Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station
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Product Description

Channel surf through your local channels even if you're not local. The LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station grants you access to your personal DVR content and local TV channels from wherever you are. You can even connect your DVD or VCR to the base station and enjoy your home movie collection while on the road. For added convenience, you can easily connect your camcorder and monitor your home from work or while vacationing in another country. With so much versatility at your fingertips, there's always something good on TV, no matter where you are. Internet connection required. Broadband connection recommended.

  • Displays programming from TV, DVR, and other audio/video components remotely via the Internet
  • Connects to your wired or wireless home network
  • Built-in Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Send video to a computer or PSP system with an Internet connection

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great If.....
    This is a great product however I can no longer use it. I was told by the Sony technician that my problem is there are too many wireless users in my neighborhood. Freestation needs a clear channel to receive video.

    It seems that in order for me to use the wireless function on my Freestation, I now need to have a stand-alone MIMO router (in addition to the router/modem I already have). My question to him was..."So I guess folks in NYC can't use Freestation huh?".

    My question is...will Freestation become obsolete as more & more people use wireless? ...more info
  • Works perfectly
    Follow the directions and be sure your router has port 5026 open to the IP assigned to the LF-V30....more info
  • Anyone want to buy mine?
    I don't know why I am different than anyone else, but I have made 3 calls to SONY support in the last 2 weeks(5 total since I bought the system) and am still unable to use the system remotely. So, I have basically wasted my money, since I have no need to use it while I am at home. I did not get the system working originally using the wizard. I have NEVER found what I needed in online support after spending hours trying. And I have not always found friendly techies on the other line. (And I have been polite at all times except for the last). I am not a technological moron, having spent 23 years in IT. In my next-to-the-last support call from home, I was assured I was all set up to access via the internet using my PC. 1200 miles later, support tells me I need to be home to trouble-shoot from the base station. So it's going on Ebay when I get home. I have always favored SONY products. But after this experience . . . ...more info
  • Very Very Impressed!!!!
    I must say that I am very impressed with the Locationfree. This really make having a Vaio stand out above many other computers. The picture and audio streams so clearly! What really impressed me is that I'm able to even flip through the channels through my laptop! If you have a WIFI connection then you will be in heaven because you are practically carrying your cable box with you anywhere! I'm shocked cable companies have not capitalized on this great idea, i'm SO happy I bought this. P.S. Contrary to popular belief, the set up was VERY easy. GO AND GET YOU ONE! ...more info
  • That a great machine!!!
    Love it. Only if the remote for HD DVR for Directv would also be available......more info
  • Great product.
    I purchased and have been playing with the Sony LF-V30 Location Free Base Station for several days. Overall I am very satisfied. Setting it up, however. I had a few issues.

    1. I didn't realize you had to place the IR Blaster Wire over your DirecTV box (or whatever your video source is). I put the wire over the Base Station instead and was utterly confused as to why none of the on-screen remotes worked. Once I figured it out, setting the Base Station up on my PC was a snap.

    2. Setting it up on my PSP was easier, however none of the supplied on screen remote choices worked. I could not change the channels or power my DirecTV box on with my PSP. I have the DirecTV HD receiver, the H20. I looked up information online and found out that I had to create my own on screen remote by using the "learning function" of the Base Station. Once that was done, and the file was created on my desktop, I had to move that file to my PSP. To do that, you have to connect your PSP to your PC via the USB cable. Then, create 3 folders on your PSP memory stick. Then, move the file you created to the proper folder. When you use the player through your PSP, you have to scroll to the bottom and select the "Custom Remote" option and select it. Then you're good to go.

    From a performance standpoint, I think the picture and sound quality are excellent. It's great to be able to watch and change the channels from my computer. Then, simply hook my PSP up to my bedroom TV with the AV or Component cable and I have access to all of my DirecTV channels. Or, simply watch on the PSP screen.

    Overall, this is a great product. ...more info
  • Very, Very cool. A must have!
    This product is similar to the "Sling Box", however, the Sony LocationFree Base is WiFi enabled (no Ethernet cable needed, unlike the Sling Box), so this is more flexible than the Sling Box, and a Sony product.

    The only issue I had, is that the setup instructions are VERY insufficient. There's pretty much no way you'll be able to set it up by yourself (and I'm pretty technically savvy),You'll definitely need to contact Sony customer service to get it up and running. Sony's customer service is great, and they will access your computer to make all of the correct adjustments to your router, etc.

