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TomTom GO 920 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator
List Price: $449.95

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Product Description

The new TomTom Go 920 brings you the best in satellite navigation. The devices come preinstalled with complete maps of the United States, Canada and Europe on the 4 GB of internal memory, which display clearly on the 4.3" wide screen. Features new to the GO 920 include the Enhanced Positioning Technology for a more continuous navigation experience, even in circumstances where there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite (for example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or bridges. It also comes with voice prompted address entry, allowing users to speak the address to which they want to drive so the device can automatically calculate the route. TomTom Map Share? enables users to make easy changes to the map and to share map corrections with other TomTom customers so that users always have the most up-to-date maps available. It even comes with a remote to operate the GO 920 from anywhere in the car! The GO 920 is compatible with an RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to receive up-to-date traffic information and is Bluetooth wireless capable. Built-in FM Transmitter Clear voice instructions and text-to-speech -enables reading of street names, places, traffic alerts and text messages New customizations, including recording your own driving instructions, view documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth? wireless technology TomTom desk dock to easily charge the TomTom GO 920 range and connect to a computer and TomTom HOME software (included free) TomTom compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver Full range of accessories to suit your style - leather carrying case, iPod charger, etc.

The GO 920 and it's sibling, the 920T, are TomTom's new flagship portable GPS navigators, replacing the GO 910. The GO 920T comes bundled with TomTom's RDS-TMC traffic receiver and a one-year subscription to the Clear Channel traffic service, which allows users to receive real-time traffic information. The traffic receiver is sold as a separate accessory for the GO 920.
navigation screen
The icon-driven menu system makes using TomTom's snap.
help screen
Emergency menu gives you fast direct access to emergency numbers and direction to the nearest assistance.
custom voicesVoice instructions are available in over 30 languages (complete list below) ($33.99). You can even record directions in your own voice, download specialty voices free at TomTom's website, or purchase celebrity voices. Listen to sample clips.

Free download samples
  • Sylvia
Celebrity voice samples
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Curt Schilling
  • Gary Busey

Or record your own directions in your own voice.
record your own voice

widescreen view
The 4.3-inch (diagonal) 3D driving view offers a clear picture of the road and maneuvers ahead (actual size).

The first big difference you'll notice is that the 920s are much thinner than the 910. TomTom introduced this slim form factor with last year's ONE. With the release of the top-of-the-line 920s, TomTom now offers a full range of units in the new form factor (see a feature comparison for all of TomTom's GO and ONE devices ($33.99)). When you turn it on, you'll also notice the increased performance and features the 920s packs into their slimmer form.

What's New -- Enhanced Positioning Technology
TomTom's new Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers' positions when GPS signals are unavailable. This helps the device continue to navigate to its destination, even when there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite (for example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or bridges).

What's New -- Voice Prompted Address Entry
Voice prompted address entry gives users the option to speak the address to which they want to drive. Users can simply speak the city, street name and address number they would like to travel to, and the device will automatically calculate the route.

TomTom Mapshare
MapShare lets you add your own map corrections and POIs, then share them with the entire TomTom user community via the TomTom HOME website

What's New -- Map Share
The GO 920 includes TomTom's innovative new Map Share technology. Map Share enables users to make easy changes to the map and to share map corrections with other TomTom customers so that users always have the most up-to-date maps available.

Widescreen View and FM Transmitter
See more. Hear more. The GO 920 offers a 4.3-inch, extra-wide, touch-screen LCD display that features anti-glare technology for easy viewing even in direct sunlight. Realistic and clear visual instructions are provided with high-quality 3D graphics, while spoken instructions tell you where you need to go in your own language. As an added convenience, text-to-speech functionality provides you with actual street names. The built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo.

Hands-Free Calling
In more and more places, it is becoming illegal to use cell phones while driving without a hands-free kit. The GO 920's Bluetooth capability, microphone and speaker lets match it to any bluetooth-capable phone to make hands-free mobile phone calls.

