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Sunshine [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/30/2008 Run time: 110 minutes Rating: R

A novel blend of doomsday thriller and meditative science fiction, Danny Boyle's Sunshine imagines a disturbing future in which mankind must re-ignite the sun or face total extinction. A team of scientists and crew members (played by an eclectic cast that includes Cillian Murphy from Boyle's 28 Days Later, The Fantastic Four's Chris Evans, Rose Byrne of TV's Damages, and martial-arts legend Michelle Yeoh) is dispatched to the dying star, but disaster strikes from almost every conceivable angle; as the crew is whittled down by accidents and psychological breaks, the survivors must discover a way to carry out the mission or seal the fate of the world's population. Alternately exciting and pensive, Sunshine's dichotomous tone may throw viewers expecting a special-effects bonanza (though the film's visuals are frequently stunning), but for those who recall such cerebral '70s efforts as Silent Running and Phase IV, Boyle's unusual take will be refreshing and even fascinating. The DVD includes commentaries by Boyle and Dr. Brian Cox, who served as the film's science advisor; Boyle also lends his voice to a brace of deleted scenes, including an alternate ending (which doesn't improve on the one used in the film). Thorough production diaries cover every aspect of the film's execution, from casting to special effects design, while a pair of unrelated short films by Chris Shepherd and Dan Arnold seems to be included only as a gesture of Boyle's appreciation for these directors. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Sperm fertilizes egg
    Reviewer Altman comes closest when he asks "where does their gravity come from in this 2001-look-alike spaceship?" but when 2001: A Space Odyssey was released, at least somebody picked up on the sperm-appearing Discovery swimming in space. Sunshine's imagery is much more explicit, but a search among hundreds of Amazon reviews (and Ebert is clueless) for a hint of recognition fails. Perhaps viewers are too distracted by the numerous logical and fundamental scientific flaws in the plot and script to see the core concept....more info
  • Underrated ... one of Boyle's best
    I was truely surprised with the reactions to this film. Great plot, great cast, great director, and great special fx - Sunshine could've been a generic Hollywood flick. However, director Danny Boyle managed to tell the story very appropriately, using his cast of somewhat typical characters, often leading the audience to assume the occurance of plot cliches, but moving on to surprise with another twist of fate (or "intervention").

    The characters were smart in dealing with all these mishaps and the mistakes and reactions to those mistakes were believable. Not to mention the marvelous special fx which were mostly comprised of non-CGI effects - something I'm entirely in favour of.

    A lot of critics seem to be dissatisfied with the third act of the film calling it unnecessary, uneven, or heavy-handed, but I see it as simply an eclectic director allowing his eclectiveness (word?) take hold and guide his hand. I agree that it was an unnecessary addition, but how would the film have ended without it? Most likely, the crew would've ended up sacrificing themselves to reignite the sun even without "other intervention", which would've been a tragic but rather procedural ending. I think Boyle realized this and chose to spice it up a bit - which it does.

    Is the film better than Trainspotting? No, but it IS a different film entirely. Boyle is a very talented director that always choses atypical projects. It'll be interesting to see what his next project will be....more info
  • A fantastic sci-fi epic that falters in the finale.
    In the realm of science-fiction cinema, rarely does a film exhibit new ideas regarding plot. Director Danny Boyle's new sci-fi thriller, "Sunshine," adheres to the general plotline of its predecessors "Armageddon" and "The Core," where a highly capable team is dispatched to prevent the destruction of humanity. In this case, it's to revive our dying Sun via nuclear blast. The structure is clich¨¦, but amidst the impressive special effects and grand camera shots lays an intriguing commentary on the human condition when in dire situations.

    While Earth remains crippled in a solar winter, a team of eight, comprised of mathematicians and physicists, board the Icarus II with the task of re-igniting the Sun with a massive payload. The crew struggles to cope with the responsibility of their mission, coming to question rationality and their own judgment. After a minor miscalculation jeopardizes the entire mission by diminishing the oxygen supply, head physicist, Capa (Cillian Murphy) is forced to lead an assignment to locate Icarus I, which vanished seven years prior for unknown reasons. Their plan must succeed if they ever hope to reach the payload's destination and save humankind.

