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H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $1.44

You Save: $38.55 (96%)


Product Description

With TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State, you've got the tools you need to breeze through both your federal and your state taxes, as well as the DeductionPro program. The simple interview quickly walks you through the return process to automate your return.and you can quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, Turbo Tax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro, as applicable. This program automatically double-checks your return for errors. helps you maximize your deductions and offers multimedia video advice from seasoned H&R tax professionals. Maximize Itemized Deductions Schedule C Support - Extra deduction help for the self-employed Business Expense Assistant helps you make sure you're claiming all deductible business expenses Investor Guidance Quick access to IRS Publications for further explanation of specific tax situations Multimedia Video Advice - Our tax professionals explain how changing tax laws affect you

TaxCut Premium Federal+State includes everything your customers need to complete their federal and state taxes, plus guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C. A step-by-step interview guides users through a customized process, and includes advice on how to find every deduction your customers deserve and get the maximum refund—guaranteed, as well as H&R Block DeductionPro to maximize tax savings from donations. TaxCut Premium Federal+State also includes advanced tools for investors and business owners such as guidance for rental property and expenses, assistance on investment income and stock options, and how to maximize business deductions for sole proprietorships.

Includes everything you need to complete your federal and state taxes.

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Guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C.

E-file your return, and get your refund in as little to 8-15 days.

The Basics:

Step-by-Step Interview
Our simple interview quickly walks you through the return process to automate your return.

Seamless Imports
Quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, Turbo Tax, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro, as applicable.

Error Check
Our program automatically double-checks your return for errors.

Get Your Refund Fast
E-file your return, and get your refund in as little to 8-15 days.(additional fees apply)

Extra Help to Maximize Deductions:

Customized Tax Advice
Receive tax guidance on changing tax situations, like getting married, having a baby, buying a home and more.

Charitable Donation Help
H&R Block DeductionPro is included for FREE to help you get the most out of your charitable donations.

Maximize Itemized Deductions
Get the tax savings you're entitled to, including deductions related to home ownership, education and more.

Schedule C Support
Extra deduction help for the self-employed, including home office, rental property and depreciation assistance.

Business Expense Assistant
The program provides extra guidance to make sure you're claiming all deductible business expense, including advertising costs, meals and travel expenses, and office supplies.

Investor Guidance
Additional help figuring cost basis for investment income.

IRS Publications
Quick access to IRS Publications for further explanation of specific tax situations.

Multimedia Video Advice
Our tax professionals explain how changing tax laws affect you.


Worry-free Audit Support
You can rest easy knowing H&R Block is there to help in the rare event of an audit. Included when you e-file your federal return with us.

Accurate Calculations Guaranteed
If TaxCut makes a calculation mistake, we'll pay resulting IRS penalties plus interest. See the license agreement for details.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
If you are dissatisfied with the software for any reason, H&R Block will refund the full license fee you paid H&R Block or its authorized reseller for the software, exclusive of shipping and handling charges, taxes, and less any rebate you receive on the software.

  • Includes everything you need to complete your federal and state taxes
  • Guidance for every personal tax situation from 1040EZ to Schedule C
  • Step-by-step interview guides you through a customized process
  • Includes advice on how to find every deduction you deserve and get the maximum refund
  • Includes advanced tools for investors and business owners

Customer Reviews:

  • H&R Block TaxCut 2007
    This is a great product. It is user friendly and has a lot of information for you if you want it....more info
  • H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State Tax Program
    I've used the H&R TaxCut programs for a number of years to prepare my federal and state tax returns. The latest 2007 program worked with no problems. A big, good feature of the program is that it will load basic return data from the last year's return if it had been prepared using the H&R TaxCut program. I highly recommend the program....more info
  • Troublesome Software & Uncaring Support
    Taxcut was a problem to install from the CD--I had to uninstall and reinstall before it worked at all. It places icons on each user's ID in Windows XP but to run Taxcut the user must be an administrator. No, it will not let the user "Run As" an administrator. I called them about this and they had no solution. I used Taxcut last year and had no such problem. I will not be using Taxcut next year. Taxes are trouble enough without having to deal with troublesome software. ...more info
  • Makes doing taxes fun !
    I've been using TaxCut for about for the past 8 years and it's great. Wouldn't do my taxes with anything else....more info
  • Not as Good As Turbo Tax
    I have used turbo tax for years and bought tax cut because it was on the shelf in early Jan 08 and turbo tax was not.... What a mistake. My problem: I received a 1099S for the sale of invetment property and could not enter the 1099S other than as a home sale. I used the on-line support, which connected fast, however they just kept telling to do searches in the program's help or search window. Of course I had already exhausted these options before contacting on-line help.

    Finally, I was told the program is not able to process any 1099S's. I still wonder if this includes the 1099S home sale in the program.

    Additionally, tax cut cut does not identify areas you have already entered dat as turbo tax does. When you loook at the section of income topics tc lists them and tt shows the amount entered, or at least did last year. I will find out tomorrow when I buy tt so I can actually get my taxes completed.
    DO NOT get tax cut. I am sorry I did. Turbo Tax has always been easy and friendly and covered all my tax needs.

    BTW I was also an IRS Volunteer for several years (trained by IRS for 40 hours each year) before I retired from the USAF and have an idea how to do complicated taxes and tax cut does not work.
    ...more info
  • Beware of multiple state returns
    If you must file multiple state returns beware of this product. Although the product allows you to download the appropriate software for one state, additional states are extra. No surprise. HOWEVER, TaxCut does not prominently let you know which of their state software versions allow for nonresident or partial resident state claims (there are at least 12 Vermont being one). If you do pay the fee to download the software for one of these states, there is no way to get a refund for the disfunctional software. I do not recommend this software if you need to file in several state. ...more info
  • HR Block Tax Cut
    I've used this software for years with great success. It's easy to install and certainly easy to use. Follow through the wizard responding to questions about your tax situation. You have options to e-file. My only complaint is that this year you are charged extra for e-filing, approximately $17. This used to be part of the package....more info
  • Won't install on Vista without jumping through hoops
    When I tried to install this program on my Vista machine, I got an error: "File path is too long." TaxCut is trying to create a My Documents folder and Vista won't let it. In Vista, the folder is named: Documents. Went to the HR Block web site and their solution is to create a brand new user to install TaxCut. Once installed, you need Admin privileges to run TaxCut. I took my copy back, and exchanged it for TurboTax. It installed and ran without problems. I've been a TaxCut user for about 8 years, but I guess I'm making the switch to TurboTax....more info
  • H&R Block TaxCut 2007 Premium Federal + State (Win/Mac)
    I would purchase H&R Block Taxcut Federal again. I would not purchase it with the state option. I live in OR. The state program would not transfer the state withholdings over correctly....more info
  • Blank CD leads me to better software
    I used TaxCut last year, and was moderately happy with its ease of use and performance. It had trouble with a K-1, though, forcing me to manually adjust my return. All in all, it was okay, though.

    This year, I bought it again (at a price $10 higher than last year), only to find that the CD in the package was blank. After calling the customer service number, I was told to mail the CD back to them for a refund or replacement. "Can't you send me a replacement now, so I don't have to wait three weeks or so to start my taxes again?" "No."

    Oh, and by the way, H&R Block will not refund any taxes you paid either (or postage, of course), so basically I'm out three bucks because of their poor quality control.

    The silver lining is that all of this led me to try TaxAct, which is cheaper (free for the federal filing, $14 for state), and actually BETTER! It handled my K-1 flawlessly, and I like TaxAct's user interface better!

    Keep the three bucks H&R, I won't be back....more info
  • Tired of paying high prices to your accountant for relatively simple returns?
    I have an accountant who does my primary tax returns.

    I have a children though who have minimal returns, but my accountant charges me $200 each for their returns. Heck with that!

    I bought this software, installed it, and knocked out both returns for the kids in less than two hours. I was on a roll so I started plugging in my own return details and actually did it all myself.

    So I skipped the accountant altogether this year, and saved $1400 in fees. This was a simpler tax year for me with no complex company stock options involved, but it had its twists and this software handled it well.

    Great savings and not as painful as I thought it would be. ...more info
  • H&R Block TaxCut Federal + State
    I would not recommend the H&R Block TaxCut Federal + State software, especially if you are a volunteer firefighter in New York State. The NY State program does not have many of the credit forms including the IT-245 tax credit form for New York State volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers. This omission almost cost me $200. Sure the software cost $10 less than TurboTax, but it if it leaves out important credits, you are better off going with TurboTax. According to the TurboTax web site, this form (IT-245), among the others omitted by TaxCut are included. Additionally, the chat sessions (4 time) were of little help, as well as 3 phone conversations that were dead ends. Since I already bought the software, I simply wanted to get the needed forms from the internet and fill them out in longhand. Then I would edit the IT-201 adding the $200 to line 71 and have TaxCut recalculate the refund. But TaxCut technical support said there is no way to edit, other than crossout and add the items by pen (so much for the software).

    There are 96,000 volunteer firefighters (and I don't know how many volunteer ambulance workers) in New York. That means we are dealing with $20 Million, and if a quarter of the NY volunteer firefighters use this software without question, they stand to loose $5 Million. Not sure if the software that H&R Block uses at there shops in NY has this problem, but it is sure worth a look. Do yourself a favor and buy TurboTax....more info
  • Cheap, and for a reason
    Plus, It is cheaper than Turbo Tax.

    Minus, It isn't worth as much as Turbo Tax. Maybe if you have a very simple return it is worth the money; but for my return (I sold some stock, and have one employer) it couldn't handle it. After I filled every thing out, and e-filed, I got an email the next day saying e-file wouldn't accept my tax return for an unknown reason, I had to manually check every single entry (I could have done that without a computer program). After not finding any problems, I tried to efile again, and was told to print out and send by mail (I could have done that without a computer program too). All-in-All, it wasted a day of my time, and was only useful for adding some of the numbers, (other numbers I had to add myself, since it didn't support one of the forms I needed, I had to down load the 500 page form from the IRS and do the calculations by hand)....more info
  • Easy to use!!!
    Received timely. Almost everybody should be using software to do their taxes. Its so easy. And the IRS website has the rules on their website if you need to dig deeper for confirmation....more info
  • Easy to use IF your taxes are simple
    I've used both Tax Cut and Turbo Tax in differing years, and really I see very little difference between the two.
    I was very satisfied with Tax Cut this year. It's too bad they don't include a coupon for a free e-file like in years past. An e-file is an extra $19.95. ...more info
  • Watch out for adware/malware and whatever else
    I was angry to find out, after an update/file, that taxCut installed a piece of software called pdf995 on my machine without my permission. If you've installed TaxCut, do yourself a favor and do not launch pdf995. It's adware at a minimum and it could be malware. TaxCut, since they installed it, has to be considered adware/malware by association. As a user of TaxCut, I have to ask: What else did you install on my system w/o my consent? What files are you transmitting that I don't know about?...more info
  • If you have to do your taxes, this makes it easy
    I have used Tax Cut for over 10 years. It is easy because it just askes you question, you answer them, and it drops the answer where it belongs. If you keep last years on the computer, it will pull all of you information and drop it into this years. It is nice to have the State included....more info
  • Tax Cut - good product
    I have used TurboTax for many years but one year the security for the package cause a number of problems. Consequently, I switched to Tax Cut and have used it since then. Since I have a relatively simple tax return and don't enjoy doing tax returns, I have not tried Turbo Tax since then and I do not know if Turbo Tax has dropped its draconian security.

    In any case Tax Cut does the job for the tax year but the updates are a long chore for low speed connections. Tax Cut (and other software vendors) should adopt a method of only requiring the downloading modules what have changed since the last update.

    Also for the 2008 estimated taxes for my state (Georgia), Tax Cut did not update the new, higher level of unearned income deduction for persons over age 62. While this error does not result in underpayment of taxes for 2008 (which might cause a penalty), why should anyone unnecessarily over pay during the tax year even though they will receive a refund next year? I would rather put this money to work for me.

    ...more info
  • The easy way to file
    I've used TaxCut for almost 10 years and continue to be pleased with the product. It is easy to use and provides help when you have questions. The added audit support provides a sense of security when filing. The one thing I haven't been pleased with is the ever increasing price to file online. Originally it was a mere $10 to file both federal and state online with the product. Now, despite the ability to file for free online with the federal and state websites, the product charges $20 each to click a few buttons....more info
  • FL residents STOP!
    Can't imagine doing taxes without it. Have been using TaxCut for years and ordered the same version on autopilot. Doh. Moved to FL last year. Not much use for the state vesrions in FL! Oh Well....more info
  • Ease of Use
    This product was very easy to use. I have multiple situations, emloyee, several side hobbies/businesses, etc. and the program was still easy to use with no glitches. I would buy it again. I also purchased a new computer with Windows Vista and loaded the program and still not problems....more info
  • Too expensive, but procrastinators may get a deal
    Last year I got this program for $26. This year they want $39. That's too much of an increase, but I think the street price declines as the tax season progresses. Last year I got a filing extension and didn't buy the software until April 11. If you're not expecting a big refund, you might want to join me in procrastinating.

    The program itself has always been good, if somewhat confusing. One thing that always surprises me is that they don't do much from year to year to make it less confusing. If anything, each new version ushers in new irritations.

    I tried TurboTax once several years ago but switched back to TaxCut because I couldn't get TurboTax to stop making changes to my Quicken data where it deemed necessary. I wanted to import basic information from Quicken, but I did not want my tax software to make any changes to my Quicken file. There might have been a way around that, but at the time I couldn't find it.

    Somebody, please, give us a good third option at a reasonable price!...more info