VuPoint FS-C1-VP Film and Silde Digital Converter
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Product Description

Are all your old film negatives and vintage slides sitting in a closet gathering dust? It's time to reclaim your pre-digital memories with the VuPoint scanner ? the easy home solution for quality film-to-digital transfers! Model FS-C1-VP.

  • Scan images at 5.0 Mega pixel quality
  • Automatic color balance and exposure control
  • Built-in back light
  • Scan color or monochrome film and mounted slides
  • 2.0 USB Interface

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible image quality - only a gadget
    I purchased this scanner to digitize my late parents' slides for the rest of our family. Figured it would be easier to use than the flatbed one I already had (Epson Perfection Photo 1260 with transparency adapter). It didn't take long to see how disappointing the results were - a slide which looked beautiful in a viewer looked awful in the VuPoint. The "camera" overloads very easily, which washes out a great deal of detail. Putting two layers of tracing paper underneath the slide helped to relieve that problem, but threw the colors off. I bought this thing to scan precious slides with, not to fiddledick with in hopes of getting acceptable results.

    When I went back to my old flatbed, the results were vastly better. The VuPoint was a waste of time and money....more info
  • Basic converter with flakey drivers for WinXP
    I just spent the last two days trying to get this device installed on my desktop computer. I downloaded the latest drivers/software from the vupointsolutions website, v. It didn't work using Windows 7, I know..., it's not supported, but I thought I'd try anyway. I installed WinXP, and still no go. The drivers and software installed but when attempting to scan a negative or calibrate, nothing happens.

    I then tried an older notebook running winxp and it worked. I was able to scan negatives, save images, and make adjustments. But with the older and slower processor, it was almost unusable. I tried it on a newer faster notebook running winxp and again, it didn't work.

    I then loaded Vista and was able to the software and scan in photos on the newer notebook and my Desktop computer.

    So, in conclusion,installation was not very successful on Windows xp. Using Vista, my success installing and using this device is 100%

    The quality of the scans definitely depends on quality of the negatives. For my purposes of uploading to a photo storage site and viewing on a computer monitor, the scans are adequate.

    I was finally able to install on my WinXP desktop computer after making sure all USB 2.0 drivers (you may need to go to the motherboard website to download all appropriate drivers for your motherboard) were installed. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, this digital converter requires USB 2.0 ports or it WILL NOT WORK, thus all the negative reviews and returned units.

    I've digitized two rolls of negatives so far. Yes, the quality is not perfect... yes, there is still dust and specks even after physically cleaning the negatives... yes, real scanner do a much better job. BUT this device does a quick and dirty job of digitizing old pictures that have been hidden in shoeboxes for many years and are now easily accessible on the web by my family and friends.

    A click of a button (less than a second) and you've scanned (converted) your image. A quality scanner can take 45-60 seconds for each image! I don't have enough years left in my life to scan all my negative at that rate!

    I certainly wouldn't use this converter to convert slides and negatives to be enlarged and displayed as prints in a gallery, but it certainly works for my needs....more info
  • JUNK!!!!
    Bought this item to convert old slides for christmas gifts. The Scanner will scan for a few slides, then nothing!!!!! It too tow hours to scan 9 slides!!!! not worth the $$$$. What a piece of junk!!! Would have given it a half of star if I could....more info
  • Poor quality image
    I found one of these units locally for about $68 on clearance. The set-up was easy as was the operation. After scanning a few pictures I opened them for examination. What a disappointment! The images were washed out, inconsistent and looked like they were covered with a fine dust. I double checked that the negatives were clean and followed the instructions for cleaning the scanner - no change. I thought that the fading of the image from left to right was the result of a brightly lit window to near my set-up. I covered the scanner with a dark cloth and tried again. Still an unacceptable scan. After several different attempts to get a decent scan - increasing resolution, changing to different formats, etc. I gave up and returned the unit to the store.

    Either I had a QC reject or this is just a bad product....more info
  • works, but has issues
    My mother received this as a gift last christmas, and was anxious to try it out - installed without any issues, but didn't work for long. It would scan a couple of slides, then nothing. the preview screen would not show anything.
    After rebooting, and reinstalling, it would work again, but for just a few slides.
    I later tried it on my laptop, and it seemed to work, for a while, then had the same issues. Couldn't scan any more slides. Customer service non-existent.
    I pulled it out of the closet recently after several months, and tried it again on my laptop(with vista home premium). This time it worked without any problems. I was able to scan about 2 dozen photos (very slowly) without any hiccups or memory issues. After reading reviews, the old issues could have been related to unpowered USB ports.
    This would be much easier as a two man operation, with one person to prepare the slides, and one to do the scanning. If you have a friend, an extra slide tray would be extremely helpful. (Anyone know where I can get one?) For a large number of slides, this is going to be a painfully slow process. And that doesn't include any touch-ups that will be required. Half of my time was spent deciding which slides I wanted - it is too slow, I don't want to waste my time scanning un-wanted pictures.