    Set in 2057, "Sunshine" portrays the future with numerous logical fallacies, however, everything is breathtakingly convincing through the impressive cinematography and art direction. The Sun's overwhelming, golden sheen cascades across the surface of Icarus II while its interior features a multitude of monitors, holograms, data analyzers, and lush oxygen garden. It never loses believability and will continually leave viewers in awe.

    Composer John Murphy, alongside the electronic band Underworld, pieces together the trance-like soundtrack. Every ominous chord and verberation supports the dreary, tense nature of the crew's harrowing journey. The most insignificant clanks of the ship strengthens the isolated atmosphere while the cryptic, aged distress signal from the Icarus I instills a sense of dread. Each facet of design blends beautifully, creating a cinematic masterpiece.

    The actors capture the reoccurring discord throughout "Sunshine," arguing and even physically fighting amongst one another. While most of their performances are forgetful when compared to the greater presence of atmosphere, Cillian Murphy is incredibly convincing as Capa. Through the desperation in his voice and actions, Murphy embodies the dedication of the crew and portrays the caliber of their mission.

    Much of "Sunshine" is slow paced, building up to the conclusion, which is ultimately quite disappointing. The themes emphasized earlier in the film become convoluted in the final act, relinquishing them for a god-complex. Also, an antagonist is introduced when the film clearly doesn't need one. The oppressiveness of the circumstances themselves is enough. Although the initial aspirations of "Sunshine" are lost in its B-movie, slasher-esque finale, the film does tie up nicely. It's just unfortunate that an essence Boyle's 2002 zombie-thriller "28 Days Later" somehow nudged itself into this film.

    "Sunshine" is an ambitious film, rampant with atmosphere and featuring a compelling look at human nature. Although this ambition is detrimental to the last quarter of the film, it still manages to form a provocative piece of cinema that will undoubtedly appeal to those who want substance with their visual flair.
    ...more info
  • Smart Science Fiction with An Excellent Cast
    Among the reviews posted here, I see several complaints about unfavorable comparisons to "Event Horizon" and sci-fi disaster movies. While there are certainly some plot elements in common with "Event Horizon" and the general category of space disaster films, "Sunshine" belongs more to the genre of "2001: A Space Odyssey" than anything else. It's smart, character-driven science fiction - not a festival of explosions for their own sake, and I think it succeeds very, very well.

    "Sunshine" has an excellent, if lesser-known-in-the-U.S. cast. (Although it's likely that viewers will recognize many of actors' faces, if not their names.) It's great to see Hiroyuki Sanada, Michelle Yeoh and Cliff Curtis all getting meatier roles than they usually receive and making the most out of the opportunity. Cillian Murphy and Rose Byrne are both quite good as well, but to me, the real surprise was Chris Evans (of "Fantastic Four" fame), who, it seems, can actually act with some depth.

    Visually, the movie is beautiful, and director Danny Boyle makes the sun a palpable presence in every scene. The indescribable power of our star and its effects on the human characters are major elements of the story, and it creates an atmosphere that is simultaneously beautiful, terrible and oppressive. The ending is a little more Hollywood than the rest of the movie, and "Sunshine" deserves a better finish. That said, the drop-off is only enough to change my review from five stars to four, and I recommend it highly.

    Fans of movies like "2001," "Outland," "Silent Running," "Alien" and the director's cut of "Blade Runner" (without the hand-you-the-plot-on-a-platter voice-over) are likely to enjoy "Sunshine." Viewers looking for purely passive entertainment and/or who prefer having everything explained explicitly will probably be less happy. Grade: A-....more info
  • Almost but not quite....
    This is a survivalist story set in space, which just so happens to have a quiet fate-of-the-earth-depends-on-you as its primary drive behind all the scenes.

