Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
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Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 11/13/2007

Alex Jones's new documentary, Endgame, posits several theories relating to "the dawn of a new dark age" in which a few elite businessmen are planning to erase global boundaries in order to conglomerate the governance of three disempowered populations: the E.U., the North American Union, and the Asian Union modeled after Communist China. This plan allegedly involves depopulating countries around the world, constructing superhighways that connect otherwise unreachable regions throughout America, and forming paramilitary groups to infringe on personal freedoms and privacies. Interview footage of journalist Jim Tucker among many dubious others is spliced amongst myriad historical footage of the past two World Wars, right wing political speeches, eugenics charts, and shots of woodcuts depicting Napoleanic conquests and the Roman empire, impling that our society's political conservatism bears resemblance. But in tracing the formations of the League of Nations, the U.N., and finally Bilderberg Group in 1954, Endgame accuses these groups of trying to merge countries and eliminate international borders, without really assessing the fact that this has never been a secret. It will also seem obvious to many viewers that private parties "bankroll" wars for economic gain, not always philanthropic. Toward the film's end, an extended segment about Planned Parenthood's ties to early eugenics groups, which accuses Ted Turner and Bill Gates of buying into depopulation plans because both have donated funding to promote birth control in third world countries, reveals a pro-life agenda. In addition, after watching multiple clips of Jones himself yelling into people's car windows, wondering why the airport security are detaining him for following businessmen with a camera, stalking visitors at a Canadian hotel, and making other various rash gestures, it is difficult not to see Endgame as one man's elaborately considered conspiracy theory. —Trinie Dalton

Customer Reviews:

  • I just wanted to be the 117th 5 star review
    Truth and correct knowledge of history bring understanding to the present and help us prepare for the future. View your world with the untainted lens of truth and not what "they" want you to think or believe....more info
  • Alex Jones documents globalization with relentless accuracy....
    With the controlled left/right paradigm media establishment, you get random facts sloppily cribbed from the same news sources over and over, and slogans based on faith. With Alex Jones, you get an exacting, tirelessly documented account of the governmental systems that surround us. There is no such thing as a sacred cow with Alex Jones, as he exposes the truth about social and political movements throughout our history. Great film, his best by far, near theatrical quality. ...more info
  • redissent of zeitgeist, powerful
    Truly the opus. I have bought about 12 copies of this movie and given it out to others. 9/10 people I have shown the movie to have spontaneously wanted a copy and shown it to as many people that they know. I can't believe that so many people were so profoundly affected by this movie. I remember how I reacted, but I had known a lot of this information from reading so not much came as a supize. But to see the reaction people had when they watched it, on the edge of their seats and wanting to constantly pause the movie to write down book names and authors... Their truly is no magic yet invented that outcompetes MOVIES for disseminating information to the masses. Too bad that nearly all of the information being given to us has an agenda to make us want to stay asleep and cotinue out mindless entertainment driven narritive of life. That is why movies like this are so essential to keep this country alive. None are so hoplessly enslaved than those who do not know they are slaves.

    If you watched this movie, it is your obligation to show it to other Americans. It is your duty, as a patriotic American to get this information out there - it spreads like wild fire if you only find the right spot...

    Other great movies are Arron Russo's Freedom to Fascism and Alex Jones Terrorstorm...more info
  • Gott Mit Uns Baby!
    The producer of this film is a friggin' nut, and a subtle but real fascist religious based undertone can be sensed thought this pseudo-documentary. While I must admit there is a fair amount of startling information in this film, it progresses into an invective where fact and fiction become indistinguishable.

    Alex Jones trashes Planned Parenthood as part of a conspiracy to eradicate eighty percent of the world's population. It seems Jones naively supports no limit to the number of children people should spawn, and in Jones's mind an ever-expanding world population is of no consequence when it comes to survival of humankind as a species. Jones goes on to defame Charles Darwin as participating in and promoting a "eugenics" conspiracy designed to breed a race of "super humans" based on the research that led to Darwin's brilliant theory of evolution. He trashes socialism and Hitler's Nazi regime. Okay, I'll side with him on his contempt for Hitler, but then Joes does something very peculiar. In his bullhorn speech at the Brookstreet hotel he says "God is on our side!" effectively paraphrasing one of Hitler's battle cries. Mr. Jones, "Gott Mit Uns" baby. And what makes you think your god is going to take sides in your little conspiracy theory? The majority of these elitists you accuse of promoting a "new world order" are of the very same religion that promotes an ideal of the same supernatural being - your Christian god.

