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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
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Product Description

Everyone's favorite little purple pyro is back in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. Spyro's ultimate objective is to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Master, and whether he succeeds is up to you! Take on the role of Spyro the dragon and leap, fly, slide, bash and burn your way through 13 levels of intense action and eight vicious enemy bosses. The Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night offers visual enhancements, incredible battle animations and even more immersive background graphics - travel through fire, ice, jungle, caverns and more! This is no simple battling action game - Eternal Night also offers an array of challenging puzzles which require Spyro's new power, and not just a little brainwork, to get through. Finally, turn the whole game on its ear with a whole new power, the ability to bend time at will! Dragon Time lets you dodge attacks, solve tricky time-based puzzles and give Spyro a whole new edge! Amazing new graphics and background art ESRB Rated E10 for gamers aged 10 and up

  • New Attacks-All 4 upgradeable breath attacks have been refreshed with new elemental melee moves ? Comet Dash, Artic Blast, Earth Pound, Electric Spin, plus 4 new devastating fury attacks with dramatic new area effects
  • Dragon Time: Spyro can now literally bend time at will! Engage Dragon Time to dodge attacks, out-maneuver enemies or solve tricky time-based environmental puzzles. Dragon Time introduces an entirely new dynamic to the action!
  • New enemies and boss battles ? Skabb the Pirate and Gaul the Ape King
  • Explore your World - Eternal Night features an added degree of exploration and puzzle solving ? challenging Spyro to use his new powers not just to blast through enemies, but also to uncover secrets and navigate through challenging environments.

Customer Reviews:

    No way of going back to other levels, no side quests, no fun enemies! Just battle after battle with no fun in between. The earlier games were a blast with all the neat characterization and side quests. This is just battles that take too long and are too hard with nothing else to offer....more info
  • Spyro..again
    Spyro is a fun little dragon with all the blood and gore of all lot of the other games. This game interest my 14 year old stepson, who is used to playing "T" and "M" rated games at his house. I have a preteen and primary school age child that love to move this dragon around and meet the challenges that this game and complex goals....more info
  • different yet still fun
    Okay, so first things first. If you like the original spyros, this is completely different. I used to be mad about how much spyro has changed ever since Insomniac games sold the series, and especially since "a new beginning". Yet, i realized that the series have gone on for 12 years with the same gameplay for a long time, so maybe it's time for a change. This game is more about combat rather than collecting items, and flying challenges, etc. It still has a little bit of a "platform" feel to it but way different than previous games. I still think that it's rather challenging at parts, but could be a little harder. I still like all the spyro games, new and old and i hope to own them all including "dawn of the dragon" and "a new beginning". Just give this game a chance with an open mind. I would like to see the series continue, but it won't if no one buys the new games, i don't see why Sierra would continue to make these games if they don't sell, so just keep an open mind and maybe they'll combine the old gameplay with the new and make a spyro game that pleases everyone....more info
    I played this game with my nephew. It was easy enough for him to figure out on his own. He is 7. We miss a lot of the mini games and characters from the old Spyro games but this is fun in it's own way....more info
  • Not the Same
    Spyro just is not the same anymore.

    These past two games have just been hard work and constant battle after battle, with nearly no breaks in between. Spyro is no longer the spunky little dragon with all his friends who used to be playable characters.

    There are no longer portals and levels that you can even return to after you've been there. There are no mini-missions, no exploration, no collecting of items, no fun. Enemies take hits and hits to kill and you only have a limited amount of you magical flames which need to be restored by gems which used to be your equivalent of money to buy items to help you along your journey.

    I wish they had not changed Spyro and all of its entirety. Spyro used to be an excellent adventure game for all ages. Now it seems to fall under the category of merely another fighting game. I'm very disappointed with the way they have remodeled Spyro. This is not how Spyro became one of the greatest games we know today. We need to make it clear that this may as well no longer be the game called "Spyro."

