Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (Black)
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Product Description

Good intel and proper gear are the keys to victory. With the Logitech G15 keyboard, you get both. Now you can easily discover on which server your friends are playing Battlefield 2142, be notified when your World of Warcraft battleground becomes available and know exactly who's talking in Ventrilo with the Logitech G15 keyboard's exclusive GamePanel LCD. You can also create useful macros on the fly that play back with a single press of one of the six G keys. As every key features illuminated characters, with three levels of brightness, you can keep playing late into the night.

  • Connectivity - USB
  • Cable Type - USB
  • Warranty - 1 year warranty
  • Illuminated characters: Choose from three levels of brightness. Locate keys easily in both bright and low-light conditions.
  • Six programmable G-keys: Perform single keystrokes or complex macros with six fully programmable G-keys. Create macros on the fly

Customer Reviews:

  • Some keys didn't work...
    I was very excited for installing this keyboard on my new Rig, I cannot complaint about the information appearing on keyboard's screen, very handy, profiles, shortcuts, the driver worked well with my XP, etc. Nevertheless, after couple weeks of use by an unknown reason the keys: "s", "space", "n", "m", "right Ctrl", "right Shift", "right Alt" stop from working, too sad for my excitement, and after several troubleshooting steps, it was identified a keyboard HW problem. So I will return the keyboard and I am considering buy another with much more quality, the impression I have now with this keyboard is that it is too cool but Logitech forgot the most important thing: the "normal" keys should work....more info
  • Great Product
    The Logitech G15 is the best keyboard that I have ever owned. After just a few weeks of having it, I have noticed a whole different way of playing games with the built in macros, light up keys, and the lcd screen. I recommend this product to everyone who needs a new keyboard....more info
  • Laggy Keyboard...
    Yes, it's true! I thought i was the only person on earth that was getting bad input from this keyboard, but i just googled and found alot of people with the same problem: when you press down a key, for example the "w" to go forward, it takes a while to start moving. Worse, if you keep pressing down the key, after a while you stop moving for a second or two and then you continue moving. It's not hardware related because it happens in any PC i've tested it. My god, just to think i wasted 75 dollars for a laggy keyboard with a LCD Display. The sad part here is that the keyboard it replaced, works better being an OEM keyboard that came with a cheap Compaq PC.

    -Illuminated keys
    -LCD Display
    -Switch to disable Windows Logo Keys
    -6 macro keys with 3 profiles

    -LCD Display (This is what makes this cheap keyboard so expensive)
    -Standard size keys
    -Poor input response

    You've been warned!... My suggestion if you still believe in logitech is to get the G11 or the original G15 that probably do not have this issue....more info
  • Excelent Keyboard
    Very good Keyboard ,easy work macros, very good for rest wrist , very nice ilumination for dark room .

    At a disadvantage is that the pulsation of the keys is less sensitive to usual

    Very fast send for amazon.com ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I bought this keyboard to use with WoW. The LED screen, lighting, macro buttons, and Ventrilo compatibility were the selling points.

    However, the buttons are VERY stiff; after three two-hour sessions (over two days), my middle finger (w key) was very sore. Depressing the key is not enough to register the press; it has to be pressed down firmly. If it is not you get skippy, staccato movements.

    The keys are also quite a bit smaller than those on most keyboards, making typing (and playing) awkward. The keyboard also lays too flat. The legs in the back barely raise it up.

    Finally, if you have a slide-out keyboard tray, the LED screen might be obstructed by the desk. Look at your current keyboard; if you cannot see three inches on top of it, you won't be able to see the screen.
    ...more info
  • Impressed
    I went shopping for a new keyboard, and decided to upgrqade my input devices right, so I got the G9 mouse to go with the G15 keyboard. I was rather taken aback by the price of both, but they have truly impressed me with there performance. I was stunned by the diffrence a percision mouse can make in my computing experiance, especially in gaming. My main target for the keyboard was the back lighting, but I have found that the lcd screen has quickly become indespensable. I just had to look in the settings of some of my favorite applications (like Ventrilo, EQ2, Advanced Combat Tracker, etc.) and there was a check box to supply output to the G15's lcd screen. Bottom line is: if you can afford the price, this is a very worthwhile item....more info
  • COOL
    Cool Looking keyboard. Honestly made of quality. I am very brand loyal to Logitech, and will continue to purchase their products. Im done with Microsoft(cheap)....more info
  • Great, awesome
    Logitech impresses me again! I got them all over my desk. Speakers mice, keyboards and more. I'm going to by stock in Logi soon

    First keyboard i got was 1st generation. had a slight problem. replacement is 2nd generation. I do like this one better its a little less wide. the LCD panel and applets are cool. i love keeping eye on ram and CPU usage. And the keyboard scrolls name of songs and artist when playing MP3's.