    As for this bull horn statement and the irony of the context; Jones specifically said "We will defeat your world government. We will defeat world taxation. We will defeat your control grid. God is on our side!" He goes on to speak of fluoridation of our water supply, mercury in vaccines, and cancer viruses in vaccines as part of this "new world order" conspiracy. But what is ironic is his appeal to god and his insistence that this super daddy in the sky is on his side. This god belief is of the same caliber as his fluoride/mercury/cancer threat. These people, whom Jones accuses of using these very threats to establish their "new world order" have for millennia implanted the infection of god belief in the minds of innocent young children's brains as a means of not only controlling behavior though false hope but also for the purpose of setting people of varying opinions on this super dad against each other based on their religion. Not to mention using that religious belief to garner support for the evil and often illegal agenda they promote. Just look at what Bush has done with the support of the evangelical religious fascist right.

    What a hypocrite you are Alex Jones.

    Don't waste your money on this film, and don't waste any of your precious time on this silly conspiracy theory. My copy is going straight into the trash can.
    ...more info
  • An insider's DVD, not for beginners
    I had heard of the Bilderburg group from friends, but this was my first DVD I have seen on the subject, and I would say it is more appropriate for people who are educated on the subject. It's sort of a "preaching to the choir" documentary, not really a good introduction or even overview.

    I was intrigued by the people he caught on tape attending the meeting. Why on earth would Governor Pataki and a past ambassador to the U.N. be attending a secret meeting with the Queen of the Netherlands and Rockefeller? That raises a lot of important questions. But the list on the hotel stationary didn't impress me. Anyone can get a hold of hotel stationary at some point in the year, even a guest, and type names on it. The reporter doesn't even know who it comes from. If we knew it was from a credible source, such as a staff member who disagreed with what was going on, it would be different.

    His yelling at people with his megaphone really reduced his credibility to me. "We're not your slaves!" and he was surprised that attendees laughed at him. I'm not.

    I'm part of the vaccine liberation movement, and I see the same thing happen in our fight. People get too close to the issue. They assume everybody knows all the facts and that everyone can keep up. Well we don't all know the whole story, and we can't keep up. People have to be educated by starting at the beginning and supporting your arguments with credible sources. The tone also has to be one where people can be open to the argument and hear you. Starting off being inflammatory and screaming is really going to turn anyone who's not already on the inside off. I'm still interested in this subject, I just wish I'd been introduced in a "here are the facts" fashion.
    ...more info
    This is a must see; the documentary shows that are country has been bought out! From the two parties that run against each other, to the news that is being bent/made up on behalf of coperate greed. Things are not as they seem....more info
  • Everyone Needs to Watch This!
    This is a MUST watch! You need to wake up to what is really going on in our government....more info
  • Review Of EndGame
    This is a good movie. Everybody should see this. Its time all people from every nation become involved in "Truth". Humanity is in peril....more info
  • better than a horror film
    true or not, this movie will make you think. If you like conspiracy stuff, this movie is a must....more info
  • The Captivating (And Paranoid) World of Alex Jones
    It is far better to be overly paranoid about those who possess international political power than not paranoid enough. No one can reasonably acuse Mr. Jones of insufficient paranoia.

    This film is doubtlessly over-the-top, but we live in a particularly evil time period where the convergence of different nations into superstates, as well as the rapid progress of control-oriented technology, have served to place humanity in greater jeopardy than perhaps ever before. This reviewer often wonders if the events of the 20th Century actually took place -- if Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and other mass murderers are only a figment of his imagination. Most people have learned absolutely nothing from the horrendous crimes these psychopaths committed against humanity (thanks in large part to a school system and mainstream media establishment that serves the interests of the state, rather than the people). Americans have been successfully conditioned to believe that this nation has a government that is somehow superior to all others, despite the fact that it has engaged in numerous misadventures that have resulted in the mass slaughters of millions of foreigners and thousands of American soldiers. The U.S. Government is the most treasonous, anti-American institution on the planet.

    Mr. Jones' strong grasp of history lends him a credibility that surpasses that of many professional historians -- most of whom are shameless worshippers of government power. Jones gives the banking cartels and the corporations that own the government their just comeuppance. Throughout the last couple centuries these institutions have worked for nothing but their own power-hungry purposes -- demonstrating no loyalty to anything other than the pursuit of profit -- to the extreme detriment of mankind. IBM is singled out for particular reprimand for its partnership with Nazi Germany. The documentary also rightfully takes the scientific community to task for having engineered the eugenics movement and manipulating the cause of environmentalism to facilitate greater control of the species. Jones lays out these facts very effectively and shows that his paranoia is not so unreasonable after all.

    Where the film falls short is in its depiction of the Bilderberg Group. Part of the shortcoming here is a product of the group's incredibly secretive nature; it is impossible for an outsider to know exactly what goes on in these meetings. As a result, one can only guess as to how concerned we should be with this gaggle of international conspirators. The fact that super-villain Henry Kissinger attends these conferences is scary in and of itself. Kissinger is bashed several times during ENDGAME, which is another plus of the film. This sickening neo-fascist has repeatedly promoted the disgustingly inhumane and racist policy of depopulating Africa while also praising the push for a New World Order. This vampire is the perfect representative of all that is wrong with political power lust and the vicious costs it exacts on mankind.

    This film is highly recommended. It makes a great case against massive government and for the federalism -- the splitting up of power between federal, state, and local -- upon which this nation was supposed to be founded. Call Alex Jones a kook, a conspiracy nut, an agitator, or some other pejorative label; regardless of the truth of such accusations, his patriotism is beyond reproach. And his documentary is intriguing and informative and it should be taken seriously by all those who do not want to live under a fascist one-world state. ...more info
  • the most important thing you may ever see
    alex has done it again a wonderfully informitive documentry. a must see along with terrorstorm and the obama deception!!...more info
  • A head out of the sand documentary
    There is something compelling about seeing visual images of what many call the imaginations of "conspiracy theorists". The multi-national,globalist,corprotist agenda is about controling you,brainwashing you and significantly reducing the population of the world in a very unkind manner. For the non-believers, look at the images of the power players of your world.....you will be surprised at who they are, and you may have thought they were on your side. HA! An understanding of the agenda may help explain why your Congressmen vote the way do. Seemingly against the best interest of the American people. Pictures can be worth more than words. If you are unfamiliar with Bilderberg,after seeing this capable documentary, you may get motivated to learn more as I have. The newest Bilderberg book(on Amazon) will be out soon. I can't wait to learn more. Highly recomend this documentary. Knowlege is power against their agenda to control your world....more info
  • Highly recommended
    Realistic view of the New World Order.
    Frightening but necessary, so we prepare ourselves for the worst scenario.
    Plenty of ideas and lessons to learn from.
    Certainly, there are some exaggerations, but this is the nature of the analogy. It is part of the territory.
    Highly recommended.
    It reminds me of some of the explosive but REALISTIC ideas advanced by Maximillien de Lafayette in his books. However, totally different, since Lafayette studies the subject as an insider, not as an outsider thinker.
    ...more info
  • ENDGAME is the culmination of the zionist elite's agenda for global enslavement. We have sealed our own fates!
    This documentary is probably the best culmination of the historic facts surrounding a 200 year agenda to rule the world. I liked it better than "Zietgeist" and "Empire of the City", but both of these are good too.

    I admit Alex Jones is a little over the top, and is comical at times in his enboldened speeches with his bullhorn, but he is right on the money about what is happening and he excellentally portrays how little the Bilderburgs/zionist/elite care about how much we now know. Their plan is in fruition and will bear itself more evidently in the years to come under martial law. They have set the stage and we have volunteered to be ruled with military and totalitarian precision. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER. May you lick the hands of your masters pleasingly.

    Don't blame me: I voted for RON PAUL!...more info
  • Alex Jones is a Hero of our time!
    This movie or biography is a stepping stone for any one not inclined with the banksters running the world and or plundering it. He touches upon a ton of different areas with this film and it is a true work of art! to say the least... I just wish he talked more about the Jewish inner circle or lobbyist that put the people in power today. The whole NWO idea is a Jewish idea not Bush's or Obama's or any elite bankers that help manipulate the market today. This idea of enslaving every one with high usury interest is an old Jewish trick! Deceit is an art that true cons know how to use on high levels and the masters are the Jews who control all the major banks in the world. Not all Jews do this but the elite Jews run the show and hide in the shadows. As Nixon once said "Jews steal from us in every direction" to bad Nixon could not take more of a stand against the Federal Reserve like Kennedy! ...more info
  • And The Truth Shall Set You Free!
    Information/proof of The Neo Con agenda and a ton of it! Four stars only cause it seems to go a little long.

