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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse (Blue/Black)
List Price: $63.99

Our Price: $32.00

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Product Description

The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is the gamer's choice with a 2000 dpi laser engine for blinding speed and ultra-smooth tracking and Full Speed USB of up to 1000 reports/sec. The G5 36 gram adjustable weight cartridge gives you hundreds of variations on balance and heft - including one that's perfect for your unique gaming style. Polytetrafluoroethylene gaming feet provide the ultra-smooth glide you want in a performance-grade mouse. Logitechs SetPoint software to customises your mouse with advanced features such as game detection and "on-the-fly" adjustable sensitivity (including independent x and y axis settings). Now with 2 thumb buttons for additional programmability.

  • Connectivity - USB
  • Button Count - 7-Button

Customer Reviews:

  • High Quality
    The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is great. Works flawlessly. I am impressed by the quality of this product....more info
  • G5 laser mouse
    I love this mouse so much, I bought it again when my first one got stolen. Higher end mice should be worth the cost, and this one is well worth it to me....more info
  • Comparison to MX-518
    I switched from the MX-518 (which is still available) to which I will compare it. The G5 offers the same ergonomic design, which I love, but it includes a few changes:

    1. Different surface: The coating of the mouse is textured/rough as opposed to the silky smooth one of the Mx-518. At first, I hated it since it felt plasticy and cheap, but after two weeks of use, I like it even more now than the smooth finish of the Mx-518. It allows for more grip and after a few days, the dry "sand-paper" feeling vanes due to oil on ones hands.

    2. Adjustable weight: the mouse has a little tray for weights; I do not use any, but I guess some folks prefer a heavy mouse, so they can adjust it.

    3. Improved Laser with higher resolution: I did not feel any difference in every day use and gaming if compared to the MX-518 - both mice are excellent.

    4. Different feet: the size of the Teflon feet is larger and the mouse moves smoother over my Func-surface than my old mouse (whose feet are however used up already to some extent, so no fair coparison); By the way, I recommend Func's anti friction liquid - it lets the mouse slide like a feather.

    5. Indicator of DPI setting: I found it useful in games to be able to quickly check the resolution without wiggling the mouse. The lights are not covered by your hand while using the mouse (good placement).

    6. new Paint-job: the mouse features a "rugged" blue/black design - I think it looks pretty ugly and cheap (like a toy), a clear step backwards from the metallic design of the MX-518.

    7. Placement of resolution buttons: both buttons are before the mouse-wheel - a better position, since one is less prone to move the wheel by accident if one changes the resolution on the fly while gaming.

    8. The mouse-wheel can be tilted left and right, to scroll sideways on i.e. web-pages; it is a useful, well implemented feature.

    Besides the questionable paint job, the mouse improves upon the MX-518, and I am happy with it....more info
  • Perfect for work! I don't even game...
    I suppose if I were a gamer, and I wanted a gaming mouse, this would be good. But i just work in an office (at home).

    Either way, this is an excellent mouse. I've actually purchased two of these. One for myself, one for my mother.

    The laser-tracking is top-notch. The right-handed feel/grip is excellent, without being too slick or two 'rubbery'... it's nice and textured plastic.

    I purposely bought a corded mouse, because I didn't want to deal with batteries. The USB cord is good, long, and with a threaded-rope feel.

    There are two thumb buttons (I use them for page back/forward).
    There is left/right options for the scroll-wheel (I use it for switching tabs in firefox left and right).

    I thought the sensitivity control would be a gimmick, since I'm not a gamer. But I do some periodic photo-editing, and it comes in handy to quickly switch between mouse-speeds for fine-tuned work....more info
  • Decent mouse for the time
    I bought this mouse over 2 years ago if I remember correctly. I still use it to this day. I won't give it a perfect rating, but it has served me faithfully. However, I must insist that you look for a newer and better mouse on the market, because there are certainly some out there at the moment. ...more info
  • Great!
    Pros: Great response once the software that comes with it is installed. Comfortable. Sensitivity settings easy to use and useful.

    Cons: The trey that holds the weights occasionally falls out

    Overall: Best mouse I've owned....more info
  • Poor reliability; 3 failures in 2 years of light use.
    April 26th Update: After weeks of hassle Logitech finally replaced this mouse under warranty around the end of March. The replacement worked fine for one month and then stopped tracking and I had to switch back to the one it replaced. I can't recommend this mouse because of its poor reliability. If I could change my rating I would lower it to just one star.

    ///Bought at end of May 2007. First one was defective out of box but promptly replaced by Amazon. After 1yr 9months with only limited use - largely web browsing and no game use - the scroll wheel no longer will scroll up. Good all purpose mouse that seems comfortable and very functional for web use for large and small hands.

