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  • LAME!!!
    I'm a big fan of the Scary Movie series. These films, especially the first, were really funny and had me laughing right off the sofa.
    However, my expectations for Epic Movie were clearly unfounded. Right from the start, it was clear this movie was a dull dud. Between the lame X-Men parody to the incomprehensible Willy Wonka/Candied Cannibalism skit, this movie was a rip-roaring disaster. The plot was a jumbled mess of un-funny, pseudo-parodies that leaped from one lame line to the next.
    I am a big fan of over-the-top humor--the kind one finds in MAD TV and the Scary Movie series. Epic Film is only a pale, flacid imitation of them--and was clearly made to get some quick cash in someone's hands....more info
  • Worst movie ever???
    Is this the worst movie ever filmed? Actually... I think the answer is yes. Not funny, not clever, and not worth the plastic the DVD is printed on. This movie's about as much fun as a dental visit followed by a colonoscopy, and it's a testament to my determination and willpower that I actually made it to the end of the movie (divided into two parts... one sitting was simply too much for the brain to take). All I can say is... wow. This is a zero star movie....more info
  • Lighten Up!
    Okay, this movie is lame, it's quirky, and in some places just plain BAD, but puhlease--cut EPIC MOVIE some slack. Writer/directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer team up to spoof a slew of recent blockbusters; much of it is funny, some of it isn't, but come on, this isn't a treatise on thermodynamics.

    Four orphans suddenly find themselves on a "quest" all too similar to 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. In the process, they come across wacky look-a-likes from a plethora of other mega hits: 'X-Men', 'V', 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'James Bond', 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Snakes on a Plane', and 'Nacho Libre', just to name a few. Most of the humor is sophomoric, with a firm gesture towards the "ick" factor (meaning lots of body fluids); as mentioned above, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but even the lame fare didn't keep me from being entertained.

    Headlined by a cast of mostly unkowns, EPIC MOVIE does feature cameos by some better-knowns, including David Carradine, Crispin Glover, Fred Willard, and Carmen Electra (oh, yeah). And keep watching through the closing credits for some real fun. Am I a better person having watched this film? Probably not; but I sure don't think this spoof deserves all the one-stars. Some folks take their satire far too seriously.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info
  • I hate parody movies.
    They are not funny. If you cant make a good funny movie without making fun of something else than give it up. I remember back when Scary movie was out, I myself thought it was the dumbest movie ever made and everyone else around me thought I was an idiot. Then not only was that bad enough they had to make 3 more. and then date movie comes along and now epic movie. I mean, who is the target audience for this movie? Who thinks this is funny? Its not anything new, Its not original its a rip off of somewhat decent movies. I am posting this review to get that point across. This is not directed to Epic Movie necessarily because I havent even seen it. Although, I already know it will be stupid....more info
  • Awesome!
    Me and a few friends watched this movie and we cried laughing so hard. It is so stupid sometimes but thats what makes it so frickin' HILARIOUS!!! It is one of my favorite movies EVER!...more info
  • If you really like movies, avoid this at any cost!!!!!!!
    The worst comedy ever made with Date Movie, Superhero Movie, Meet The spartans... If you whant to see something really funny, go for any Chaplin or Monty Python movie, those are funny, not a spoof on other movies just because they don't have writters good enought to write something very original and funny. Avoid at all cost!...more info
  • Yea This Movie Was Terrible
    I'm a very big fan of movie spoofs, but I'm sorry this movie was sickeningly awful. The only good parts was the X-Men spoof and the Pirates of the Carribean spoofs. The rest of this movie was just "uggh". You know you got a terrible movie when it's just been released and the rental store shelves are packed with returns within a week. I bought this moive for $2.50 and I want my money back.

  • Move over Norbit, there's something worse!
    Folks, if you think "Norbit" or anything close was the most ignorant piece of trash ever wasted on film, then move over, there is another bit of junk that makes Norbit look like "Gone With The Wind" and would make Thomas Edison apologize for inventing motion pictures.