    The Pro's: This is a movie to watch when in a somber sci-fi mood, but wanting a little dramatic eye candy. There is no fat in the story despite the slow pace, starting strongly with a prologue to drop the viewer immediately into the storyline. The characters seem initially standard, but quickly move to a more thoughtful friction between survivalist tactics versus human ethics. The actors are excellent throughout. You've seen it all before in other movies, but not nearly so subtly presented. Maybe too subtle....

    The Con's: See all the other reviews - It is a little too slow paced. The insane Captain of the first ship is annoying to watch and unbelieveable in every way; his role ruins what could have been a great plot in some other form. I still can't figure out 1.) How he survived 7 yrs on a ship behind Mercury when the flight controls were busted 2.) No one smelled him coming since it was clear he hadn't taken a shower in a while 3.) How he survived being burned/heavily irradiated, stabbed...only to have his skin ripped off toward the end. And what was with all the dust on the Icarus I in the first place - manna from heaven? A burned flight crew couldn't have made all that.

    All right, I think I've ranted enough. In summary, this is a rental film, not a buy, good for a night when you want to fold laundry or review papers with something on in the background....more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    The perfect example of a failed film, Sunshine offers many interesting and well-imagined scenes and scenarios in its first half before finally collapsing under the weight of a ham-handed subplot with poorly-grafted on religious undertones (apparently the writer and director had competing visions); watch it if you like sci-fi, but expect a flawed product....more info
  • Visual masterpiece..
    This movie cannot be easily classified. Yes, it is a sci-fi movie, but it's more a psychological drama about death and the quest for God. It's a drama that happens to take place in space.

    The tension becomes very tight as the movie progresses and as the characters try to survive, both from nature and each other.

    "2001" and "Alien" are similar films; in terms of the level of fear and paranoia that are generated for the viewer.

    Highly recommended for sci-fi fans in particular....more info
  • "Good Day Sunshine"
    In the nearby future - 2057 to be precisely - the sun is dying. The only hope for mankind to survive is to ignite a gigantic atom-bomb in the core of the sun in order to rekindle her energy. The Icarus II is on her way to the sun to deliver her payload.

    A few of the key-role players are Dr. Searle, a psychologist played by Cliff Curtis, Dr. Capa, a brilliant thirty year old physicist played by Cillian Murphy and the excellent Benedict Wong in the role of Dr. Trey the brilliant mathematician but responsible for huge problems with the
    Icarus II.
    John Murphy and Underworld are responsible for the excellent and quiet electric guitar music.

    The first thirty minutes are slow paced and maybe a little tedious, with an emphasis on brilliant special effects (one of the strongest points of this movie.) But after that the tension and drama are gradually build up to the dramatic end sequence.

    It's one of the best SF-movies I ever saw. It can compete with "Space-Odyssey 2001", "Solaris", and "Alien".

    For those who want more background information about the meaning of several scenes in the film, and are interested in astronomy and astrophysics, I would strongly suggest to play the movie a second time with the audio-commentary by the English physicist Dr. Brian Cox of the University of Manchester. ...more info
  • the movie is now oe of my favoties, definitely reccomend
    I was totally blown away by the movie, the whole cast was great, i especially liked Cillian Murphy's role. The whole plot to start out with is good, and it just evolves greatly into a more scifi/horror around the middle. I recommends this to anyone, the story was great, it was paced excellently and the acting was superb....more info
  • Decent, but a weak ending
    The first two thirds of the movie introduce us to the characters and concept behind the movie - a mission to restart a dying Sun, and the mishaps that occur on the way. This the movie does rather well, showing both comradery and conflict between the crew members who had spent a long period of time in a very limited space. The Sun itself, dying and yet powerful due to their proximity, and the characters' interactions with it are both interesting. This atmosphere is lost in the last third, when instead of using the desperation of the situation itself, a laundry list of well-worn devices are used to create an artificial-seeming and confusing climax. ...more info
  • Very good movie with little flaws
    Sunshine on blu-ray blew my mind visually and as well with its fantastic audio. I don't understand why some people say it was slow in the beginning -- this is not an action movie people, it is necessary to explain why and what is going on. I am pretty critical and judging movies so this is why I gave it a 4 (would have been 4.5 if amazon let me). Something I found interesting from this movie was that all of the actors were in big movies but not necessarily the top roles (excluding Cillian Murphy). One from live free or die hard, troy, last samurai, fantastic four series, and so on... All the actors did a great job and the cinematography was absolutely wonderful. If you like movies you will like this one. But just remember its not about 7 action heroes diving into the sun....more info
  • Brightly Thrilling!
    I have to say Danny Boyle hasn't disappointed me yet. Sunshine from the science-fiction point of view tends to focus more on the science than the fiction and I happen to like that.