The GO 920 comes come preinstalled with complete maps of the United States, Canada and Europe on 4 GB of internal memory. The GO 920 range has the most complete set of pre-installed maps available in TomTom's entire portfolio.

Remote control
The TomTom GO 920 range comes with an improved Bluetooth remote control. The remote control enables drivers to operate the device safely from anywhere in the car without having to reach over to the device.

Help When You Need It
Extensive safety features including `Help Me' menu, to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance;

Fun Extras to Personalize Your TomTom
Record your own driving instructions. View documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth wireless technology and select a favorite car icon on the screen.

Full range of accessories to match the design and finish of the new GO range, including a leather carry case, a soft touch carry case, iPod cable and a home charger.


HOME is TomTom's free software that enables TomTom users to future proof and personalize their devices. Via easy desktop access, any TomTom customer can update maps, download the latest application, celebrity voices and more. TomTom HOME allows TomTom customers to

• Update their TomTom device with TomTom's latest software and services automatically and for free
• Easily buy and install the latest maps and European safety cameras
• Download celebrity and character voices
• Pre-plan trip itineraries
• Receive free traffic alerts on their computers

What's in the Box
TomTom Go 920 GPS portable navigation device, suction mount, car charger, USB 2.0 data cable, and installation CD with connection software and manual.

Supported Languages
The user interface/application comes in the following languages:
  • Catalan
  • Latvian
  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Estonian
  • Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Slovakian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English
  • Spoken navigation instructions come in the following languages:
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Bulgarian
  • Latvian
  • Catalan
  • Lithuanian
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Malaysian
  • Chinese Cantonese
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Estonian
  • Serbian
  • Finnish
  • Slovenian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Thai
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English

  • About TomTom
    TomTom NV is the world's largest navigation solution provider, developing products with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use and value. TomTom's products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; including the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom ONE range and the TomTom RIDER (for motorcycles). TomTom also provides navigation software products which integrate with third party devices; the TomTom NAVIGATOR software for PDA's and smartphones. TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise. TomTom's products are sold through a network of leading retailers in 25 countries and online. TomTom was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

    Compare Features of TomTom Models
    comparison chart
    • TomTom is the world's largest provider of portable navigation solutions
    • 4 Gb Internal Flash, 4.3 inch color LCD
    • Pre-loaded maps of USA, Canada & Europe from TeleAtlas
    • Bluetooth for Hands-Free calling, PLUS services and audio output
    • Rechargeable internal 5 hour Lithium Polymer battery

    Customer Reviews:

    • tomtom go 920
      Used this device in Spain. Very disappointed, Did not have any of our hotels in its POI. Does not have a grocery dtore in its category list. Not very easy to use. Am going to return it.TomTom GO 920 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator...more info
    • Does the job
      Accurate GPS navigation unit. Lots of bells and whistles, some useful, others not.

      Large wide screen
      Download user updated maps with speed cameras
      Plays MP3s

      Voice directions only work in North America, not Germany (where I live)
      Confusing menu, no back button, sometimes goes back to nav screen from options menu
      Short battery life
      No case or even small bag (esp at this price)...more info
    • My TomTom GPS
      Received my TomTom GPS and all was as expected and rec'd it in a timely manner. I look forward to the enjoyment it will give me....more info
    • Tom Tom lets you Go Go!
      Tom Tom Go 920 is everything as described. Very easy to use. Got this for my folks who are in their 70's. Turned it on set their home address, chose a voice and a few options and ready set go. Technology to them is beyond their imagination. Yard sale hunting for them now will be a breeze!
      Excellent product....more info
    • Works Great
      Easy to use, clear, and accurate. Easily compensates for mistakes or changes in the route. If you don't know the exact address for a store or hotel or whatever you can browse through a menu to find the place you're looking for in a particular zip code. Bluetooth syncs just fine with Motorolla Razr phone....more info
    • Tom Tom GPS
      A pretty neat item. I purchased a refurbished unit and attempted to download new maps as the ones with the machine were 5 quarters old. Got a message saying insufficient space and had to abort and I have been unable to get the download again.

