An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems
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FUNNY. OUTRAGEOUS. TRUE. Have you ever wondered why some of the biggest problems we face, from illegal immigration to global warming to poverty, never seem to get fixed? The reason is simple: the solutions just aren't very convenient. Fortunately, radio and television host Glenn Beck doesn't care much about convenience; he cares about common sense. Take the issue of poverty, for example. Over the last forty years, America's ten poorest cities all had one simple thing in common, but self-serving politicians will never tell you what that is (or explain how easy it would be to change): Glenn Beck will (see chapter 20). Global warming is another issue that's ripe with lies and distortion. How many times have you heard that carbon dioxide is responsible for huge natural disasters that have killed millions of people? The truth is, it's actually the other way around: as CO2 has increased, deaths from extreme weather have decreased. Bet you'll never see that in an Al Gore slide show. An Inconvenient Book contains hundreds of these same "why have I never heard that before?" types of facts that will leave you wondering how political correctness, special interests, and outright stupidity have gotten us so far away from the commonsense solutions this country was built on. As the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, The Glenn Beck Program, and a prime-time television show on CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck combines a refreshing level of honesty with a biting sense of humor and a lot of research to find solutions that will open your eyes while entertaining you along the way.

Customer Reviews:

  • Glenn Beck is what's wrong with the USA.
    Shallow. Uninformed. Pseudo-thinking. It would be nice if all issues were as simple-minded as the Glenn Beck solution, then his ideas might be useful....more info
  • Great Book
    This book contains detailed information about important topics facing us today, as well as some every day advice. This is a must read for all americans....more info
  • Fun and informative
    Entertaining and mostly factual. Should be required reading if the are going to make kids watch Al Gore's propaganda....more info
  • Great Humor
    This book kept me laughing- while fighting through the tears of "what the hell happened to sanity!?" This was a successful attempt to talk about serious matters with tongue in cheek humor. I was pleasantly surprised that in the last chapter it delved into more sinister things such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership & the Council on Foreign Relations. ...more info
  • An Inconvenient Book
    This is very well written book. Glenn Beck is an incredible author. Would definitely refer it to anyone who enjoys reading the truth....more info
  • Brilliant and witty.
    Glenn Beck's book often shows the flaws in the world today. While reveling the troubles in our world and nation he often criticizes the liberals and even some conservatives for their wreckless decesions. he often provides humuros ways to solve our problems, some take these too seriously. Although he jokes about many things he often provides true thought out ideas on how we can fix problems such as the border. - great read if your not a liberal without a sence of humor. ...more info
  • Solutions? Ha!
    Glenn Beck's idea of a perfect state is based off of fascism. It's subtle but it's there. So if you enjoy the idea of living in a world where the greatness of America is just a footnote in history, by all means enjoy this book....more info
  • A must read if you want to be informed and entertained!
    Watch Video Here: An Inconvenient Book is a convenient read! Full of facts, humor and down right important "stuff", this book is worth every penny. Whether you are a conservative or liberal, this book will open your eyes. If it doesn't, you're simply just not that smart....more info
  • take this seriously with a smile
    Whit, humor, cynicism, so many layers. We should all do so much searching for the truth. ...more info
  • What can I say
    but that it's chopped full of info we all need to know and people don't realize, thanks Glenn for opening the eyes of the commen man...more info
  • Glenn in 2012
    Common sense for an uncommon time, Glenn gets right down to the heart of the matter. No spin, no nonsense, just what we need more of today with a little humor on the side....more info
  • Yes, politics can be funny
    This was actually my first experience with Glenn Beck, only hearing about his radio show through friends who liked his energetic, off-the-wall style.

    While a political book, it certainly has a great common sense feel to it. One never feels he's trying to mislead or misconstrue whether one agrees or not, and when he says something way in left field he admits it. Incredibly, this is probably the most honest book regarding politics I've ever read.

