive runs quite and cool (slightly warm to the touch after an hour of continuous writing). The product specs indicate the drive is SATA 1 capable (1.5Gbit/s). I copied video files which were 127 GB. With USB 2.0, the time to write to the disk (Windows Vista with the drive NTFS formated) took 79 minutes (1.6 GB per minute). I purchased the 2PORT RAID5 eSATA Pci 3GBPS External Express Card which is RAID compatible (options set through system BIOS at start-up) and supports 3 Gbit/sec. Using the e-SATA interface, the same set of files took 33 minutes (3.9 GB per minute- 2.4 times faster than USB 2). The speed increase provides about the expected increase between the SATA 1 and USB 2 interfaces. I did not evaluate the unit via Firewire interface. I currently use 2 identical drives with the above mentioned eSATA card in a RAID 1 configuration with good results- only one drive appears in Windows Explorer (Blue Light Indicator) while the other is serving as a mirror (Red Light Indicator). I am using this set-up to manage large video files- the 1 TB capacity can handle about 72 hours (931 GB) of DVI files.

    Bad: The new drive died after less than 10 hours of use. Amazon replaced the unit promptly (no shipping charges). I purchased the same unit about 4 months ago which has been working fine- that one came with an e-SATA cable. The new unit (currently listed by Amazon) no longer does. The Acomdata web site was down for an extended period but is currently back online. However there is no phone number listed to reach them directly. They did not reply to a message I sent through their website (more than 1 month). After 2 weeks of moderate use the replacement unit gives a constant red flashing indicator light which is supposed to flash only during drive activity. However, the unit reads/writes as expected. The older unit gives off a blue light when the drive is not actively reading/writing- as it should.

    Conclusion: The drive is an excellent value but loses one star because of the early failure of one drive, questionable reliability of the unit (constant activity indicator flashes) and the apparent lack of Acomdata customer support and one star for not including an eSATA cable. Electronic equipment that operates for a few days will most often last a long time. I hope I was just unlucky with the failed drive- only time and use will tell...

    ...more info
  • Excellent product!!
    I bought this for my daughter who is a college student majoring in computer networking administration and information systems management. Not only was she thrilled with the terrabyte of storage space, but she was delighted that the product was so easy to install! It was up and running for her in less than 15 minutes, and now her laptop runs much more quickly with so much of her data moved over to this external hard drive! I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking to buy an external hard drive for their computer....more info
  • 1 TB at a great price...
    Between the 1TB of space and the price point, this buy is a no brainer. This little guy gets hot and weighs a lot for its size, but ther are no noisy fans, there is a USB and a eSATA inputs, and it's pretty compact. Works great with xbox360 when you leave it's factory format of FAT32 alone. I formatted mine to NTFS so that I could transfer files larger than 4GB, so I can no longer use it with my xbox360, but I can place large files on it, which is part of the reason I purchased this HDD. I'm happy with it....more info
  • I don't know what happen..!! it just stoped working..
    i would say at first for the price this hard drive is in.. it's prefect..supper happy about that.. but just a few months after having it.. i don't know what happen? i keep on getting error code -36 sometimes -35. and i really don't know what that means.!!! well like i didn't know; i called Acomdata, as well send them an email.. they told me to make sure i haven't had it, more then a year. To just get a log-in account to the website.. um ok .. well i did.. >> after this i tell you, it was a mission just to pack it up and send it in. How they wanted (make sure it was rapped and boxed with the "RMA" number and to make sure it wasn't dropped or opened, plus an invoice of where you got it)(The Customer serves is the worst they take forever to respond back) it cost me 17$ just to send back in .. i know it's not that much... but still. after two week to about three. and i swear .. they didn't do anything but repack-it into a new box and send it right back to me. still the same problem with the code error -36 and -35.. so i tell you this: Just make sure, what you getting before you get this hard drive.. price is all good.. but truly in the long-run. i don't see this ever getting fixed and it just becoming a waste of money. so for you guy's who are really looking into getting this hard drive make sure you check other hard-drives .. i rather have payed a bit more for the same amount of space then have a dead 1TB hard-drive laying around.. so i don't know how much this will help people but just be aware.. cause i know i'm always read comments from other people.. and as i write this.. i wish this help's someone make the right choice.. ...more info
  • Exceeded Expectations
    I have never heard of this company and I thought at the price I was getting a terabyte for it would be cheap and a piece of garbage. So I looked at customer reviews first and it helped me change my minds a little. So far I have not had any hard drive fail on me so I know my luck is gonna come to an end eventually. I am very picky about drives and this is about my fifth hard drive and the biggest space internally out of all of them. I just needed a simple external drive and this one kind of fit what I needed exactly. It has a blue light that is rather bright but can be fixed with tape or whatever but the drive itself is pretty nice. Its external so portable but it is kind of heavy even though that won't be an issue for me. This drive was very simple to setup and I basically did it without the instructions. So far my transfer speed (using usb) is about fourteen mb per second which is probably a speed more on my end and not so much the hard drive. I don't have a way to use the e sata connection so I can't comment on that but from what I have read its pretty easy to use and I am sure its faster. The actual space is about 930 GB which is still quite a bit and with the value of the drive its still a great bargain. So far very happy but if this drive ever fails or has problems I will update this review no doubt....more info
  • Great Product...Well worth the price!
    I searched and read many reviews on this and similar products prior to purchasing. All reviews for other products seemed to be the same. There were always a few complaints. For me, this was a great buy...worked straight out of the box with no set-up. For $100 and 1TB of hard drive space, I really can't see how you can go wrong. As some others have mentioned it is a very quiet drive. The blue light is bright if you keep it in a room where your doing other things, otherwise it's not an issue...also, you can always cover it with tape, paint, etc....more info
  • Acomdata 1TB USB
    I purchased this item and the very first time using it the product was defective. I got a replacement that works okay now but the transfer rate is very slow compared to my other external drives...more info
  • sweet 500 GIG
    This is sweet does what it's meant for and that's that, plus it looks real nice I love the blue light and the sleek look, fits all my music and videos so I'm happy for that. This is a must buy if your out to get an external drive, the price is very good for it....more info
  • AcomData PureDrive 1 TB USB EXT HARD DRIVE
    AcomData PureDrive 1 TB USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard Drive PHD10000USE-72
    This drive works very well. The only problem I experience is that I had to reformat the drive (NTFS) to get it work correctly. No big deal, but I am not sure why - the original FAT32 format should have worked. Other than that, I am very please with it. I use it for backing up three computers at home....more info
  • Acom Data Pure Drive 1 TB USB/2.0 External Hard Drive
    My technical knowledge is very limited and I was so happy how easy this device was to install. After much product comparison and reviews I later consulted with my software engineer boyfriend I decided to go with Acom. Much to my surprise it was very easy to use. The price was out of this world for so much storage. I've only transferred my pictures and large files but again no problem. I would strongly suggest the purchase of Acom 1 TB external hard drive. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Works fine.
    This puppy works seemlessly in the background. With a harddrive if you don't notice it then it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Don't know nothing about speed, don't care. Use it strictly for backups and storage....more info
  • Works like a charm in 6 months but not anymore without any warnings