      It takes time to familiarize yourself with a complicated device. So far I am quite happy with it and it should reduce the chances of getting lost when you are in unfamiliar territory.TomTom One Third Edition Auto Navigation System (Factory Refurbished)...more info
      This GPS SUCKS. When I called TOM TOM they offered no help, they told me that would send me new maps. THE bluetooth sucks. They told me after I got it that alot of phones are not compatible. I ended up lost on a mountain side road with a popped tire because of this GPS. Get any other product or paper maps ....more info
    • Tom Tom GO 920
      I use this tom Tom on all my service trucks. It offers quality and value, along with simplicity. I have experience other units, however this unit had the opinions I needed and the realiablity I could count on for everyday use. I would recommend the product and the seller for this item. ...more info
    • Have You Ever Been Lost?
      TomTom Go
      Have You Ever Been Lost?

      My husband and I were lost in Washington D.C. for four hours. We went around and around on the freeway. The tree cover was so dense that we could not see any land marks outside the freeway. We then got off the freeway and found ourselves in a bad section of town. When we tried calling the hotel for directions, the person on the other end of the phone wasn't even in town, he was in India, and could neither give directions nor understand our questions. We found a policeman who directed us to our hotel.

      After that trip, we bought a TomTom Go and we have never traveled without it. I recently took the TomTom on a trip to Ohio, in my luggage. I did run into a problem on the first day. The TomTom was still trying to direct me to my home area, even though I had programmed the Ohio addresses in before leaving for the trip. I finally had to call for directions and buy a map. By our second day in Ohio, the TomTom had caught up and it worked fine in Ohio.

      My husband is Santa Claus. At Christmas time he uses the TomTom Go to navigate his "sleigh" and make all of his visits on time.

      For me, the TomTom Go has brought peace of mind and a sense of security when taveling.

      Jill Ammon Vanderwood
      Author: Through the Rug
      Through the Rug 2: Follow that Dog

      ...more info
    • LIfe saver in Europe
      I am writing this after just having my TomTom 920 stolen from my car. So, get this unit and keep it safe...

      I took this on a month long trip to Europe with my family. We drove extensivly in the UK and Portugal. This unit worked flawlessly everywhere.

      We rented small cottages and apartments in several locations and the 920 found them without fail. It handled senic route changes with ease and gave us great confidense to travel about without worry.

      IN the UK it was especially handy for us Yanks dealing with the left side drive. As we would approach one of the countless roundabouts. The unit shows and tells you to stay left and which exit of the roundabout to take. It made my left side drive headache smaller. ...more info
    • TomTom 920
      Fast delivery (5 days). Worked fine both in the US and Europe (Switzerland/Russia). Updatea firmware and maps for free from TomTom site. Be aware: Latest Map Guarantee is valid for only ONE update during 30 days since you register your device online. After that you have to purchase a new map or subscribe for the quarterly updates. A lot of useful tips about this device are available at _http:\\[...]...more info
    • Worst GPS
      Worst GPS! Costly map update, traffic service. It will make you go around the block every single time if your destination is on the left hand side, which is the most stupid thing ever. No lane assist!

      Save your money and go with the Navigon or other GPS....more info
    • Awesome, very few flaws
      This is an awesome product! It has saved me on a couple of trips where i don't know where im going! The POI's always have lead me to good food or a nice hotel, or even to my school. It saves me alot of time not having to look up every places address. I love that it tells me gas prices and had live traffic, also extremely helpful!

