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Presented by Quentin Tarantino (Hostel Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2) and written and directed by Eli Roth (Hostel Cabin Fever) Hostel Part II is the shocking and gruesome sequel of the underground torture ring where rich businessmen pay to torture and murder their victims.The second installment to this terrifying franchise centers around three young American women (Lauren German The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) (Bijou Phillips Bully) and (Heather Matarazzo Welcome to the Dollhouse) who are studying in Rome. A gorgeous sophisticated European acquaintance invites the trio to join her for a weekend getaway at an exotic natural spa assuring them they will be able to relax rejuvenate and bond. The girls find themselves in Slovakia and check into the ill-fated Hostel where they are poised to become victims for auction pawns in the fantasies of the sick and privileged from around the world who secretly travel there to savor more grisly pursuits.System Requirements:Run Time: 95 Mins. Genre: HORROR UPC: 043396191990 Manufacturer No: 19199

With repulsion levels at least comparable to Cannibal Holocaust, Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast, and other gory slasher landmarks, Eli Roth's Hostel 2 reconfigures ideas of violence to test how down and dirty a horror film can get. The film raises the stakes, leaving those who wish to make a sicker film out in the lurch for the time being. This sequel, like the first Hostel, is set in and around a Slovakian factory where European students are kidnapped, tortured, and killed by rich businessmen who pay enormous sums to experience death firsthand. An international elite, all tattooed with a bulldog insignia, bid on young people to slaughter in a mob-organized, high-end, sex-slave trade catering to those with a death fetish. In Hostel 2, three girls from Rome, Beth (Laura German), Whitney (Bijou Phillips), and Lorna (Heather Matarazzo), are lured to Slovakia by a sultry, vampiric hottie (Vera Jordonova) who modeled for them in figure drawing class. Sidetracked and disoriented by some Pagan Slovakian festivals and luxurious hot springs, the girls slip away one by one, until the film moves inside the torture chambers. One client sits in a bathtub beneath her victim, who she slices with a scythe to bathe in blood, Elizabeth Bathory-style. Body parts fly as clients entering the facilities select their weapons of choice in a room full of knives, power tools, and rubber clothing. As ridiculous as it sounds, haunting soundtrack and cinematography set a disturbing mood. Morbid humor, for example when a chainsaw unplugs centimeters from a victim's face, pays homage to Hostel 2's schlocky predecessors. Fortunately, one survivor remains, providing an ounce of vengeful, and sexy, satisfaction. As in the best exploitation films, gratuitous sex and violence are the norm here. What will be a warning to some to avoid this gruesome movie will be to others a cue to head straight to the theater. --Trinie Dalton

Customer Reviews:

  • You know your movie is a turd if your parents have to defend it
    Not only did Eli Roth bring in his two brothers to work on this, he had his parents defend this piece of garbage film in the special features section. Yes, that's right - his parents! Big, hotshot director had his mommy and daddy explain why his film doesn't suck. His mom talked about how torture has been in artwork before and his dad talked about how governments institutionalize torture as if this film had some redeeming social quality. Of course, nothing could excuse this lame attempt to capitalize on the first movie. Eli doesn't seem to know the difference between a horror movie and a snuff film. Hostel is simply the later. Roth explained that all horror films make a social commentary. Horror films can entertain. Eli's torture porn just makes the world a darker place. As Roth put it, "In the end, people just want to watch Hostel to see other people get f****d up really bad." If that's the case, I feel saddened that people would want to watch innocent people get tortured to death in excruciating detail. ...more info
  • How this sequel came to be is beyond me.
    I love horror movies, but the Hostel series is just another case of wasted potential. Any potential the original movie had left, was immediately crushed by this sequel. What little plot is there, is terrible. The movie elaborates more on the reasoning and process behind the tortures, if you even cared. Overall, this is much more violent and gory than it's predecessor, which is great if that's your thing. There's a particularly disgusting scene at the end that is one of the very few that geniunely made me cringe. I might even say that if you're a male, you might feel a little sick to your stomach. Overall, it may be worth watching if you're bored and itching for a horror movie, but most people probably won't bother watching it more than once....more info
  • Wonder What's Next
    Hostel Part 2 is clearly a love letter to European horror, admirably. If there was any doubt that writer/director Eli Roth was talented at all, this should make it clear. I didn't even consider that when you switch from 3 male protagonists to 3 female protagonists, you completely lose the weird sexual/sexist parallel of 'brothel' and 'hostel' (as depicted). The way the film deals with this is, that it isn't really about the tourists at all this time. Everything hinted at in part 1 is explored from a whole new perspective here, and it's a lot of fun to watch. Anyone screaming "CASH IN!" completely missed the point... of BOTH Hostel films.

    Unfortunately, gone is the disturbing 'raw' appearance of the footage. Things are more staged here, which is consistent with the style, and also was a nice surprise... but still. I suppose if I want to see Hostel again, I should just watch Hostel.

