Xbox 360 HDMI AV Cable
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Product Description

6 Feet Long / Permits HDTV connectivity with your Microsoft Xbox-360 or 360-Elite video game console

  • Includes Optical/RCA Audio Adapter
  • Attractive price point amongst other quality HDMI cables
  • Assured quality from the Xbox brand
  • Fits Xbox 360 Accessory line look

Customer Reviews:

  • Close but not quite what I expected. 360 HDMI Cable
    First, let me say the Xbox 360 HDMI AV Cable that I purchased works flawlessly and is exactly what I needed to solve my AV needs. However, when I purchased it, it was listed as NEW, but is obviously a unit that had been returned to stock, the original packaging was held together with packing tape and the confirmation e-mail I received after the purchase listed it as a "returned item". It works and works well but I thought I was purchasing something brand new; just something to consider. The second thing is the item came within the time frame given but that time frame was 3 weeks, it came in two. I purchased other items days after this item which arrived within 2-3 days of purchase and then I had to wait another full week before putting everything together because this item took so long to ship out and then make its way to me. Still, it was very good price and as I said, everything is working fine now. I would rate higher but the deception(?) on condition and length of time from purchase to receiving was disappointing....more info
  • make sure that your XBox 360 has HDMI support!
    I did not realize that this worked only on XBox 360 units with an HDMI port. I assumed (wrongly) that it transformed the regular port and turned it into an HDMI port.

    So I wasted my money......more info
  • This should be standart part
    i does the work but i think that should be part that comes with the box ...more info
  • Not for all XBox 360s!!!
    Be careful. This cable is ONLY good for the XBox 360s that have the HDMI port in the back, not the standard A/V port. This is NOT for XBoxes created before July 07. There is only a very small note on the box stating that the XBox must have an HDMI port. I had looked all over the box to see if it would work before I opened it up, but I didn't notice anything stating that it would not work on my XBox. After I opened it up, I noticed that there was no HDMI converter for the older 360s. I didn't even realize that there were more than one kind of 360....more info
    This HDMI cable only works with new XBOX360 cause the old ones don't have HDMI connector.

    This is not mentioned anywhere in the product description. Your console must have HDMI connectors....more info
  • Great Buy
    Works exactly as stated and I am amazed at the picture quality with this cable!...more info
  • Great Shipment Will Buy From Again
    This was a quick and fast easy way for me to get a hdmi cable for my hdtv. It saved me money and was worth buying it online than at the store....more info
  • works good, overpriced
    The cable works as intended and has the audio dongle needed for optical toslink audio. But Microsoft is overcharging for this cable. You can pickup a compatible one on monoprice for 10% of this price....more info
  • It is what it is - and that's it!
    This unit from the evil empire that is Microsoft is a simple product that does exactly what it says it does. It is not a converter for non-HDMI Xbox 360 units.

    The HDMI cable is a standard HDMI cable that you can get from any old website for a lot cheaper. Almost ALL HDMI cables are gold plated and even if they aren't, it's still a digital connection and doesn't matter. I work for a company that makes receivers and other audio/video equipment - believe me, spending $100 for an HDMI cable doesn't make it THAT MUCH BETTER than a $6 cable from the web! Until more receivers and systems can handle the other options that HDMI will eventually provide, regular cables are fine.

    Now that I'm off of that tangent, the audio connector is needed for those who don't have HDMI receivers. Thus, you would only be able to hear the volume from the TV itself and most flat panel LCDs and Plasma displays don't have great speakers. The dongle is good so that you could hook it up to a stereo or sound system via the analog cables or optical digital cable and hear games in their native surround sound. Though, with most A/V receivers, the audio is better through HDMI than optical or analog.

    So, in short, if you don't have a stereo receiver, get this unit. If you do, get yourself a regular HDMI cable from a discount website and you'll be fine!...more info
  • Let the buyer beware
    If your Xbox 360 has a HDMI port, and you have a HDTV with a HDMI port, then you probably do not need this cable. Instead, you can use a plain HDMI cable that you can buy from Amazon for ten or twenty dollars. Don't spend more money than you need to (and don't buy Monster cables, either)....more info
  • Great accessory..ONLY if you have the console with an HDMI output
    Otherwise just use the HD component cable which will give you the same results if you have a HD TV, most 360 games range from 720p to 1080i anyway.Ergo there's no need to invest $50 for a cable that is not compatible with the older systems (05-06) Trust me you are better off buying a new console (prefebly the arcade system) which has the HDMI and a new motherboard that prevents the dreaded RROD....more info
  • Stupid Reviews
    Most people seem to be reviewing their own stupidity at buying the wrong product rather than the quality of the product itself....more info
  • It is what it is
    What you see is what you get. Take a look at the package. You see two ends of an HDMI cable. That is a plain vanilla HDMI cable that you could get anywhere. Over on the right is the audio dongle, and you are seeing just about the whole thing except for the part that connects to the Xbox 360. It all works fine. This audio dongle is slimmer that the standard Microsoft A/V progressive cable, which is what gives you the room to put the HDMI cable in.

    Don't get this unless you have one of the newer HDMI Xbox's. This is not a conversion kit.

    Don't get this if you plan on running the HDMI cable from the Xbox 360 to your receiver, with another HDMI out from your receiver to your TV. If that is your setup, just get a plain HDMI cable and save money.

    Don't get this if you plan on running the HDMI cable from the Xbox 360 to your TV, AND you have a Digital Audio Out on your TV that you can run to your receiver, AND you have verified that the Digital Audio Out will not truncate any Dolby Digital 5.1 HDMI signal down to 2 channel audio, which can happen with some TVs. Of course, you'll need a spare HDMI cable to test with first, but if you still get DD 5.1 out of the Digital out on your TV, then no need to get this.

    Otherwise, if you still need this for the separate optical audio connection between the Xbox 360 and your receiver, then this is perfectly acceptable, though much more expensive than a plain HDMI cable you can get online....more info
  • Waste of Time and Money!!
    Do not buy this item! What Microsoft doesn't tell you is bad: The chances that this cable works with your console are slim. What Microsoft does tell you is worse: You have to buy and Elite system to get HDMI output from an XBOX 360. I received my XBOX 360 Pro as a gift last August. It is not possible to use this cable with my console because an HDMI-out port does not exist. All versions of the XBOX 360, including the Arcade entry-level model, are currently being manufactured with HDMI-out capablity. CHECK THE BACK OF YOUR BOX FOR AN HDMI PORT!! If it's got one, don't give 50 bucks to Microsoft for a seventeen dollar HDMI cable. Amazon was great about my return of this item for a full refund, even though the package was open! Great service.
    Bottom line: Whatever you do, don't buy this, it's an absolute rip-off....more info
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