    If it works for you, then this is a reasonably priced option, if it doesn't work right away, I would send it back. (I wish we had)....more info
  • Crap, Crap, Crap

    Using the software that comes with the VuPoint FS-C1-VP resulted in overexposed photos with washed-out colors. This was off slides in good condition with rich colors.

    Using the downloaded software that is supposed to correct this issue resulted in the PhotoImpression software refusing to recognize the scanner. That's where matters stand after five hours of work.

    Unless you are a software engineer willing to spend eighty dollars and several hours on getting this scanner to function, this is a poor product. Not recommended. ...more info
  • Question: Does a cheap film scanner always give cheap results?
    I've been shopping film scanners for some time and cheapies such as this one seem to please some people and totally disappoint others. What it boils down to is: Are you a serious photographer or just a snapshooter that is satisfied with any sort of image that shows your Aunt Minnie smiling on Thanksgiving? For those of us who've been serious amateur or semi-professional photographers for the last several decades, not just any old piece of junk will do, although I've found that my inexpensive flatbed scanner does a pretty good job transferring 35mm prints from color negs into digital images. Prints from 35mm slides may be a different matter, however, but I've seldom been impressed with them to start with. As for digital images from slides or negatives, my research so far indicates that less expensive film scanners may do a decent job on slides, but on negatives, particularly color negatives, they don't perform very well. Couple that with the apparent requirement for lots of RAM and a high speed processor and you have a real problem going cheap. An expenditure of about $350 seems to be required for all the reviews from past buyers to be positive. For example, several reviewers said of a $350 scanner by Minolta that it delivered results comparable to a $1200 film scanner by Nikon. That sounds like a good value for your money if you have $350 to spend. I'd not even consider buying a film scanner were it not becoming increasingly inconvenient to operate my darkroom and were the commercial results for prints from film not disappointing and steadily declining. I'm afraid I remain very skeptical, in general, about the digital revolution, particularly when it comes to photography. One reviewer here spoke of "the limits of 20th Century slides" and how great "modern hi-def" digital images were in comparison. His opinions prompted me to put in my 2 cents worth. From my perspective, that guy doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. In no way do digital images compare with high quality 35mm images, no matter in what century they were taken, so long as the photographer knew what he was doing to start with. Of course, if you want to compare amateurish snapshots from yesteryear with amateurish snapshots from today, then perhaps your distinction holds true, but in general, digital photography with anything but the most expensive digital cameras still lags way behind film photography with inexpensive 35 mm cameras when it comes to the results obtained. To a serious photographer in any medium, that is where the rubber meets the road. And we're only comparing digital to 35mm here, not even considering medium or large format film photography, where expected results are far better yet. These days, not only are the old standards of excellence being thrown right out the window so the manufacturers can make scads of dough fooling Johnny Digital into believing that he's a hot photographer with practically no experience under his belt as he slobbers all over Adobe Photoshop to make his mediocre images into something half-decent, but digital cameras aren't really cameras at all, in my opinion. Besides having an eye for an effective compostion, a properly lit subject, and a good working knowledge of its expected movements, if you can't quickly and precisely control exposure, shutter speed, focus, and depth of field, then you are not much of a photographer. And if you honestly believe your digital images will "last forever," then you must never have had your computer mysteriously wipe clean an entire CD of filed photos in an instant for no understandable reason. "Last forever?" In your dreams. Barring any such unpredicatable anomaly suddenly destroying your files, we have no idea how long they really will last, even under ideal conditions, without significant degradation taking place. Of course, they'll come up with a new gadget in a few years (or months) that will make all your digital files obsolete anyway. I hope I live to see the day when Gen X is desperately attempting to defend the innovations they've grown up with against the new wave of stuff they can't even imagine. It ought to be entertaining. ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    Not even close.. The photos have no depth colors look washed out
    B/W looks awful again no depth and the contrast is terrible.
    I paid $80 and returned it the next day.
    You will get what you pay for and this item is cheap but not very cheerful
    ...more info
  • 35mm slide scanner
    Ordering and delivery was excellent. The product itself is working well. I'm recovering pictures I haven't seen for years....more info
  • VuPoint
    I've done over 1000 slides and it worked perfect. I used the software on both my Windows XP computer and Vista. Works great on either....more info
  • This is JUNK!!!!!
    WARNING!!!!! I read the reviews and still thought I'd give this thing a try. This thing is JUNK!!!! Tried to use on both a VISTA and XP Machine. Could not get it to "aquire image" via software provided on either machine. Was able to get it to sort of work using the image caputure feature in XP. This is not a scanner. Its basically a digital camera inside a black box. You're just taking pictures of your slides. Image quality is horrible. JUNK JUNK JUNK. Not worth $100 or even $10. Useless JUNK. It goes back to the store tomorrow. The idea is great but this device is horrible! DO NOT BUY THIS!...more info
  • Good News for VuPoint FS-C1-VP-BX2 owners
    At first I was put off by the many negative reviews, but decided to give it a try anyway. I purchased the VuPoint FS-C1-VP-BX2 about 2 weeks ago and I am glad I did. It took some trial and error and an updated version of the software, but now everything is fine and I am pleased with the results. It's quick, easy to use, and inexpensive. The quality is fine for my needs. If I have a slide or negative that is of special importance, I'll send it to a lab for scanning. For everything else, this is fine.