    While visiting some relatives and friends in my birthplace of Spartanburg, SC, I saw what looked to be the stupidest program that ever wasted electricity on television. "What the (heck) is that?" I asked. "Epic Movie" they replied. So I decided to go along for a ride.

    The "Pirate Booty" music video sendup of the Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Carribean" series (with an equally ridiculous Flavor Flav lookalike) may give a mild chuckle or two or apall with it's bad taste, but the bodily-function filled "humor" of the Willy Wonka sendup will make you run to the store for quick relief from a bottle of Kaopectate. By the time it got to the middle ages spoof with the star wars characters in Europe of the 1500s, I had enough. I would rather watch home movies of Aunt Barbara winning the peach preserves canning contest at the county fair before wasting my eyesight on another moment of this garbage.

    There are some uses for this film. The UN might approve of torturing Iraqui renegades by showing them this in wartime or farmers may show it to their heifers to induce them to produce more fertilizer. The DVD is also good for target practice at the rifle range or for frisbees along with CD's of "Khia Duets With Paris Hilton," "The Speeches of Barack Obama as Recited by Flavor Flav," (Yeeeah Boy We Can!) or "Shakespeare by The Cast of Gilligan's Island."...more info
  • Just plain bad
    To be funny, let's all become hip hop and gangster , yeah yeah.....throw in a few naked women too, oh and some crude humor, bad set design, and bad costumes, then we have a hit movie, right? This movie was just really really lame, if you sat in a room with your friends you could come up with better jokes and have a better time than torturing yourself with this movie....more info
  • Shut up and enjoy the ride!
    This is a far better spoof than "Not Another Teen Movie". The jokes were funny but the plot was a little weird. You have to be knowledgeable about recent movies to get the jokes though because this is a spoof. All in all, it was hilarious. Crispin Glover is excellent here spoofing Willa Wonka. This movie got a lot of bad reviews because eople are being too critical and uptight about it. This is not "The Color Purple" and it is not meant to be....more info
  • Not Worth The Price Of An Admission Ticket, Or Downloading., 2 Sep 2007

    Pirate Of The Caribbean, The Chronicles Of Narnia and The Da Vinci Code are all set to spoofed in this new goofball comedy from the writers of Scary/Date Movie. Expect Satire silly-style.

    My Review:

    A film that takes mockery to another level? Sadly not. This film it all its entirety may try to squeeze every laugh possible out of you, including a smirk, fails in producing any sensible plot, and is able to meander through needless short cuts, the film is quite short all on it own fault. Here the title suggest that the same makers of the tragic 'Date Movie' have now also failed in producing a better possible comedy. This wouldn't be as bad if were that little bit funny and not so disgusting at times.

    It's very hard to judge what's actually more depressing: how this movie ever managed to end up topping the US box office. From the people behind Scary Movies, here being a sign saying to Stop making those films. This trying to be 'Epic' Movie follows the same formula with its blurred focus on the blockbuster. The Da Vinci Code, X-Men, Pirates and Narnia are just some of the lampooned movies, only there are bizarre sideswipes at non-epic targets like Borat, and the 'satire' amounts to nothing more than, say, Nacho Libre eating nachos (hilarious!). Nation Lampoon's more tragic films & Airplane 2 are funnier and far more enjoyable then this nonsense made plot and ridiculous twist and injected humour.

    A cast with mostly out-of-work impressionists and look-alikes, you have to wonder why Jennifer Coolidge, Crispin Glover and, others even signed on, Borat's bad impersonator makes a 3 second appearance, which is not worth waiting for or seeing this film.


    Save your money, please for the love of God save your money. Buy a book or a classic film, not worth the price of the ticket. 2/10...more info
  • Epic Turkey....
    Not very good at all. I watched this movie before reading the reviews about it to keep an open mind. Some spoof movies are so laden with bad jokes that they have some sort of 'secondary humour' to them, laughing at how bad the jokes or skits are, for example, Silence of the Hams or Mafia! However, Epic Movie is just so bad and embarrasingly unfunny that there is no value to it all.

