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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/06/2008 Run time: 96 minutes Rating: Pg13

The weirdness of actor Nicolas Cage and the weirdness of science-fiction author Philip K. Dick seem like a natural fit. The premise, taken from a short story by Dick, is a good one: A mediocre Las Vegas magician named Chris Johnson (Cage) can see into the future--but only about two minutes at the most. Just enough to pull off his act and to make some money at the gambling tables, so long as he's discreet. Unfortunately, he hasn't been discreet enough; a government agent (Julianne Moore) has sussed out his precognitive talent and wants to use him to track down terrorists. But all Johnson cares about is a beautiful young woman (Jessica Biel, The Illusionist) that he can see in his future--much further in his future than he's ever seen before. Next has flashes that point to a much, much better movie than it turned out to be. A sequence in which Johnson, clairvoyantly explores all the different permutations of how he might approach his mystery woman is both funny and thought-provoking, and when Johnson avoids pursuers by knowing just the right moment to turn a corner or duck his head, it's smart and suspenseful. Unfortunately, the terrorist part of the plot is utterly perfunctory and precognition is reduced to an action movie gimmick. Somewhere in there is the kernel of a romantic comedy about precognition that's just waiting to be made. Cage gives a solid if unsurprising performance, Moore is basically earning a paycheck, but Biel is unexpectedly good (and her part is considerably better-written than your usual romantic interest); her performance suggests a better future than anyone might have predicted. --Bret Fetzer

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Customer Reviews:

  • Pleasantly surprised
    Nicolas Cage the psychic. The guy has prophetic ability two minutes into the future, but uses his powers to case Vegas slots and do bad magic tricks.. Terrorists plot detonate a massive bomb in a major metropolitan area. The feisty F.B.I. agent Julianne Moore learns of Cage's ability and wants to use him to find the bomb, and the killer babe in Jessica Biel falls with vacant eyes for our star. All the ingredients for a bad z movie. But it is good. I've watched it twice, and would definitely recommend it. Cage gets around and does some diverse roles, to the say the least. My other favorites of his are Gone in Sixty Seconds [Region 2], and starring Sean Connery, The Rock

    ...more info
  • a good story
    it has a good story that you have to watch twice to catch everything! i have it on hddvd and im glad i got it.
    ...more info
  • A good time paradox sci fi movie
    If you could see the future, would you be rich or a government slave?
    Are we really more connected to some people than others?
    Is there really a "greater good" that needs to be served
    in the name of goodness?
    The good thing about this movie is it gives you nothing about
    "predestination" or loops in time.
    The acting is very good, the script writing and setting are also fine.
    They did maybe more than justice to Philip K. Dick's idea.If the Hollywood people would only learn to read sci fi for themselves,
    Gordon R. Dickson's work
    might also find justice in a script....more info
  • I made a mistake, it is happening now!
    The plot on this movie is amazing. The bad guys are watching the FBI. The FBI is watching Cris Johnson, who can see two minutes into the future.

    A self-referential, infinite regression loop, allowed Cris to see Liz execution in the future. The second alternate reality, they all die in a nuclear explosion. The third alternate reality was not revealed.

    Cris is a human quantum computing machine with access to N dimensional pathway capablity, the "One".

    Cris can see further into the future when around Liz. Cris realizes his plan will fail and negotiates with the FBI agent, Callie Ferris for an alternative plan excluding Liz. The two drive off without knowing, if that reality saved Liz. Maybe all roads lead to the death of Liz and the detonation. An amazing twist, a paradox, a looping structure with no exit. Should they have done nothing?

    Your not sure, if it is destiny for Liz to die and the nuke to detonate. The plot is amazing. Perhaps, better than "Lake House" because the ending seems to be predictable, defeat the bad guys. However, at the end of the movie, did the bad guys get defeated and their plan foiled?...more info
  • Next is aimless and unbelievable
    Nic Cage plays a man who can see 2 minutes into his own future. He uses this ability in a low budget magic act in Vegas. To support himself he gambles at the casinos, but not enough to alert the security. One night unfortunately he does attract their attention. His ability to anticipate security's every move allows him to escape and gains the attention of the FBI. The FBI is searching for a missing nuclear weapon and want Cage to help. Cage is more interested in meeting the woman who he had a vision of. She is the only vision he's ever had that's more than 2 minutes into the future. He uses his weird ability to charm her and keep ahead of the FBI. The people who stole the bomb are also after Cage to kill him.