    Being quite right wing, I agreed about jest about everything but the last chapter that was really really bad conspiracy theory. Glenn, if there is one North American Union in the next fifty years, feel free to go to my review and say you told me so. I won't be able to read it, given I'll be up in a shack stockpiling guns, but it might still give you some satisfaction.

    His self prescribed ADD moments spattered throughout the text are hilarious, as well as his ability to have fun with the mundane(what movies to see with the girl to get laid), to the increbibly dark(A fiery solution to the pedophilia problem). Was some in bad taste? Oh yeah, and hilarious. ...more info
  • Glenn Beck is dead on!
    I have listened to Glenn Beck for several years now and he really has an understanding for the world and how it works.
    This book for me was like a "best of" type of book. Mr. Beck puts America's issues right out there and explains them so simply. Too bad more of Washington does not listen to this man.
    He exposes the truth and give his insights on current events flawlessly.
    Read this book and make sure all your family and friends read it too....more info
  • Great book
    I was first hooked on Glenn Beck's TV show, which is much better than the O'Reilly Factor, in my opinion. In his book, Glenn also tells it like it is. Oh how I wish more people would read books like this and open their eyes to what is happening in this world....more info
  • i don't need to read this book to know it's terrible
    glenn beck is a simple man, with simple thoughts. he has preconceived notions of the world, and assumes everything must fit into them. i simply must say that i didn't read this book, don't intend to read this book, wouldn't be paid to read this book: just like glenn beck, i know enough about something i don't know anything about to say that this book is boldly terrible....more info
  • Good book for a non-listener or a listener that wants printed facts
    I am a listener of the Glenn Beck radio show and I found much of his book to repeat what he says on air (surprise, surprise). I would recommend this book to a person that has not listened to Glenn Beck, or someone that wants the hard facts about oil, the economy, and global warming. I found the facts the most interesting part of the book and I will continue to use these facts as I face my liberal friends in debates!...more info
  • If You Can Stomach This Guy...
    If you can stomach this guy, maybe you will like the book. I can't, and didn't. I received the book as a gift and began reading with an open mind as I don't normally get to see him on television. It became apparent very quickly that he is more concerned about himself than any of the issues that he discusses. In fairness, I did not reach the end of the book so I'm basing this on the front half. Why did I not reach the end of the book, you ask? (see line one) If Glenn, himself, were to answer this review, I think he'd spend more time attacking those who do not support his views than discussing the views themselves. I can't say that I disagreed with every written word in the book, but I can say that the arrogance of the author did show through with every word....more info
  • I don't get it
    I was completely confused by this book. Why would you write a book if you're not going to contribute anything new to any of the issues it addresses? Beck discusses the growing problem of class stratification by saying that it doesn't matter whether one person makes more money than another. Um, obviously it doesn't matter to YOU, because you're the one making more money! What about the social issues created by widened income brackets, such as racism and sexism? What about the fact that unequal distribution of power leads to a class of enslaved people (i.e., the middle- and lower-classes)?

    Not to mention that Beck's attitudes towards women are highly offensive. He openly challenges feminist organizations for not addressing the issue of Muslim women's oppression - uh, what planet is he living on? Groups like NOW have been dealing with these problems for years, but of course he wouldn't know that, because he does absolutely no research into the topics he discusses. And even though Beck espouses respect toward women, he refers to females in a derogatory manner on at least every page, with phrases like "hot chick," "naked ladies," and so on.

    I just don't understand why anyone would write a book defending the views of the dominating class. Beck's attacks on minority groups simply serve to show that he feels threatened by their potential to gain more rights and privileges in our country. The fact that this man has become so popular is extremely disheartening....more info
  • Humor and Opinion
    Conservative radio/TV show host Glenn Beck gives an informative and humorous view of some of today's important issues. Very entertaining....more info
  • An enlightening, entertaining informative volume that is as much about life as it is about politics
    An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems by Glenn Beck discusses such diverse subjects as global warming, Islam, blind dating, marriage and porn, media bias, political correctness, tipping, child molesters, minimum wage, aging, oil dependence, liberal universities, illegal immigration, and opinion polls to name a few.

    Glenn Beck, one of CNN's few conservative voices, has earned credibility by reaching some four million listeners with America's third most popular radio talk show. A former radio DJ, Beck is a recovered alcoholic and a Mormon convert.

    Some might pre-judge Beck as the author of a political book but this book is an enlightening, entertaining informative volume that is as much about life as it is about politics. Beck certainly avoids the label of being politically correct by downplaying global warming, explaining why the minimum wage actually hurts those it tries to help, and suggesting that the U.S. should close its borders to immigrants. Beck narrows in on global warming by stating that to cool the earth's temperature buy two degrees Celsius could cost about $26 trillion or three times the entire federal budget.

    In his usual fashion, Beck says that the best way to kill Islamic Fundamentalist who want to kill Americans is to wipe out political correctness, that politics has degenerated into hypocrisy and name-calling, that the liberal media is harmful to American values, that the UN hates America, that chick flicks are lame, and that he doesn't tip waitresses because employers should be forced to pay more. Beck also shares why he wants to abolish the minimum wage, why polls are worthless, that most people are too stupid or immature to be parents, that poverty isn't real, and that illegal immigrants are tolerated because of a conspiracy between big business and government. And one of the most fascinating topics Beck covers is why gas prices need to go up and stay up.

    While An Inconvenient Book is both serious and funny and sometimes frivolous, Beck's new book has come out just in time to be purchased as a wonderful holiday gift for friends and family. Whether liberal or conservative, the recipient will enjoy the author's sense of humor and crisp writing style. Beck mixes wit and wisdom with the safe dexterity and balance as a skilled chef mixes up a sweet and sour dish. The outcome of both is very tasty to the diner and to the reader.

    Darin Manis
    CEO and Founder
    RJ & Makay

    ...more info
  • Fun book with actual positive suggestions to solving difficult problems
    First - Glenn Beck is FUNNY - I laugh out loud on almost every page

    Second - Glenn Beck is insightful and brilliant - many of his solutions are very innovative and show new thinking, not just parroting existing ideas

    And his solutions are real and implementatable (not that they will be)

    A must read for anyone who in interested in actually solving some (or all) of today's problems...more info
  • Hilarious! Smarter and funnier than Stewart and Colbert!
    An Inconvenient Book, as you can tell by it's hilarious title spoofing Al Gore's global warming borefest, is Glen Beck at his best. One of the real solutions which Beck proposes is to burn Mexicans for fuel. But then he scrunches up his face and decides that wouldn't be right and gaily declares.."oh, that would by psychotic! Maybe sociopathic!!".. all the while with the hilarious facial expressions and the effeminate hand-flailing. His solution to the problem of Micheal Moore? Shoot him!! The only complication there is whether he should do it himself or hire somebody. But after loudly pondering it himself while doing the great comic contortions with his face, he determines that he could do it himself! Just look at the book cover, with Beck spewing a map of California!! California, land of hippies and windfarms and organic groceries!!! And the look on his face!! Jim Carrey, watch out. The cover is funny, because it's so true!! The level of intelligence in his groundbreaking satire puts Stewart and Colbert to shame. Simply hilarious! What about Michael Berg, (father of Nick Berg who was beheaded in Iraq)) who criticized Bush's decisions regarding the Iraq war? Beck humorously refers to him as a scumbag on national TV. 9/11 wives who want answers? Get this -- Beck hates them!! And it's so funny listening to why he hates them. I was doubled over! This is political humor of the highest caliber. How fortunate we are that the visionary executives at CNN recognized the brilliance and awe-inspiring comedic talent of Glen Beck and gave him a daily show on a nationally broadcast news network, so that it has the air of a lighthearted mainstream news program, like Entertainment Tonight. And who can resist the magical giddy rapport he has with CNN sexpot Robin Meade? It's such a delight to watch him do the flamboyant facial gestures and vocal inflections as he engages in stimulating banter with his fellow connoisseur of highbrow humor. Thank you CNN....more info
  • If you really want the straight goods;there's no better place to get it than from Glen Beck!!
    I found this book exceptional in every respect.As a frequent listener to his show,I was surprised how his book is so well written and how he is able to cover such a wide variety of subjects and in a way that what he has to say does not become dated in a very short time. To be able to do this with subjects that are often called current affairs is not easy.
    All the issues Beck deals with in this book are well known to most people but he is able to cut through the fog and present the facts that a
    rre the essence of the subject and sum it up using very logical analysis and common sense. I have to say;there is extremely little in this book and Beck's conclusions that I am not in full agreement.
    Beck reminds us that "If science has occasional problems,the Media has many,and the Government has an unlimited supply."
    While I enjoyed this book and will look fordward to more by this person who is adept at sorting the wheat from the chaff and pure nonsense;I must admit I still prefer to listen to him on his show....more info
  • "Inconvenient" = inconvenient waste of money
    I was really disappointed in this book. Seemed like a long funny rant and rather than be serious and offer real solutions. I wish I would have read the reviews on Amazon before buying this book but at least I got it 50% off....more info
  • Essential reading for conservative Republicans
    I loved the book, probably because it presents what might be called an "engineer's" view of current world problems -- rather than the picture we get from the politicians and media. Glenn's personal philosophy (and the account of some of his personal problems) gets in the way only briefly for a couple of chapters. The title is clearly an attraction for all people who hate Al Gore; but that portion of the book only comprises one (very well researched) chapter....more info
  • Common Sense Packaged in a Funny Bag
    My wife bought me a copy of Glen's Book for my birthday. As a fan of his television show, it was the perfect gift.

    As a person who has first hand experience with the problems surrounding immigration, I could relate and agree with Glen's assessment.

    I could also fully agree with the solutions to poverty and the sins of self-serving politicians. While I agree with these viewpoints, I hope that others that maybe wanted to agree find that the over the top humor, may dispel the gravitas of the message. Personally, I like the humor of the book and find this makes for much more interesting read than the typical "I have the answer" type of books.

    Hopefully Glen Beck, through his radio, television and books will keep the heat on the groups that are slowing but surely destroying our country and our way of life. Michael L. Gooch, SPHR, Author of Wingtips with Spurs
    ...more info
  • Does Glenn Realize He's a Liberal?
    After reading through the book I couldn't help but wonder if this conservative radio/CNN show host actually realizes that many of the things he mentions sound very liberal. Wondering aloud if gasoline would stay at four dollars or higher a gallon to force change? That's a liberal thought for sure. The rant at the end about conspiracies among corporate big wigs? Why do you think many liberals oppose big business, considering it constantly seeks to skirt outside the government? I'll give you a hint Glenn, it's because the system of American capitalism doesn't have the best interests of The People in mind. Parenting licenses? That's one step away from the population control measures that many liberals speak of. Asking businesses to pay more so he doesn't have to tip? Glenn, when has any business voluntarily done more for their employees without the threat of government or unions? Now, don't get me wrong, I actually find myself in agreement with many of Glenn's opinions, but the problem I have with this book is it doesn't offer anything new. I suppose that a radio show host isn't going to have the answers, as his whole goal is to simply stir conversation, but this book is largely a waste of time, buffered by very dry humor attempts. It simply tries to hard. Mostly this book provides a good view of what Glenn Beck's opinions are, but after that, there isn't a lot left to discuss....more info
  • Such Bulls**t
    Can't say I finished the book - gave up disgusted after 10 pages or so....more info
  • BeckBook
    I enjoyed the book--typical Glenn. A few spots some silliness but for the most part a fun read and alot making total sense. I do recommend it....more info
  • I assume it's HORRIBLE!
    Glenn Beck is a "SHOCK-JOCK-HACK" I have NOT read the book, nor do I plan to. I wouldnt put a DIME in this guys pocket! he is a fear monger, and spews out hate and bigotry day in and day out... If you want a book that is full of knowledge pick up "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin...more info
  • Eye-Opener
    Simply put, everyone needs to read this book to see the scams and truths behind some of the biggest of today's issues. Even if you don't agree, it's good to keep yourself informed with a book like this. God knows there's enough liberal literature out there...even it up.

    Oh yeah, and it's hilarious, too. ...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    I found this book to be both informative AND entertaining! The format is akin to a high school textbook, with quirky ADHD moments printed in the margins and fabulous photos throughout. The last chapter is by far the best of all......more info
  • Glen Beck, a true American Patriot
    Glen Beck is the epitome of the American Conservative movement. He condemns the politicians irregardless of their political parties. He calls a spade a spade and does not feel embarassed by his personal belief's. Can't wait for his next book to come out....more info
  • Just a Couple Truly Inconvenient Chapters
    Whether or not you agree with Beck's politics (I mostly do), he is pretty humble about himself and pokes plenty of good fun in his own direction making the book a humorous read, at least. But I felt that much could be sadly taken seriously and the more I read the more I felt that the completely non-issue chapters were out of place. Specifically, Blind-Dating, Movie Rental, Gratuities, and How to Remember Names were witty but just should have been in another collection. That leaves 17 chapters that I wish every college freshman would be required to read - fun, insightful, thought-provoking, and completely opposite of most campus political indoctrination (see chapter 8)! Because Beck's not a "serious news man" I don't think enough people give credence to his ideas - they should be part of the national dialog on the important issues, and this book is a way....more info
    Glenn-Almighty, like most scientist-wannabes, takes it upon himself to distort incontrovertible facts. He reminds me of the 'zero point energy' or 'perpetual motion machine' quacks who pop up periodically claiming big oil is suppressing their patents. Recently in the news and typifying this intellectual breed was a zero point energy 'genius' showing pictures of alien peeping-toms looking in his windows.

    Whether due to Beck's lack of scientific traininig or whether to further insinuate himself with the radical right, or both, Glenn-Almighty somehow has found time to learn more about climatology than all the scientists at
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC has concluded that most of the increase in average global temperatures since the mid-twentieth century is due to the increase in man-made greenhouse gas concentrations, through an enhanced greenhouse effect. These basic conclusions have been endorsed by at least thirty scientific societies and academies of science, including all of the national academies of science of the major industrialized countries.
    Except.... for Glenn-Almighty's academy of pseudo-science, which is probably co-located to "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."
    The Omniscient-Beck claims that as atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased, deaths from extreme weather have decreased. Yet, I didn't see any factually researched tables correlating this inverse relationship, just a few lines in the book where "Glenn-Almighty" declares it so.
    Which makes it a fact.
    So don't argue it.
    Beck inscribed it.
    Thus it is holy writ, you stupid mortals!
    (How about my unofficial scientific observation: as terrorism has increased since 2001, death by mailed anthrax has actually decreased! So in Beck-ian logic, we're making progress in the War on Terror!)

    A few more 'inconvenient facts' Beck missed and/or glossed over:
    - September Arctic sea ice has decreased between 1973 and 2007 at a rate of about -10% +/- 0.3% per decade
    - Sea ice extent for September for 2007 was by far the lowest on record at 4.28 million square kilometers, eclipsing the previous record low sea ice extent by 23%.
    - Global surface temperatures have increased about 0.74ˇăC (plus or minus 0.18ˇăC) since the late-19th century, and the linear trend for the past 50 years of 0.13ˇăC (plus or minus 0.03ˇăC) per decade is nearly twice that for the past 100 years
    - seven of the eight warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 and the 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1995.
    (Sources: Union of Concerned Scientists, Nat't Climactic Data Center)

    All that aside, my primary concern with Beck is his routine histrionics when it comes to Iran, which are clearly evident in this book, as well as on TV. I wonder sometimes if the Ayatollah of Zerococacola is the flip side of Ahmadinejad with his eerily similar fanatical, apocalyptical, apopoplectical rantings and ravings.
    As for the Beck-atollah's routine references to Iran's "mad mullahs" and Armageddon, of course he takes his cues from the Whitehouse and AIPAC propaganda flacks. He should read the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it's not hard, it's on-line, it's not convoluted legalese. Per the NPT, Iran has every right to enrich uranium. And fuel their Bushehr reactors with it, for which the NPT also says they have a right to build.

    I'd like to see 'Albert Glenn-stein' do a comparison on how Iran's uranium enrichment centrifuge program compares to America's centrifuge program.
    (PSSSST! SECRET HINT: The U.S. is too technologically
    backward to get a viable uranium centrifuge enrichment program into production, which is why we need to buy half of our enriched uranium from Russia! ssshhhhh...don't tell Glenn let's see if he picks up on this 'inconvenient fact' by himself!)
    More to come...
    A REAL Scientist (& nuke engineer also)...more info
  • The Inner Workings Of A Conservative Mind
    I greatly enjoyed "An Inconvenient Book" by Glenn Beck. The book is full of his trademark wry humor, and is printed on very heavy glossy paper stock, making this a book that is built to last. In the book Glenn covers what he sees as the biggest problems confronting the country today (and a few of his personal pet peeves). The book has color on most every page and a bevy of amusing and interesting insets with quotes, graphs, and funny illustrations.

    Probably the best chapter in the book is the first, "Global Warming, Storming, and Conforming". This chapter not only refutes much of the scaremongering from the left on the subject, but takes to task the left's unwillingness to even discuss data contradicting the collectivist opinion. For more on this issue I recommend "Cool It" highly.

    Other standout chapters are on the UN (the quotes from UN delegates are sobering, alarming, and illuminating); the real state of poverty in America; the flaws in the US educational system; and the final chapter, "Illegal Immigration: Behind the Lies". In the chapter on illegal immigration Glenn parts ways on the topic of the North American Union with brilliant conservative Michael Medved. I am normally allied with Medved's thoughts, but on this issue, I agree with Glenn, and after reading his rationale I think most honest thinkers will too.

    Some of the topics Glenn takes on are petty compared to the rest (the chapters on tipping and how to remember names were particularly annoying for me), but overall I found this to be a funny and well argued book; in fact the only real areas I disagree with Glenn on are the evils of Wal-Mart and cats. Not too bad for a book that's a weighty 295 page behemoth. "An Inconvenient Book" is both serious and funny, and people who truly want to think about the issues from any political viewpoint should be open-minded to it. I recommend it highly....more info
  • An Inconvenient Read...for Liberals!
    This was an enjoyable quick read filled with traditional Glenn Beck humor rants. A few of his diatribes border on the tedious, but all-in-all, he delivers a "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment." The illustrations, insets, and charts add depth to the text, and his refutation of the global warming scare as well as the uselessness of reducing the collective carbon footprint is both cutting and concise. The best chapter, though, is the one concerning how men choose what movies to watch. Absolutely classic....more info
  • Can't Argue with (most of) this book
    What a great book. Both funny and informative. I'm sure there is some bias to the points made, but good points non the less! I'd recommend this book to anyone. It's not all political. There are topics he talks about that everyone can agree, and laugh about....more info
  • Grand Theft Truth
    Wow. I guess I should read the book before writing a review but Glen didn't play GTA4 before ranting about it on his show. No one ever mentions in their rants about GTA that the things you CAN do in the game have nothing to do with what you should do. The game has a storyline and I guarantee that your descriptions are not part of it. It's called an open world game for a reason, because you live in a virtual world and can do anything. Of course, there are consequences so if the player did what you described, then the cops would step up their pursuit and arrest or kill the player. But I guess a complex virtual world that teaches people about the consequences of their actions doesn't make a very good paranoid tv rant......more info