    Great for horror fans. Great for Eli Roth fans. Can't wait to see what's next!

    Favorite scenes: Bubblegum Gang appearances, 'Must Get Tattoo', Brothers Prep Montage, and Circular Saw Torture...more info
  • Nasty
    Eli Roth released this gigantic turd for viewing and then got all feisty when he received a tremendous amount of backlash. He whined, the movie was pulled from the cinemas, but he's now released it on DVD.

    Oh, Eli; where do I begin. Your first Hostel was bad enough. I was given three characters to pull for because the mean old men were torturing them and other people, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So this time, just for sh**ts and giggles, you try to one-up yourself, and all the victims (except one) in part 2 are women. Not only do you invite us as an audience to watch the depravities done to these women, you want us to relish in their misery. And you make sure the audience is bombarded with just about everything: beheadings, genital chompings, slicing and dicing, the killing of a child, cannibalism--you name it; you put it in there. If you wanted to make us sick, consider your picture a success as the very-adult male who accompanied me to this movie had to leave because he threw up during the "hand saw" scene. I suppose because one of the women survive, that somehow makes everything else acceptable.

    You and Tarrantino should be proud of yourselves. You certainly are each your own number one fan, and you both have just about destroyed the horror genre, even though your movie wasn't horror, it was nothing more than torture/porn. Happy now? As for me, you won't have to worry about me reviewing more of your feeble attempts at movie-making because I don't plan to see any more of your trash....more info
  • Unbox quality is great, but the movie is terrible
    I have our computer hooked up with a DVI-to-HDMI cable, and the quality of Amazon Unbox is suprprisingly good. It's almost indistinguishable from DVD quality except in a few rare cases of very high-speed camera pans where it is just a little staggered. The quality of this movie is no different, and the contrast of the dark settings is outstanding on Unbox.

    Unfortunately that technology is wasted on Hostel Part 2. I like Roth's film "Cabin Fever". It was a creative film with a gritty plot line and a creative use of special effects. Hostel Part 2 really boils down to nothing more than "how creative can we be about torture" and "how stupid and obvious can we make the ending". I decided to see the movie because Eli Roth's promotion of the movie when it was realeased talked about the incredible ending. I love a good twist ending ("The Prestige" was one of my favorites for good endings), but this one was way too obvious. I won't spoil it, but it's not even worth the $4 rental fee.

    The attempted creative use of torture winds up losing all creativity. It is obvious that the writers and directors were trying to be clever, but all you wind up seeing is their attempted cleverness regardless of the fact that it adds nothing to the plot.

    If you want a good horror movie, try the remake of Halloween, 28 Weeks Later, or even Saw 4 (not the best, but at least it has a plot...). Save your money and avoid this one....more info
  • Plain out bad!!!
    The first Hostel movie was really scary, suspensfull, and bloody. That's what any horror movie should have. But, Hostel part II failed in those aspects miserably. The 3 main characters didn't have to much personality and you just coulden't find yourself rooting for them. I really liked the reappearence of Jay Hernandez from the origional Hostel. But, after Jay's appearence was over, I found myself really bored throughout the rest of the movie. It's to bad that Hostel part II was a bad movie. The origional Hostel had the potential to spark a wide range of sequals. But with the failures of Hostel part II, I don't think that there will be any more Hostel movies. I hope my review was helpfull. Bye now. ...more info
  • Hostel 2 average
    I enjoyed Hostel and when I found out that there was a sequel I asked my local video hire store when it will be released but they didn't really know. Then my flatmate told me it was banned in New Zealand! So I bought it here on Amazon.

    Same premise as Hostel, but girls this time on their summer break in Europe who meet a European girl who befriends them and entices them to join her on a spa break in Slovakia. She finds them a place to stay, in the same hostel as the previous victims in the first movie.

    The gruesome special effects are great. The scene where the first of the three girlfriends is tortured to death is a bit S & M, where a woman comes into the killing room and takes off her robe and sits in a bath surrounded by candles and picks up a scythe or sickle and cuts her back as Lorna hands naked upside down from the roof. The woman literally bathes in Lorna's blood!

    I didn't like how the movie ended, as in the first movie Paxton escapes by killing some of the guards to escape, but Beth buys her way out and kills Stuart, the guy who was taken there by his friend to introduce him to this macabre event. The way she kills him is reminiscent of Lorena Bobbit.