    I think someone had the idea of a guy who had a limited ability to tell the future but obviously didn't know where to go with the premise. This story doesn't work. The love story between Cage and Biel is dull and unbelievable and to top it all, no explanation is given for why he saw her so far in advance. The bomb story line is just poorly thought out. The bad guys are indistinct and uninteresting and no reason is given for why or how they stole the nuke. The ending is stupid and left me asking, "Is that it?" Next has an intrigueing premise but they had no idea what to do with it....more info
  • Good movie, but lacks development
    While Next is an interesting story and not one I've really heard yet, it does lack some development. They should've spent some of their budget on making the film a little longer to develop the stories and characters a little more. Honestly, a 2 hour movie is not hard to sit through. A 90 minute movie that doesn't make sense is hard to sit through.

    The story will take some time to understand, you may not understand it until the end but it is a good story, again it just lacks some development. Cage's character definitely lacks development as it is hard to understand how he does some of these things until after he does them. The relationship with Biel's character can be easily explained, however it is somewhat creepy if you know their age difference.

    Overall this was an interesting and one I'll probably watch again as it kept my attention for most of the movie and was fairly entertaining. I give it a 7 because it just wasn't developed enough. ...more info
  • real entertainment value
    It was worth watching and I liked the movie. Some of the scenes were very clever, so if you want a nice short movie that doesn't require alot of analysis, get this one....more info
  • Entertaining
    This is a rather good show that could have been great. It does not live up to its potential, but is still fun.

    Nicholas Cage stars as Chris Johnson (stage name Frank Cadillac), a mediocre Las Vegas illusionist with a unique ability. He has the capability to see two minutes into the future. This has helped his entertainment career quite a bit. Unfortunately for him, the FBI and some terrorists have both figured it out also and are trying to get their hands on him. His only concern is a woman that he has met, her safety, and his relationship with her.

    The story has quite a few twists and turns and more than a few great parts. It really was very good. It just could have been quite a bit better. Nevertheless, it is a fun way to spend 90 minutes or so....more info
  • Bad Dialogue
    This movie had potential but the wooden dialogue gave the actors little to nothing to work with. ...more info
  • I like Cage but...
    It was an OK flick. Cage was not impressive in this one. Jessica Biel was more believable than him, which is kinda pathetic. I am a sucker for action movies, and the action was fairly enjoyable....more info
  • Move on to the next movie
    Pretty boring. The main character can see two minutes into the future, which is apparently farther than the screenwriter could. Cheesy special effects....more info
  • Exciting SF inspired by "The Golden Man" by Philip K Dick
    Nicholas Cage produced and took the lead in this clever, action-packed film inspired by "The Golden Man", a short story by Science Fiction author Philip K Dick.

    Quite a few of Philip K Dick's stories have been made into films -"Minority Report" and "Paycheck" spring to mind. In my opinion this is one of the best and more imaginative, though certainly not the closest to the original. The hero of "Next" takes his name and his special abilty from "The Golden Man" and some of the action scenes brilliantly bring to life equivalent passages from the short story, although the setting and plot are completely different. Where Philip K Dick's original was set in a time after a war where the government hunts down and euthanises all mutants including those with special abilities, "Next" is set in a time like our own, in which a government faced by a serious terrorist threat is looking for any angle, no matter how strange, to help defeat it.

    Cage plays Cris Johnson, who has the psychic ability to see into the future - but usually only two minutes into the future, and then only if it is something which affects him. Then he sees a beautiful woman (Liz, played by Jessica Biel) visit a restaurant at a specific time of day at some uncertain point in the future, so he waits there for a few minutes each day at that time until she appears.

    Cage has been earning a living on the stage using his talent to do "magic tricks" and supplementing it with a little gambling. But unknown to him, FBI special agent Callie Ferris, played by Julianne Moore, has become aware of his abilities and is convinced his talent is real. She is desperate to apprehend a group of terrorists who have stolen a nuclear warhead and is trying to recruit Cris in the hope that he can help to find the nuke before the bad guys set it off.

    Unfortunately for both Cris and Liz, the terrorists discover that the same Federal agency which is hunting them is also very interested in Cris. (This isn't stated in the film at any stage but I assumed while I was watching the film that the terrorists are supposed to have either a mole or some kind of highly effective bug inside the FBI.) So the terrorists decide to kill Cris as a potential threat or use someone close to him as a hostage or as bait to flush him out ...

    The action is pretty much non-stop, usually highly dramatic, and has some original twists, the acting is mostly pretty good, and although there is the odd hole in the plot it is not too difficult to suspend disbelief. The twist at the end is very clever.

