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Media Type: CD
Title: RIOT!
Street Release Date: 06/12/2007

Ah, youth: the exuberance, the energy, the blistering highs and bottomless depths. It's an ideal breeding ground for true rock & roll belief. Hence, the youngsters of Paramore unearth geysers of loud, sugary angst on Riot!, their major label debut and follow-up to 2005's All We Know Is Falling. Small-town musicians who have played together for years, Paramore boasts the appeal of an emo-pop blast developed out of savvy songwriting and musicianship. The sweet spot the band hits--somewhere between Avril Lavigne and All-American Rejects--comes naturally. Lead singer Hayley Williams, barely 18, has big-time vocal depth and genuine charisma besides, and while her singing can sound a little contrived, she delivers with such end-of-the-world conviction that it's an easy flaw to forgive. Bright and catchy melodies abound, but songs like "Misery Business" and "Miracle" also feature razor-sharp cadences and ultra-clean transitions. Too clean, actually. The production is crystal clear, which accentuates the stumbles (mostly on the ballads) and robs these whippersnappers of the messy highs they surely achieve playing live. But some things can't be entirely glossed over, and while the more aged among us will sip our Scotch and make fun of their adolescent shenanigans, we'll also be surreptitiously listening on our iPods after we put the kids to bed. --Matthew Cooke

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprise! This isn't horrible. Call it 2.5 Stars
    To quote Mr. Burns, "I may not know art, but I know what I hate, and I don't hate this." And I should, for all intent and purposes, hate Paramore. Maybe my ire has dulled in my old age, because a younger me would rip this band and call them a generic pop punk scene band, but it's not wholly offensive. Riot! is a simple album that offers simple pleasures. It's short, catchy, and easily digestible. It's like musical McDonald's. You shouldn't eat it all the time, but every now and then it tastes pretty darn good.

    Paramore is led by Hayley Williams, who's really the main of appeal of Paramore. She's got a very good voice, and she's not afraid to belt out a tune with passion and earnest. It also doesn't hurt that she's an attractive young lady for all the scene kids to have a crush on. The band is passable. They're some decent hooks in there, but really, it's all about Hayley Williams. This is both good and bad. She's an appealing front woman with a nice voice and she's very attractive, but her lyrics are straight out of a high school journal and are pretty clich¨¦d and mediocre. She's only 19 though, so she's writing about what she knows. Apparently Williams has had a lot of trouble with boys, and the topic dominates her lyrics. Her lyrics would certainly appeal to her target audience, people in high school or just entering college, but they do nothing for me. If this band manages to stick around, maybe the lyrics will improve and become more diverse with time.

    The singles, predictably, are the best songs on the album. Misery Business is a pretty strong pop song, CrushCrushCrush is also a nice little song with a decent hook, and That's What You Get is kind of enjoyable. The rest of the album doesn't quite measure up to the singles though.

    Musically, this is labeled as pop-punk, though this is about as punk as my 86-year-old grandma. I'm a classicist, so when I think of pop-punk I think of the Buzzcocks and The Ramones, and this is certainly not very close to either of those bands. It's closer to power pop, with its big guitars, hooks, and impassioned vocals. It's a lot closer to a band like Weezer or even the New Pornographers, though it doesn't even come close to reaching the level of quality of those bands best work.

    So Riot! isn't anything special, but I do think Paramore has potential. With a little more musical creativity and lyrical sophistication, and a little less pro-tools and over compression in their sound, this might actually be a serviceable power pop band. I just hope they keep things simple and don't try for some sort of overblown Queen tribute like My Chemical Romance or some horrible self conscious stab at greatness like Fall Out Boy. So this is enjoyable when you want something easy and catchy to just zone out to, but you got to keep your musical diet filled with more substantive stuff as well. Listen to some Descendents, Buzzcocks, Ramones, or the Misfits for some catchy punk, or the New Pornographers, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, or Big Star for some power pop. Trust me, you'll feel more rewarded if you do.

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  • awesome
    i got this cd on a whim, and i am glad i did. it is awesome! all the songs are catchy, plus fun to sing along with. ...more info
  • Enthralling, Energetic Rock Gold
    Having never heard any of Paramore's music and being constantly baraged by a friend to get this album and give them a try I took the leap. There's only one thing to say when referring to this album and the band altogether, they're the future of rock music and Hayley Williams has a bright future ahead of her.

    Very rarely I listen to an album in its entirety and enjoy every song as much as the last. To compare Paramore to No Doubt is ridiculous, No Doubt are of a completely different genre of music to Paramore and let me say Paramore are much better.

    If you were to compare Paramore to a popular female musician the only one that could come close to comparing to Hayley Williams would be Avril Lavigne. Although I wouldn't expect Hayley Williams to sell out to the pop princess image. Long may Paramore have a very successful and prestigious career and this album is an excellent stepping stone to greatness....more info
  • Fans of Flyleaf will enjoy Paramore
    Seems like every time I turned on the radio, I heard another Paramore song that I couldn't stop singing so the album was a good deal. ...more info
  • Generic Pop/Punk
    When the opening track of an album such as Paramore's Riot! is entitled `For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic', you just have to bite your lip and attempt to avoid the snide retort.

    But, I fail. Y'see, I'm quite the pessimist, but even I was surprised by the levels of anodyne, track-by-track, prontaprint-generic, middle-of-the-road dullness here.