    Most spoof movies rattle off jokes one after the other, so some jokes will inevitably hit their target whilst others grumble lamely by, however, Epic Movie's 'jokes' die on their feet.

    Part of the problem is that some of the skits are not 'spoofs' per se, but mere replicas of funnier movies, such as Borat. They are not 'spoofing' Borat, they are merely replicating Borat's funnier moments - Borat in his lime green man-thong.

    You get the impression that the makers tried to cash in quick on blockbuster movies so that Epic Movie strikes a chord quickly before people feel the jokes are dated or stale. In doing so they had chosen the money over quality. And, maybe it is not this movie that only sucks. In fact, the only film of any quality in the whole series is the original, Scary Movie, and the movies in the series have declined in quality per release.

    Avoid it and watch the real films 'spoofed' instead. The real The Da Vinci Code, sober and serious as it is, is like Something About Mary compared to Epic Movie....more info
    First of all, if you want to see FUNNY, rent or buy Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Waiting, or Dumb and Dumber...

    I was flipping through channels on cable and this was on HBO or SHOWTIME and for some odd reason I tried to watch a bit of it. What's the deal with HBO showing all the 1-Star films anyhow? This is actually worse than Scary Movie 4, which I walked out of at the theater. This should be considered "straight to DVD garbage". Putting it on DVD at all is a crime!


  • please, stop, please!!
    Will HOllywood please stop spitting out these terrible excuses for spoof films? There are actually goods ones, like Austin Powers and Airplane! but this movie has just taken way too far.
    I don't know what i was thinking sitting there watching the whole thing, but I guess this sort of movie doesn't require much thought....more info
  • Omg!!! Itzz EpIc MO00v1Ee1!!!
    OmfdG!!s dis is da hottas mova eva!!!1! NaRnIa izz Kall3d GnArnia! pUre Sw33t!1!1!! Dis Mo0v1e Izz so funy dat I RalIzed dat Wi3rd 4l saucks!1!! UHF>!!>! WTH iz wit dat tita!?!?!

    If you believed this, you must be joking. Go ahead and give me unhelpful votes for all I care, it still doesn't change the fact that this movie is neither epic nor funny. I'm gonna go watch Spaceballs, hope to see you two at the McDonalds counter, Jason and Aaron! :)...more info
  • Couple hits, a lot of misses
    Yea, this movie isn't great. It could have been funny, but it's just kind of lacking. The parts of the movies they decide to make fun of, just seem kind of uninspired. For example, they make fun of the Harry Potter gang's age. Huh? He's maybe 2 years older he's supposed to be... why not the fact that an elderly man looks over a house full of young children? Or the length of his wand? Or soooomething. But sticking a bunch of old actors in the spots...puhlease.

    Captain Jack isn't bad. Well, it's at least a fairly good copy of the real character, but they didn't really do anything from the movie. He could have had some funny parts......more info
  • The worst movie I have ever seen.
    I will not go into detail, but let me just tell you this: This movie is the worst one I have seen in my entire life....more info
  • funny....enough.
    I actually found me laughing at a few parts.
    I thought the Mystique part was HILARIOUS.
    And when the black girl got shot with arrows the way she wiggled in a seizure-like way was pretty funny.
    The Click part was cool. Mostly cause they attacked soldiers "from Braveheart" while they were frozen; stuck in time.
    The ending with the Italian guy in the thong was classic.
    There were a few more laughs in between.
    But I wouldn't want to own this. At any price.
    It was good for a watch. I might tune in for a bit another time.
    But that's it.

