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Adobe Premiere Elements 4 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Create and share great-looking movies in minutes with Adobe Premiere Elements 4 software. Show your style with amazing audio and video effects and share your movies on YouTube, your own website, disc, and virtually anywhere else. Visually tag video clips and photos to categorize by people, places, or events. Turn a sequence of scenes into a polished movie in just a few clicks. Adobe Premiere Elements automatically applies coordinated transitions, music, and professionally designed layouts for titles, credits, and disc menus. Create your story faster in the Sceneline, an easier alternative to the more traditional video-editing Timeline, where you can make a movie by simply dragging and dropping thumbnails of your clips, transitions, and effects. Choose from a set of world-class Adobe fonts designed to look great on video, and customize them with shadows, glows, and other effects. Add in background music and sound effects with the new Audio Mixer, which lets you easily adjust relative volumes and create slideshows and movies that move to the music. Animate titles to fit your movie's personality Mix and refine your audio and edit to the beat of a favorite song Customize your discs with interactive menus Easily add dazzling effects to impress your audience Create visual interest with eye-catching transitions Share in many ways from one convenient place Create dynamic, personalized DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs Easily upload your movies to YouTube and your personal website Share movies on mobile phones and portable media players Share movies in multiple ways from one convenient place Add professional-quality animated transitions and effects System requirements - Intel Pentium 4 or compatible processor; Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista, 512MB RAM or higher, 4.5GB free space, Color monitor with 16-bit color video card, 1,024x768 monitor resolution at 96dpi or less,

Create and share great-looking movies in minutes with Adobe Premiere Elements 4--the newest version of the best-selling consumer video-editing software. Get started quickly with all your video clips and photos at your fingertips and a choice of easy options for transforming them into polished movies. Show your personal style with amazing visual effects, rich audio, and interactive menus. Then broadcast far and wide by uploading your movies directly to YouTube or your personal sharing site; share with family and friends on DVD, mobile phones, and portable media devices; and even enjoy movies in high definition, including on Blu-ray Disc.

Get started quickly with all your media at your fingertips.

Add professional-quality animated transitions and effects.

Share movies in multiple ways from one convenient place.

Create fun movies in as little as 15 minutes
Create and share great-looking movies in minutes with Adobe Premiere Elements 4 software. Get started quickly with easy moviemaking options; show your style with amazing audio and video effects; and share your movies on YouTube, your own website, disc, and virtually anywhere else.

Create your first movie in minutes

  • Find what you need faster using the same Organizer that's included with Adobe Photoshop Elements software. Visually tag video clips and photos to categorize by people, places, or events. Then you can view, search, and sort your assets in a variety of ways--including by filename, tag, date, and time--and quickly start making your movie.
  • Turn a sequence of scenes into a polished movie in just a few clicks! Choose from event-based themes like Wedding and Birthday or style-based themes such as Silent Film and Music Video. Adobe Premiere Elements automatically applies coordinated transitions, music, and professionally designed layouts for titles, credits, and disc menus. Apply themes to entire projects or just the portions you specify.
  • Create your story faster in the Sceneline, an easier alternative to the more traditional video-editing Timeline, where you can make a movie by simply dragging and dropping thumbnails of your clips, transitions, and effects. Practical new options, like the ability to copy and paste thumbnails, make the Sceneline even easier to use.

Show your style with amazing effects

  • Choose from a set of world-class Adobe fonts designed to look great on video, and customize them with shadows, glows, and other effects. Then animate your titles to make them bounce, spin, or zoom across your scenes.
  • Add in background music and sound effects with the new Audio Mixer, which lets you easily adjust relative volumes. And create slideshows and movies that move to the music by letting the software detect the tempo of your soundtrack and sync the beginning and end of each scene with the beats.
  • Easily personalize your menus! Start with professionally designed menu templates, and then type in text and drag and drop to add your own video clips, images, and audio.