    Once it is set up correctly it is amazing! You can view up to two video sources through the unit. You can watch on your PC or from anywhere on your Laptop via the Internet. My boyfriend is an International Flight Attendant, and with this, he can watch any shows on my TV, DVR or Netflix Player from anywhere in the World that he may be. You gotta get this!...more info
  • Not really Mac compatible
    I don't really own one, so I am entering as 3 stars. Just a warning that despite the specifications, Sony does not officially support Mac compatibility. In order to get this to work on a Mac requires third party software...that you can't buy anymore. Even if you could buy the software, it costs $40 per computer to install, so I am going to have to go with a Slingbox.

    Also just to clarify Windows player use, you can get the Windows player as a free download on Sony's site, and are allowed to install on as many PC's as you wish....more info
  • Sony Location Free
    I was looking at Slingbox pro but the price is too stiff for what i intended for this functionality. Sony is a surprise to me as it performed better than i expect it to. Not to mention the price i paid for only $99.++ at the time it was put on sale. The reduced price did it for me. Overall, i am pretty satisfied with this purchase. ...more info
  • it rocks!!!
    I use the location free base for my psp around the house to watch tv. great picture, easy set up, love the remote control set up....more info
  • Buy a Slingbox
    Unfortunately the SONY locationfree Base Station will only work if there is no other wifi network nearby. I live in a townhouse and many of my neighbors have local wireless networks. Although my wireless network has 5 bars and the highest number of bars a nearby neighbor's network has is three, I cannot get the base station to connect. This was confirmed by a SONY Locationfree techie this morning. He admitted that the device is basically useless where I live....more info
  • Limits to device
    This may not matter to some of you but i found there is a limit to simultaneous connections of only 1 at a time so if you want to stream this to more than 1 device at a time lets say a laptop or pc downstairs and a pc upstairs forget it. I called sony to verify it and to make sure i wasnt doing anything wrong and i was told LIMIT 1 ! you get a error that states it in the software app. good thing i only paid $18 from OSTK...more info
  • Slick device, complicated setup, Mac users beware
    Device does what it promised. Sony makes it much of it straightforward. For reasons that are unclear I had difficulty making the component inputs take a signal and pass it on. I almost think that you need to power cycle the device anytime you make changes, even hardware ones. Despite recommendations of 300kbps for upload speed, the best picture comes from 4mbps which I easily got over a wired and wireless connection to my Time Capsule (not Base Station). My signal from the Base Station was Fair so I couldn't get a consistently good picture unless I left it wired. It is located a floor and 2 rooms away from my Time Capsule. The LocationFree Player for Mac OS X is a separate purchase and nearly impossible to find. It is of poor quality compared to the Windows version. If you are a Mac user, run Parallels in windowed mode (not coherence, otherwise black and white picture only) then use the software provided with it. You will be much happier. The PSP setup was straightforward and worked fine. Output from the PSP via component cable to a 42 inch LCD HDTV was surprisingly good. Definitely soft picture but all things considered, very good. Sony support was helpful with setup and minimal hold time. If setup was easier I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • Location Free Base Station
    This works as advertised. Set up was relatively easy. I wish it would play(stream) saved videos from the network computer. Otherwise 5 stars...more info
  • Thats what i really need of
    The good thing i recieved it on time,it worked fine from the first setup,now the software is included in the package,no need to purchase it,and what do u want me to say? it is really good,it even can learn from your Remote Control.
    The bad thing,it does not have the HDMI,may be in the next model,but that is ok for now.
    I do recommend it for my friends.
    tks Sony...more info
  • easy setup does everything it said it would
    easy setup does everything it said it would , i use it on my psp and laptop change channels and watching dvr while at the park or beach is great!!!...more info
  • LF-V30
    The product is much better than a slingbox. It is easy to setup as long as you follow the directions. Perfect for college students. quality is great. I would not purchase any other similar product. this product works great, is cheap, and easy to use...more info
  • lf-v30
    awesome watching tv on laptops and psp. however you can only watch on one laptop or one psp at a time. tho it only takes a minute or two to setup....more info
  • good performance, a real challenge to set up
    if you are able to set it up it will work really good. I am sending signal to my PSP and laptop. if not eSupport form sony will help to solve the problem. Really good stuff...more info
  • Almost as good as Slingbox
    This device does the same as the Slingbox but not as expensive. The only issue I had was software does not work on 64bit vista and not as good as slingbox but does a very comparable job. Overall I'm pleased with it....more info