    2 stars.

    end note: the overall rating couldn't be any more perfect. :)...more info
  • very funny
    no matter what anyone else says this movie is very funny and will always b one of my favs so basically no negitive stuff will count ...more info
  • Really Bad
    Sorry to see some bigger names brought down by this really bad movie. I liked the one guy in Van Wllder. Carmen has been hot forever. They obviously wanted to be part of something great, but such was not the case. The jokes were lame, the laughs were few and far between. It's sad because you know what they were trying to do, in the same genre as successful movies like Scary Movie (note the irony), but it just didn't work. I love these kind of silly movies but I laughed just once or twice at this one. Carmen in a body suit was the best part. Damn, even as an alien she's hot! I'm sure Star Trek geeks the world over have her alien picture pinned over their beds. Not only would I not buy this movie, I wouldn't rent it (again). The stars in this movie need to be more selective. This one's a flop on any resume. Sad to say, but true....more info
  • it was no epic, and that's probably what the writers meant
    Epic Movie was, for me, an entertaining experience. However, it's really the silliest and most pointless kind of comedy style you can imagine. The movie is nothing but one parody after another from some other, older film. Is that a bad thing? No, not really. It's understandable as time goes on, things from the past are brought back to light for people to make fun of, but sometimes you can make fun of something *so hard* it just becomes too silly to even laugh at. This movie borders on that kind of comedy. Many times you will watch certain parts and think to yourself "Why did the writers even bother including this or that if it's going to be THAT silly?"

    Some of the parts fell flat on its face though, such as the horrible Snakes on a Plane parody. I didn't like ANY of that one (the actual supposed horror movie was funny enough). I did find something funny towards the end of the film when all the soldiers who were trying to kill the four good guys (and girls) were froze in the middle of battle from some kind of stop watch that made time stand still, and they found creative ways to kill off all the soldiers. Nice moment of creativity at least.

    It was worth my time, and I loved some of the scenes (such as the Harry Potter and Willy Wonka imitations) but it's not the kind of comedy that should be considered groundbreaking or extraordinary in any way. It's just a nice way to have a few laughs, and then forget about it. You'd be better off not even thinking about trying to grasp any kind of storyline out of it. It wasn't intended that way....more info
  • Huh?
    I only rated this to get the overall rating down. So you people who work hard, could spend your money on quality items. ...more info
  • *1/2 = I did like the Rated version in theaters, but I hated the Unrated version on DVD.
    I have to admit on every command that nowadays, spoof comedies aren't what they are. There are some good spoof comedies like some of the Mel Brooks films in the 70s and 80s, like for example, "Silent Movie" and "Spaceballs." And I have to admit that taken in part that I only saw "Scary Movie 4," I thought it was very funny.

    Now, I remembered last year when "Date Movie" was released. It was very stupid for a movie. The jokes weren't that funny -- especially on the unrated version. Now about "Epic Movie," the jokes were a lot more funnier when you saw the Rated version in theaters. The same cannot be predicted for the Unrated version on DVD.

    "Epic Movie" tells a stupid story about four orphans, Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edward. This movie spoofs off blockbuster hits like "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," "The Da Vinci Code," "Harry Potter," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Superman Returns" and "Borat."

    The old orphans embark on an adventure at a Chocolate factory. Unfortunately, they get zonked inappropriately, and they escape Willy Wonka and find a magical world of Gnarnia. There they meet stupid wizards, a liman named Aslo and drunk pirates. Together, the orphans must train their forces to defeat the evil White Bitch and restore peace to Gnarnia.

    OK. It was funny in theaters. It could've been funnier on DVD if I only bought the rated version, but in other words, it's, unfortunately, not funny at all. Some of the old fart jokes, barf jokes and almost every joke ONLY in the Unrated version isn't that funny. I even hate how there are too many profanity and nudity scenes, it's just ridiculous.

    The DVD doesn't even have good special features as well. I know that the Rated version has a few special features, but I think that those are much better special features than those on the Unrated version. All it has is a stupid short film, "Die Libre," "Epic Porn" (which made the whole thing horrible) and "Breaking Wind: An Epic Journey in the sounds of an Epic Movie." OK. Isn't that pretty weird?

    Even the Audio Commentaries are terrible. Also, "Everyone Loves Beaver" is a stupid featurette along with "Hot Or Not: Character Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs." This is definitely a terrible idea for an unrated version, and surprisingly, this is a terrible Unrated/Extended Edition DVD, and could possibly be one of the worst ideas for an Unrated Edition DVD.