    They should not have tried to fit in with all the other game creators and publishers. Spyro was one of a kind and a wonderful, amusing game, now it's as I said. I almost feel like we should write a petition to change Spyro back. If not, let them make these new Spyro games, but also, ones that were the way they used to be....more info
  • Happy little boy!
    I got this for my 5yr old grandson who wrote to Santa that this is all he wanted for Christmas. Well, Santa came through and he was thrilled out of his head. He loves it....more info
  • I'd order again
    The game turned out to work great, it was convenient and half the price of some of the stores. Many stores don't even carry it. Thank you....more info
  • The Wyrm Turns
    In previous Spyro games, my daughter has laughed and giggled at the silly creatures, collected goodies, and had footraces with a little thief who makes silly "Nyaah-nyaah" noises the whole way.
    Sierra has taken this franchise and turned it into a little-boy game. Only trouble is, any child who has played these games is going to be disappointed at the non-stop monotonous murder--unless you're training your child to be addicted to destroying an endless chain of monsters, don't bother. The cute factor is gone. My daughter used to love running through other levels again--that's gone too. Now you plow straight from beginning to end like a purple Beowulf, stuck to your quest until the bitter end....more info
  • Hard one of the trilogy
    This game is way cool. Strangely enough it is the last one I played of the trilogy and its the hardest one of the bunch, but it is a worth while buy....more info
  • Fun Game for all ages
    Alot of people are saying they don't like this game because it is unlike other Spyro games. I have many older Spyro games and love them all, and I like this one just as much. It is different, as it does have a bit less exploring, but I actually think this is refreshing as I don't have to worry about if I missed somethign or search around for that 1 gem that I just can't seem to find. This game is addictive and it is very fun, its also easy to understand how to use. You can upgrade your breaths by finding blue crystals and building up enough of those to be able to buy an upgrade. Overall this is a great game, yes it is different, but not bad at all. If you're turned off by the negative reviews at least try to rent it becuase its worth a try....more info
  • Returned the game!
    Bought this game as a Christmas gift for someone who is a Spyro fan. After I purchased the game my son read the reviews. They were extremely negative so I returned the game. If anyone has good things to say about this game then I would like to know. ...more info
  • Another Chapter
    Daughter is addicted to Spyro games. Spyro games a bit too expensive so for this I had to give 3 stars on pricing. ...more info
  • The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
    We got this and the game for our Grandson for Christmas, it's Terrific!!!
    Thanks for a decent game with no blood etc. ;)...more info
  • a pretty good sequel to the first legend of spyro
    The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night is one of the better playstation 2 Spyro games out there. Most people dont like it because it is not like the older playstation games. The graphics look very good for the playstation 2. The game has celebrity voices like Elijah Wood as Spyro, Billy West as Sparx, and Gary Oldman as Ignitus. You can upgrade your breath attacks just like A New Beginning. The breath attacks you have is fire, ice, earth, and electricity. You have many combo moves to take on the many creatures you will fight. You can also slow down time temporarily. I really like this new Spyro game. I really reccommend this game to people who like the Spyro games. This game is rated E10+ for cartoon violence and comic mischief. ...more info
  • Great game, but just not Spyro.
    I found this game to be fun to play. But honestly, Spyro got into the wrong hands. As a Spyro fan from the beginning, I can honestly say that every installment in the Spyro series since "A Hero's Tail" has been a complete let-down. These games might be fun for someone who never played Spyro at all before, as they present a challenging gameplay and cute little twists to it. But as far as remaining faithful to the lynch-pin that made Spyro into the great phenomenon it used to be, any one of the last 3 follow-ups don't stand a chance, and this new game proves it.

    Great game, but not for Spyro fans....more info
  • BRING THE OLD SPYRO BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok with all these bad reviews I hop this new company that took over after spyro 3 will get the fact that they suck at this and need to change it back the way it was. I miss the old spyros where moneybags was there and hunter what happned to him and the portals to new worlds with mini games geese Ive seen some companys turn a good game into a bad one when they got the rights to it but this is the WORST!...more info
  • Spyro: The Eternal Night
    My son loves this game but I would not recommend it for kids who scare easily. This is much darker than the original Spyro so be prepared for a different, not so light game....more info