    Overall the movie is ok for those that love blood and gore....more info
  • brutal! possibly better than the original!
    It's so rare that I find a sequel to a great movie that even comes close to matching the original! Luckily, writer/director Eli Roth did a great job at accomplishing this rare feat! Roth adeptly avoided the pitfalls and traps that so many in his field fall into...such as trying too hard to outdo his earlier work with obvious ploys like Hollywood glitz, sparkle and fluff in the form of over-done special effects that are focused on more than paying attention to putting out a good flick. Yes, there is a little more torture in this second movie...not much, but a little. and frankly, BOTH movies would have benefitted from more torture! I do prefer to watch this second movie more than the first. Even though the original had more female nudity in it (always a good thing), I seem to like the second story better...although I'll admit it's purely a matter of personal opinion. I'll also admit that if someone were to say they like the first movie better, I would not be able to argue the point. I think I like the second movie better because I just prefer the victims to be female. and since the second movie focuses on how FEMALE victims came into this mess, the plot is more enjoyable for me. (although as I said, the first flick is better at having more female nudity...always a plus!) The point is, Roth did a great job with the second flick because he did not try to outdo the first flick! he just stuck to his guns and wrote and directed a second movie that had merit on its own, without depending on, leaning on or needing to outshine the original. the plot is impressive enough for this perverse genre...the script works well...the acting is more than adequate. the special effects are impressive and daunting...but he did not got bogged down in trying to "be better" than his first effort. so to sum up, the second flick could have had more violence and torture and more female does have a bit more torture than the first...and I think it's a more enjoyable watch than the first Hostel. Thank you, Eli for having that rare sequel...a sequel that stands up to the original great flick! and kudos to Quentin Tarantino for having the smarts to hitch his wagon to both of these wonderfully gruesome and grizzly, repulsive movies! Good, sick job on everyone's part! I loved it!...more info
  • Blows the first one away!
    Hostel Part II really feels like a natural continuation of the first Hostel. But, in my opinion it's a far superior film. I finally got up the nerve to watch Cannibal Holocaust the same week that I watched Hostel Part II, and I have to say there is one scene in the middle of the movie that disturbed me way more than anything Ruggero Deodato came up with! That said, I loved the feel of the movie. It's very slow and builds the characters of the three girls nicely. I loved seeing Heather Matarazzo, as this sweet, loopy girl traveling through Europe. You also get to follow two of the would-be killers, these regular "guy next door" types that creeped me out beyond belief. At first you feel bad for Stuart being led by this insane friend of his, and then you're like WTF is this guy's problem, just say no! So, he becomes the worst kind of bad guy. Besides the bath scene, which is just one of the most disturbing things I think I have ever seen in a movie, I think you can tell that this movie is very anti-violence and is meant to be some sort of criticism about capitalism. The shots of the sickos of the world "bidding" on girls they want to MURDER drives this home. The fact that Todd thinks killing a defenseless college girl will some how make him a BIG SCARY MAN in the business world is really sick. But, I can imagine there are people like that in this world. There is a festival scene that is beautifully shot, and really fantastic as it goes to fun and festive to f'd up an creepy. I loved the ending. The scenery is great. Especially the stuff shot in the Blue Lagoon. There are fantastic extras on this disc. Everyone should watch the commentary by Eli Roth, it's great. He's cocky as hell, but a movie genius. ...more info
  • not punishing enough
    The gore film, once a devoted worshiper I was! Seriously, is there really any need for new gore films? It seems the defining alpha-omega load was blown in the 70s and 80s then refined in Japan for almost 2 decades as many reviewers have already noted. There isn't much you can do that hasn't been done besides soften up the delivery to ensure mass distribution. I really enjoyed the first Hostel film for its story, it seemed with a bit more restraint without taking the easy way out going with over the top comedy/violence it would have made for some classic material. Sometimes you need to be dark and uncompromising. For all of their flaws and unintentional humor, Cannibal Holocaust and Men Behind The Sun were unrelenting, gory, and made you feel truly awful after seeing them. More recently, Irreversible though only containing two extremely explicit (and genuinely disturbing) scenes of violence is far more my idea of what a hellish dark trip to Europe can be. No "cute" laughs in that one, if you were disappointed in this film but liked the scenery and dark mood it was trying to evoke check that movie out. If the violence doesn't give you a headache the camera work will.

    This movie is an unfortunate bore from start to finish, everything that has been done already in the first Hostel is done again, in the most uninspired way imaginable. It would have been good to see a straight film about two American businessmen who take a trip to a "murder brothel" and what happens. But here its just, urgghghg! Also Eli Roth really needs to stop lifting scenes from other movies, the execution of the street kid was taken straight from City of God only this time its far more watered down, unshocking and lame. There's not even a blood spurt, whats the point? The only reason this movie exists is because violence is now completely acceptable in mainstream film, there is a massive audience ignorant of the genre this spawned from with an interest in the darker side of cinema so why not capitalize on it? I'm not saying its an outrage just, well, there's far better films out there heavy on violence that can be taken seriously enough to have an impression on you other than a re-run through the basics of Tom Savini splatterdom.