    I owned three external hard drives (160G WD with custom case, 250G Imation Portable HD and this) and i know how sometime these are very sensitive with sudden movements and drops. So, i always careful when handling them. Unfortunately, this drive dies before any of my old drives without giving any warning. Very sad that all my years of backup data is gone now; still trying many ways to restore them.

    This drive is still under warranty; either Amazon or AcomData should honor this.

    HD failures are unavoidable; be a little paranoid if you have important data (valuable or invaluable) and back them up in multiple drives. This is what i am going to do after this catastrophic event.

    You might be luckier than me on this drive.

    ...more info
  • Load lots of stuff onto it but it is faulty
    I have had this HD for about 3 months now. I load movies onto it so that I can play them on the WD HD media player. Right now I am searching all over the internet trying to figure out why this hard drive freezes every third or so movie I watch. Actually.... I am sitting here writing this as my movie that was 2/3 of the way through has just froze.

    If you want to be as frustrated as me.... buy this hard drive....more info
  • Nice Product
    After 2mths and still functioning I'd say this one is a keeper. But i didn't give it 5 stars for two reasons.

    1. It becomes really hot when left on for more than 1hr which raises my eyebrow a bit. I don't push my luck to find out the consequences.

    2. Using just the USB cable for transferring huge files is a no-no. You'll be left staring at that screen for some time. The lack of an eSATA cable was disappointing.

    Besides those to quirks, it's a very nice design, the stand support is a really nice feature. I'd recommend checking this out....more info
  • Failed after 3 months
    This device failed after 3 months, losing important data. I have always treated this device with "kid gloves" so can only assume that it has been a manufacturing defect. Up until this point I have been pleased with the drive. However, let's face it, if it cannot do what it is expected to do it lessens the impact that fast data transfer and large capacity will bring....more info
  • Great hard drive
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He teaches guitar & has hundreds & hundreds of songs on his laptop for teaching. This has worked out beautifully. I'm sure he'll never be able to fill it to capacity but it's a great tool for him and he's really happy with the performance....more info
  • This Hard Drive is Great
    This Hard Drive is fast and reliable. Easy to operate just plug it in and go. If anyone is looking for a external hard drive this is the one to buy!...more info
  • Great Product, Great Value
    This external hard drive has worked great for me. Has tons of space at a ridiculously good price....more info
  • Exceptionally High Speed eSATA Interface
    I have this connected as an external eSATA drive. I have another brand eSATA setup with a high speed Seagate SATA II hard drive inside. I don't know what the problem is with my other brand, but the AcomData drive is just a lot faster for some reason. It must be the interface electronics. This unit is very quiet. It does get a bit warm -- not too much, but can serve as a nice hand warmer in cold weather. Overall, I'm very pleased. Needless to say, I am planning to purchase their 1TB version....more info
  • So far so good
    For the price, this external hard drive is perfect. The set up was fairly simple for use with my iMac. Although it probably would have functioned right out of the box, I reconfigure it from MS-DOS (FAT) to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), for complete compatibility with my iMac. The process was explained in the user guide on the included CD. The size of the drive was much smaller than my LaCie Big Disk of the same capacity (1TB).