      The only problem i had with it was one time it said that the location i was going to was closer then it said it was. Another problem was it couldn't connect to my Samsung Alias. It would connect to my friends Lg chocolate though. ...more info
    • Good product but some features are unfavorable...
      I've had the GO 920 for about a month now and I like the 4.3 screen. The map updates are great and overall, the 920 has served its purpose rather well. I use my tomtom for work (I'm a commercial/industrial appraiser for the county) and am quite happy with it, notwithstanding the following problems/concerns I encountered during this short time of ownership:
      1)The 920 frequently turns on by itself (and alarmingly heats up when stored inside a case. 2)Sometimes I couldn't get the 920 to turn on. 3)The 920 will not prompt you to end navigation once you've arrived at your destination (you will have to go through 3 or 4 screens/buttons to "clear the current route" to end your navigation. 4)The FM transmitter is a big joke. Don't even try working this function while on the move. 5)The computer voice's pronounciation of (many) street names sucks (ex: sacramento is pronounced "sac-cal-muntah" ????) 6)I couldn't get my SD card to work (am I missing something?..why was there a sticker across the SD slot that read: "No need for SD card"? The manual says it accepts up to a 4GB SD card. Lastly, it gives inaccurate distance measurements. It asks me to make a turn in 250 feet when I know that I'm much closer to the turn (about 80 -100 feet). Wierd.

      BUT, despite the above concerns, I am indeed satisfied for the price I paid ($320.00). All the other features are great and I'm happy with it...for now.

      ...more info
    • Almost the perfect GPS
      Great GPS unit it has a long list of features and maps for more then just the USA. Everything is pretty easy to understand and use. Screen display is bright.

      Voice entry is hit or miss, short list of cell phones that will use all features (can not get it to read my text msgs) Does not include a carry case for the price it should.

      Overall I would tell anyone looking for a GPS unit this is a good one even as good as the newer model that just came out (the 930) ...more info
    • Great Navigator!
      We purchased the TomTom because it came preloaded with maps of Europe. Little did we realized how useful it would be here in the US! We have had a Garmen navigator for 3 years now and use it often. The TomTom is so much more and gives us much more info -- we even found our car's speedometer was a little off since the TomTom tells us how fast we are traveling. Wonderful product!...more info
    • TOMTOM 920
    • Like it but not as good as I thought it would be
      The Tom Tom 920 is a pretty good item. Overall I am satisfied with its capabilities, but there are a couple of things I don't like. (1) The remote just sucks the power from the batteries. If you leave them in there, they will drain within just a few hours. If I want to use it, I need to put the batteries in and then take them out as soon as I am done. After doing that a few times... I hardly use the remote anymore. (2) The maps are pretty good, but they are not entirely correct. I decided, just a few weeks ago, that on my way home I would follow the Tom Tom's exact directions. No kidding, it led me a scary house in the middle of the woods. According to the unit, I was supposed to be on a highway; instead I was on a dirt road at a dead end. On another occasion, I was on a major highway that did not exist on my Tom Tom. The same highway was present on a Garmin I had borrowed about a half year earlier. (3) The directions are very strange. The unit allows you to pick, among other things, the fastest route and the shortest route. Either one you pick, at least in my experience, will direct you one way (that is either the shortest or fastest from one direction) and then take you an entirely different way the next time (you would think the shortest or fastest distance would be the same both ways!).

      However, in light of these three things, the Tom Tom does have a benefit that I have not quite taken advantage of yet. It allows you to correct a route if there is a discrepancy. In my case, if you are on a road that doesn't exist, you can select that option. The unit then keeps track of that and when you connect it to your computer, that information will be sent to Tom Tom and submitted to the map correction people who will potentially research the error. This is all a part of their Map Share program that allows users to help Tom Tom constantly update the maps.

      Overall, I am happy that I have it. Although, I must say, I originally wanted to buy the Garmin Nuvi 255w, but it wasn't out when I wanted to go on a trip. I don't necessarily feel that I settled for the Tom Tom, but I wouldn't have bought it had the Garmin been out at the time. Perhaps I will sell this on eBay or something and buy the Garmin......more info
      I thought I would be upset I didn't get the 930, but I still haven't used all the features on the 920 and it absolutely rocks. It's been navigating me all over Portugal and Spain. Pretty soon it will be doing the same in Germany! ...more info
    • Take pause and research prior to buying......
      Yes this is a fair GPS Mapping device, should be much easier to operate and program for this kind of money. Additional maps are simply outrageously expensive. You have to use the enclosed CD of get to your pdf manual, not cool, very little written data and cannot load manual onto your computer for future use, not user friendly.
      Trying to change a route is excessively complicated.
      But I sent back two other vehicle navagators prior to this one!!!
      Oh but it does play MP3's for you and the company certainly makes it easy for you to navaigate to their web sight and spend your money!!!!!