    As just a movie to watch, its boring, badly written, and horribly acted, the girl from Welcome To The Dollhouse, an amazing actress judging from that film, is reduced to a stuttering idiot who gets killed in a tribute to Elizabeth Bathory, you can actualy visualize Eli Roth's moronic thought process every step of the way down to how he cast the film. Eli Roth probably won't reach the heights of badness Wes Craven did in the 90s ruining the horror genre for a decade+ but he's certainly the kid with the Green Day shirt at the GG Allin show. Ok thats harsh, he's the kid with the Misfits shirt at The Undead show....more info
  • Just as lame as the original.
    My first watch of Hostel: Part II on DVD. . .

    From Credit to Credit. . . my thoughts: -While the opening credits roll over what I assume to be a torturer, let me make it clear that I hated the first Hostel and Eli Roth in general. . . I've never liked any work he's done.

    -And the film begins. . . I very much miss the days when people actually put up subtitles when there was another language being spoken. . .

    -Hey. . . this interviewer is like a Russian Stockard Channing! ha.

    -It's bad luck being hooked up to an EKG when you're being accused of murder, eh? -Ouch. I thought you couldn't die in dreams.

    -He went on a massive vengeance spree and now he turns into a massive pansy? If the same events had happened to me, I'd WANT them to come looking for me. Home field advantage! -Chainsaw in a horror pic. Never a good idea.

    -Oh. Wow. That was. Ew. And. Cat. I must admit that was nice.

    -Hey, it's the poor man's Anthony Hopkins! -Oh. A penis. And Randy's little sister from the Scream trilogy (or not trilogy soon).

    -Uhhhh. . . so they can't even repair the penis transgression with a nude woman? Really? Lame.

    -Wow. Seriously. Put a few more clich®¶s on one train, please.

    -Boy. . . I hope Randy's sister (yeah, still haven't caught her name in this) is either killed of quickly or becomes evil b/c I'm having a hard time liking her with that. . . erm. . . face.

    -"Hot springs? That sounds so therapeutic." Ironic. What a lame set up, I'm sorry.

    -Wow. I haven't seen such poorly written dialogue in a wide release film since, probably, the Wicker Man remake. That's sad.

    -So, the men of Wisteria Lane (I mean. . . I don't watch Desperate Housewives) are interested in murdering American women? Couldn't they just drive downtown and grab a hooker? -Why isn't Viktor Krum on the Quidditch pitch? The Bulgarians will be angry.

    -I'm pretty sure all this blonde chick can do is stripper dance. Get some new moves, babe.

    -Was it necessary to look THAT menacing just to tie down a boat? -"Let the games begin." About effing time. I'd like to see SOMEONE die here. Jeez.

    -Nice sickle! This should not be arousing. This should not be arousing. This should not be arousing. This should not be arousing. Don't worry. It's not.

    -Damn. Sick car. And a dead kid. Interesting. Glad he had the balls to do it.

    -This movie really needs to end. It's just. . . horrendous.

    -But wow! Blonde girl just totally went all kinds of crazy on that man/woman! -Wow. Holy heads. I want a room like THAT in my place.

    -Dayum. I like little blonde girl's outfit. . . Not too shabby.

    -Ha. Saw unplugged. Funny. Ha.

    -Wow. Go doggies! hahaha. Who didn't see this change of personalities coming from a mile away? Really.

    -Krum's leg! That's actually. . . kinda cool. Gotta love cannibalism.

    -Yeah, fight back hot girl! -Now THIS is a football game I wanna play. . .

    - - -

    Okay. . . I'll admit it. . .

    The ending was cool. Whatsherface played a good heroine. But that's about it.

    75% of the movie was just. . . rotten. And, as soon as the buzz wears off from the rather interesting ending, I'm sure I'll hate it like I expected to, so I'll pause for a bit and go away till it wears off. . .

    - - -

    Back. Yeah. While I don't think it was as bad as the first, it was still a pretty terrible movie. . .

    My final score: 5.5/10....more info
  • Thanks
    DVD was a great price and in great condition. Arrived very fast...thank you so much!!!...more info
  • Slightly Superior Sequel
    Only the middle bit of the first Hostel worked for me. This time there is more of a story, and the switch to the bad guy's side was a very good idea. Sadly, the ladies become faceless power-tool fodder and the film doesn't live up to it's potential. It has its merits, but it's a cruel and conscience-free piece of work all the same. Worse, directors today don't know how to create suspense anymore. More scare, less pointless nasty, please....more info
  • Less impact.........
    When you have seen the extras in the original, hostel 2 has less impact.
    Sure the tale continues, and the movie was 'nt that bad....but all this
    graphic horror has no afraid that we shall see more and more
    of these types of movies with people getting murdered in different ways.
    I dont want to watch rich people get their ways anymore...
    Was good for a while, but now there is a avalance of these types of movies....more info
  • Gives Us A Frightening View Of The Modern Psychi
    Now going into this film I expected to be grossed out and to simply be enraptured by how far Eli Roth could take the gore in this movie to try and surpass the previous installment. Aside from the "Gorno" aspect of this movie, this has a very frightening message to it. This shows how a persons mental psychi is different from how they may express it towards others. I wont say much more as it will give away the whole premise of the movie and that's something I don't want to do as this has a bit more of a story to it compared to the previous film.

