Beyond Band of Brothers
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"The first-ever war memoirs of the commander of the ""Band of Brothers"" They were called Easy Company-but their mission was never easy. Immortalized as the Band of Brothers, they suffered 150% casualties while liberating Europe-an unparalleled record of bravery under fire. Dick Winters was their commander-""the best combat leader in World War II"" to his men. This is his story-told in his own words for the first time. On D-Day, Dick Winters parachuted into France and assumed leadership of the Band of Brothers when their commander was killed. He led them through the Battle of the Bulge and into Germany, by which time each member had been wounded. They liberated an S.S. death camp from the horrors of the Holocaust and captured Berchtesgaden, Hitler's alpine retreat. After briefly serving during the Korean War, Winters was a highly successful businessman. Made famous by Stephen Ambrose's book Band of Brothers-and the subsequent award-winning HBO miniseries-he is the object of worldwide adulation. Beyond Band of Brothers is Winters's memoir-based on his wartime diary-but it also includes his comrades' untold stories. Virtually all this material is being released for the first time. Only Winters was present from the activation of Easy Company until the war's end. Winner of the Distinguished Service Cross, only he could pen this moving tribute to the human spirit."

Customer Reviews:

  • Band of Brothers Fans
    If you loved the Band of Brothers series you will want to read this book by Maj Winters. He provides further information not mentioned in the book and even see how the movie differs from real life. These men were real heros!...more info
  • For those who loved the mini-series
    If you enjoyed the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, this book is likely to appeal to you. Dick Winters gives you much more information about his own life, and he gives considerable information which is not in the movie about his unit. This information is well presented and extremely enjoyable to read after seeing the miniseries. The heart of the book, however, is his comments on leadership. I found them to be inspiring and very usable and useful. They alone would make the book worth reading, although most of the rest of the book wouldn't mean anything to someone that hasn't seen the miniseries. People like Major Winters are a true inspiration to all of us that have never had to experience the horror of war....more info
  • Heroes
    Awsome book,Im a big WWII buff and I think this is one of the best books Ive read on WWII.These guys are the real deal.Get this book,you will love it...more info
  • SLANDER. Don't buy or even read this
    Please remember that Richard Winters is only famous because Stephen Ambrose chose to write about him, and Stephen Ambrose has already been proven to have written books that were full of inaccuracies. He was really no more special that many who fought in WWII. One of those men was my grandfather, who Winters chose to disparage in this book. Any man who would insert humor for his own personal gain at the expense of another soldier, now deceased, who risked his own life for his country and his "brothers" of the 101st does not deserve the fame and money that comes from you spending your money on this book. ...more info
  • First Class Character
    Reading Major Dick Winters' memoirs after first watching the mini-series and reading Stephen Ambrose's - BAND OF BROTHERS, provided a clearer sense of actual facts of the most significant event in war history. I felt like I knew Major Winters and found myself saying to myself as I was reading, "give the job to me, I'll do it!!!" Very inspiring; profound sense of gratitude, and understanding why these citizen soldiers followed the CO of Easy Company into war to free the world of tyranny....more info
  • husband loved book
    my husband is friend to Shifty Powers and loves Band of Brothers and loved the book....more info
  • a true work of art, written by a true hero
    This is truely a great book and a great inspiration. It acts as somewhat of a sequal to band of brothers witch is one of the best books i have ever read.This book shows in light how great of a man and how humble Maj. Dick Winters realy was. I would definitly recomend you to read this book....more info
  • The rest of the story
    As a very interested WWII history buff, I was drawn to "Band of Brothers" in both print and the A and E TV drama. After reading the book and seeing the movie, I was left with a desire to find out what happened to some of the other characters in the story and what happened to them after the war. I was especially interested in what Dick Winters did after the war and up until now. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who sees the "greatest generation" as the epitome of American citizenship....more info
  • He doesn't consider himself a hero, but he is
    In this age, where we and the media tend to make heroes out of everybody -Winters and his men were truly heroes. And they are all too humble to admit it. I can only think of my Dad when I think of Winters and Easy Company. My Dad was in a different company. Fought in North Africa under Patton and at the Battle of Anzio (where the blood flowed like wine, as my Dad said when he spoke about it, which was very rare). My Dad said he and his men never hated the German soldier. They hated Hitler and his bunch, but not the soldier. "They were just kids, like us" My Dad would say. And in the HBO Band of Brothers, in the last episode there is a touching scene where Winters witnessed a German commander thanking his troops for their fine work that Winters realizes this too, I think. They were soldiers like him. Every war has it's heroes, but it seems WWII had more than it's share....more info
  • Interesting Read