    I wish was wireless, but since mouse receiver is right in front of me no big deal. And the 2 UsB ports on keyboard come in handy.

    love the lighted keys. I've been useing a keyboard for years, but still can't seem to tpe without looking and useing about 3 fingers.

    uy IT you'll LOVE it too!...more info
  • Good with bugs
    I love the keyboard, the G-keys are awsome and the LCD is great. However it is hard to find programs for the LCD and some are pretty glichy. COD4 and crisis are still not supported....more info
  • Great Keyboard
    This is a very well built keyboard, with a single purpose in-mind: gaming. However, it does fall short.

    The rubber, plastic coating on the keys itself does a good job of feeling slick to allow quick change of keys, while still having enough grip to hang on to the keys you need. The plastic wrist guard is very tough, however cheap it feels. The LCD display is very useful as I do not have a clock on my desk (why do you need a clock when you have a computer?) so I can use the display to monitor the time, as well as change songs, increase and lower volume, and monitor the performance of the system, all while playing a game that uses the entire screen.

    As for the macro keys, I have not set those up as I do not currently play a game that I cannot use the default controls. This may change when SC2, Age of Conan, etc. are released and I am playing.

    As always, everything has its vices. One of my major gripes is quality control issues with the back lighting for the individual keys, causing the key itself not to be properly illuminated. Also, the plastic is easily stained and without a doubt, over time the grey plastic paint will rub away.

    All-in-all, I can recommend this keyboard to anyone that likes flashy stuff. It definitely is useful, however, it is not worth paying more than $70 for....more info
  • Good, but not great, keyboard
    I bought this keyboard to replace a much cheaper one that died. I liked the idea that this was backlit, had some extra function keys, and the LCD display. Being made by Logitech was a plus in my book as well.

    The backlighting is bright enough to be useful, but not as bright as I would like it to be.

    The LCD requires software running on the host PC in order to do anything useful (which I expected). While I haven't found as many plug-ins for it as I would like to have seen, there are quite a few and they do seem to work well. I especially like the clock/calendar, media display, and performance monitoring ones.

    The keys seem to be durable and work well. The layout is good, though the placement of the "~" key in the upper left position where I'm used to finding the "Esc" key is a bit frustrating at times. I also have a habit of hitting the G5/G6 keys when I mean to hit the Ctrl key. I remapped those keys to Ctrl to resolve that issue.

    When used for gaming, I find the keyboard to be responsive and comfortable. I haven't seen any evidence of the "lag" I've heard other reviewers mention.

    I haven't used the built-in USB ports because they aren't too accessible with my KVM switch on that side of the keyboard.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I ordered the new version of the G15 after my old one started having problems being recognized on reboot and coming out of sleep mode. I didn't really want to take a chance on another Logitech board, but I'd gotten used to the backlighting and the lcd screen, I also liked the feel of the board in general. So, even though they removed 2/3 of the g keys, the volume wheel, and changed the color I took a chance and ordered the new version. It was a mistake.

    The sensitivity of the keys is terrible, and they feel terrible(way more clunky than the orginal). When I'm playing games I have to press down so hard on them or my character will stutter or not move at all. It's pretty much unusable unless I want permanent damage to my fingers. ...more info
  • Two issues
    I don't have a lot to add to what the other reviews here have to say. Overall, it's a decent keyboard and has some nice features for gamers. However there are two issues that I'd like to mention. The first is the software. The software that the keyboard ships with installs a driver for Sideshow. This driver can cause a pretty serious error on some 64bit Vista machines that will prevent the computer from starting up. Logitech has an updated version of the software on its website that removes the driver and works fine with Vista, but it took quite a few hours of frustration on my part to figure out 1st that's what was causing the problem and 2nd how to fix it.