Share your movies virtually anywhere

  • See all of your sharing options in one convenient location, the new Sharing Center. Follow easy steps for creating your movie once and then sharing it in multiple ways, including on disc, the web, and mobile devices.
  • Add a custom, interactive menu and scene index, and then share your movie on a single- or dual-layer DVD or high-definition Blu-ray Disc that's optimized for best results.
  • Broadcast far and wide by uploading your movies directly to YouTube or your personal sharing page. Adobe Premiere Elements 4 takes care of optimizing and formatting for the specific destination so your movies always look great.
  • Get started quickly with easy moviemaking options
  • Show your style with amazing video and audio effects
  • Share on YouTube, your own website, DVD, and mobile devices
  • Enjoy movies in high definition, including on Blu-ray Disc
  • Turn a sequence of clips into a polished movie in minutes with Movie Themes

Customer Reviews:

  • Small fonts
    I downloaded Premiere Elements 4 over the weekend and spent some time playing with it. I generally like the features and it crashed only once, but the program has one big issue for me. I use a laptop with a high-resolution screen of 1920 by 1200 pixels. Premiere Elements does not following Windows conventions, and rendered all its menus and labels in a very small font, almost too small to read. I couldn't find any setup options to change the size of these fonts. I also tried setting Window's fonts to extra large, but this had no effect on Premiere Element's font size....more info
  • Good Interface but Slow and Crashes
    Well, I just finished my first project with Adobe Premiere Elements 4. Overall, I'd say I'm very dissatisfied with the product. It has a good feature set for the money, a very attractive and easy to use interface, and has a useful set of templates for titles and menus. So what's not to like? In short, it's very slow and crashes a lot, often taking saved work down with the ship.

    I was doing a project that should have taken a couple hours and it ended up taking all night (and all morning). I frequently had to redo work when the program crashed (4 times in 4 hours). Also, it seems that every time I switch to another program (even a text messaging program) Premiere Elements 4 freezes up for a minute or two. I assume it's re-scanning resources to see if anything changed. That "feature" is such a productivity killer I can't even give the product two stars. My machine has a dual core 3 gHZ processor and 4 GB of RAM, and hardware encoding/decoding, so it's not the machine's fault.

    The interface is very prety and super intuitive, but seriously, what good is it if you stare at hourglasses and the program crashes? And a penalty for multitasking between programs? What is this? Windows 3.1? Honestly, Windows Movie Maker is more reliable and productive....more info
  • Absolute junk
    I purchased this software for use on XP and have since reinstalled it on Vista. On XP it was buggy yet usable. On Vista it is buggy and useless. Your projects cannot be exported to DVD/CD or PC, at least in any of the formats I tried. All of the problems Premier Elements 4 has are well documented yet Adobe has never patched it. Are you a sucker? If not, don't waste your money. Windows DVD Maker is plenty for the home user and way easier to use....more info
  • My favorite video editing program
    I've used pinnacle studios and Adobe premier (old version) and version 4. Version 4 is wonderful, easy to use, and very reliable! Finding a camera to be compatible with the format premier needs was difficult, but stick with HDV and you will have no problem! I just filmed my cousins wedding and had the entire 2 hours of video edited in about 3 hours! The program has built in HD themes and really dressed up the video nicely~

    My favorite editing program to date!

    If you are a youtuber, this program is a must have! It converts and uploads directly to youtube! ...more info
  • Worth the money
    The best feature about Adobe Premiere Elements 4 is the audio adjustment capability. There must be at least six different ways to adjust the audio levels... when recording narration, over the whole track, over the individual clip, in the mixer, adjusting the gain, etc. I purchased this product because I couldn't balance the narration levels and music levels appropriately in Windows Movie Maker. Premiere did an excellent job in this area. The tool is nicely organized and cleanly displayed. The only downside for me was the menu templates. I found them rather unattractive and much less professional looking than the ones in Windows Movie Maker....more info
  • Great desktop video editor for the basic user
    I wholeheartedy echo the comments of L. Louis. I was first introduced to nonlinear video editing in college, when it still required a monster Macintosh, large hard drives, and software packages outside the budget of most families. That was about ten years ago, and I haven't done anything with it since. With our new baby, mom and grandparents suggested we try it again. I certainly expected modern hardware to be more up to the task, but I've been more than impressed with the results thus far. That being said, that's more of a testament to modern computers than Adobe's product.

    I'm using a P4 1.3GHz machine (lower than the "min requirements" set forth by Adobe) running XP Home, 250GB HDD, 1.6GB RAM, BusLink firewire card and NEC7170A DVD-RW. I have had absolutely none of the compatibility/crashing issues complained about by so many others. For me the software runs smoothly and much faster than I would have anticipated. I have, however, only put together one project to date.

    Apparently Adobe has some compatibility problems to work out, at least according to all the 1star reviews here. It obviously has less to do with the power of your machine than the configuration, though. For what it's worth, I've installed Premiere Elements on a partition separate from my OS, I keep my registry and hard drive clean and defragged, and I minimize the number of memory hogs open when editing video.

