Canon PowerShot SD870IS 8MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)
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Product Description

From the very first glance, the smooth shape and bold lines of the stylish PowerShot SD870IS Digital ELPH signal that this is no ordinary camera. With 8.0 megapixels of resolution, an Optical Image Stabilizer, and 3.8x optical zooming, the SD870IS Digital ELPH boasts impressive specs as well as a host of convenience features. Face Detection Technology for worry-free people shots. A large 3.0-inch LCD to give you a perfect view of your scene. The Auto ISO Shift and ISO 1600 deliver brilliant images in challenging lighting.

  • 8-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 3.8x wide-angle image-stabilized optical zoom; 3.0-inch wide-viewing-angle LCD display
  • Face Detection technology and in-camera red-eye fix
  • 17 shooting modes, including 10 special scene modes; Print/Share button
  • Powered by NB-5L lithium-ion battery (battery and charger included); stores images on SD memory cards (32MB memory card included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Canon PowerShot SD87OIS
    I love this camera! It is so easy to use and so small it fits in a pocket. My previous digital camera was too complicated. This manual is very user friendly (for someone who is a beginner) and if you want to do more advanced stuff, the manual explains step by step. This is a great camera with a fabulous price. The pictures are perfect....more info
  • Great Camera
    I finally upgraded from a Canon 2MP Powershot. The photo quality, use & battery life couldn't be better for my use. Very happy!...more info
  • so far so good
    so far (2 weeks) everything is fine. pictures have beautiful colors. the screen is really big. and i like the zoom. two things I don't like so much:
    1. with the red-eye-reduction it flashes so long and so bright nobody can look into the camera and leave the eyes open. without the reduction the eyes are completely red.
    2. it's difficult to take pics without flash even when it is really bright sometimes. you have to increase the iso, just turning the flash off, you can't take pics of things and people moving just a little. but increasing the iso decreases the quality of the pic :( ...more info
  • Nice pictures
    My husband purchased this camera for us after cracking the view screen on our Olympus. I have to say that the pictures are very nice and he had a lot of fun with the video feature on our last backpacking trip. The menus aren't too hard to learn (I figured most of it out during some down time in the tent when it rained). I was able to teach my husband to replay the picures and video with little trouble. Very nice purchase overall....more info
  • Complete Rip off.....
    I will make it sure never to buy anymore canon cameras or sure....
    My canon SD870IS has stopped working within one year of its use, the same old Lens Error issue.
    My understanding is that this is a common error for Canon cameras........more info
  • Overall the best Point to Shoot compact digital camera!
    I bought this camera through a link on the great web site for online deals:

    I have been using it for about six months now and I can tell you this is one of the best compact digital cameras you can get to date!
    I have used 3 Sony cameras, a Fuji, a Kodak, Panasonic, Minolta, and other, but the Canon beat them all. My brother bought the lower end model SD1100 which is also great, but after some researching I bought this high end model SD870.

    I immediately fell in love with Canon's simplicity design and ease of use of the menu features. Only Sony cameras are easier to use (Sony's menu is definitely the easiest).

    I won't talk about specifications or numbers in this review as many others have done so already.

    I just want to say it simple - this camera can be set on automatic and will take great photos for you, which is a rare when a camera is set to automatic. But if you want to change some of the features, this camera offers great manual controls. I usually change the exposure - makes the photo lighter or darker, or I change the metering - center position mostly. Sometimes I change the colors to manual and adjust it myself, but I recommend you leave it on auto, it does the job good. On other cameras I usually change the white balance, but on this one there is no need, the auto function does the job perfectly, although there is a manual option.

    Overall it does great photos during the day and really good photos during the night or in dark indoor places.

    I also tried shooting the camera while driving and amazingly the photos came great, no blurred images, or objects out of focus as with other cameras.