    The movie starts out with Paxton (Jay Hernandez) who was the only survivor of the torture of the last film. It shows how he is coping with the trauma of watching his friends be tortured and killed and then himself experiencing such torment. The bosses of the Hostel catch up to Paxton and finally take him out to cancel the risk that he may reveal the sickening secret of the wealthy underworld.

    This film does have more of a structure to it when compared to the first one. Three girls are backpacking across Europe and they become friends with Axelle (Vera Jordanova) who we learn is affiliated with the boss of the Hostel. Axelle is simply leading these girls into a trap which would eventually end their lives. On another side of the movie we are introduced to two business men who bid on being the men who killed these women. One of them wants to do the killing to fullfill what he feels as a darkness inside him that will make him feared by his peers. The other is a man who is pushed into the act for the same reason to instill a sub-conscious fear within his fellow colleagues.

    If you're not familiar with the Hostel movies and are curious about them, then be warned. This film is extremely graphic with its no holds barred approach to blood and guts. It is a very entertaining film however and something that really makes you think and in a sense wonder if there are actually places like this in the world.

    A good film that I would really only recommend to those who are familiar with this genre of movie....more info
  • Sequel is not as good as the first
    I saw the first movie and it was very terrifying. I was hoping to get the same effect from the second one and I was very disappointed. The writer was tied too much up into the stories of both parties, the victim and the buyer. I did watch the deleted scenes and there the director stated that he cut them because "it made the pace slow". Sorry, it didn't slow the pace, it explained the "dragging on of the story" that he was trying to accomplish. I don't want to make this a whine fest, but I also have some other complaints about the sequel. I don't have a problem with nudity. In fact I enjoy seeing nudity because it makes the characters more real, but the nudity should be equal between both sexes. In the deleted scenes the director stated that his "female hostel fans" protested to so much female nudity in the orginal. Yes, I do agree with them with this one. What should have happened is the director would have put in more male nudity. In the opening scene there is a male nude model for the art students. This was shown for about 2 seconds then the teachers head was put over the pelvic area of the models when she is walking. Then the director cut the scene of what the artist had painted. How lame is that? It most certainly looked like the director failed at what he was trying to do and "equalized" nothing. At least in the first movie there was more shots of men without shirts than this one. What I did like about the movie is that there were some "imaginative" ways that the "victims" were killed. There were also some very good twists in the story. I do recommend this movie to the "avid Hostel fans" but hopefully in the next one the director doesn't get "tied up in quickening the pace", make some of the "story" victims both male and female and leave out the "stories of the buyers"....more info
  • Hostel 2 review
    [written: 10-6-07]
    The first 'Hostel' was worth seeing. It was almost brilliant. It was gory in all the right places but not enough to make you want to vomit.
    Well let's just say that in one scene involving a very large blade on delicate skin I felt like wretching then and there in the cinema and still haven't got over it even now, the image returns again and again.
    Other than that, there's nothing to really worry about. The deaths are pretty uncreative. Morbid and horrible, but nothing you wouldn't expect from any old horror movie. The thing I loved about the first 'Hostel' was the ability to surprise. A woman in that movie had her eyeball hanging down from it's socket for instance, because of a man who had been using a firetorch on her eye.
    And what's with the ridiculous ending? Is this supposed to be a horror movie or a comedy? You throw a whole bunch of morbid things together and cook up this pot of boiling cinematic liquid to pour down people's throats and then you include a stupid and almost laughable, abrupt ending. How dumb.
    Part 2 was at least a little less sexualised than the first but if you're interested in seeing naked flesh then you'll get quite a lot here which is fine by me. There's one thing that's annoying in films and that's when flesh is covered just because it's considered vulgar. If you're going to have a storyline involving nakedness, at least have the guts to show it, and 'Hostel' at least does this, and they show naked men too, not just the women as movies so often do which is just sexist.
    Another problem with films is the belief they impose that people who don't drink alcohol are all nerdy, anxious and naive. They do this with the character Lorna who takes a spiked drink from one of her supposed friends because she apparently 'needs it', and everyone laughs. Her lack of interest in what some would consider an idealistic world for some weird little reason is mocked, she is seen as vulnerable and stupid and it all seems to add up to those watching simply because she isn't drinking like everyone else?
    It's the same in the movie 'Cruel Intentions 2' which I absolutely detest, the whole series. There's an adult girl who loves listening to Hanson, isn't into sex and doesn't drink. Her character is babyish, bouncy, naive, dumb and pathetic and it all links up to how people believe those who don't drink and listen to unpopular to most bands are just victims waiting to be caught. I hate that so much.
    I'm not sure what the moral at the end of the day is though. Usually people who don't have it in them to kill wouldn't kill just for the sake of it without being threatened in an actual confrontation, not seeking out the person they hate, and yet in the 'Hostel' series, some of the characters who are gentle and wouldn't do such a thing become as bad as the ones who are part of the hunting club that tortures humans. This movie is confusing and scattered. One scene spents ten minutes depicting a man's sensitive and unbrutal personality only to give him a moment where his personality almost splits and he becomes this rude, vile monster in a matter of seconds which lasts until his final scene.
    The movie just left me feeling strange, almost depressed and unable to remove that one terrorising scene of violence from my brain. People say that's it's only a movie, but I know that if someone was chained, tortured and eventually killed then their death would look exactly like that. It's not as if the storyline is about someone who is placed by aliens on Saturn's rings and has an injection of some alien death liquid into their veins, causing their eventual demise. It's true that a real death like this would be as bloody, messy, disgusting and saddening and would look something like, if not exactly like those scenes.
    Hostel 2 rating? 2/10 which is very fitting don't you think?. But Hostel will get 9/10 so you should go and see that....more info
  • Not as Terrible as People Say But Fails to Live Up to its Potential
    "Hostel Part 2" picks up the thread where the original left off. After this effective opening chapter, director Eli Roth starts telling the horrifying tales again, about three American college students in Slovakia. For the sequel Roth changes the gender of the students to female (Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips) and also includes the sub-plots of "buyers" or sadistic tormentors played by Roger Bart and Richard Burgi.

