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  • Groovy, Baby!
    Ha Ha! This is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time! Mike Myers is a classic, and he is THE best AP!

    THE SMASHING STORY: Back In the sixties, Austin Powers was very shagadelic. He loved the ladies, and he would always want to SHAG them. Till one day, a megalomaniac named Dr. Evil escapes from earth in a Big Boy, so Austin freezes himself and is then Unthawed in 1997 and picks up this hot chick named Vannessa (Did I spell that right?) and so he and Vanessa go to stop Dr. Evil when Big Boy returns to earth. And also, Scott Evil Is HILARIOUS.

    SHAGEDELIC THOUGHTS: This is a Classic! I loved every bit of it. and I think you will, (for those who havent seen it) And it's Definitly a classic....more info
  • Shag Now Or Shag Later? The Funniest Film Of The Late 1990s'
    Anyone who doesn't find themselves laughing at "Austin Powers - Internation Man Of Mystery" really has issues. Okay, it not as funny as, say, "Caddyshack", but for its time period (the late 1990s'), this film was the funniest movie released.

    Mike Myers' suave, bumbling secret agent creation is one of the funniest charatcers in movie history. And this film established it from the get-go. Myers also proved his talent by playing a duel role: in addition to playing Austin, he also was hysterical as his arch - nemesis, Dr. Evil.

    The plot is like this. The year is 1967. And Austin Powers is the hippest, sexiest man on the swingin' scene in London. Fashion photographer by day, secret agent by night, women love him, men want to be him. When his arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, plans to take over the world, it is up to Austin and his shagadelic girlfriend (Mimi Rogers) to stop him. However, Dr. Evil escapes into space with his cat Mr. Bigglesworth and plans to return in 1997. The plan? Austin is chryogenically frozen and is thawed out in 1997. Austin is immediately clueless to the modern world. To help him adjust, he is partnered with the drop dead gorgeous Vaness Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley). As expected, Dr. Evil has returned as well, and he is now out to take over the world, this time by covering the world with liquid hot magma. Austin and Vanessa are led through a series of various and often hilarious obstacles that result in a massively hilarious climax and several bloopers.

    The bonus features are great. The commentary by Myers and director Jay Roach is enlightening. This film is an absolute must have for anyone who loves to laugh....more info
  • Seduction, Mike Myers style
    This is a James Bond spoof aimed at retro nerds so that we might find an identification in our deprived lives. Hey, in this movie we get to cozy up to Elizabeth (drooling all over myself) Hurley. The flick sparkles (if that's the right word) with lame-o jokes and semi-sophisticated satire.

    Mike Myers wrote the script and stars as both Austin, the man of mystery (right, like the toe jam smell at the bottom of your closet is a mystery), and the cartoon villain Dr. Evil, who might be Dr. No cleaning his teeth with his pinkie. Speaking of teeth, he has the better teeth of our disjointed duo, speaking of which, notice that Hurley (would that Emma Peel had anything like her figure, but she too was English) doesn't actually soul kiss Austin. I mean, there are not only LIMITS, but contract clauses. I think Hurley was afraid that if she actually swapped tongues with him she would catch some horrid fungus amongus and THAT wouldn't be good for her career.

    Look at it this way: if she could make flirty-flirty eyes with Rancid Teeth Man, she could conceivably, in your wildest dreams find YOU attractive, at least as the last man on earth. You and Elizabeth Hurley as the last two humans on earth! Eat your heart out, Sean Connery. Heck, all he had in Dr. No (1962) was Ursula Andress. (Come to recall: yummie, yum, yum.) And you too, Roger Moore. "Bond, James Bond," yourself.

    Myers makes himself as disgustingly nerdish as possible, but still the chicks swoon. There's some right-on satire here about the mystery of feminine desire. What DOES a woman want? The nerds never know but James Bond, Harrison Ford and (gulp) Mike Myers don't have to ask.

    All right, there is a plot to this Batman-like take off on the sixties become the nineties 007 spy diversion. But it's so familiar that I won't bother with it here. Some of the characters are interesting. There's Alotta Fagina played by Fabiana Udenio recalling Octopu**y and Pu**y Galore. (Well, she's not interesting, but her name is.) And think about this: Robert Wagner with the eye patch who was once a sophisticated ladies man--for example, The Pink Panther (1964)--is now a bloated old man having to wear extra large suit coats to hide his pot belly and sagging flesh. Now THAT evens the score for the old nerds who never got the girl, who, by the way, will like this as much as pimple-popping sixteen year olds.