    No new info on the Band of Brothers; just talking about himself. Worth reading but not very exciting....more info
  • A hero in a company of heroes...
    Major Dick Winters war memoirs is a great read for anyone interested in the combat-level experiences of WWII. I read Band of Brothers, own the mini-series and have read numerous accounts of the exploits of the American Airborne troops during the war, but I read with rapt attention to Maj Winters accounts, having been already familiar with them. What I liked especially was his views on the relationships carried out by the members of E Company and the 506th as a whole. I would recommend this heartily....more info
  • Fills in the Series
    I am hooked on the mini-series and can almost quote the dialogue. This book fills in a lot of the the missing parts and solidifies a lot of the truths of the film. A well written and very good reading book that is filled with facts and great memories. Probably should be read after seeing the series....more info
  • Great Read
    Since portions of BOB was written from Winters war journals I expected much of the same material however it was nice to read more intimate thoughts of Winters while these events were happening around him. I was able to see that even Winters questioned himself and has a few regrets. It was obvious that he cared deeply for his men. I think this a great read for anyone wanting a more intimate account of the war from Winters eyes. I will definitely read this one again....more info
  • Great Read
    This is a great work from the hero himself. Well worth the money....more info
  • Beyond Band of Brothers
    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for our grandson who is an avid WWII History buff. He loves it!
    The product arrived within a few days of purchase in excellent condition.
    ...more info
  • Great Hero and first-person account
    This is a great book from the man who very humbly shows the reader that a man who does his best, can and will accomplish much. I read this before seeing the mini-series and was somewhat disappointed in the movie version. There is some recap if you have read Stephen Ambrose's Band of Brothers, and the Biggest Brother, by Larry Alexander, but there is plenty of good information. I highly recommend....more info
  • More than just a retelling of the Band of Brothers tale
    Chances are you are reading this review having already seen the HBO mini series Band of Brothers and/or having read the Stephen Ambrose book of the same name (if you have done both, I recommend doing so). One of the primary sources for the Band of Brothers book was Dick Winters. In the aftermath of the mini series he penned his own version of events in to Beyond Band of Brothers. There's a lot of overlap between the Winters book and the Ambrose book (and thus the film), of course, but Winters offers a different perspective on some of the Band of Brothers events. Ambrose focused on the enlisted man's view mostly. Winters brings in the wider picture he had as an officer and unit commander. To my mind it adds some nice depth and color to the story of Easy Company.

    Throughout the book Winters expounds on his views of leadership, which is definitely a worthwhile addition to my mind. He was very highly regarded by those who served under him, so clearly there is something worth absorbing. At the end of the book, Winters has brought all those thoughts together in what he calls "Leadership at the Point of the Bayonet - Ten Principles for Success", which I thought very well done. This, to my mind, is what makes this book more than just another man's view on events....more info
  • Good but nothing new
    While I admire Dick Winters and Beyond Band of Brothers is well written, it doesn't add anything new to the story. Sure, it verifies Ambrose's research, but that's about it.

    Band of Brothers, Beyond Band of Brothers, and the movie complement each other extremely well. Ambrose's book and movie tell a complete story, or at least what appears to be complete. If there is more (and I'm sure there is because it's war and war is more complex then the hero story of Easy Company), Winters didn't spill the beans.

    We do read some of Major Winter's justification for his actions and we get inside many of his thoughts, but once in there, I realized Winters only confirms what Ambrose already told (or suggested to) us.

    But please don't think I didn't enjoy the book. I did. I deeply respect the Winters and men of Easy Company. I loved Band of Brothers (the book and the movie). Beyond Band of Brothers is on par with those works.

    ...more info
  • Subtle Enhancements
    Major Winters' book adds some subtle detail to events outlined in the Band of Brothers from Ambrose, ex: exploits of Speirs on and shortly after D-Day. It also lets you know that there were some events in BoB not completely portrayed as they happened, such as what happened to trooper Albert Blithe.

    Major Winters does not elaborate on his own personal feelings, or expound much on what he thought other men may have thought or experienced. He should not have to do so. He earned the right to tell his story his way, and keep private whatever he desires. He explains events respectfully and thoughtfully, as you would expect from a dignified and quietly confident man. There is a great deal of their experience that is not communicable in any way other than experience.