      Wish I would have spent the extra for another brand, but my fault!!!...more info
    • Don't buy tomtom 920 - mine broke repeatedly
      I have had a horrible experience with Tomtom and the Go 920.
      My first device had a power issue after several months -- the unit would turn itself back on when I wasn't using it and the battery would completely drain. They eventually sent me a replacement refurbished unit. The desktop software told me to download an upgraded software version, but apparently this caused the computer voices to be garbled (so I had to use the human voice that couldn't pronounce street names). But within 4-5 months this replacement unit wouldn't work at all. Once the screen went blank once but the sound kept working, but then it turned back on.
      Next time this happened it went completely dead and I couldn't repower the device even with hard reset.

      I called tech support and they said sorry, the warranty on the refurbished device was only 3 months.

      I like the fact that tomtom has a large database of business addresses and I liked the navigation interface, but the execution and their product, the quality control, and treatment of customers is just abismal.

      They could learn something here from info
    • Does everything it should!
      This is a great item! It navigates me in my sales territory, and hardly any errors....more info
    • So-so, Voice breaks up rendering device widely unusable
      This is my second TomTom GO (I also own the GO 910). The unit basically works fine, but there is one BIG drawback: when using a computer voice (so the unit reads out loud names of streets and cities) the voice only works with very fundamental patterns of intersections and exits. As soon as you navigate through more complex intersections the voice breaks up completely. You can not understand what she is saying. Very annoying.

      Contacted TT support already and up to now they have not been able to fix this. Will give it back to Amazon then....more info
    • Perfect Combo of Features from the Right Manufacturer at the Right Price
      I recently purchased a TomTom GO 920 after two straight weeks of extensive research over the holiday break. I've never owned a GPS unit of any kind and there are a lot of choices out there. I have to say, while I've only used the device for a week in my current city (Raleigh, NC), I'm quite impressed with the TT 920 so far. I believe this device has the perfect combination of features from the right manufacturer at the right price. I'll give the TT 920 four stars, it would be five, but I haven't used it long enough yet.

      I travel rather frequently around the US, Canada, and Europe, so I was looking for a device that would work in all these areas of the world (check). I also preferred a bluetooth-enabled device, so I could use my handfree Blackberry while driving (double check). The 3-inch screen seemed so small, so I wanted the larger 4-inch screen (triple check). And, because there's a newer TomTom on the market, Amazon had this device discounted from $450 to $225 (quadruple check).

      The TT 920 worked fine right out of the box. I opened it, turned it on, and the device picked up a satellite signal within 30 seconds. I'm not sure why some other reviews complained about the long time it took to find a satellite (several minutes, up to 15 minutes). I did not experience this problem at all. I did lose the satellite signal once I went into my office, so I would say that perhaps these folks are turning on their devices for the first time while sitting inside. While this certain seems reasonable, naturally I'd expect the roof of a building might block the signal.

      I'm reasonably techie, having owned many various devices (various MP3 players and iPods, various phones, laptops, wireless Internet cards, etc), so I was rather certain that I could figure out this device. It was indeed quite simple. There's a quick-start guide in the box along with a step-by-step tutorial that pops up when you turn on the device. Both provided enough detail for my taste to begin using it. I'm not sure why people in other reviews are complaining about the lack of an extensive user guide. I think people just like to complain. The device is definitely self-explanatory and if you're having trouble, the full user guide is available in PDF format on the CD included in the box.

      The routing on this device seemed fine as well. I requested a route between my office and my home. The most logical one popped up, but I took an alternate route just to see how quickly the device would re-route itself. It was seamless. The TT calculated a new route within about 5 seconds and it was indeed the route I was intending to take. I tested this a few more times from home to the grocery store, from home to the gym, from the grocery store to the dry cleaners. Each time the device came up with the most logical route and then quickly re-routed itself when I took a different road. Again, I'm not sure about the complaints made in prior reviews about slow re-routing or no re-routing at all. The maps all seemed fine to me. If fact, both my office and my home are located in newly-constructed areas, so there was a good chance that neither would even be on the map, but they were. No problem.