    Myers knows what he's doing. There's a deep psychological seduction underneath the sixties garb and the nineties toilet humor that makes this strangely satisfying. For my part however I could only bear to watch it all the way to the very, very end in the hope that (PG-13 rating aside) that Hurley would disrobe a little and I could get a glimpse of that exquisite bod. But they teased me, especially in the matrimonial bed scene with the pineapples and the melons and the spice rack--whatta rack! Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Remember as you watch this: it is not as bad as it looks. In fact, once you understand what Mike Myers is doing to your psyche, you might want to see it again....more info

  • A 90's comedy classic!

    In 1967, British hip swinger and spy Austin Danger Powers (Mike Meyers) battles his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers) as they both are frozen for a long time in cryo-genetic experiments. 30 years later, Dr. Evil has landed in Nevada and wakes up from his frozen slumber so he can be reunited with most of his henchmen like Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterlin), Mustafa (Will Ferrell) and Number Two (Robert Wagner) as they come up with a brilliant scheme to get one hundred billion dollars from the world embassy so he can take over the world. In the UK, Basil Exposition (Michael York) who works for the UK goverment unfreezes Austin as he joins up with sexy British intelligence agent Venessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) to Las Vegas so he can foil Dr. Evil's plans.

    Co-starring Seth Green, Mimi Rogers and Carrie Fisher, this exciting and non-stop funny comedy is one of the best comedies of the 90's. Written by Mike Myers himself, this movie is a geninuely hilarious satire on the James Bond flicks with cameos by Christian Slater, Tom Arnold, Clint Howard, Charles Napier, Lois Chiles, and Rob Lowe. Liz Hurley is sexy as hell in this movie and Myers is hilarious as both the villain and hero, it's a hip and psychedelic comical journey of a movie that spawned two sequels with one new sequel coming out 2009 or 2010 as this a must see comedy experience.

    This DVD has some groovy extras like audio commentary, deleted scenes with alternate endings, special cameo menu, trailer, "Music to Shag to" original animated sequence, Cast and filmmaker bios and filmographies, Star Highlights which show the stars of the movie in several other movies, and Swedish Made Penis Enlarger Pump question test....more info
  • Silly but enterteaining
    The star of the Austin Powers' series, is just a fun movie, do not search for a profound message underneath the jokes. Just relax and enjoy, that's what it was made for....more info
  • Very funny!
    Though not for all tastes, Austin Powers exibits the qualities that make up great films.It is an excellent parody, with very funny running jokes (that ain't a man and the pump) I have almost worn out my vhs tape, so I probably should buy the dvd. The deleted scenes (also on the tape) are pointless and dumb. Elizabeth Hurley is far superior to Heather Grahm. This is the first. This is the original. This is the best. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and feel free to leave me a helpful/not helpful feedback. God Bless America!...more info
  • This Movie Is Fricken Hilarious!
    This is the first movie in The Austin Powers series and I think it is absolutely hilarious. Mike Myers is a riot as swinging 60's British spy Austin Powers brought out from a cryogenic chamber in 1997 where he has been since about 1967 or 1968. He has been thawed out because he has to foil the sinister plans of his extremely eccentric archenemy Dr. Evil also played by Mike Myers. There is an excellent cast in this movie, not just Mike Myers but also Seth Green as Dr. Evil's son Scott, Michael York as Basil Exposition, Elizabeth Hurley as Vanessa Kenzington, and also Robert Wagner as Number Two. There are a lot of funny jokes and gags in this movie that just may have you rolling on the floor with laughter and I highly recommend this DVD to people who love to have a good laugh and don't mind that there are a couple of raunchy jokes and gags. The DVD has some great extra features including deleted scenes!...more info
  • So sue me
    I admit the first time I saw this film, I just didn't get it. In fact, it took everything I had not to walk out of the theatre. But a funny thing happened: Time. Catching this movie again, nearly nine years later, and I have to admit this is a pretty funny film. Talk about a committment to a performance...Dr. Evil certainly makes this film worthwhile and it's certainly an enjoyable film for a lazy Sunday afternoon....more info
  • Shagedelic
    The Austin Powers movies are uniquely highbrow lowbrow comedy. They are spoofs of all the early James Bond films - Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice. If you have not seen these Bond films I suggest you watch them first - they are great action/spy films in their own right - and then watch Austin Powers; it will be that much funnier. But Austin Powers offers so much on its own beyond the Bond films. It's also a spoof on the sixties, the English and the Americans. There are the relationships between Dr. Evil, his staff, and his son. Dr. Evil himself is an invention of comedic genius, and he is, for me, the best thing about the Austin Powers movies. And lest you younger viewers think that the depiction of the hip sixties is an invented or exaggerated part of the crazy comedy, I can tell you that it is more "right on" than you may realize. Boy have times changed!...more info
  • Oh behave!
    Heh heh. How could you hate this movie? It's a classic.