    I do not understand any criticism of Major Winters in how he wrote this book, and I hope he earned some rewards from the book that he can pass on to his family. Buying his book is probably the only way that I'll ever get to say thank you...that and trying to follow some of his example....more info
  • Dick Winters
    One of the best books I have read about the 101st Airborne. Written with passion, clarity and honesty. Dick Winters leadership style is second to none. ...more info
  • one of our unsung heros.
    The moral character of Maj. Winters is impecable and unimpeachable. His book is one every kid in school chould read to learn what it is to stand fast in the face of fear and the enemy wether foreign or domestic. This is important now because we may be facing a time when we must once again face a enemy that is domestic. I would hope we would have leadership similar to that given by Maj. Winers. ...more info
  • Right on Time
    The book was delivered right on time and it was in mint condition. I was very happy with my purchase...more info
  • Written like a script from the movie
    I love WWII books and movies and have tremendous respect for the men who fought there as well as for Dick Winters who is an inspiration to me. However, the book read as if Major Winters watched the movie and simultaneously described everything in his own words for the book. Even the smallest details were written about such as his belief in not writing about accounts in first person because he didn't want to take credit away from his men and then in the movie Nixon walks up to him while he was writing and says "y'know it would be alot easier of you used the word me sometiumes.". To me, the movie was either made verbatim to Dick Winters memoirs or vice versa. I was a little dissappointed because in the intro he states how there were so many new and interesting stories not recounted before that he wanted to get across.....but there was hardly nothing at all that was not in the movie. Still was a good book even if you saw the movie, and if you have NOT seen the movie you will LOVE this book!...more info
  • Great Book
    This is a great book .. if we had a country full of men like this it would be the greatest country in history....more info
  • Band of Brothers deluxe
    If you loved BoB, you will love this. It fills in some of the gaps of the movie, and sheds some extra, interesting detail to E Company. Winters talks about his men in such a personal manner. You can sense his affection and admiration of them. You really can hear his voice as you are reading.

    Get it, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Dick Winters Band of Brothers
    This easy to read book gave an interesting and touching insight into the person who is Dick Winters, the true leader of Easy Company. I have enjoyed watching the series of Band of Brothers and found his book to be a valuable companion piece to that experience. Dick Winters and his men have my total and undying respect for their sacrifices....more info
  • Great Book
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Reading Winters' account after reading Band of Brothers offered unique insights. I was heartened by Major Winters' faith and how he used this to make it through the War. Stationed in Germany, I had the opportunity to make a voyage to the memorial & Peace Gardens in Bastogne and to Foy as well; a trip inspired by Major Winters. To him & to all others who served in WWII, what you did for the world is not forgotten & will forever be appreciated. ...more info
  • Thank you Major Winters
    A great book wroten by a great man one of the finest leaders in the 101st Airborne and the Biggest Brother.
    I loved it from page to page and I'm still reading a must for the airborne and WWII fan....more info
  • Great book!
    A wonderful companion to the HBO "Band of Brothers" miniseries. The book fills in some gaps and details to give you a more complete picture of Easy Company's trek through the war in Europe. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Fabulous Memoir and Manual on Leadership All in One
    Major Winters has written not only a fabulous memoir of his role as company commander of Easy Company and later a Battalion Commander of 506th PIR, but he has also woven into it his very personal story as well as a wonderful manual for leadership that every man in a leadership position should follow.

    Like Stephen Ambrose's original book, Band of Brothers, Winters takes us through his entire experience with Easy Company and the 506th PIR from the start of training at Toccoa to the end of the war. Many of the stories Winters tells are the same, but here we get the insights into an outstanding commander's mind--why he makes the decisions he does and what he bases them on.

    Winters gives us insights into the individual exploits and abilities of the company's most outstanding men and also into the leadership at the company, battalion, and regiment levels. We get the same gritty stories of combat and heroic deeds that made the original Band of Brothers book and TV miniseries so compelling, but now we also get inside the mind of the commander and learn the psychology and the strategy that really makes a combat team, or any team, work successfully under extreme stress.

    Winters closes the book with an update on the men at the time of writing, including some very moving personal letters. The last chapter is a brief exposition of leadership, closing with a one-page, 10-point summary of what makes a good leader under the heading, "Leadership at the Point of the Bayonet." The memoir is outstanding in every way, but this capstone chapter on leadership is of inestimable value.

    As I closed the book, I felt some of the same admiration for Dick Winters that his men must have felt. The world yearns for men of character and leadership, and when you've read his personal account, you'll recognize that this is the very personal inside story of a man's man--how he thinks, what he feels, and what makes him and his team so successful. Major Winters is clearly a gentleman and a leader of the finest caliber whose team achieved what they did because he was able to recognize and bring out the best in his men, and they in turn brought out the best in him and in each other.

