As Seen On Tv Clever Clasp
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Product Description

Clever Clasp the ingenious magnetic jewelry clasps that make securing your necklaces, bracelets or anklets a snap! Just bring the ends near, and they click together every time. You don't even have to see what you're doing. Clever Clasp attaches easily to any jewelry. Just bring the ends of the Clever Clasps near each other and they instantly click shut and safely lock, creating a super-magnetic bond, which is doubly, secured by a twist lock.

  • Specially designed to grip and never slip
  • Includes - 4 clasps (2 silver tone, 2 gold tone) / 2 extenders (1 silver tone, 1 gold tone), Add a little extra length to your necklace with these 3 inch extenders

Customer Reviews:

  • Clever indeed!
    I bought this kit because I needed the extender and clasp for a choker necklace that didn't have a clasp of its own. I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the magnet was. Most of the time, when I wear necklaces, the chain ends up rotating so that the pendant is at the nape of my neck, but that didn't happen when I used the clever clasp. My only complaint is that the extenders looked cheap, but that's because they were, and a good bargain. Otherwise, I am satisfied. I highly recommend the clever clasp if you have a piece of jewelry without a clasp, or if you have arthritis--I have butterfingers and the clasp is still easy to put on. I wish I'd thought of this, because the inventor is probably rich by now! ...more info
  • magnetic jewelry clasps
    The product does what it is supposed to, but the clasps are really to big for bracelets...more info
  • Clever Clasp
    This product works well with pendants that are a little on the heavy side - dainty pieces don't have the counter-weight to keep the chain from sliding up under your chin.

    However, I still really like this item! I'm wearing necklaces I haven't worn in years because I couldn't deal with eensy-weensy clasps. Good stuff!...more info
  • Great product - Slow shipping
    The clever clasp is an incredibly SMART and "Clever" product. You can buy these at places like CVS or Rite, but you may end up spending a shade more...then again you would also get the product immediately. My product took 3 weeks to be delivered. In hindsight it would have been easier and more expeditious to just pay a couple bucks more and get the product at CVS. But in the vendor's defense, they did get back to me VERY quickly via email when I notified them it had been a couple of weeks.

    The magnets themselves are very strong-you could leave the necklace secured only by the magnets, but having the ability to lock the clasp by spinning the cylinders around the magnets for security is the best feature. You could use this product for bracelets, but the cylinders are smooth and difficult to spin the locking mechanism open and close. You would likely need help to remove a bracelet secured by a clever clasp.

    All in all, if you wear necklaces, especially if you have arthritis, the product is wonderful and easy to use. Get it. Get it now....more info
  • works great
    I purchased this for my ageing mother who has arthritis and this product works great. She is now able wear more danty necklaces and to put them on by herself. We all enjoy our independence and thanks to this product one more person is happy. ...more info
  • Does what it says it does
    I bought this for a rather dainty necklace chain and was a bit disappointed when I first saw the size of the clasp, but decided to use it anyway. The chain I attached it to has two pieces hanging from it...enough weight to keep the clasp from constantly sliding down to the front, unlike the original clasp. I can't say it NEVER slides down, but it doesn't happen any more often than it did before.

    Anyway, this particular necklace was such a pain to put on and take off that I would just leave it on all the time and not want to bother wearing any of my other necklaces. With the Clever Clasp I can now change necklaces quickly and easily.

    My only concern now is what will happen after the clasp gets wet from perspiration or in the shower, as I am allergic to nickel and I'm not sure what the base metal is in the Clever Clasp. Will probably add to this review when I find out...otherwise I'm happy with it for the time being, and would give it a full five stars if it came in a smaller size for thinner necklace chains....more info
  • Works better than I expected
    Before I received the Clever Clasp I was a little skeptical that it would actually hold. The great thing is that it has the extra protection of screwing together after the magnets connect. I love this and now I can wear my necklaces....more info
  • Great Invention
    This was bought as a gift. My mother called me recently and said they work great. Since her birthday is right round the corner... she hinted for more....more info
  • A little heavy
    I recently purchased this product at a local outlet store. I've seen the commercial enough to know that I would benefit from this product. As someone with carpal tunnel it's hard to put my jewelry on, the magnet in this particular product makes life a lot easier for me.

    There are two big downsides for me, however. The chains on my necklaces are thin and getting the clasps to properly fit together was a big project on my part. I had to pull out my jewelry-making kit in order to add a larger ring onto my necklace. I also added the two-inch extender. It was a bit awkward though. Since all of the slack falls to one side it makes the necklace seem lopsided. Another downfall is the weight of the magnetic clasp itself.

    For someone with heavier jewelry I'd highly recommend this product. For those of us using thin platinum or gold necklaces, I'd recommend looking into a standard magnetic clasp through a local jeweler....more info
  • After Paying for Clasp, It Never Arrived!!!!!
    While quick to take my order and charge my credit card, the seller was not at all interested in locating my order once I informed them it never arrived! Amazon was also disinterested in the fact that I never received the product I purchased through their website, instead directly me to the seller. The seller intimated I was lying and recommended I take it up with my local post office. Seller is "As Seen on TV / Eguys" BE VERY WARY OF THIS SELLLER!!!!! ...more info
  • Clever Clasp
    The first time I wore these the clasp came apart. I would never order these again!...more info
  • Shipping needs to be combined for more than 1 item
    This product is very helpful and good quality. However, the shipping is too expensive if more than one item is ordered....more info
  • The "Clever Clasp" is indeed Clever
    This simple little product is a life-saver to those who have difficulty securing their necklaces or bracelets (both male and female). By using a very strong little magnet, it's easy to put those items on or take them off. Very ingenious....more info
  • Great Product
    Solves the problem of necklasses being difficult to attach... also good for shortening necklasses and not being able to put them over the head. Overpriced but great product....more info
    I have been using jewelry magnets for years. These are by far the best. When I purchased these magnets I also ordered some others. I had one of the others on my 14k gold charm bracelet which cost approximately $800.00. Luckily for me someone turned it in to the grocery store. I now have your magnet on that locks.. Thanks so much for fantastic product. I will surely purchase more.
    ...more info