    The story goes like this, in 1967, secret agent Austin Powers [a ladies man] sees his nemesis, Dr. Evil freeze himself and escape in a Big Boy, Austin decides to freeze himself in case Dr. Evil ever returns. Thirty years later, the Big Boy returns to Earth and Dr. Evil is revived. So the agents revive Powers, but both have one helluva time getting to adjust. That's the plot without spoilers.

    This movie is HALARIOUS! Filled with over-the-top sixtie's sexual humor [I want to "shag" ya baby! Allotta Fagina], to the humor of Doctor Evil and his son, Scott, this movie will make you laugh your "meat and two veggies" off! You are gonna shag over this movie!...more info
  • What's With The Framing?
    Austin Powers was filmed in Super 35. That's with the gigantic black bars that show more to the side but slightly block the top and bottom (other Super 35 movies: Austin Powers 2 and 3, T2, Dogma). The DVD, however, is 1:85:1, not the way it was filmed. Also, 8 minutes into the movie (in fullscren or widescreen) the framing changes into 2:40:1 as originally filmed because the scene would look horribly cropped out. You see so much more in this short minute of PROPER framing. But, the rest of the movie is incorrectly framed at 1:85:1. Why? I haven't any idea. The cover sais "as specified by the director" who apparentally wanted it adjusted closer for the benefit or both standard and widescreen TV owners. What's the point? You've got a full-frame version on side B, for any fools who want to watch it. So why not, Mr. Director, show it in Super 35, as originally filmed. You, after all, filmed it this way, why butcher your own version?

    Aside from that, the picture quality is perfect, the sound is wonderful, and the special features are vast. The commentary is slow, but very informative and funny. the trailer is very well done (look out for deleted material in it) and the deleted scenes are very interesting. I love the disk, but the framing thing bothers me. I still recommend you buy this (but the 3-Pack, because the other two are formatted correctly). Still, what is with the framing?...more info

  • Crude, lewd, yet outrageously entertaining!
    The brainchild of former Saturday Night Live cast member Mike Myers (Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2), Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery burst onto the Hollywood landscape in 1997 and made a beeline for the cult classic Hall of Fame. A parody/satire of the popular James Bond films of the past several decades, Austin Powers gave birth to a number of quirky and famous characters such as Austin himself, Dr. Evil, Scott Evil, and (later) "Mini-Me". Sporting some of the most outrageous antics and bathroom humor in the history of film, Austin Powers successfully utilizes its play on the James Bond series (because it so parallels the films) to create a memorable movie that will keep you laughing for two hours plus...

    Mike Myers plays the role of Austin Powers - international man of mystery. Frozen in a cryogenic chamber since the 1960s, Austin is thawed out in the 1990s in order to take on his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil (who has also been frozen during that time period). A free-love advocate, Austin makes an immediate play for his new partner Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), daughter of his former spy partner Mrs. Kensington (Mimi Rogers).

    Meanwhile, Dr. Evil collaborates with his entourage which consists of Number Two (Robert Wagner), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), and others. He develops a plan to steal a nuclear weapon and hold the world hostage for... one million dollars! No. Make that one trillion dollars!!! To carry out his task, Dr. Evil must not only face down Austin Powers and his beautiful partner, but he's forced to grapple with the common-sense, quasi-evil tendencies of his son Scott Evil (Seth Green) with whom he's constantly fighting. Can Austin Powers save the world? Or will Dr. Evil succeed in holding the world hostage?