    My favorite character of the bunch would have to be Chris Evans and his part in the movie seemed the most focused and heroic, but I also liked Corazon, and Cappa.

    The twists keep you guessing, and it never kept me from being entertained.

    The special effects are superb and don't disappoint in the least, and the scenery alone is breathtaking.

    My favorite character of the entire movie would have to be the score. It a mix of stunning surreal and hard hitting music that makes you believe you are actually there with the crew.

    All in all, worth the time and money to find it. You won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Expected more from Danny Boyle
    Here's the problem with Sunshine: it just wasn't that good. It wasn't bad but, when you're used to Boyle creating things like 28 days later, Slumdog and Trainspotting, serving up a warmed-over Solaris-meets-2001 falls below the standards you expect from him.

    There were plot holes large enough to pilot the Icarus through such as:
    * Who was the baddie? The Icarus I captain gone nuts that no one noticed entering the Icarus II?
    * Why were they able to breathe in the payload area? What a waste of oxygen.

    The tried and tested formula of captain-dies-first was used yet again. The table scene was ripped directly from Alien and so on.

    I wanted to like this movie but the characters were so underdone, I had a hard time caring about any of them.

    One to rent only methinks.
    ...more info
  • She Was Hit by Space Junk
    Never thought I'd get the chance to use the lyrics from a Devo song in a review. Never say, "never."

    I'm no fan of Danny Boyle (act accordingly). Apparently, I don't think like the masses (which is a good thing). I thought TRAINSPOTTING was really quite boring. It's not a bad film, it just doesn't do anything for me. I absolutely loathed 28 DAYS LATER. I was waiting for the horror, which never came. And when the protagonists arrived at the soldier's compound and things started going bad, I mumbled, "this is a rip-off of Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD. But, without any humor or horror," and I walked out of the theater. To be fair, I watched the entire film years later on Satellite. I wished I was still in the theater so I could have walked out again. I don't understand the fanbase and accolades that this director receives. Or why he has such a large head. I still don't get the appeal of his movies. I had no idea he directed this until after it was over and I started researching it. Because I had to know who to direct my anger at. If I had known it was a Boyle flick, I would have turned it off and saved myself a lot of misery. This flick is so awful, it did not surprise me one bit that Danny Boyle was at the helm. It's time the Studios threw him overboard. Before he sinks another ship. Or, send him hurtling into the Sun before he sets off another stink bomb. There's a reason this flick bombed in the theaters. It's terrible!

    I was right about Boyle being a rip-off artist. Everything you've been reading in the negative reviews is TRUE. This movie has stolen set pieces and sequences from 2001, EVENT HORIZON, and ALIEN. And how anyone can compare this to the original or the brilliant remake of SOLARIS is beyond me.

    I have no idea why reviewers are making apologies for the actors in this. The performances are terrible.