    Not much can be said about the thin plot originally inspired by urban legends. "Hostel Part 2" like its predecessor takes it granted that legends are true. As a consequence all we have to do is to wait for the tortures to begin, and end. The sequel provides the gruesome tortures and slow deaths and is full of blood and screams. The extremely graphic film, however, is hardly called scary because it has no nuance or subtlety suggesting the horrors that are to arrive.

    In fact the film does not attempt to hide the fact that terrible fates await the characters. There is no sense of suspense; what we don't know is the way how these unsuspecting students are tortured. But maybe two "Hostel" films are supposed to be like that. Roth is quite good at making the bloody torture scenes and the dark interior sets are impressive. The photography showing the countryside is also very good, beautiful and creepy at the same time.

    There is another thing Eli Roth is good at and that is the casting. The main cast is very good (and they are all talented), but here I'm talking about the cameos. Ruggero Deodato, director of "Cannibal Holocaust" briefly appears, doing something I shouldn't mention. Milan Knazko (who was really Minister for Culture of the Slovak Republic) appears as "Sacha." To watch cameos and references to other films would be pretty amusing to me because they are virtually the list of the people Roth idolizes. Was there Quentin Tarantino? Yes, watch the TV closely.

    However, I couldn't like the film very much despite (or because of) these "merits." From at certain point "Hostel Part 2" starts being too self-conscious. Should we take seriously the middle-aged lady taking a shower of blood, apparent reference to Elizabeth B®Ęthory? Should we laugh when Roger Bart's character refers to one Disney animation character he played? The third act of the film almost becomes slapstick with gores.

    "Hostel Part 2" with the structure that has been getting more and more repetitious since the original has surprisingly less scares than you expect, being emotionally detached from the viewers, almost cynical in its tone in describing the characters (good or bad, killing or killed) and their behaviors. The film is content with doing what it does, often disregarding the audiences who want to be scared or (if I may use the word) entertained.
    ...more info
  • Pathetic....
    I watched the unedited version of this on ppv. It stunk to high heaven. The first one was a 10 star compared to this and the first one was a glorified B flick. No more Hostel movies please. ...more info
  • Plain out bad!!!
    The first Hostel movie was really scary, suspensfull, and bloody. That's what any horror movie should have. But, Hostel part II failed in those aspects miserably. The 3 main characters didn't have to much personality and you just coulden't find yourself rooting for them. I really liked the reappearence of Jay Hernandez from the origional Hostel. But, after Jay's appearence was over, I found myself really bored throughout the rest of the movie. It's to bad that Hostel part II was a bad movie. The origional Hostel had the potential to spark a wide range of sequals. But with the failures of Hostel part II, I don't think that there will be any more Hostel movies. I hope my review was helpfull. Bye now. If you would like to contact me about this or any other of my other reviews, my e-mail address is info
  • Personal Fav
    I know theres alot of reviews on here saying this movies horrible and is a disgrace and such...I personally Love it. As a big fan of horror movies I was worried about seeing this one when the first wasnt amazing but I liked it alot better. yes there is blood and gore but hey, its a horror movie, dont like that stuff? dont watch it. This is one of those movies that makes you wonder who you can and cant trust when traveling. I loved it and recomend it 5 stars all the way!...more info
  • not as good as the first
    The same theme of Hostel is continued in this part. This time, there are three college girls who are lured into a Hostel in Slovakia instead of three men. One of the characters was supposed to be the odd one and I thought that her character was too "over the top". No one acts like that character in real life. All three were supposed to be college students but one of them acted like she was a patient at a mental institution or an insane asylum. It's no surprise that she was the first one to be captured and killed. That first scene was perhaps the most horrifying of the film (with the exception of the castration scene). I think the scene would have even been more horrifying if the character was more beliveable. Most will not be able to make a strong connection with her. But still, that scene is like nothing I've seen before.