    By far the most serious problem I encountered was the lack of ability to control the exposure manually. For example, the scanner would take a light face in a dark background and turn up the brightness so quickly that the features were wiped out. I tried to do a capture as soon as the image appeared, but that did not work well.

    Here is the good news. I emailed VuPoint's customer service, described the problem, and sent a scan that demonstrated the problem. They very quickly responded as follows:

    Please uninstall the driver and ArcSoft software from your computer. Then click on this link and click on the download for PhotoImpression This will download as a ZIP file on to your computer. Extract all the files and install the driver as well the ArcSoft Software Suite on to your computer. This updated driver and software will enable you to manually adjust the exposure before clicking on snapshot. We hope that this will be of some assistance. We apologize about any inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our toll free number: 1-888-788-6888 or email us at

    I did as they said and now the VuPoint actually gives me the ability to control the exposure manually. A slider appears in the OVT Scanner window right above the Snap Shot/Transfer/Format/Exit icons.

    A few points:

    Make sure you do first uninstall both the driver as well as the ArcSoft software. Use the software rather than Control Panel to do this:

    1. Download the software as directed above and extract all the files.

    2. Open the Photoimpression folder. There should be a folder within that has the identical name. Open it. Double click on Autorun.exe.

    3. Ignore the security warning that the publisher could not be verified. Hit Run.

    3. The Film Scanner menu should appear. Click on Scanner Driver.

    4. Click on Remove.

    5. Go through the corresponding process to remove the ArcSoft Software Suite.

    6. Reboot, rerun the Autorun.exe file, install the Driver and then ArcSoft, and reboot.

    You should see the .130 version of the ArcSoft with the manual exposure control. It appears on the OVT Scanner window right above the Snap shot/Transfer/Format/Exit icons.

    Two other points that address some of the earlier comments.

    If your PC doesn't recognize the VuPoint even though you think you have USB 2.0, think again. I thought I had 2.0 because the PC manual says I do and because I see "enhanced" when I look at the description in Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager. However, my iPod keeps telling me I have USB 1.1, and my PC did not recognize the VuPoint. For $10 I bought a USB 2.0 PCI card. It took 5 minutes to install. Now I have 4 true USB 2.0 ports (my iPod transfers faster now) and the PC recognizes the VuPoint.

    I have a lot of 110 slides. I fashioned a slide holder out of balsa wood with an Exacto knife and glue. It hold 8 110 slides and works great.

    I am running XP SP3 on both my Averatec 2100 and Sony PCV-RZ24G. VuPoint works on both.

    I hope you find this helpful

    Ken Zwick...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I purchased this product hoping I could save my parents some money by scanning all their slides and negatives and saving them on CD. Having all the slides professionally converted was over $800. However, this was not the easiest manual to follow because it missed steps or my system didn't install it like it said it would. Once we finally got it up and running, we scanned a few pictures and they all came out the same way. The whole picture wasn't scanned correctly. The far left side of the picture was washed out as if light was getting into the scanner (we were in a pretty dark room). We checked and rechecked and scanned and rescanned, they all came out the same. The areas of the picture that did scan okay were pretty poor quality and really grainy looking. The negatives that we were testing with were developed just a few months ago, so they weren't old and worn. I had to take the product back because we couldn't even fix with the pictures in PhotoShop, the quality was too bad. The white-wash on the left side was unfixable, so the whole scan was useless....more info
  • great item
    This is a really cool product. I have been looking for something to transfer family slides for a while and this is very easy to use....more info
  • I don't know what all the complaints are about!
    Obviously some people have no clue what's going on. I bought this as a gift for my dad who photographs aircrafts and has years worth of slides that he wanted to get onto the computer for his own recreation.

    I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, but I had absolutely NO PROBLEM installing any of the software..... so I don't understand what all the complaints are about.

    We scanned slides, b&w negatives, and regular negatives and I was surprised how quickly and decently the pictures came out! Much better than our scanner that took forever and always turned out crooked for whatever reason.

    Basically - to all those people leaving negative reviews and complaining - if you're such a professional and need fancy photo processing done on your pictures after you get them scanned - do youself a favor and dish out more than $80 and get a top of the line piece of equipment that will do all of that for you.