    If I were you, I'd rather get the Rated version for "Epic Movie." The Unrated version shows a lot of terribleness through a spoof comedy. This was a good movie when it was in theaters and on the Rated version DVD, but the Unrated version was just terrible. Hopefully, "Superhero Movie" won't have anything like this on the Unrated version. If there is, no more Unrated version DVDs for spoof comedies....more info
  • at least it's short
    Epic Movie is a spoof movie. Like Scary Movie (which I've seen) or Date Movie (which I haven't). It contains send-ups, with look-alike actors, of movies as diverse as Snakes on a Plane and Chronicles of Narnia, as well as Nacho Libre, Pirates of the Caribbean, The DaVinci Code, X-Men, etc., etc.

    It was fun identifying the movies being spoofed, and, as with all satire, laughing at things that were originally serious, but taken out of context, or shown in a different light, or exaggerated, are funny as heck.

    I like satire. In my opinion, though, the only reason for satire (or a spoof, or even a remake) is to add something to the original. Sarcasm, satire, spoofs... done well, they highlight the ridiculous in something serious. And in doing so, you see the original material differently, and maybe even appreciate it more.

    However, several of the movies being spoofed were funny or even silly to begin with. There's not a lot of point in making a joke out of something that's already a joke. The originals were much funnier, and simply repeating the joke or dumbing it down didn't shed any light on them.

    Also, the original material was so diverse that there wasn't a coherent story, or even a coherent concept.

    Plus, it was short. Really short. I didn't even finish my popcorn....more info
  • If only i could have NO Stars
    that is right NO stars. it WAY WAY too over the top. Spoofing movies is just not funny any more. Look Carmen Electra is in this. Name one good movie that she has been in. Wait, Good Burger was good, nevermind. I dont know what else to say. Extremly bad...more info
  • Stupid does not equal funny
    So let's get this straight: I love a good goofy movie sometimes. Pointless, silly, cute, funny...it's all good. 'Airplane' and 'Young Frankenstein' and 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' are among my favorite movies of this type, perfect for what they are, pure brain candy.

    So why am I giving 'Epic Movie' the lowest possible rating? Simply put, because it's dumb. Its jokes aren't silly, they're just stupid. The few laughs the movie got out of me weren't the result of a funny bone well-tickled, they were squeezed out by shock at how all-out stupid it all was. There's no real story to speak of (though they tried to fit one in somewhere), and worse yet, that sickening splat you hear periodically on the soundtrack is each attempt at a joke falling flat on its face.

    'Epic Movie' isn't cute or even silly...it's just insultingly, maddeningly stupid. I'm a little angry at myself for even watching all of it. I could have been doing so many better, more satisfying things with my time. Like laundry....more info
  • wasn't the worst movie ever made
    This movie had it's funny moments. Nothing that you'll think back on and think "God that was so funny!" but it was worth a rental. Most of the jokes will get a chuckle out of you. The rest will get dead silence.

    I don't get why they'd want to parody Borat when Borat IS a parody. That made no sense. They didn't even change his character any to make fun of him. They basically just got an impersonator and copied the character directly from the TV show and movie.

    And the Wolverine giving the finger with his claw? That was done in X-Men 1. What was supposed to be funny about that?...more info
  • For The Love of Baby Jesus & All His Disciples....
    ....please, please, PLEASE forget that this turd-like excuse of a "movie" even exists. Click the "back button", turn away from your monitor, stand-up and go water your yard. You'll thank me for it. This I swear....more info
  • Absolutely the worst movie!
    I have an ongoing list of what I feel to be the worst movies and this movie absolutely blew all others out of the water as the worst movie of all time. I cannot put enough enphasis on how horrible this movie is. It has no jokes, horrible acting and is more boring than a school documentary. I wish I could get that hour and a half of my life back....more info
  • a tired film
    nothing about this film is memorable at all. it's a Broke version of Naked Gun,scary Movie and all those spoof type of films that are more funnier in the Previews that the whole film themselves. this film had me nodding off more often than not. it had a couple of aight parts and the rest was a Snoozefest. alot of cliches,stereotyping,etc... it was boring to me....more info