    Here I mention some goods and bads:

    1. Very fast shooting speeds and start up time.
    2. Great quality of photos when using the Auto function (a rare).
    3. Very good photos during night shots or when moving.
    4. Delayed shooting option - gives you a personalized option where you can choose how many times the camera to take a photo - great feature, I use it all the time. Just set it lets say on 3 photos with a delay of 10 seconds and place the camera where you want for a family photo, then press the button and join the group - after 10 seconds it will take 3 snaps so tell every one not to move away before the final 3rd shot. This way you'll have 3 photos in case 1 or 2 of them are bad (if someone blinked) surely the 3rd one must be good!
    5. Long battery life.
    6. Uses the cheap SD card (unlike Sony which uses the expensive Memory Stick card).
    7. Lots of manual controls if you like changing the settings.
    8. Strong flash - good for photos in huge dark places like in the club, at a bar, etc.
    9. Great Video quality - may be the best of all small camera I've tested.
    10. Very well working Image Stabilizer.
    11. You can change the type of picture you want to take - the biggest 8 Megapixel photo, or lower megapixels in case you don't want big file size for the photo (when you just need it to upload it to Facebook for example), or you can choose the 16:9 photos - my favorite - great panoramic photos for wide screen TVs and Monitors.
    12. Orientation Sensor - flip the camera and the photo rotates.
    13. Some other useful features: Face Detection, Timelapse recording (I never used it), Metering (Evaluative, Center Weighted, Spot).

    1. No Flash Level adjust feature.
    You cannot adjust the strength of the flash - this is really the only thing that bugged me for a long time. As I mentioned this camera has a very strong flash which is good for taking snaps in big indoor places, but if you want to take a photo when its dark of just one or two people and they are very close to the camera the flash is so strong it makes the color of their faces and skin almost white! You should be able to adjust the level of flash like on almost all other cameras I've owned, including my older Sony DSC-W55. What I do in those cases is I lower the exposure level and then take a photo, thus the flash automatically lowers its level, but still it's kind of strong.
    2. Red eyes (normal for small cameras).
    I use the program ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 to remove the red eyes (and lots of other detail fixing) - if you need a great EASY TO USE program I recommend you try ACDSee Photo Manager 2009!
    3. A little bigger and heavier than current models, but still very small and compact.
    4. No Viewfinder (but a great big 3-inch screen).
    5. Small range wide angle (with bigger range wide angle you can take a real close up photo and catch more scene in it). This camera has a Zoom Wide 28 mm(milliliters), and Zoom Tele 108 mm (3.8x) compared to another Canon model SD890IS which has respectively 37 mm and 185 mm (5x).

    By the way the best website to compare digital camera specs is

    Overall I think this is my favorite compact Point and Shoot camera. There are other newer models that are as good as this one, or may be a little better, but they are more expensive.

    Canon are definitely the best digital cameras, and I will recommend this one to anyone!

    Good job Canon.
    The full name of this model is PowerShot SD870IS....more info
  • Solid portable camera - overal best for the money
    I like this camera for great battery life and decent pictures. For most of us (amateurs) 8mp should be quite sufficient. Also wide angle on this camera is very nice. The camera easily fits in a pocket and is not a burden when you are traveling. I snap 1000 to 1500 shots on 4gb card without a recharge. You can use this camera in addition to a professional SLR (if you just have to have one). ...more info
  • I have bought THREE of these cameras
    This is the THIRD camera I have purchased of this model. I researched digital cameras for several weeks and decided that this was the best model in the range that I could afford. With the first camera that I received from amazon, the screen was unbearably blurry. I tried to change the settings, etc, and I could not get it to look right. So I sent the camera back. I received the 2nd camera which would not work from the start, saying "lens error, please restart camera". So I tried to restart, change the settings, change it to manual, nothing worked. So then I sent it back AGAIN, and exchanged it for the THIRD camera, believing I just had back luck and "third time's a charm". However, I took great pictures for about a month before I had another "lens error". The camera lens will not retract for some reason, and once again it says "lens error, please restart"; however, it will not restart. I am EXTREMELY disappointed. ...more info
  • easy , breezy picture taking
    Bought this camera for my 13 year old- she loves it- easy to use, picture quality is fabulous...more info
  • my sd870 (also known as ixus sd860 in europe)
    I really enjoy this camera from the moment i put the batteries on. It really has a nice lcd screen shiny and visible under the sun. It also starts quite fast and also shoots quite fast, i think because of the DIGIC III processor. But the most amazing part is the 28-105 mm lens, which gives large flexibility especiaaly in small places for group photos.
    The camera has quality material which you feel it when you touch. There is also an extra button near the 3" lcd screen which you can assign some predefined actions, which is quite user friendly....more info
  • best point and shoot canon ever made
    I tried three newer more expensive models and returned them...had to search for a used one and found it. Too bad Canon got caught up in the megapixel war with these point and shoots and ruined image quality on the newer models....I'm a professional photographer with 20K in gear and this is the point and shoot i use......more info
  • Best Point and Shoot I've Had Yet
    WOW. I just spent a day shooting photos and videos with my new Canon as well as in evening light, and it is completel blowing me away in quality.