    It has both USB and eSATA interface capability, which could be handy if I decide to try to expand my cable box dvr's capacity.

    I am very happy with my purchase. In fact, I bought a second one for a friend....more info
  • Great External
    I have had ACOMDATA drive's for years they are great... I have great faith in them....more info
  • AcomData 1 TB USB external Hard Drive
    Excellent, reliable, easy to set up and use, everything you might want in a 1 TB external HD at a most reasonable price....more info
  • e-SAD-a >:(
    Wow. It works GREAT under USB 2.0, but man have I had a nightmare dealing with the eSATA on this thing. I ordered this with a JMicron eSATA controller card thinking I could hot plug this drive with it. I spent a month on the line with JMicron tech support, sure it was a driver issue for the card since it hot plugs no problem with USB. Finally, JMicron realized the card was likely incompatible with the drive due to the drive's eSATA bridge. So I contacted Acomdata and they agreed about the JMicron controller, telling me to go get a Best Buy Dynex brand instead. I did this (reluctantly because it was $30 more for the Dynex), and it is the exact same problem with the Dynex. The cards are recognized, latest drivers installed, but upon switching on the pureDrive's power I get 1 minute of screen lag and then nothing. I search for it in Device Manager, and nothing. No hotswap, no anything. Now after troubleshooting it for a month I'm in the hole $100 in controller cards and eSATA cables with no gain, and due to Acomdata's slow response I've hit my 30 day return deadline - meaning more money down the drain to return it. Maybe my fault for taking to long to get it to do what it was supposed to right out of the box. ...more info
  • So far so good
    Worked great out of the box. Quick formatted to NTFS and its been good so far. Still backing up my stuff. Will update progress after some more use....more info
  • 1TB
    Item was as described, I received it in 3 days. I backed all my files and more, it is working perfect, no noise, no slow down of my PC. ...more info
  • good for backup
    I used this hard drive for a few months now, with no problems. I'm using it under Linux; I formatted it ext3 and everything works fine....more info
  • 100% Drive Failure After < 5 Weeks of Gentle Use
    A preface: the unit was NEVER dropped (or even tipped over onto a feather bed). I was the only user (no roommates, kids, spouse); also it worked GREAT from Day 1 to the Day before the "clicks", that is, about a month's use when the drive began emitting a slight clicking sound [using an eSATA link to a DELL XPS 430]. A friend in IT was visiting at the time and said "that's the sound of impending doom, save what you can -- NOW, NOW, NOW!" But it was too late: I kept getting I/O errors when attempting to copy/paste or even read files' properties. 410GB of data seemed to slip away in a matter of moments. I will update the review as my AcomData support experience unfolds. What I have read of others' experiences with them lends anything but confidence, but I do hope I will have the first positive service experience to report!
    ...more info
  • Solid performer at a great price
    There's not much to say about this simple product. As far as function is concerned, it is simply a 500GB drive. It does not include any backup software, but that was OK for me. I already had some on my computer. It also did not include any free trials or other junk pre-installed on the drive. I liked this a lot. I generally do not like it when hard drives or flash drives have software pre-installed. It is just annoying to me to have to remove it.

    It worked right away with my Dell laptop running Vista Ultimate. It came pre-formatted FAT32. Reformatting to NTFS took only a few seconds. Speed is decent through the USB 2.0 connection. The option of eSATA is nice, but I am not currently using it. It's very quiet and only gets warm if it has been working hard for a while on a large backup (many GBs). Otherwise it is quite cool.

    As far as aesthetics are concerned, the unit feels sturdy and the housing is solid metal. The matte silver and black appearance is attractive, and the front LED gives off a cool glow. It could be a bit bright for some people, but you could always just put a piece of black tape over it if it bothered you.

    It is not very large, but there is an AC adapter and USB cable to carry with it, so it could get bulky and I would not recommend it for those who want portability. A 2.5" drive would be better for that. However, if you are like me and you just want to use it in one place, then this drive should be perfect.