    No, it is never quite explained who the terrorists are or what their objective is, other than that they are a group of ruthless, highly trained and well equipped french-speaking caucasians who want to nuke Southern California. Sadly, in the world we are living in today, the presence of a group of terrorists supported by considerable resources who are prepared to go to great lengths, including the loss of their own lives, to blow up innocent people, is hardly the most implausible part of the film.

    I'm surprised this wasn't more successful at the box office, I thought it was a very good film, especially if you like Sci-Fi thrillers. If you enjoyed either Paycheck or Minority Report, you will very probably like Next. ...more info
  • "NEXT"
    The movie called NEXT is one of the best I have seen in a long time. The whole movie is interesting and has a great and surprising ending. I think it is well worth the purchase price.
    ...more info
  • Fairly good movie
    The casting in this film didn't work too well. With the exception of the National Treasure movies, I've never been overly impressed with Nicholas Cage as the leading man in a movie. He's a strong supporting actor. Plus Cage seems to be a little old for such an action-driven part with a young love interest. And I hate the hair style and its attempt to make him look younger. And I just don't like Jessica Biel. Not sure why. And Julianne Moore tries to be the tough FBI agent and just comes off as a you know what. And it didn't help that they left important questions unanswered (particularly the one revolving around Biel's character). So why did I give it 3 stars? Well, it does have some very good moments that made it worth watching.

    The story is actually quite interesting. A man with the ability to see a few minutes into his own future? What could a person do with that power? The film uses it to provide a lot of humor, for one. Chris uses it in the casino, then uses it to dodge security in said casino. One bit that was very good was how he not only sees into the future, he can see more than one possible future depending on his own actions. When he finally meets Jessica Biel, he changes his "approach" several times to see what will get her to like him! Cage is charming and it comes across here. While I think he was too old for the part, and the love-interest of Biel, he did well with it because a person would have to have years of experience to use that power as well as he does in this film. The special effects were well done. Nothing awesome, just suited to the movie's tone and story. The story also had some surprises thrown in to keep the audience guessing. When was Chris using the power, and when wasn't he? The nuclear bomb scare that has Moore hunting him was silly. I just couldn't see how his two minutes of sight could help there (and neither could he). The producers never managed to overcome that, though they did try. It would have been better to just have them after him because of the power itself. The ending. Well, the ending will leave you thinking about the entire film. Some will hate it, and some will love it. And though I don't like to admit it (as I fall in the first camp) it was nearly perfect for such a movie.

    Overall, give this flick a chance and rent it. I was entertained, and that's the most important criteria that needs to be met....more info
  • Watchable Hollywood Cage Film - 3.5 stars
    NEXT certainly wasn't as bad as some critics made it out to be. My local newspaper reviewer said the plot was convoluted - what rubbish! This is one of the easiest films that one could watch. Yes, the film could have been much darker and more complex. Philip Dick the writer had a propensity for that - but of course, what we get is not a sci-fi film noir but a Nicholas Cage film. I am a big Nicholas Cage fan, but I have to say that he no longer (if he did) has that dark edge. He's almost cartoony - and his hair needs serious help. Still, a good cast, a simple story - make this easy to follow. Rent or buy it for entertainment. Nicholas Cage's performances would be much better if someone could do a Sean Connery on him and fix his hair. Seriously....more info
  • Good movie...but
    This movie died at the end. When you see that Nicholas Cage had seen the last 30 minutes of the movie in a vision, the movie died quickly....more info
  • Don't waste your two minutes on this one
    Several of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's wonderful stories have been translated to cinema over the years, the most notable ones of which are Total Recall (Special Limited Edition), Blade Runner - The Final Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition), and Minority Report (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition). I even liked Paycheck (Special Collector's Edition) and Screamers. But Philip K. Dick's received shabby treatment from the film industry as well, what with A Scanner Darkly and with this one, NEXT, which is loosely based on Dick's short story "The Golden Man."

    Some plot SPOILERS follow.

    The premise of both MINORITY REPORT and PAYCHECK hinges in part on a character's knowledge of future events. Same with NEXT. All his life Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) has been able to see, with precise clarity, 2 minutes into his own future. All his life he's learned to keep a low profile, and even now he, as the Amazing Frank Cadillac, ekes out a living performing in a shabby little magic act in Vegas, wherein he could disguise his talent as a magic trick. Now and then, because his show doesn't pay a lot, he ventures in a small way towards the gaming tables. Cris is real careful. But, it turns out, he hasn't been careful enough.