    As with previous PowerShots, it's great in representing photos similarly to how my eye saw the image, the 28mm is rocking, and the video quality is fabulous. I just discovered all kinds of fun special effects for video.

    Unlike my previous POS, oh I mean P and S, which was a Lumix, this PowerShot lets you zoom while a video is being filmed. That's a great feature.

    Get a large capacity memory card and this camera, and enjoy taking beautiful professional quality photographs....more info
  • 3rd Canon Point and Shoot
    I bought my wife a SD800IS and was looking for another one for one of the kids. I ended up, over time (6 months) picking up 2 more. The 870 replaced the 800 so I now have 2 870's and 1 800. Biggest thing I like about this camera is that it has a wider angle than any of the other ones. Mostly, the wife and kids shoot indoors or in a close setting. The wider angle allows for them to get more into the picture. They take great pictures and if/when we really need a good shot I have a Canon Digital SLR I use. So, it really works out great. They all have loved them, they're fairly easy to operate and if you want to get a bit more advanced, they also have that capability. Obviously, as I now have 3, I'd recommend them to anyone. In a close, say under 50', setting, you really can't tell the difference between their pictures shot with a $250.00+ camera or mine with $3500 between the camera and lense. If you're not planning on blowing them up past about an 8x10 you won't be able to tell the difference. Good luck!!...more info
  • Love this camera!!!!!!!
    I purchased this camera a few months ago and have used it in a variety of settings. I don't have any complaints about this camera at all. I've had others to admire my camera as well. This was my first digital camera and I am glad that I made this my camera of choice. The video is clear and the pictures are too. Oh! The pictures are so clear and crisp; it really takes nice pictures. I also love the fact that I don't have to buy batteries over and comes with a rechargeable battery. I highly recommend this camera!!!!...more info
  • Canon PowerShot worked well on vacation
    I've owned this for a month.
    Purchased just a few days before vacation.
    I've taken a lot of photos, but I'm not well educated about cameras.
    This is pretty straightforward to operate,
    and provides ample freedom within the automatic settings,
    and a great deal of flexibility on customized settings.
    The "macro" mode did very nicely, as did the custom exposure adjustments and the image stabilization.
    For the price, I've been very pleased. ...more info
  • Exellent Point & Shoot Camera!
    I have had my own SD870IS camera for about 10 months, and it has retained it's reliability and speed. When I was in the market, I was looking for some features that I wanted in a compact Point & Shoot. Here are those features, and this camera has them:

    -Better than average video quality

    -fast speed between pressing the shutter button and shooting the photo.

    -Very short "Power-up & Ready" time

    -Widescreen Shooting Capability

    -Big clear LCD display

    -Few buttons

    -Good Look and Feel

    -Solid Biuld

    -Long Battery Life

    -Support for High Capacity SD cards

    -Exellent Macro Capability

    I will briefly talk about each of these features.

    I was quite surprised of the video quality that this camera produces.
    It compresses the video little, hence the quality, using "Motion JPEG" compression. You will be pleased. You can also shoot video in Macro, which is quite impressive.

    When you press the shutter button(after pressing half way for focus in some situations), you get a very quick response. This camera also has very short "power-up & ready" time.

    I am pleased with the Widescreen shootng Capability this camera has. The wide photos look exellent. This is the shooting mode I use most.

    The SD870IS has a vivid 3" LCD display. The brightness is adjustable ofcourse. Aside the display are the main buttons. The functions from top to bottom are: Playback(videos & stills), Direct Print and Multifuction button, directional and Multifunction wheel, camera menu, LCD display options.

    I have been on so many occasions with this camera where I shot photos constantly. The battery always lets me exceed 200+ photos. I keep two batterys on me. I rarely have to get out the second battery. This Camera uses a very good proprietary Lithium Ion battery.

    I'm thankful for the support for SDHC(Secure Digital High Capacity)that this camera provides. With the Multi Gigabytes worth of photos I shoot on each occassion, my 4 Gigabyte SDHC card always suits me.