    The success of Austin Powers is wholly attributable to the unique comic mind of Mike Myers who not only starred in the leading roles, but who also wrote the screenplay. Myers' portrayal of Dr. Evil steals the show with his evil laugh, diabolical grin, and propensity for all things evil (such as "evil petting zoos"). His soliloquy while receiving family counseling with Scott ranks as not only one of the best scenes in the film, but among the best scenes from any comedy film ever made. Elizabeth Hurley also turns in a good performance as Austin's partner Vanessa (doing a far better acting job than the verbally-challenged Heather Graham who always seemed to be reading from cue-cards in the Austin Powers sequel).

    Meanwhile, Will Ferrell (of SNL and Elf fame) makes a notable appearance as Dr. Evil's henchman, Mustafa. His is a recurring character in later films. Overall, Austin Powers is one of the funniest films you'll ever see. Unless outrageous comedy is simply not your cup of tea, I can't think of any reason not to recommend this film. Although the sequels are hilarious in their own right, the original is the best (as is often the case), and that's why Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery is a definite must-see film...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
    Mike Myers fans look out. From "Wayne's World" to this! Mr. Myers does an excellent job at playing both sides of the "spy" personality. A must have for anyone's collection....more info
  • Very funny movie
    Mike Myers is terrific in two roles, playing both the hero and his nemesis, Dr.Evil (remember it's Dr.Evil--he didn't go to years at evil medical school to be called Mr.Evil!) This movie was very enjoyable. Myers is great, and so are Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, the woman who plays Frau, and a few others. This is basically a spoof of James Bond, and it works. I can't too highly recommend this movie, and also its sequel, which is just as good....more info
  • Who's Your Uncle
    This is one of the best movies of the 90's. Elizabeth Hurley is one of the hottest women alive! ...more info
  • Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
    first is that Austin Powers if very, very hilarious, the movie shows that Austin Powers had been frozen in 1969, and in the 2nd one they said he had been frozen since 1967, or at least thats what i think, cuz i havent watched this movie in a long time, but its very funny, and i think u should buy it...more info
  • Mediocre
    I waited a long time to see this movie. It sounded stupid and wasn't worth my time. I finally saw it and I wasn't much off the mark. It is one of those movies that you see just because so many other people have. Has some moderatley funny parts, but none that really made me laugh. I like that they used Kurt Bacharach and music from earlier films (e.g., Casino Royale). It was neat to see some toned-down 60s flashbacks, if just to get it out of your system. Overall, I wouldn't see it on its own right, but it is a "societal" movie that needs to be waded through....more info
  • A Great Antedote For A Rainy Day
    I'm not a Mike Myers fan, and I avoided this film--and its sequels--like the plague when they were on the big screen. But I now know the error of my ways: AUSTIN POWERS is one of the freshest bits of purely entertaining, mindless fluff to come along in quite a while, the perfect antedote to an overcast and bad-mood sort of day.

    The story is an amalgamation of the more excessive plot ideas of such films as DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and OUR MAN FLINT. Fashion photographer by day and swinging spy by night, Austin Powers is the toast of psychedelic London--and more than a match for Dr. Evil. But when Dr. Evil has himself frozen, Powers does the same, and the two defrost some thirty years later and resume their battle in the much more up-tight 1990s. The most obvious target of the spoof is the James Bond films, but fans of 1960s film will have a field day spotting the film's take offs on such characters as Matt Helm, Derek Flint, Emma Peel, celebrities like The Beatles and Andy Warhol, and such diverse films as THE TENTH VICTIM and the camp classic DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMB. And dare we mention the sixties' own classic swinging spy spoof, the infamous CASINO ROYALE?

    Myers is greatly amusing in the double role of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, both of whom have considerable difficulty adjusting to everything from safe sex to inflation, and Elizabeth Hurley is quite good in the Diana Rigg-ish role of sidekick Vanessa Kensington. But the real fun here is in the details--and the details include every one from Michael York to Robert Wagner to Burt Bacharach to Carrie Fisher, "Fembots" with killer pasties, and Italian sexpot Fabiana Udenio as a character with the most devastating name since Honor Blackman hit the screen in GOLDFINGER. The soundtrack is just as swinging as it gets, with blasts of everything from "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and "I Touch Myself." And look for a hilarious spoof of Bob Fosse-inspired choreography during the main credits!