    There was a lingering hope that, despite the Fuelled By Ramen home and airbrushed brightness of their photoshoots and over-earnest press representation, some sort of truth might be had in their portrayal as a spunky, balls-out, whirlwhind of girl-power emo ferocity.

    Of course, it's all rot. Riot sounds like a crunching, flashlight-white amalgamation of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, save for token ballad `We Are Broken' that echoes the enchanting eighties sounds of Belinda Carlisle.

    Topic-wise the sole fixation of the record are those mean, horrible, cheating boys. Either singer Hayley Williams has read a lot of trashy teen fiction, or the poor girl has had more bad relationships in her tender years than the average person would deem themselves unfortunate to have in a lifetime. Riot should have the title prologue of (...Or How All Boyz Sux). Musically, it's equally as one-tracked, as Josh Farro and the now-departed Hunter Lamb (nice name) struggle manfully to get just the right amount of generic chugging and insipid riffery from their hookless guitar lines. Tracks like `That's What You Get' and `When It Rains' blend seamlessly together until it seems that the album is one long, sugar-infused bleat.

    At 38 minutes long, it's mercifully brief, but still manages to feel like a double album for those who endure it. That's those who don't manage to forget that it's on the stereo at all.

    People, get your pop-punk thrills somewhere else. At least somewhere where there are actual thrills to be had.
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  • worth it; the entire cd is good
    I commute over two hours a day and i have yet to take this cd out of my car player; its been months; one of those cd's worth listening to from beginning to end...more info
  • love this band -- doesn't seem like a "kiddie pop" to me
    I'm a typical 30-something mom who learned about this band recently because I got the Twilight movie soundtrack as a gift. I like Paramore's two songs on that CD so I wanted to hear more of them. So I ordered this CD and I have no regrets! Some say the majority of their fans are teenage girls, but the only reason I can see that is simply because the lead singer is female, not because it sounds like "kiddie pop". My husband likes this CD too and he's a hard rocker....more info
  • Great CD
    This CD is a must for any Paramore fan. Every song on it is great!...more info
  • Refreshing
    The cd is very good althogh is a bit raw because the band is still starting...overall is good!...more info
  • Typical pop / rock style, but still sounds so good
    I agree Paramore never had a shot at winning the 'Best New Artist' Grammy, and for good reason. Their music style is very typical... you've heard it before from Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, and various emo bands. I recognized this as soon as I first listened to Paramore.

    But this essentially doesn't matter at all, because the entire album simply sounds really, really good. If Kelly Clarkson made a Greatist Hits album 5 years from now, she could only hope to have compiled a collection this good. Every single track on here is *very* catchy. Typical or not, I'd take this album over Amy Winehouse any day.

    I have more respect for the lead singer Hayley Williams than for, say, Amy Lee... because this girl can actually sing. The album's high production quality doesn't hide any weakness in her vocal ability; hear them perform live and she's still pretty well in-tune. Not the strongest voice out there, but good vocal technique which fits the style quite well. You have to respect the musical talent here... they're all between 17 and 23 years old.

    Is the album just another mainstream pop, wanna-be hard rock band singing about your standard, annoying teen angst issues? Some people seem to think so, but I'm too busy enjoying the super-catchy melodies and well-executed harmonies. Musically, this stuff is high-quality, and I love listening to it. Go ahead and listen to the "more original" Amy Winehouse if you want, but it probably won't be as fun....more info
  • OMG, why haven't I heard about thi and before now.
    Wow, what more can I say. This is one of the best acts I seen in a long time. All the songs really have great beats and I can't stop playing the album on my iPod. My favs include Crushcrushcrush, born for this, Hallelujah, & Let the Flames Begin. These Guys, (and gal) definitely ROCK!

    Heres hoping a third album come out....more info
  • Its good
    Its your typical teenage angst ridden music.
    The songs are catchy. some have a good beat to it, but again, it sound like the hundred of other teenage pop punk rock bands. its nothing new.
    The lead singer delivers out great vocals, i've heard them live and they are indeed great.
    Its a good CD to listen to when driving home from a stressfull and tiring day....more info
  • Good but not as good as their first album
    First off let me just say that I've liked Paramore before they became mainstream and before MTV(the channel that never plays music)damaged them..some what.

    Paramore's first album is much better than Riot, but this isn't a bad album at all. Songs like: That's What You Get, When It Rains, Miracle, We Are Broken, and Born For This keep this album from being a bore.

    Paramore still has a great sound, they just need to go back to their roots and tone down on the Pop. ...more info
  • Fresh Rock and Roll
    Unless you are living in a cave I'm sure you have heard Crush, Crush, Crush. Just a tip of the ice burg. This whole album rocks. A couple sweet ballads thrown in. The singer has a fantastic voice. Great guitar and drum work as well.

    Don't take this the wrong way. I grew up with and love classic rock. But it is so nice to find a band putting out new Rock music without the same old sound.

    I also highly recommend their first album!...more info
  • What a Riot!!
    Just incredible!

    From the first track to the last one you can't miss one!
    What a riot that Paramore caused in me! This is fabulous! This is CD is really addictive and i recomment it to all good rock fans!

    Hayley's voice, Joshua's and Jeremy's guitars and Zac's drums perform together to make a unique sound! That's what i call music: Paramore!...more info