    In listening to the director's commentary, in this movie he was making a statement about capitalism and the Bush administration. He demonstrates how these rich men in the film are nothing but heartless greedy jerks who consider it nothing but a game in bidding on human lives. In the beginning of the film there is a montage of rich men auctioning off the three women. The girls go to the highest bidders, then they travel to Europe to go to the factory to torture and kill their prizes. It may seem sick the director comments, but the Bush Administration is doing the same thing... pointing to how many people and organizations have become rich off of the Iraq war and how heartless the government was for the Katrina victims. But if he felt that way, the only question I have is: Why didn't he put any black people in the film?

    The story line of this film was OK, but there was one big inconsistency. The girl who was able to buy her way out and become a member of the exclusive hunt club killed another member of the club. Why would she do something so stupid? I know they just put that in for the drama, but it just doesn't make any sense. Given the way the club operates, she would be the next one they will kill. ...more info
  • Redundant
    I liked the first "Hostel" movie. It was gratuitous, to be sure, but it also had a political subtext to it, where the young men who go off to Europe in order to exploit the culture end up being the ones exploited.

    Although "Hostel part II" picks up right where the last one left off, any political subtext is gone from this film, and it really plays more like another sequel in the "Saw" franchise, where gory stunts take the place of real suspense. Even the characters seem to be borrowed from better films ... Heather Matarazzo basically plays a grown up version of the tragic outcast she played in the groundbreaking "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and Bijou Phillips plays the same cautionary party girl she played in Larry Clark's excellent "Bully". The whole thing just feels really redundant....more info
  • Jay Hernandez returns as a terrified "Paxton".
    Jay Hernandez returns as "Paxton". Derek Richardson returns as "Josh". Patrik Zigo as the Bumble Gum leader.

    When we last left "Paxton" (Jay Hernandez), in Hostel (Unrated Widescreen Edition), he had killed the Dutch Businessman. He was now on the train to go back home. He had the look of determination and being pissed off.
    Now in America, Paxton is having nightmares about his ordeal. He is under medication. He has gone crazy. He hides out with his girlfriend (Jordan Ladd) at her grandmother's house. He is paranoid. He feels they will come after him. By next morning, the girlfriend finds out he was right.
    College girls (Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, Heather Matarazzo) are on their way to Prague. The train has these horny gross Italian guys that bother the girls. They meet Axelle (Vera Jordanova) who tells them about a hot springs spa in Slovakia. They change plans and go with her to Slovakia. They attend the night party where businessmen have been called upon. They meet gentleman escorts, however this could be the end of their lives.
    Try to spot these others from the first Hostel (2005):
    Barbara Nedeljakova as "Natalya", Jana Kaderabkova as "Svetland", Rick Hoffman was the "American Client" now an "American Businessman", Milda Havlas as "Desk Clerk Jedi", Dan Frisch as "Fanny Pack Man", Ota Filip as
    Muttonchop guard", Mark Taylor was "Brucey" now as "Sir Bruce Bonus", Stephanie Bauman returns as Axelle's next victim, Martin Faltyn as "Senior Cozzi", Michaela Kaplanova as "Todd's Hooker, Iveta Rucka as "Stuart's hooker", Philip Waley was "Alfie" now is "Monitor Guard Czelsifan", David Baxa was a "museum tortury guard" now is a "Hammerman".

    George Takei (Star Trek's original "Sulu") appears in a cameo appearance at the golf course.

    Special Features: 3 Audio Commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, radio interview with Eli Roth, Gag Reel.

    Update: Hostel, Part 3 may go directly to DVD in 2010....more info
  • Superior to the first in every way... Except...
    Well, caveat here. I hate Hostel Part 1. I %$#@ing hate it. I $#@!ing hate all torture porn.

    Hostel Part II is NOT torture porn. Not even close. It's actually a quality film.

    Surprisingly, nearly every review I've read mentions the excessive violence. This is surprising because Hostel Part II is light years LESS violent than Hostel Part I. Yet, everyone thinks it's MORE violent. Why is this? Because Hostel II shows aftermath, not torture. It shows consequences, not the act.

    In short, it's a film. The first was just exploitation.