      I used the bluetooth option to link my Blackberry 8310 with the TomTom, and that was easy as well. Just click the "phone" option on the TT menu, "search for phones" and then my Blackberry popped up on the list of devices. The TT then asks if you'd like to synch the phone numbers from my phone to the TT. I have about 200 numbers of my phone and it synched in about 15 seconds. Easy enough. When connecting your phone (at least the Blackberry 8310) with the TT, just make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone and that you phone is tagged as "discoverable." This option might turned off as a default.

      Last thing, two pleasant surprises: the remote control and iPod controls. The TT 920 comes with a remote control, which I didn't think I'd use, but it has been a life-saver for my back. I have a deep front windshield on my car and I sit pretty far back in the seat, so I'd likely have to lean all the way forward just to use the touch-screen. The remote controls most options on the TT making it a nice surprise on this device. As for the iPod control, I haven't tried to use it yet, but if it simply plays my iPod music thru the device then I won't use it. My car audio system is top-notch and the speakers on the TomTom aren't very good. I'm hoping it simply displays the song titles and allows me to scroll thru my music library via the remote. We'll see.

      Bottom line, as I mentioned above, I believe this device has the perfect combination of features from the right manufacturer at the right price. I'll continue to check various maps around the US and will report back in. I'm going to Europe in March and Canada in May, so I can report those results as well.
      ...more info
    • Not good for Mexico, but rest of US and Europe seem great!
      We have really liked this device. Easy to install, easy to use and the maps and directions have been absolutely correct so far! Our only complaint is that it does not have any maps of Mexico. Otherwise, really good product!...more info
    • Very good product... Some limitations...
      Overall very satisfied with the GPS. Handsfree calling is good quality. Map has some minor issues but I'm hoping mapshare will fix those eventually. Similar issues were found in Garmin as well (don't know how I could have fixed in Garmin).
      Pros: TTS - as crapy or good it is, its still comparable to Garmin Nuvi750. choices of different color schemes (can have your own or download from web). Lots of points of interests (Garmin also has) & can download more from web (don't know if you can do that for Garmin). Lots of Flexibility of customizing the GPS to your preferences. This may also be somewhat confusing to user with non programming background.
      Cons: Cannot see distance travelled. I think this is one of the nice features that Garmin had, there was a separate window in which you can see current speed, distance to destination, distance travelled & max speed. TomTom provides other features but doesn't provide distance travelled which is the feature I would like to use if I just went out for a run or biking to see how far I'm since started.

      I recently used it for 1500 mile roadtrip and was very useful in finding tourist interests, food places & hotel locations. Overall I would have rated this product 5stars if I didn't know Garmin Nuvi750 as well. But Nuvi750 would have been 3stars compared to TomTom GO 920.
      ...more info
    • Excellent Navigator
      I took my folks on a trip to see family in Minnesota from Michigan. After carefully reviewing many makes and models of navigators, I settled on this one. It was a bit more expensive than others, but I wanted to have ease of use and reliability; this one came through on both counts.

      The touch screen is easy to use and the menu system isn't too hard to learn. After inputting the starting and ending points, the unit did the rest. It flawlessly took us to where we needed to be in a city we really didn't know and in the dark; it was as though we knew exactly where we were going. It also did the same for points within the city. The only problem times were when there were several exits right next to each other, but that was the fault of the city planners and not TomTom.

      I can wholeheartedly recommend this unit to anyone.