    No-nonsense FBI agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) senses that Cris is more than he seems and asks him to help her locate a nuclear bomb set to detonate in Los Angeles. Cris, however, wants no part of it. He's instead fixated on a beautiful girl he's yet to meet, a girl he glimpses in a bout of precognition. But the FBI aren't the only ones spying on Cris. The terrorists, having noted the FBI's interest in the magician, have been keeping tabs on him, as well. And, in Liz, the girl in the vision, the terrorists and the FBI have finally unearthed Cris's weakness.

    What drew me to the film was the cool sci-fi set-up. And, unlike most films or books, NEXT endows its lead character not with nebulous visions but with well-detailed peeks into his 2 minute window. The most enjoyable and exciting moments in the film deal with Cris utilizing his gift to deftly evade capture in a casino. This sequence, in terms of its pinpoint timing and execution, is very reminiscent of the hide & seek scenes in MINORITY REPORT and in The Bourne Ultimatum (Widescreen Edition). After that, the diner scene, where Cris finally meets Liz, is the best and the most humorous. Okay, so these are the good things.

    Where does the film fall apart? Let's start with the villains, who seem to be mainly Europeans, but are mostly ill-defined and seem to appear in the movie simply because token villains are needed. The last half hour of so of the film deals with Cris taking on the baddies, and I can honestly say that these blaring, full-blown action scenes turn out to be the most dull and uninteresting of the lot. I simply didn't care. Another flaw is that there are too many moments throughout the film where the pace seems to just trudge along. What else? How about the introduction of Peter Falk's supporting character early on and then never seeing him again?

    And then there's the love story, which to me isn't pulled off convincingly. You have the lovely and grounded Liz, as played very nicely by Jessica Biel, and I guess I don't have it in me to believe that a practical girl like her could instantly hook up with someone like Cris, who, at first glance, seems a dubious and creepy character. When she gets guilt-tripped into offering him a ride, I was thinking: "How very not clever of her." Admittedly, a large part of it is that I just wasn't feeling any chemistry between them.

    Nevertheless, I was ready to forgive and forget all these botherations because I liked the sci-fi gimmick so much. That is, until the ending came along and completed the sabotage. The abrupt ending really, really, really sucks! Although, in retrospect, I guess it's a fitting end to a movie which had been spiraling downhill, anyway. On the acting side, I wish Nic Cage would dial down the quirky a bit. Even Jeff Goldblum says he should tone it down. If he does, I feel his characters would be better off and be more sympathetic. Cage is this close to becoming a caricature of himself. I also expected better from Julianne Moore. Props to Jessica Biel, though, for putting in an honest effort.

    In the "Just in case no one's mentioned them yet" department, here's what we get for special features, which also let down the fans: the obligatory "Making Of" featurette (18 minutes); "The Next 'Grand Idea'" - a 7 minute featurette focusing on a corner of the Grand Canyon (where several scenes were shot) and its Indian reservation; "2 Minutes in the Future with Jessica Biel" - a brief and boring interview; and "Visualizing the Next Move" - an 8 minute f/x segment centering on the CG aspects of the film. Overall, a dull set of extras. Sorry.

    What cleverness there is in this film is ultimately drowned in poor choices and bad film-making. NEXT should've been better. Instead, when folks think of this movie - if they think of it at all - they'll think of the neat sci-fi gimmick, yeah, but also that this one's a derivative action picture with many lulls. In the end, Cris Johnson becomes a character I fear the viewers will forget 2 minutes after having seen the film. And that's just doing Philip K. Dick a disservice....more info
  • Fun, engaging, fast paced
    Clever little action romance that executes fairly well on the little twist of the idea that Cage can see 2 minutes in the future. There are a few holes in the story and questions about how his gift actually works,
    but the beauty is it that they keep the action excellently paced which
    makes it an enjoyable experience. It's a bit cheesy in parts, but has enough clever twists that keep you engaged and trying to figure out what else may be in store. Another solid performance by Cage. ...more info
  • Next
    This is a FANTASTIC movie...Keeps you on your toes...You have to watch it constantly with NO interruptions!!1

    Action Packed and Can't wait until the sequel (hopefully there will be a sequel)..

    Enjoy!!!!...more info
  • Cheap End of Movie Trick - Makes "Bobby's Shower Scene in Dallas" Look Good
    Really enjoyed the different "takes" that Nicholas Cage does in the movie in seeing 2 minutes into future, but when Nicholas Cage utters the words "I made a mistake" at the end and the movie switches all the way back to an earlier scene and then Julianne Moore says "Are You Ready?" and Cage responds "Yeah" movie ends flatter than a pancake with a whole bunch of questions and no answers. It leaves you hanging in a "What the heck?" sort of way!!! REALLY BAD. A CHEAP TRICK AND DEFINITELY NOT WORTH RENTING OR BUYING!!!...more info