    The science is this film is a mixed bag. The basic premise of this film is hardly believable. The Sun is "too diffuse" to hold a theoretical Q Ball. And, if a Q Ball did attach itself to the Sun, it would not cause the Sun to fizzle out, it would only make it hotter. We would burn up long before the Sun started to cool down. A nuke would not reignite the Sun. It would take billions of them. Nor would it have any effect on a Q Ball. However, some reviewers are wrong about a human being not surviving exposure in a vacuum. It is possible as long as the human body does not hold its breath, and is not exposed to vacuum for more than about two minutes. However, you would not instantly freeze like one of the characters did in this film. And your eyeballs would boil, not freeze. Those of you that are saying the film is "fiction" and are comparing this to STAR WARS, your argument is moot. STAR WARS is pure Fantasy. Or, Space Opera. This film presents itself as a realistic Sci-fi Drama and switches gears midstream into the Horror genre. You can't compare apples and oranges.

    If you don't take my advice and you end up watching this lowbrow space junk, make sure you look directly into the Sun and burn out your retinas. You're gonna wish you were blind when you view the final 30 minutes of this schlocky Sci-fi Horror tripe.

    This film receives NO STARS. However, I do give it FIVE NEUTRON STARS for collapsing on itself.

    As John Denver said, "SUNSHINE in my eyes can make me cry."

    Danny Boyle is The Ultimate Rip-off Artist! And, he has a giant basketball head with its very own gravitational pull. I guess this why I keep getting sucked into his films.

    AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE. ...more info
  • Disappointing, just a collage of ideas from Space Odyssey to Event Horizon, with little originality added
    I really did was expecting more from the film's Director, accordingly to the creativity and originality he showed off in Trainspotting and 28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition). Unfortunately, there is nothing special about this film, not surprisingly it didn't do well in the box office. The storyline is weak and the main plot is completely lacking originality, something goes wrong with the spaceship/hardware and the mission objectives get jeopardized and crew members begin to die.

    Sunshine follows a very similar plot as any of the best modern sci-fi outer space movies, like a tidy collage. The realism, scientific accuracy, minute detail and slow pace of first half seem inspired in 2001 - A Space Odyssey and its 2010: The Year We Make Contact sequence, the 2002 version of Solaris, through Mission To Mars and Red Planet. The suspense and thrill presented in the second half of the film seem inspired in the sci-fi horror movies Alien (The Director's Cut) and Event Horizon, with short segments even feeling like d¨¦j¨¤ vu. The relaxing Earth room looks borrowed from the Star Trek Next Generation series. Also good old ingredients are present, a bit of philosophy, a bit of religion and spirituality, and the typical moral and ethical questions raised in all the outer space movies listed above.

    One specific feature of Sunshine is the emphasis on the psychology of the characters, with a space crew made of very contrasting personalities, from the super rational alpha male engineer to the very emotional pilot female. For a space crew with a critical mission to safe all life on Earth, and in the context of a hard sci-fi movie, this lack of homogeneity looks weird, as it only appears to serve as a dramatic device at critical turning points of the plot. Despite this strong psychological characterization, nearing male-chauvinism, there are several inconsistencies, and the on near the end is particularly annoying, when one of the most rational crew members, the genius physicist, does not follow the most logical course of action, and by not warning the others right away, he unnecessarily puts in risk the mission and the life of his fellow crew members. Again, only for dramatic purposes such a behavior would make any sense.

    Now, on the positive side, the film's technical quality is good; the space scenery is very realistic, the film takes full advantage of the capabilities of computer generated imagery (CGI). Flawless in the hard part of the science fiction, every detail regarding physics was well taken care of, even reproducing the auroras in the shadow part of the spaceship during repairs.

    From the point of view of hard science fiction, the only really original segment of the movie is at the ending, regarding how relativity effects would have any consequence on the final task, as the stellar nuclear bomb-spaceship is accelerated by the Sun mass, taking it closer and closer to the speed of light. I found the choice very clever. However, never mind that no material on Earth would be able to support the ultra high plasma temperatures encountered when dipping into the Sun, nor the fact of any crew member surviving the crushing caused by the enormous acceleration, well, is science fiction after all.

    A film recommended mainly for space buffs and sci-fi fans, particularly the ones who like the hard sci-fi genre....more info
  • you will love it or hate it
    ok i personal loved this film. it has become one of my all time favorites but besides the point here are my thoughts
    this film is for people that pay close attention. i mean if u want a movie u can get into this is it.
    1. great story
    2. visual effects are awesome
    3.cast in one of the best in awhile
    4.good for watching over and over
    1.not a date movie
    2.i didnt really like the camera jumpin around towards the end but it did add to the suspence

    overall i thought the film was well done and i wish i could have seen it in theaters a lot of my friends love it and some hate it. like my title you will love it or hate it....more info
  • Strange but good
    For the life of me I can't say why I keep watching this movie over and over but I do.

    The first time I watched it I didn't pay much attention and it caught my interest at the end so I had to re-watch it. Then I started picking apart the physics and although there are the normal Hollywood stupidities - the overall physics are not too shabby (compared to most sci-fi's). Then I just enjoyed the movie having picked it apart...

    This is a movie worthy of time and attention. Its attractive in a dark, strange sort of way (ironic that its about bright sunshine and I find it a little dark... :-) ) Overall, this is a movie worth owning - not perfect but watchable more then once....more info
    I loved this movie. There are a few people who thought this was a lousy flick. I was amazed at the whole rather drab and dark feeling that was incased. Kinda Dark City/Apocalypse Now in Space.
    There were times in the movie that were visually unclear, and it pissed me off. But as a whole, this was a fantastic movie with a great plot. You put yourself on that ship and feel all the character's emotions.

    For those of you that don't like it, go watch Lost in Space....more info
  • One of the worst films ever made
    I read these other reviews and wonder if they saw the same poorly acted, poorly shot, incoherent film that I own. Awful quality in every way, especially the grainy, blurry visuals. I wonder how a movie like this ever gets made when independent film makers with something to say are so routinely rejected by the major studios.
    Best to borrow this one first before sinking your hard earned cash into it, I would counsel. I found it unwatchable....more info
  • Very well done film, distinctly different (and better) than most recent science fiction movies
    _Sunshine_ was a very well made science fiction film, one that had some excellent special effects. The basic premise is that in the future, the mid 21st century, our Sun is dying and unless something is done, humanity and perhaps all life on Earth will perish. A daring, bold plan is launched, a scheme to reignite the Sun with a huge bomb basically, flown to its target by a crewed spaceship protected by a massive shield. The ship is called the _Icarus_.

    Unfortunately, something happened to the _Icarus_ as it not only failed in its mission but it was never heard from again. The Earth has one more chance, mining all the fissile materials left in the world and sending them with _Icarus II_ . If this mission fails, the Earth is likely doomed. The movie focuses on the ship and crew of _Icarus II_.

    _Sunshine_ reminded me of several other films or perhaps styles of film making. I have seen other reviewers call the film pensive sometimes, and with this I agree. There were many scenes of the various crew members (including Cillian Murphy from _Batman Begins_ and _28 Days Later_ and Michelle Yeoh of martial arts fame) quietly mediating, contemplating reality, their life, composing somewhat sad and very thoughtful video messages for people back home, wistfully experiencing brief scenes of life back on Earth in a holodeck of sorts, or looking and getting lost in heavily filtered images of the increasingly large Sun, a huge disc that appears many, many times the size of our star as seen in the skies of Earth. With the long, empty corridors, the quiet hum of the ship's machinery, the dark, gray, or white colors of most of the ship, the half-spoken conversations people have at times, perhaps indicating crew members long familiar with one another and all that they might say, or perhaps indicating depression, an unspoken thought that we are all doomed, the movie had a kind of _2001_ or _Solaris_ feel to it. This isn't a space movie where people are cheering or gambling or carousing, it is a film in which the crew members of the ship, though they have their angers and their fears (one character says every dream she ever has, as soon as she closes her eyes, is of the surface of the Sun), for the most part are grimly going about their task, all along the way basically saying goodbye to life and remembering what was.