    My suggestion: respect these other reviews and sample the software on your own machine before buying it--download the trial from Adobe and run through an entire "typical" project before you buy. The only limitations of the trial version I've found are the 30-day limit and the fact that any rendered frames have an Adobe logo in the corner. You should be able to simply enter the S/N from the package when you get it to avoid a reinstall. If you're as lucky as I've been you'll find an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with more functionality and power than most home users will ever need. And at today's price of $62 after rebate, I don't know how you could do better....more info
  • Fun While It Lasted
    Awesome, a low-budget version of the professional Adobe Premiere Studio, what could sound better? Warm pancakes? Maybe...but Premiere Elements could have turned into a classic software, great for students, beginners, and inspiring film-makers who can't afford the average $799 price tag for the full blown version. The Adobe Elements series as lasted this long, solely on it's prime series of Adobe Photoshop Elements. I work full-time as a MultiMedia Production Specialist, doing video-editing, graphic designer, and various other MultiMedia duties. I tap into the Adobe group every single day to do various aspects of my job, and I have loved what I have worked with.

    Coming from a very big dollar company, we can afford the full blown Creative Suite which is well over $1,000. However, we budget when it comes to our office computers, in which we need since Photoshop Elements 1, our company has kept updated as the updates roll by. Photoshop Elements is a fantastic program, but for some reason the Premiere Elements series has strongly lacked the potential it could be for an amazing budget software. I read through the reviews and all I saw was bad review, after bad review...but why? I have dealt with Photoshop Elements all this could Premiere Elements be THAT BAD? I took the advice of one reviewer here and downloaded the Trial Version of Premiere Elements 4.

    From the get go, the interface is a matching feel for what Photoshop Elements 6 is...dark interface, different navigation than the full blown version, and a semi-beginner friendly atmosphere. I actually love the interface for the software, even though it is totally different than what I typically deal with on a normal basic when we would with the CS2 suite. But I found it interesting and quickly began to try and "prove the reviews wrong", maybe the people didn't know what they were talking about or maybe they didn't have the right system requirements. Well, like most people here, I put it to the test with a top of the line video editing system.

    I wrapped myself around the software and explored the slimmed down version left and right. I thought hey, this would be pretty fun for a beginner, or person trying to get a budget software to start them up...I mean's from Adobe, it can't be bad. Then all my hope crashed, just like the software did...crashed. Not one, not twice, not three times, not...well...I gave up after the fourth time. Like a teenage school girl who just found out that the nerd in the back of the class likes her, I yelled..."Like..OMG!" Yeah, it was THAT BAD. The same THAT BAD that I didn't think was clearly possible, it's ADOBE for pete's sake! But Adobe has dropped the ball....BIG TIME. I do recommend the Photoshop Elements Series, but not this...stay away from it as far as possible.

    If you want to test it, download the trial. You can do much reproducing, primarily because of a black bar across everything that you do that states that "This was done by Premiere Elements 4 TRIAL", but you can at least see if it is going to crash on you. Don't get your hopes high, cause it will. In a nutshell, had potential, but failed big-time. One can only hope that Adobe can hear the complaining by us and actually produce a Premiere Elements that is actually GOOD. Elements 7 is coming in October via some sources...maybe there can be hope in that. ...more info
  • Premiere Elements 4.0
    I heard good things about Premiere Elements 4.0 but did not realize what it could do until I tried it. It makes it easy to turn music, videos and still photos into a really professional looking production. Lots and lots of features. The only reason that I gave it a 4 rather then a 5 is that this product requires a "today" type computer with some horsepower. I ran this on a P4 with 768meg and it runs slow (CPU bound). It runs great on a Dual Core with 2 gig of memory. ...more info
  • Adobe Premiere Elements & Elements for Dummies
    My son got started making lego mation combined with captured video to create various school projects. He started using Windows Movie Maker which was an exercise in frustration. (Constantly locking up, wouldn't import video in .mpg format, and no ability to mix audio tracks.) So, with only two weeks left in the semester I puchased Premiere Elements on the recommendation of our university guru and against the reviews of many here at Amazon. Our experience has been fantastic!! The platform was extremely stable, locked up twice in over 50 hours of editing, handled the imported video with ease, and had a built in audio mixer. Absolutely an excellent value considering I was about to purchase a $70.00+ mixing program for use with the WMM. My son is a novice and I know less, so the Premiere Elements for Dummies was an excellent source of basic information. We would have had a much harder transition had I not purchased it at the same time.