    You won't find any deep thoughts in AUSTIN POWERS, and thank heaven for it: giggles and grins are the order of the day, and the film delivers them in abundance. The DVD is a nice one as well, offering your choice of widescreen or pan-and-scan, some entertaining notes and deleted scenes, and amusing commentary. Buy it and keep on your shelf for that rainy day....more info

  • Beware! R1 dvd is heavily cut!!!
    first things first. this dvd is cut heavily! The Christian Slater "orange sherbert" scene is completely gone, and 2 scenes which were in the original, complete cut (the 'henchmans wife' and the 'bucks party' scenes) are cut and placed in the deleted scenes section!

    This cut of the movie is shocking, if you want to buy Austin powers on dvd, please steer clear of the R1, and buy the full version which has not been butchered. I wish someone had told me before i wasted my money on this very substandard dvd.

    You have been warned! ...more info
  • I laughed until I cried
    Mike Myers is a comic genius! This movie's intelligent humour is reminiscent of all the great British comedies (including Monty Python!) with just enough silly, crude humour to keep the most jaded viewer rolling in the aisles!

    The costumes are excellent - a special mention of Austin's teeth is appropriate, I believe - and the musical interludes are hilarious. There was nothing not enjoyable about this movie!

    Anyone who likes a good comedy, needs a good laugh or just thinks Mike Myers is hot should watch this flick!...more info

  • the first one
    Original films on which sequels are based normally loose some of their legacy, eclipsed as it were by the mediocrity of disapointing follow-ups. The first AUSTIN POWERS, if had remained the only AUSTIN POWERS movie, would be more appreciated and remembered now for the unique and surprising comedy that it is. Sorta came out of nowhere didn't it?

    Well, here's to the first AUSTIN POWERS, not that the sequels are terrible. He didn't hook up with Beyonc¨¦ Knowles in GOLDMEMBER and I hope that's not cause she's a chocolate honey like a friend suspected. (I myself was skeptical, but NEVER put it past a major film company.) Wonder what Heather Graham has been up to. She's a doll, but don't express personality like Elizabeth Hurley. Graham was a lot better as Roller Girl in BOOGIE NIGHTS. Maybe it was the skates. Anyway. And here's to Elizabeth Hurley. Ooo La La. ...more info
  • 5 Stars, YEAH, baby, YEAH!
    This has got to be THE most shagadelic film in history, baby. You will laugh. You will cry from laughter. And it might even make you a little HORNY, baby. YEAH, BABY, YEAH! Bring your Swedish [...] Pump and some Weetabix and let the GOOD TIMES ROLL, baby!...more info
  • Insulting DVD For America Release
    I really love this movie, one of the greatest satyres of the bond movies ever.

    But the dvd released for america was just insulting.

    No original Widescreen aspect ratio (the film has been cropped to 2:1 ratio instead of the 2:40 original).

    This is the Cut edition of the film, some scenes of the original theatrical release were cut (thankfully some managed to get to the deleted scenes section, but in fullscreen)

    The Video Quality is plain bad.

    This movies cries for a re-edition on dvd the way its meant to be. The Sequels had a better treatment.

    ...more info
  • To innapropite!
    I watched this movie, well the begining with my friend Lesley and I was so disgusted with all the nonsense and sexual stuff in the movie. I was praying for her mother to come and take her and luckily she did. It was also disgusting. I am truely disappointed in Mike Myers. It's not a movie for kids. I do like Mike in other movies too, though. I like Shrek and the 2nd and I only saw some of so I married an axe murderer. I also liked Wayne`s world sort of the 2nd is okay. This movie is not for children!...more info
  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. The movie is a laugh out loud riot, and it'll have you begging for more. The story is about a secret agent that's cryogenically frozen for thirty years, so he can catch his old time adversary Dr. Evil. Although the story is a bit far fetched and predictable, it doesn't ruin the film. The movie does a great job making fun of one of America's outragious decades, and it pokes fun at a lot of spy movie cliches. With so many sexual jokes about the sixties, this film never stops being interesting. Overall, it's a great film to enjoy.

    Also, the DVD has an incorrect framed transfer.
    The DVD presents the film with a ratio of 1.93:1, when the film's ratio is actually 2.35:1. ...more info