    Cons: Side back/forward buttons awkward to use, wheel has a spongy feel, wheel should not wear out so quickly (if used for intensive gaming I suspect it would have worn out in a few months)....more info
  • Great Buy
    The G5 mouse exceeds all my expectations. The feature I like most is the ability to ajust the feel and control by inserting or removing weights....more info
  • Best mouse I've owned.
    I purchased this mouse to replace the mouse that came with my PC that I bought 6 years ago. I wasn't sure how much better a laser mouse would be compared to optical. I was shocked at how smooth the motion was, I love the shape of the mouse in my hand too.
    Be warned though this mouse does require a small learning curve, I notice that I have to be more precise with hand movement or I will move the pointer past the area I am aiming for. Once I used it for a while I got used to it and now I would never go back. I notice now when I am at work that I HATE how sluggish my mouse is. Guess I need to buy another G5 for work??
    Over all great device,Although the software that comes with the device is a little annoying. Pop-ups from logitech seem to come a little to often....... ...more info
  • G5 Gaming Mouse
    This "Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse" passes all tests for any gaming requirements that you might have. I put my G7(wireless)in storage, no longer have any interrupts during a game....more info
  • Bought for a gift, but tempted to get one myself
    I bought this for my boyfriend because he likes the heavier mice and was interested in a Microsoft one with weights but was warned off of it for other reasons. This one I found by comparing reviews and found it to be quite favorable.

    The downsides I remember hearing about where (1) the texture and (2) the cord being stiff.

    Well I use it often when I'm at his house and although the texture is weird, it takes maybe 5 minutes to adapt to and after that I've loved it, personally. The cord has never been a problem for me or him.

    But I love it and kinda want it myself! The heaviness with weights is awesome because it makes it have such a good solid glide. So responsive onscreen too and never skips. Very adjustable settings too, even though I haven't played with those much since, well...not mine.

    Boyfriend likes it for the games and likes that it has all the buttons (though we both agree that the side buttons, while reachable, really aren't something either of us would use). I don't game much, but even so I love this mouse enough for everyday use that I'll probably buy one for myself at some point when the price drops enough....more info
  • Great mouse
    replaced my trusty mx500 with the g5. didn't like the feel of the g9. the g5 seems to track a little better than the 500 did and the logitech software lets you customize everything. it actually felt a little heavier than the 500 w/out any added weights so i only added about 3g. overall i love the mouse. ...more info
  • good for the gamer--only
    really nice mouse, i have been using with for 3 months now, and its a good piece of work.

    *smooth and easy to move
    *good DPI
    *the DPI adjustment option and software are an excellent add-on,(the increase and decrease DPI buttons could always be used for more progressive things if you just want to play on a standard DPI setting)
    *the 2 side buttons are extremely handy, easy to press and effective in games.

    *i could always do with a higher DPI
    *its a bit to small for large people such as myself with huge man-mitts
    *its hard to reach the decrease/increase buttons to adjust DPI of-the-fly.
    *the extra 2 scroll wheel buttons are needless ...more info
  • full of features, fairly reliable, sensitivity is a bit fickle
    It's a good mouse, but when opening and using some programs on my PC, it increases the sensitivity automatically even when I don't want it to and don't press the adjusting buttons. This problem is fixed when I adjust the sensitivity control on the mouse, but it's still kind of annoying. Still a decent product....more info
  • Great mouse!
    The features are very useful, even for non gamers. The forward and back thumb buttons that are on the side of the mouse are positioned well, they will NOT be hit on accident like other brands. The side tilt scroll wheel is a good thing to have also. I have a 23" Samsung monitor, so having the ability to change the dpi right on the mouse itself, makes it handy for moving around the screen with ease....more info
  • Exellent
    Wow. i actually got better at gaming (fps) very sturdy ergonomic design very comfortable in my hand. Custom weights are fun to use but... im not sure how much of a difference it makes.

    only problems is once in a while (once a month) the mouse dies for about 1/2 a second.

    buy it. ...more info
  • Love it!
    9 buttons. 7 are programmable.

    Easy to install software. Maybe a bit difficult to use at first without reading instructions.

    You can program the buttons and mouse sensitivity with different settings for different games/applications - and the settings will automatically be loaded when the game/application starts.

    I love the design. It's like a blue spider-man web effect.

    Strong, sturdy construction. Much heavier than regular mice. Plus the weight cartridge means you can make it feel as heavy as you like.

    Super long cord.

    Very comfortable to hold.


    The current software only allows you to store individual keystrokes and key combinations to each of the programmable buttons, but not macros in the truest sense of the word. Also, mouse clicks cannot be stored on the programmable buttons. Fortunately, this is a software limitation (not a hardware one) and hopefully they will upgrade soon....more info
  • Very comfortable mouse
    Ive had this mouse for about a month now and i love it. The cord doesnt seem to get in the way( with the way i placed my mouse) the weights dont really make a big difference but it does help. the buttons are placed far enough so i dont press both at the same time(side buttons. The design is neat and depending on which mousepad you get it might not glide like it says. i had to get a new mousepad because my cloth one was making it harder to move my mouse. my only downside is the middle buttons i cant seem to press it without messing up or dying in a game. haha but over all its pretty decent....more info
  • I like it.
    Had a similar Logitech optical mouse for a few years. Liked it a lot, but the right button stopped working, and the small pads on the bottom had worn off.

    Saw this one on here. