Free Fall
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Sooner Or Later, The Sisterhood Always Gets Their Man... The loyal friends who make up the Sisterhood have gathered at Myra Rutledge's beautiful Virginia home for the first time in a year, eager to talk, laugh, and share their joys and heartaches. For one of their number, it's an evening filled with anticipation. Because tonight, over delicious food and in the company of those she trusts most, it will finally be time to tell her story and for the Sisterhood to help plan her revenge.

Yoko Akia's mother was only fifteen when a wealthy man swept her off her feet with promises of love. Instead, he filled her brief life with horror and misery. The Sisterhood has helped each other exact vengeance on rotten men before, but this time it's different. Their target is none other than America's favorite movie star - a brute who has conned the world into believing he's Mister Perfect. But he's about to learn that nobody - not even a powerful superstar - is above the Sisterhood's special brand of payback...

Customer Reviews:

  • Silly
    I'm being kind with three stars but I liked the characters of Martin and Jack. This was a good series when it started, but it has gone downhill. You know its bad when the secondary characters -- the two reporters are better than the main characters.

    Enough already with the love scenes between the older couple, Annie (who was silly) and Yoko crying every other page. The ending could have been better, it was rushed. The book was boring and took forever to finish. No more of this series for me, thank you....more info
    NT...more info
  • Another great revenge
    Unfortunately I did not read this series in order, but in any case, I have found every revenge more than intriguing. Fern Michaels knows how to keep you coming back over and over again.
    Yoko's revenge puts the Sisterhood in danger of being caught. The girls and Charles pull out all the stops this time. Thank goodness Charles is always prepared for what could/will happen.
    I highly recommend this series to everyone who enjoys books that cover romance, mystery, suspense, and where women can do anything they set their minds to. And believe me they can do it all!...more info
  • Excellent book!
    This book is one of the best of the 'sisterhood' series. Lots of twists and turns and very suspenseful at the end. An excellent book!...more info
  • Kudos to the Sisterhood...
    As I completed this last installment of the series, I felt like I was saying good-bye to friends. Each of the women has now had their revenge. Never fear, Fern Michael's new series, "Revenge of the Sisterhood" is coming. Knowing that, I feel better about the ending of this one. I found myself laughing with the sisters, as well as shedding a few tears. Kathryn caught me off guard with the reason for her dislike of Spanish lessons for example. This is Yoko's revenge and her father is the devil himself.

    This entire series has been fun, escapist reading. If you are looking for true crime and deep mystery, don't bother. But if you want to be entertained and have fun, by all means grab a chair at Myra's table and have a meal with the Sisterhood. ...more info
  • Another Good One
    Another good one in the

    Another good one in the "Sisterhood" series, but than again I've enjoyed them all.

    ...more info
  • Free Fall
    The book was great. This author has such a great imagination that you want her next book as soon as you read her current book. Free Fall is the seventh in the Sisterhood Revenge series and lives up to reader expectations. All in all a good read....more info
  • Freefall by Fern Michaels
    Great read. The story keeps your interest from the very beginning. I can't wait for the next book release....more info
  • Quick delivery
    I received this book soon after I ordered it. I bought it used and it is in good condition....more info
  • Great as usual
    I have loved the sisterhood books and this one didn't let me down. I hope that Fern Michaels feel like it is worth makeing this and on going series. We missed the sisterhood also so thank you for these last four books....more info
  • free fall (revenge of the sisterhood
    Finish very well the story of the sisterhood.Beside finishing all the girls revenge It shown they are humans and can get into trouble.IT also give a peep at what Fern Michaels will be be when she decide to continue with the girls.Fun to read...more info
  • Free Fall - Fern Michaels
    Long awaited last of the revenge series...I loved this book and the five book series, can't wait to see what the ladies/girls are up to next. This author knows how to keep you in suspense...more info
  • Go, Sisterhood!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Sisterhood series and this last book was not a disappointment. The Sisterhood continues to mete out their own brand of justice when all else fails. They do what many wish they were able. ...more info
  • The Gold Shields fail!
    I LOVED this series, but was disappointed with this LAST installment.

    In this one, the Sisterhood was reduced to being as inept as the Keystone Kops from the earliest Black and White movies.

    How things could have gone AS badly as they did with Charles' contacts AND the Gold Shields on the job leaves me speechless!

    In LETHAL JUSTICE Charles ships those two pesky reporters, both scared spitless, to NY and warns them that they best stay out of D.C; that their activities WOULD be monitored and their containment ENFORCED...yet in FREE FALL they are back without controls, to create the kind of antics that made the Keystone Kops the buffoons of the Movie's infancy.

    Charles, who is personal friends with the Queen of England, and can activate the type of protections of the U.S. SECRET...SUPER Secret Gold Shields, SHOULD have been able to keep these two nuisance-mongers under better control.

    As if that isn't bad enough, you have Myra and her new recruit, her friend Anna HIJACKING a taxicab and its driver?

    This is the same Myra who could afford the purchase of Anna's Estate in Spain, but couldn't see to it that an appropriate vehicle is waiting for them in California?

    It saddens me that the Sisters are now ESCAPED Criminals because the safeguards against Ted and Maggie fell far short of what were promised in LETHAL JUSTICE.

    I LOVED the series, and I will purchase the next in this line...hopefully Charles and Myra will be back on their game as they had been up till FREE FALL...but FREE FALL leaves me mourning for the creative justice the Sisterhood had shown consistently throughout the first six titles.

    Please Ms. Michaels, bring back the crisp justice of the Sisterhood. ...more info
  • Fre fall : Sisterhood Series #7
    I loved reading this series of books. They kept you enthralled by the action in the book....more info
  • Sisterhood 's the Thing
    Fern Michaels describes the importance of sisterhood for many women who have no one else. Her characters sing of the need for other women to share their problems, successes, and daily lives. No matter the difficulty, the women work together for a united end helped by Charles and Myra, sweethearts to each other and for the women.

    I thoroughly enjoy Fern Michaels created qusi-family in the Sisterhood series.

    ...more info