    Truth is, everyone is divided on this movie for a reason. If you're a gorehound looking for a visceral film, this one requires too much brain. If you're a brainy critic-type, this one has too much gore. For that rare nexus of smart moviegoer who loves visceral horror, this is pretty good. Not excellent. Pretty good.

    One last note: the Unrated Edition is less good than the R-rated version. This isn't because I'm squeamish, it's because the final scene -- which is a few seconds longer in the Unrated Edition -- actually is better paced (and therefore much more satisfying) in the R-rated version....more info
  • So now we see the clients ...
    Hostel II is a decent horror flick, but can't quite hold up to its predecessor, the first Hostel movie. In Hostel we followed male college students, in Hostel II we follow some female students who are led astray by female model, promising them the vacation of their lives. After a strange run in on a train, they are invited to a big party where one of their numbers immediately goes missing. Searching for their missing companion, the rest fall into terrible peril at the hands of the men who have paid to kill them in any way they wish to do.

    I think what makes Hostel II weak is the fact that they chose to delve into the personalities and identities of the men (and women) who are the clients, the ones who pay to do the killing. It seemed more sinister when the clients were left as a mystery. Hostel II showed their weaknesses and not the nature of them that leads them to sign up for something so sinister as a trouble free murder. The plot is much thinner than in the first movie.

    The ending to Hostel II is its strong point, but I can't give away too much of that. Suffice to say it has a good feeling, though again it doesn't compare to the ending of the first Hostel movie. Overall, I would rate the first Hostel as a purchase and Hostel II as a rental, if you're interested. There is some gore and a few tense scenes, but it seemed more "forced" than the first movie. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • More of the same
    A disappointing rehash of the first movie, "Hostel." This sequel fails to recapture the originality of the first movie while desperately trying to out-gross it. ...more info
  • Hostel-Part II
    It isn't often that they make a sequel, especially in the horror genre (remember all those "Halloweens"?) that is the equal of the original. Eli Roth has done a great job with this second "Hostel". It has all of the stuff that got you off in the original, but in bigger doses. What can I say? I own them both....more info
  • The other side of the torture industry...
    I liked this movie almost as much as the first one. The first Hostel left me wondering about this business, how it really works, what kinds of people would pay for this. The sequel shows us the behind the scenes working, from the moment the girls check in, until the newest member is branded. I personaly like all of the girls, except Axelle, obviously. I liked adventuros Whitney, sweet but depressed Lorna, and rich but not at all snobbish, Beth. The movie did make me wonder if Beth was a lesbian, but the fact that it wasn't answered was okay. I did think the kids playing ball at the end was a little too much, but it did make me laugh. If Hostel 3 is released, I'll see it!...more info
  • Eli makes sure to keep this Hostel one of the sleaziest places in town
    Sometimes directors are bigger than their movies... Eli Roth is one of these directors (even with such a small catalog of material). The problem isn't that when he's asked questions in interviews he says what he thinks, or the way he looks, or that he's willing to push the boundries of good taste in his films or anything like that (well, not completely at least) but rather that he recieved such heaping praise in such a short time that it was bound to have a negative effect (like the new kid in high school, popular right away but eventually gets his a#$ kicked for it). Anytime your being talked about as a posible "savior" of the genre, especially after only your first film... the next movie you make better be a Horror masterpiece. Well, none of Eli's movies to date have been masterpieces, they've been enjoyable, but not the type of films that will become staples on anyone's top 50 of all time list (although this is Amazon so I'm sure I'm wrong there... in fact I think I've seen Boogeyman on some peoples lists?!). Hostel 2 is basically more of the same from Mr. Roth and his two previous movies. Take some young people, try to make them likeable (which hasn't really happened for me yet), and then put them through hell. Basic formula, but he does it well (Romero on zombies is a similiar situation). Here he takes the same premise as the first (young people being tricked into going to Slovikia where... well, you know the rest) except here he's replaced the male leads with a group of females (hijinxs ensue). I've seen alot of people blast the movie for being more or less the same film, to which I say, "yeah, it is called Hostel, just with a 2 behind it," and actually, this time we get a pretty interesting look at our antagonists which is a nice addition. Probably what put this one over the first for me is just this, what are the sick freaks who are into this kind of stuff like? Although not overly in depth, the scenes involving the exploration of these men and their experience on the other side of the torture kept my attention completely throughout. Another thing that this film shares with it's predecessor is the pacing... it takes awhile for things to get messy, however when it does we get treated to some fairly extreme acts of depravity (even as a hardened horror fan, the bathtub scene was... wow, just see it for yourself I guess). If you don't like any of Eli Roth's previous films already then this won't change your mind, if you do though, then make sure to check this out ASAP. As I said at the top of the review, "Eli makes sure to keep this Hostel one of the sleaziest places in town"... my only question now is, "can I get a room?" ...more info