    But everyone needs to know this stuff! Buy 10 of these and keep them in your car trunk or your brief case, or your back pack, or your whatever that you keep at hand and give them out! A small price to pay against what the Neo Cons have invested against you!

    Too bad everybody has become so desensitised to the truth, that they don't know it when they see it, or they simply are so dumbed down, they don't even care enough to know better, i.e. that they should care and be paying attention!

    Eternal Vigalance is the price of Freedom!

    However, understand, though "The Love of Money," may be the root of all evil, its not about money!

  • Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
    Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you are aware of who Alex Jones is and what he's about. This is the best documentary that he has produced yet.
    This film documents the history and corruption of the big banks of world. How they have funded both sides of every war dating back to Nepolean days.
    It goes on to talk about the North American Union, NAFTA superhighway, and the plan to depopulate the planet by 80%. This documentary will open the eyes of anyone who is unfamiliar with this stuff and is very well made. It gets a little long towards the end, so watching it twice will for sure be the best.
    I highly recommend you check out this film, along with Terrorstorm: A history of governmnet sponsored terror. Both films together will give you a good idea on the corruption taking place (not only in the USA, but globally) and those who are involved in many of the things that cause us all major economic crisis, and loss of civil liberties....more info
  • A must for those who care what kind of world their children will grow up in
    As unbelievable as it may sound, the global elite has a plan to reduce Earth's population by 90%. In this film, Alex thoroughly documents their plan to do so. After watching this, no reasonable person can deny this.

    All throughout history, as governments gained more power over their people, they began genocidal programs. These include 60 million in Mao's China, 20 million in Stalin's Russia, 10 Million in Hitler's Germany and many more including 300 million people in the 20th century. What is most concerning is that these genocidal programs are all related and have become more sophisticated over the years. The same families and groups have been behind these events and the past instances have been planning, preparation and dress rehearsal for their big event.

    So many of the "world elite" have said that they want to reduce Earth's population by 90% (500 million) that it is mind boggling. They often refer to the average person on the street as "cattle" or "useless eater". When they meet behind closed doors, they make plans to carry out their genocidal policy. The movie starts out with Alex exposing their "secret" meetings and shows them scurrying around like rats trying to hide from the cameras.

    I've studied these parasites which call themselves "the elite" for many years. Endgame is a brilliant work which does an excellent job of exposing their activities. To document their plans in undeniable detail is truly a monumental task and my hat is off to Endgame.

    If you care about your children and the kind of world they will grow up in, then I urge you to get this movie, understand what is going on and join the resistance. Something is wrong, you feel it instinctively. You feel it in your bones....more info
  • Delivers as promised
    I am satisfied with my purchase. The DVD produced the information as promised, both in statement and video. It helped that the price was acceptable (lower than at other sites) and that I took advantage of the free shipping offer....more info
  • Slow at first, fast paced in the end.
    This was a very good movie that introduces you to the New World Order and brings up a lot of unanswered questions. It is slow at first since Alex Jones spends most of his first few minutes just filming people showing up to the Bilderburg meeting, but then the movie takes off. Other recommended movies are:

    Freedom to Facism
    Why We Fight
    Loose Change - Final Cut...more info
  • A wake-up call for all Americans
    This is something that anyone concerned about the future of themself or their loved ones must see and wake-up to. This is an excellent documentary of what is and has been taking place for many years without your knowledge. This information has been deliberatly omitted from any network news reports(Remember that the networks are owned and controlled by the evil global based corperate bankers).See ...more info
  • You must see this movie!
    If you want to know the real agenda behind Planned Parenthood and their elitest puppet-masters, this is the movie to see!!...more info
    You will never see this on television. Endgame lays bare the long term agenda of the global elite. You're not going to like what you see; you may not even believe it. It's hard to imagine evil on such a scale, but imagine it we must. We can't fight evil unless we have the courage to look it squarely in the eye.

    A companion product is a book entitled "Gods, Genes, and Consciousness" by Paul Von Ward. The Establishment has been at this game for a long, long time.
    ...more info
  • Hoping for a revised edition
    Overall, I think this was fairly decent and worth seeing, but it should have focused more on substance and facts, and less on trying to scare the audience. The facts are scary enough, just present them in a way that makes sense and is honest. The film draws you in from the start, and then screeches to a halt outside the hotel in Montreal. If you don't get bored here, or disgusted by Jones' antics, what follows is interesting and informative.

    I think Mr. Jones should hire a good editor and revise this film. The Montreal section could have really been tightened up and shortened by at least half without losing anything. Show who is attending, why that is important. Cut out the bullhorn and the taunting of the folks in limos, it adds nothing and really hurts the credibility of the film. Same with the preaching to the regular folks on the street. I think it's pretty obvious that most people don't know about the Bilderberg Group, so it doesn't really need to be illustrated in the film, at least not in the way they chose to. Cut these scenes and replace them with more history, more documentation.

    Definitely worth seeing, the information is worth knowing, but watch it online before you decide whether to spend the money....more info
  • Subpar production, even worse agenda.
    After seeing a number of other documentaries covering the surrounding topics and interests I'd have to say this is the single worst film I've ever attempted to watch. I usually wouldn't point out lack of production value or any other faux redeeming qualities but since this film lacks any coherent argument or fact backed argument I'm forced to point out all of its flaws. I'm a huge fan of documentaries, huge fan of the statement this movie was supposed to make and argue however the execution is so poor that you'd be better off just not watching anything. It's funny, Alex Jones does such a horrid job proving his point, and instead self promoting him and his amateur hour ostracized third rate journalist buddies that you start to route against them and instead are relieved by the films sole plot: that these subpar anarchist are desperate for an excuse for their present situation's and turn the blame on others....more info
  • Read this book!
    If you don't grasp the FACTS revealed in "Endgame," and subsequently fail to act, then, quite frankly, you deserve what's coming....more info
  • Asleep At The Switch
    While some may not agree with the author's ultimate thesis, or the extrapolation of events, I would very much encourage people interested in future trends and events to watch "End Game", the documentary by Alex Jones. To fully assimilate this work in one viewing, due to the density and compactness of information in certain chapters, may present a challenge. I would therefore recommend reviewing it carefully over time.

    Orwellian as it may be, it is possible that many of us are somnolent--distracted by television, computers, cell phones and i-pods--as the New World Order moves forward. Moreover, are we raising a generation of people without a modicum of sense about nationalism or sovereign interests who, in a generation, could merely accept this without question?...more info
  • Great movie!
    Great documentary! I 've read about a lot of this stuff but this one really hits home. The Georgia Guidestones were new to me. It's a broad movie that hits on a lot of conspiracy elements. Any of which can be researched to learn more about....more info
  • Foils the modern-day economic slavery
    Alex Jones exposes what world governments and the media that they control don't want you to know about the modern-day scheme to enslave people all over the world so they can sit back in their limos and get spoiled rotten as if they're not already. He shows that the U.S. government has become of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich, and they don't intend to rest until all the wealth is in their hands - if we're complacent enough to allow them to pull off this ultimate of surreptitious schemes. Alex Jones is modeling what every American citizen should be - refusing to bow down to these evil power mongers and neo-con "chickenhawks."...more info
  • The Plans of the Elite for New World Order.
    _Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement_ (2007) by film maker Alex Jones is a decent film showing the history of the Bilderbergers, the secret yearly meetings of the world's elite. I agree with Jones that the Bilderbergers are definitely up to no good. As Jim Tucker, a reporter who has spent years following them, says in the film, "They are plotting in secrecy because they are plotting evil. Good works are done in the sunshine." Jones also does a good job of showing how the elite plan to use eugenics to decimate the world's population. Concerns about overpopulation and environmentalism are cynically exploited by the world's ultra-rich elite to justify eugenics and murder. Jones shows us how both presidents Bush and Clinton have been in on this scheme and have sought to achieve a "new world order". My main and only criticism of this film is Jones' style. Because Jones is so confrontational and does completely idiotic things like harassing people on street corners or stalking celebrities, he ends up coming off more as an unhinged nut than a serious individual and ends up just making a public menace of himself. Also some of the claims in this film may be exaggerated, although I agree with its general message....more info