    Do not miss this book. It may not have quite the polish of Ambrose's book, but it's more personal, more touching, and it's one of the best books about the war and combat leadership you will ever read....more info
  • Leadership under fire
    True insight through the eyes of a great combat leader inspiring men to fight under difficult circumstances to protect each other on a none forgiving battlefield. Major Dick Winters is a man who understands the art of war and making the right decisions under pressure. A true warrior and a great American. ...more info
  • Easy Call
    This is an Easy Call... 5 stars.

    This guy is truly an American Hero. It's an insult to the American spirit that nowadays we worship steroid pumping athletes and the only recognition soldiers get is if they're part of the KIA count on CNN.

    The man gets his first three stars for being a hero. I gave him the other two because he laid out his story in a clear and concise manner as only a soldier can. He describes every action in great detail; his words radiate the emotions of every single event.

    There are many stories about many heroic deeds; I cherish all such stories. Major Winters has distinguished himself from those others through has smooth language and honest assessments of all those involved in his wartime experience.

    If you weren't ready to fix your own bayonet or on the edge of tears while reading this book then I can't imagine anything else that could stir your soul....more info
  • "It Is Far Easier To Find Quiet Than To Find Peace."
    "Beyond Band of Brothers" is the combat memoir of Major Dick Winters, a man immortalized in "Band of Brothers" first by in print by Stephen Ambrose, and later by Tom Hanks on HBO. In the "Band of Brothers" book and miniseries Winters comes across as trustworthy but enigmatic, brave but modest, and above all a leader of men. This book allows Winters, a deeply private man, to express his individual point of view like never before, and as a result allows the reader the ability to better understand him and the keys to his leadership style.

    Though not a professional writer by trade, Winters, while plain spoken, conveys the personal trials and triumphs of his life, the war, and especially his love for the men of E Company better than any outside historian, no matter how well-intentioned, ever could. While I had seen most of the material covered here in the miniseries, I understood the actions and grasped the decisions made far better after reading this book. I now plan of re-watching the miniseries again with my newfound understanding. The essence of the book is the remarkable transformation of a young man from an off the street college graduate to a thoroughly vetted combat commander in a very short time. I was especially interested in Major Winters' recollections about Carentan, Brecourt Manor, and awful Bastogne, and I was not disappointed. The book gives far greater insight into ground maneuvering and weapons employment than I had ever had before.

    Throughout the book the theme of brotherhood is never far from the surface. Major Winters is not cut from the same cloth as many hard-charging military officers: he didn't (and still doesn't) drink, rarely swore, and always strove to be the best man he could be. Throughout it all, while no doubt proud of his accomplishments and achievements, he remains fundamentally modest, a trait he discusses in the closing pages of this book in some detail, always emphasizing the importance of crediting the entire team for a success, while taking personal responsibility for a failure. That's the kind of man who I would want follow in combat, and that's the reason Major Winters was such a revered leader.

    The book culminates in a ten-point summation of Major Winters' philosophy of leadership, "Leadership at the Point of a Bayonet," and should be memorized by leaders of all stripes everywhere. While most of us will never be fortunate enough to meet Major Dick Winters in person, we can all benefit from the lessons he learned in the hardest proving ground in the world. I recommend this book to everyone.

    Thank you Major Winters for your devotion to your country and your men. I salute you....more info
  • should be required reading
    great read for anyone wanting to learn more after Band of Brothers...more info
  • Still admired despite this book
    I know this may be harsh, and if you are a fan of WWII, Easy, and/or Band of Brothers, this will NOT bring more in depth knowledge of E company, the characters in the book or the miniseries. The initial review of this book is correct, impersonal, and a re-hash of stories we've read/heard/seen, with no perceivable new perspective from Major Winters. Please know that I admire him as much as ever, but this book was "unfulfulling". Don't bother with this!!!!!!...more info
  • Great book from a great person
    The book is well written, and covers the essential points of his life in the Army. A good companion to the "Band of Brothers" material. Highly recommended for people who want to know more about Major Winters and the events he was involved in during WWII....more info
  • Beyond Band of Brothers
    This book was no disappointment...the best cronicles of WWII I have ever read. It's an easy read and a must for any WWII buff....more info
  • Beyond Band of Brothers
    Over all it was a disappointment. I thought he would go into detail about his experiences but it was a rehash of the Band of Brothers book except it had much less detail. He never gave you the feeling of being there and his thoughts as he was going through combat. He did cover his life after the war. Some of Amborse's books had the same problem, he never gets into specifics.
    Knowing the details is the most interesting part. You can get the overview from history books.
    Retired Naval Security Group...more info