    Overall, this is a good, basic drive. It has solid build quality, reasonable performance, runs cool and quiet, and is small enough to put away in a desk drawer for later use. It fits my needs perfectly, and the great price and attractive looks make it a 5-star product for me. Those who need something more portable may want to look elsewhere....more info
  • So far works great, but runs hot.
    No problems with delivery. Product is as described. Needed to reformat for large file transfer, just as stated in previous reviews. Concern with when on runs hot. I hope this is normal and will not cause the drive to fail. ...more info
  • Perfect!!!!!
    I was tired of having to pick and choose files to move onto dvd's My 120GB hard drive was very cramped! It is so great to have the ability to store a lot of data. and the esata is awesome and fast. Works fantastic on 64bit Linux.lightning speed transfers. I copied my entire hard drive...more info
  • Excellent choice for Mac and PC backup.
    I'm always a bit worried that the external drive would be slow to access or backup my data, but that is not the case here. (Granted, it could be made faster if they would have used Firewire, but for those of us that still do not have that connection we are limited to USB.)

    I backed up 64GB of music files to it from my PC, which took about 45 minutes to write to the drive. I then plugged it into my MacBook Pro (which recognized it faster than my PC did) and transferred all 64GB of music to the laptop hard drive in 33 minutes. (Don't know why the Mac was faster, especially since the drive in it is slower than the PC's drive.)

    I have put it through hours of reformatting, hours of data backup and hours of defraging, and never once did I feel the case or drive got too hot. In fact, I feel that this is the coolest running external drive I have ever owned. The case gets warm, as all do, but not too hot.

    The stand that comes with it is fairly stable. Could get knocked over by the cat or kids, but then again, if you have cats or kids, you would not be leaving this in the stand; you would have flat on the desk.

    The blue bar light on the front turns from blue to red when raeding/writing.

    The drive is very quite when running. I opened mine up (voiding the warranty, of course) and saw that mine uses a Western Digital "green" power drive. While it is very likely that the drives inside external enclosures change depending on the what the manufacturer has in stock, it is fairly likely that it will be one of the newer 'green' drives, saving you some money.

    Great for Apple's Time Machine, or just general backup duty. You could easily use it as a daily data drive or a mobile drive....more info
  • Dead out of the box, with a dent on the enclosure
    Thank god I ordered it from Costco. The drive had a dent on the enclosure which made me wonder whether it's been dropped at the factory. I never could copy more than 8GB of data onto it. The drive basically behaved like a 8GB drive. The dent made me wonder what else is going on at their factories....more info
  • An awesome drive
    Before buying this hard drive I looked at the reviews and know it was the one for me. It's very light, compact, and quiet. I had it on for three full days without turning it off while downloading material to it and it worked just fine without overheating. ...more info
  • Good Overall
    Huge storage space and comes at a good price and compact size. The only detractor I think is the bright blue light that comes on when it is on....more info
  • Perfect
    I've had this drive for over a month now, and I have had no problems. I have primarily used this as a backup drive, and have so far mirrored my 500 GB hard drive twice. I do however recommend that you use an ESATA connection if you want to use it for backup purposes. If you do not have an ESATA connection (like me) then this PCI card is an excellent buy.

    Van Ugt-St300 Esata Pci Sata Ii-150 Pci I E 2-Port (1 Internal 1 External)

    I really like the fact that someone finally made a reliable external drive that is reasonably priced....more info
  • J-U-N-K FROM D-A-Y 1
    I get "cyclical redundancy" errors and prompts to format the drive when I try to copy to it more than half the time. It does this on multiple computers and many different files. When I'm actually able to copy something to it, I seem to be able to play it back. However, it's frustrating to only be able to successfully write to the drive around half the days I want to use it. It did this the first day I had it in January and continues to do this randomly today. I've had a 250 GB phantom drive for a couple of years and NEVER had this problem. I'll never buy another large drive again....more info
  • corupted my photos
    at first thought this was great. it held a thousand movies and tons of photos. Then after about 3 or 4 weeks it started to give trouble copying and removing files off and on it. Then many of the photos started to becoem corrupted for no reason. Now they are ruined. Dont buy this product!!!...more info
  • Zapped my computer :(
    I thought the capacity and processing speed were great but the product is SUPER fragile. I tipped over the drive (tipped on a table, not dropped to the ground) and the drive was no longer workable.

    I didn't find that out until I tried to restore files to test the drive.

    I am hesitant to return the drive as the computer shop said my files are in fact on the drive but can only be copied/deleted when the drive cooperates with the computer.

    The power is intermittent and I am too scared to try an connect to my computer again....more info
  • another 40 day wonder
    As with another reviewer, this hard drive was awesome for about 40 days and then just died. Very disappointed....more info