    I am very pleased with the close-ups I shoot with this camera. I shoot close-ups very often. And about 90% of those photos turn out extremely good.

    I hope this review helps you. I am very pleased with the Canon SD870IS compact Point & Shoot.

    ...more info
  • KISS - Keep it simple, stupid!
    I own a Canon Powershot S1 IS (bought at the time that was launched) and have stuck to that loyal Digicam thus far. I loved the camera, but I had a few complaints with it - it had a tiny LCD display, had a pretty high response time, and was not really the most compact of cameras around.

    I finally decided that it was time to buy a newer camera but this time I wanted one that was compact and easy to work with - a Point-and-Shoot camera as it is called. I did a lot of research online and selected the Canon Powershot SD870 IS. All reviews about it seemed positive and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

    It has been a few months since I bought it and here I am to report its performance - Outstanding!! The shoot response time between one photo and another is really quick and the camera itself turns on within a second making all the surprise photos possible - like the ones I had to take at the National Park a couple of weeks ago when Deers and Elephants crossed our path. The camera is compact and is very easy to hold in your hand and to carry. I absolutely love the 3 inch display screen and don't miss the Optical viewfinder at all - honestly, I have no need for it.

    All in all, this is a great camera for those who are looking for a simple camera to take all those photos of family outings, dinners and forays into the wild.

    I bought this camera in the US, if you want to buy one in India, you can head straight for the ones on discount at Shetala Cameras or at Canon X'perience, which is Canon's original store. Check out for more offers on Canon cameras....more info
  • Be Forewarned
    I had to return this camera because of an inherent design flaw. If the camera is in a case, and the camera is somehow turned on, the lens will jam against the case and will not retract and the camera is shot. Not sure if the 880 addresses this issue but the 870 is not designed well. The camera took great shots and movies (when it worked). I ended up buying the Panasonic TZ5 - larger camera but with a 10x zoom, wide angle and 720p movies (with optical zoom)...more info
  • great camera!
    I bought this camera last December and I can only say it's worth every penny I paid for it...more info
  • A great camera
    This is a great camera. I do a lot of hiking and I am tired of stitching together 2 or more images to create a panorama. Most times I really only need a single shot to capture a scene rather than a stitch of two scenes... this camera does just that with its wide-angle lens. In that mode there is very little barrel distortion, too.

    The zoom isn't great at about 3x but then again I don't really that. I take mostly "snapshots" and this point-and-shoot not only garnered Consumer Reports as being highly rated but also my rating.

    I also spend time documenting underground mining scenes and I found the flash more than adequate (despite others' comments), but, more importantly, the camera projects a red dot so that the imaging software can correctly focus on the scene -- that is invaluable to me.

    Red-eye reduction seemed ineffective at a wedding that I was at; the feature of detecting smiling faces was incredibly precise.

    The software (menu system) is a little clunky and counter-intuitive, but so was transitioning from Windows 98 to XP, right? I'll get used to it in time.

    Boot-up time is phenomenally fast, pictures are taken rapidly, focus is rapid, picture quality is excellent (an 8 MP image takes about 4 MB card space -- detail is not sacrificed).

    So why only the 4-star rating? In moderately low light the software shifts to a low shutter speed, one slow enough that, say, if a breeze is rustling branches then they are captured as blurred. In my photographs, however, I have not experienced the graininess that others have experienced at similar lighting conditions.

    I haven't yet evaluated the movie or time-lapse movie modes so I cannot report on them... but, for a compact camera with great battery life and an awesome wide-angle lens, I am more than pleased with my purchase.

    It is my understanding that there is now a slightly more improved version of this camera... probably worth checking out for the few extra pesos...

    Now, as far as the Canon software goes, hmmm... it needs some work (and I need to familiarize myself with it more), but it does the job that I need: download the pictures from the camera, auto-rotate portrait images, and then save them. I use 3rd party paint programs for any editing so I cannot comment on the ability of the supplied software to handle that... I am a "minimalist" of sorts in that regards. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I needed to do from the non-standard user interface, but I did figure it out and the pictures drop into my selected folder properly rotated -- what more could I want? When the pictures are downloaded they go into one folder, then I ask to save them in another, but the originals are then not deleted. This could be my ineptitude with the software. Either way, a right-click and delete from Explorer and I am on my way....more info