    With the very well done but dark and foreboding shots of _Icarus II_ in space and the film's quiet but moody music, _Sunshine_ had a building horror vibe to it, a sense of coming doom, not the doom of a suicide mission, but the doom of the inescapable feeling that something is going to go very wrong, a strong sense of the classic "I got a bad feeling about this." The filmmakers did a skillful job of showing how scary space can be...the endless dark, far from home, having to rely on equipment that could break down at any time and kill you in seconds, of being stuck with crew members that may go crazy in the long, long darkness...very well done.

    I don't wish to spoil the film, but later on other aspects reminded me a lot of _Event Horizon_. I know there are a number of people who didn't like that film (I think I am one of the relatively few exceptions) but to me part of the movie was a lot like that, a ghost story in space (though done even better than in _Event Horizon_). Going back to my earlier point, the filmmakers did a good job of populating deep space with scary (though realistic) things.

    An enjoyable movie, the movie also had some good action sequences and a satisfying ending. I don't think this movie got near the publicity it deserved when it was on the big screen and it is truly one of the better efforts in science fiction film making in recent years, a vivid and stark contrast to some of the incredibly fast-paced, explosion-loving, frenetic, visually overloaded films coming out of Hollywood in the last five or six years.
    ...more info
  • Visually Stunning
    One of the most visually stunning movies I've seen in a long time -- it's kind of the antithesis to Inland Empire (Lynch) which is all about dark. This is all about Light - Sunlight to be exact .. it's use and philosphizing about the effect of so much sun is quite amazing.

    Yes -- a real mission would be a bit more military then scientific - and of course you don't deviate from the plan -- but, once you get past the bad leadership of the captain - you are along for such a beautifully concepted and shot movie you will be amazed.

    We rented it yesterday and I am buying it today - and I'm not a collector (outside of nature docs & Surf films :-)...more info
  • Just Okay
    I bought this and Full Circle at the same time, I guess I was in a martial arts mood. I just couldnt get into this movie, it was so unrealistic and cheesy even for a movie! I loved Full Circle alot thank God, so it made up for it....more info
  • The audio is amazing!
    Sunshine from Oscar winning director Danny Boyle is just riveting! Easily my favorite of his films. What's there not to like about this pic? The acting is solid, the cinematography and set desings are out of this world, and the score and sound of this blu ray are showcase material. Easily a must own for fans of the film.
    This is a film that requires multiple viewings. I can bet that you will like it more with every watch. The story is of a group of astronauts that are trying to blow up the sun to save the planet. They are not the first ones to attempt such a feat however. Emotional and hypnotic, this is truly a film to check into!...more info
  • "For seven years I spoke to God"
    It is the year 2057. The sun is about to peter-out in about 50years. A mission was sent seven years ago to reignite the sun; the ship disappeared. Now a new mission and last chance.

    We are now introduced to the standard crew mix over the obligatory eating scene. The mission is reviled. We learn of each person's personality and quirks. And it takes a long slow time. (For people with Blu-ray you can fast-forward with sound on, it does not sound Mickey Mouse.) Soon we find the fate of the previous ship. We also suffer from an accident caused by miscalculation. Will these mishaps jeopardize the mission and the human fate?

    The film is a tad slow probably by design and there are lots of flashy visuals. Many look like they ware borrowed from "Solaris" (2002.) The external accouterments aside, the film is a well formulated standard Sci-Fi with all the elements needed. We have each character meting his/her cuisses and how they deal or do not deal with it. There are moral and technical difficulties to deal with. The story has the "stay in the car" or "Don't open that!" feel. And of course the standard twists and turns with the surprise (supposed to be surprise) ending.

    The whole film could have been and pretty much has been done in an hour or half hour episode of Star Trek. Not all Star Trek's had space monsters.

    The Blu-ray version has a couple of commentaries that make the movie a tad more attractive and the obligatory extras.

    Dark Star ~ Director: John Carpenter ...more info
  • A rich, but flawed sci-fi tale...
    I just recently watched "Sunshine" on DVD and didn't know what to immediately expect. I like Danny Boyle's previous work so I knew that carried a little weight when deciding whether to pick it up.