    He is a sophomore in high school and for what he was doing it worked beautifully....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I wish I would have read the reviews first. I upgraded from Premier Elements 2 to 4...and that was a big mistake. The program crashes and takes FOREVER to load video...I just deleted it and lost out on my money. Never will i go Adobe again. ...more info
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 4
    This is a fairly powerful video editing program for less than $100. It's very useful for video archiving projects and such. However, for a software that seems aimed at the "video editing beginner", rather than an advanced user, I encountered a lot of glitches. I would think it would be more important to have less glitches in a "beginner-level" product because those users might not necessarily have the knowledge to figure out what's wrong or seek out answers. I was able to work around or figure out pretty much all of the problems I encountered, but I had to do a lot of research on Adobe's forums and a lot of time-consuming troubleshooting (such as rendering dozens of clips in a project separately to figure out what was causing transcoding errors...). I would say that I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, but I don't have any experience with competing programs of this type; maybe they're as bad or worse. I purchased this because I've always loved Photoshop and I couldn't afford the "Pro" version of Premiere. It has done what I've wanted it to do so far, but it has also wasted a lot of my time. All that being said, I'll probably be getting the "Pro" version soon......more info
  • Crashes over and over
    I tried loading this on more than one powerhouse machine with different configurations. There is no excuse for the performance of this product, I bought it because I love Photoshop Elements. In the future I will think real hard before upgrading my Adobe software...SHAME ON THEM....more info
  • Great features, If only would stay running
    Great features but it's extremely slow to load and is terribly buggy. On an HD project with four layers and keyframes, it's utterly unusable due to crashing. I've gotten weird behavior, errors during renders and, worst of all, shutdowns. It is unusable since it now takes approximately 2 minutes to load and I get a major crash within a few minutes of trying to do anything useful.

    I've got three fast hard drives and 3 Gb of RAM on Win XP so you'd think that would be enough.

    It would be an incredible program if it could keep running....more info
  • Technical Assistance left wanting
    Since I had so much assistance getting 3.0 working properly, I have no interest in throwing good money after bad. I upgraded to Adobe Primere Elements 3.0, since the company seemed to have a good reputation and version 1.0 worked flawlessly on my computer. From the beginning (May 2007) I kept getting error messages when reading in from my camcorder. They had me buy another Gig of memory, load minor patches, get upgrades from Apple, but nothing seemed to work. We checked by loading DVIO.exe and the camcorder would down load just fine, as it would via the windows application. Their technical help said they would escalate this and they would call back. Several months later I called and they had closed my request without a call to me. So we reopened it, re-tried a few things, then escalated it again. Several months later I called again and found out it was closed again without any contact with me. Again, we re-tried a few things, escalated it and NOTHING. It is now January of 08, I called again and the next day they called back and told me to delete everything ADOBE on my computer - then reload the operating system (which means I would have to reload all my software). When I called a talked to a supervisor, I asked if ADOBE really cared if there software ever worked on my machine and he indicated that they really did NOT care if I continued to be a customer. So if you buy an ADOBE product and you have problems that are not simple - you are on your own!...more info
  • Going back to Roxio Easy Media Creator
    Adobe Premier Elements 4.0 is one of the most unstable, crash-prone software programs I've ever encountered, even on the latest, most-powerful home computer systems. I've run the software on two computers with two operating systems, XP and Vista, and the results have been the same... disappointing. I suspect this software is only useful for the smallest of video projects. It's virtually unusable for moderately complex projects such as a DVD to commemorate a youth sport team's season with a mix of edited videos, pictures, music, and text. I thought Roxio's Easy Media Creator software had a few bugs but it was a dream compared to Adobe's Premier Elements. My first project with Premier Elements will be my last; I'm going back to Roxio....more info
  • good product at a great value
    I use this together with PS elements 6.0. It has a little more of a learning curve put produces good video output. So far I have just done the tutorial and photo slideshows exported from PS elements. Quality of the DVD slideshow noticeably better than PS elements slideshow.
    ...more info
  • DOA - try free trial before buying!
    Tried the free 3-day trial on XP with a machine that has enough power to run it. Get NOTHING after the splash screen -- can't use it at all! Read and followed the Adobe support suggestions (ran in simplified mode etc). Love the last suggestions of theirs: use on a different computer or reformat your hard drive and install nothing but Windows and Elements. Maybe I have another program conflicting but I've tried everything. Not worth the hassle!...more info