      ...more info
    • Great GPS. Easy to use with TONS of features
      I tried 2 different HP gps devices and looked at a couple garmins also but ended up with this device and have been very happy with it. The only complains I have had were the radio transmitter is a little weak (my antenna is in the back of the car), the battery doesn't last very long (I usually have to have it plugged in for anything longer than 30 minutes), I can't get traffic information through BT on my phone (probably my phones problem and not the device), and I couldn't figure out how to make the voices go through my headset while music plays to my stereo....more info
    • Going in the right direction now.
      I am very happy with my gps. I never used one before and it arrived at my house just in time for me to take a trip from R.I. to the Boston Garden to see Celtic's. Took me right to the parking garage without a hitch. And no problem at all coming home. From a guy who needs directions to get out of a phone booth. lol Not Bad !!!...more info
    • BUYER BEWARE: TomTom has DISABLED FM Transmitting in ALL countries
      TomTom continues to advertise FM Transmitting but has disabled the feature in firmware. Due to laws in some European countries, TomTom has removed this feature across the board!

      Taken from the TomTom website:

      "You can use the built-in FM Transmitter. This allows you to transmit music* from your TomTom GO to your car stereo. Your car stereo receives the sound as an FM radio signal, just like it does from a radio station. You cannot listen to another radio station at the same time.

      *Voice instructions cannot be transmitted via FM Transmitter"

      Discussion Thread
      Response (ST Jamie Mc) 03/07/2009 11:16 AM

      Thank you for taking the time to contact TomTom Customer Support regarding the FM transmitter no longer working. My name is Jamie. We are always happy to help.

      We understand that you are concerned about the recent change to the TomTom application which has disabled FM Transmission of navigation instructions. We deeply regret that it has become necessary for us to implement this change, as our FM Transmission technology was a unique innovation at the time of its release.

      TomTom products can be used for travel in many different countries around the world. In an effort to comply with the laws of these countries, we have removed this feature from the product. We are currently working to reinstitute this feature in compliance with these regulations. At this time a date of release is not available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

      Thank you for choosing TomTom for your navigation needs. If you have any further questions or comments, please email or call us at 866-486-6866 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM EST or Saturday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST. Thanks again for writing. At TomTom we believe in showing you the way the easy way.

      With Best Regards,

      TomTom Customer Support

      Very bad TomTom for not telling people you removed this feature. TomTom and its retailers continue to list this as an option when its not. The tiny horrible speaker on the TomTom unit can barely be heard requiring it to be trasmitted to your car stereo, only one problem, you can no longer do that thanks to TomTom.

      Solution: Buy a Garmin who does not have this stupid rule in the U.S. and allows FM transmitting to the car stereo. Hey TomTom why don't you read the Garmin pages about FM Transmitting and follow their lead and turn it off in the two countries in Europe, NOT THE ENTIRE WORLD.

      Garmin has better maps anyway and the TomTom could not find my street where I live (its not a small street and has been here since 1984).
      ...more info
    • Wow :)
      This Tom Tom go 920 has it all .. I have been playing with it all weekend, it is amazing The hands free for the cell is just one of the great features The voice command is awesome!It not only calls out the turns but says all the street names.I'm loving it! :)...more info
    • My Tom Tom
      I never thought I would need a navigation system. Then I went on a long trip with out one. It was a disaster. Now I have my Tom Tom and my long trips are much better. I have not had the issues with the screen "dimness" other reviewers have had. I see the screen fine and clear at all times of the day and night. I also have not had the issues with the mounting bracket that other reviewers have had. My Tom Tom mounts securely and has never fallen off the bracket nor has the bracket fallen off the windshield while tapping the the screnn options. It is easier to navigate using voice commands than using the screen alone because you are no taking your eyes off the road. The places I have gone have been accurately navigated 98% of the time. I purchased the feul program so the Tom Tom finds the lowest gas price for me. This has been very convenient in my travels. I would recommend the Tom Tom 920 because of the convenient remote control, so you are not having to tap the the screen and taking your eyes off the road.

      My one warning. I would recommend pushing the reset button when you first get the Tom Tom, before you begin selecting your features. Once I got my Tom Tom all programmed and downloaded the fuel package, it quit talking to me. I had to reset the device and reload everything for it to talk again. My friends who also have Tom Toms, but different models have also had this problem. I don't have any idea why this happens. But once I reset and reloaded I have not had the problem again.

      Over all I really like my Tom Tom Go 920. I hope that if you decide to purchase one you like yours as much as I like mine....more info