    I won't go so far and say I'm a sci-fi "geek". I do like sci-fi up to a certain point. I love "Alien" and "Aliens". I love "Event Horizon". Hell, I can even put up with "2001: A Space Odyssey" if I have enough LSD running through my veins. So explaining that and knowing that I don't have a degree in science fiction physics (as apparently some of the fanboys here do), I can honestly say my disbelief was suspended and I enjoyed the reasons the crew of the Icarus II had for journeying to the sun.

    "Sunshine" does not build up with pre-launch shots of them back on Earth. Instead, a soothing voice tells us that the earth is freezing and what the crew's mission is. Good enough for government work I say! While the characters do lack a bit of flesh (figuratively), it still does not detract from the fact that I latched on to a couple and was disappointed when they were killed.

    I did enjoy "Sunshine" and I would recommend seeing it despite the flaws. It's pretty to look at, creates a great since of claustrophobia laced with a sense of awe at the raw power of the sun, and builds upon deep seated fears humans have about life and death.

    EDIT: I've edited this review to remove specific spoilers....more info
  • Shame about the Ending
    Great premise. Great cast. Nice atmosphere, suspense and effects. Extremely cool sun. Pity they threw it all away at the end. Just when it ought to get really interesting, they shrug and turn it into a cheap, predictable horror flick. What a waste of talent! ...more info
  • Spoilers Below
    Sunshine seems to have been created as part of a contest to see how many genres a director could fit in one movie. It's got its summer blockbuster special effects, its sci-fi atmospheric thriller moments, and even some slasher horror bits thrown in.

    If only Sunshine's director Danny Boyle could pick one and stick with it, the movie could have been really good. As it is, though, Sunshine is a jumble. A really good-looking jumble.

    The movie starts with such promise. It has a cool back story and enough science to satisfy and facilitate the suspension of disbelief. (The premise, and this is not a spoiler, is that Earth is slipping into an Ice Age due to a weakening and eventual extinguishing of the Sun. Eight astronauts are sent on a rescue mission to create a supernova of sorts -- to set off an explosion in the Sun and create a new star).

    The beginning visuals are quite stunning, especially on a nice TV. There are frequent shots of the Sun, Mercury, and the outside of the spacecraft. And while the ship is cool to explore, the viewer begins to get a sense of dread. This is when the movie launches into its atmospheric thriller mode.

    Something about space lends itself to the atmosphere of dread. Of course Alien is the standard most atmospheres are compared to, but this movie also reminded me of Descent. It must be the closed-off nature of space (and caves). Again, Sunshine succeeds. I was getting edgy watching by myself. The first time you see a subliminal image, yes, it really is there. I rewound frame-by-frame to see what the picture was, the whole time feeling like I was in a thriller myself, about to be shocked by the horror this freeze frame would contain.

    This sense of dread is multiplied a hundred times when the crew is forced to investigate an abandoned spacecraft (the original mission that mysteriously failed seven years prior). I was fully prepared to be creeped out -- not startled by GOTCHA! horror. And that's where the movie begins to fall apart. All of a sudden, it turns into almost a slasher movie, complete with chases through dark hallways and stabbings.

    From this point on, the movie spirals a bit out of control, although not terribly so. Chase scenes are interspliced with stop-action blurry shots of who-knows-what. The movie eventually paints itself into an ending you knew was coming, and one that leaves no room for a twist. It is a shame the movie becomes so muddled, because it had a chance to be an absolutely great sci-fi flick. (Something that The Core, for example, gave up two minutes into the film).

    Sunshine is worth a see. Just don't expect too much.

    Sunshine Rating: 75 / 100
    Soundtrack: 8 / 10 (surprisingly good, but one of the stranger choices for the end credits)
    Acting: 7 / 10 (never felt very attached or invested in any characters, though they are forced to make some tough choices)
    Sci-Fi Backstory: 7 / 10 (whole lot better than The Day After Tomorrow)...more info