    The second issue that I think needs to be mentioned is that it seems like this is not a full sized keyboard. The keys are ever so slightly narrower than a standard keyboard (or at least the one I use at work) in order to keep the overall footprint of the keyboard fairly small. What this means is that it can take a bit of time to get used to typing on it, and I found myself frequently hitting the caps lock key when I reached for "A"....more info
  • G15 gaming Keyboard
    I still like PC gaming over console and the Logiteck G15 gaming keyboard is as important as having a presion mouse to play with. I'm amazed of the data it provides at a glance for the majority of the games I play.
    A must have if you're a serious computer gamer...more info
  • Great Keyboard
    Really like the fuctions on the LCD dispay. Very useful when gaming and a must for ventrillo users.
    Keys are a little small but I'm getting used to it.
    Overall very well build. Fantastic price on Amazon too...more info
  • Best Keyboard
    Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (Black)

    I am a gamer and this keybaord has helped me alot!
    Before i bought this keyboard id press the wrong button and get shot for going the wrong way, but the G15 has spaced keys, so no more pressing the wrong button!
    And to add to that the LCD screen is handy to have if you are scrimming or raiding and use vintrillo, you can see who is in your chanlle and who is talking when, and if you do not have a clock handy you can scroll threw the options and select the clock.. What more could you ask for??...more info
  • Great Gaming Keyboard!
    As I am fairly heavily invested in the three gaming machines my sons and I play on, I check things out pretty thoroughly before I buy. Gone are the days of the $[...] keyboard and $[...] mouse in this house. I want lasting quality. I'm pretty sure I found it in the G15.
    I bought one to test it and it functions flawlessly. The display is clear and the keys are crisp. I found that the number of G keys are plenty, too. Mine also doubles for work and it works great for that, too. The Windows lock-out ket is awesome (never seen that before)! I already over 50 hours on it and its passed my tests and those of both boys. I'll be buying two more very soon.
    If I had a complaint it would only be that the "Enter", "Shift", etc, buttons are only symbols. However, I realize that's really based on a 45 year-old's dislike for change. The kids picked up on it like it was always that way! Of course, they type while watching the screen, too!
    Great keyboard! I won't call it a "must have", but it's at the top of the list in the "want" category....more info
  • Just for looks
    I purchased this keyboard with low expectations. The only feature that was of importance to me was the back lit keys. It is just too bad that the back lit key feature is the only thing that works correctly on the keyboard.

    The software that came with the keyboard is useless on my Vista x64 machine. The software seems to only partially install so that means no icons are created but the files are put into the Program Files. When I do open any of the software that came with the keyboard, it tells me to "Please plug in your G15 hardware". No working software means no working LCD. I could get over that.

    What I can't get over is the issues with not recognizing about 25% of key presses. The keys that are rarely recognized, even when pressing very hard are: a, e, r, v, t, g, h, and the space bar. As for playing games, the arrow keys often stick making it impossible to do well in any game.

    It is sad that the keyboard cannot even do what any basic keyboard can do: put the letters I press onto the screen. I am a programmer by day so I have used many types of keyboards (much less expensive ones) and I have never run into any of the problems that occurred with this one.

    Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this buggy hardware. It has caused nothing but frustration....more info
    My friend bought one of these and it is so amazing when i get enough money imma gonna get one when your playing crysis the keyboard acturely shows you what gun you have out how much ammo and more on the LCD Display at the top and it light up great for gameing in the dark...more info
  • A nice pricey keyboard
    This is a wonderful unit. The keys are quiet enough so that others are not disturbed by the clicking, yet they have enough tactile feel that you can feel when you have engaged the key. I am not an avid gamer so I am unable to speculate on how it responds in a gaming environment. I really like the illumiated keys, and like the looks of the LCD screen. The keyspacing is right on target for my hands. There are several Marco keys with 3 diffrent levels that a person can program. I really have not found a use, nor took the time to mess with them. I give this keyboard 5 stars. The only con that I have found is price. I recommend this product even for a person who does not game all of the time....more info