    You would think it would be obvious that something that costs under $100 isn't going to have all the bells & whistles included. For what it's worth - this equipment works well, is incredibly easy to use, and I have absolutely no complaints. Well worth the small price tag! ...more info
  • very good!!!
    easy way to convert negatives, the interface is clear, only takes between 20 or 30 seconds per photo, sometimes the light is too strong and you need the photoimpresion software to dark it....more info
  • Very Easy Scanner
    The VuPoint scanner, for the price and performance, is excellent. I plugged it in to my Windows XP USB port and it worked fine. It does not require an external power supply or batteries.

    I am very pleased with the way I can view the slides in my collection using the software it comes with. I do use other editing software (I use freeware called Irfanview along with the purchased application called PaperPort) with the scanned images.

    Now I can saves images amazingly fast and with good quality at 5 MP. The scanner is just what I needed. I bought it to scan a collection of hundreds old family slides that my parents have in boxes. ...more info
  • VuPoint not for you.
    I found the VuPoint scanner not acceptable and I am still waiting for a replacement. My contacts with VuPoint were helpful but the equipment still did not produce acceptable images. My contact with the seller has been sporadic, at best, and a replacement unit has not been delivered.

    I an NOT anxious to deal with these providers again....more info
  • 1 Star is too much!
    I purchased this item from a local store for my father. We wanted to scan all of our old family slides and put them on a DVD for everyone at Christmas. We paid around $100 for this item. What an enormous waste of time and money.

    The scanner itself was constructed to be quite sturdy. However, the software that came with it was extremely difficult, unclear and not user-friendly at all - even to people who are experienced with many different programs. The tray to place the slides in was very difficult to open and close and therefore, took a lot of time to load and unload. Also, very old slides from the 1960's scanned better than those from later dates and they changed from a rectangular design to a square one. This caused the later slides to be cut off on the edges. The converter automatically calibrates when first used. However, we never were able to figure out how to calibrate it again after that first time. We found the "calibrate" button, but it was grayed out and therefore not useable. After we scanned a number of slides, we noticed that they were not clear at all and also they all came out very washed out. Especially in photos that were light in color to begin with. We did figure out that if you scanned it immediately, it was better. However, the picture quality was poor at best. In short, save your money for one of the more expensive scanners that actually does the job - don't waste your time or money on this one....more info
  • Very Disappointed with this product
    Its not worth the time it takes to get the negative to fit in the holders they give you. I'd much rather buy a hp flat bed scanner that lets you see the final photo image and not just an image of the negative. It takes to much time and isn't worth the money....more info
  • Barely OK
    Received this unit as a Christmas gift so that I could transfer all of the family's years of slides onto disk. Finally got around to the task. The dread started when I saw that the manual provides only the barest minimum of working instructions. The disapointments continued when I was trying to choose the various scanning levels; the end results of scanning at low or high levels appear to be identical, except that saving the higher end scan took an extremely long time. Finally, and most importantly, the colors are lousy and anything bright is washed out. Makes everything look like overexposed echtrachrome. Did they have a sale on the color blue and forget to program for brown? If I'd bought the unit for $19.99 at Walmart I wouldn't complain. But for this price, it's a big dissapointment. I'm back to my (now) old and trusty CanoScan, which may be slower, but the clarity and color quality is far superior....more info
  • Will solve a desired need
    Although I have not used this yet, I was told about it by others.
    I am setting up to use it as I write....more info
  • Nothing works
    ** Not Reccommended**
    Purchased as a gift in August. Opened a week ago. Spent the last week trying to get Win Xp to recognise the Vu Point scanner. Many drivers and reloads later all I have is a little black box with a red light and a message from windows that says "USB Device Not Recognised"....more info
  • I like it
    I dreaded starting the project of transferring my parents slides to jpg, but after I got started; I am really enjoying seeing the old photos. It takes awile but I do it while I'm on the phone. I figure if I do a few trays a week I will be done before I know it!!
    The jpgs come out incredibly clear-yes they are not perfect but they are 50 some year old slides so what do you expect? They have been sitting in my parents attic!!
    I can't wait to show the pics to my parents to take that walk down memory lane with them!!!
    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Bad purchase
    I am sorry I purchased this product. I should have known better, after reading so many bad reviews. ArcSoft's PhotImpression 6 does not load. I keep getting a "Visual C++ runtime error". I was able to scan several slides and negatives,using other softawre, but quality of the scans was poor and/or over compensated. ArcSoft issue with PhotoImpression 6 apparently cannot be corrected, or maybe they just don't have a clue as to how it can be fixed. I purchased a Plustek 7200, which gives me much better scans. My purchase of the Vupoint FS-C1-VP-BX2 was a dissapointment and a waste of money....more info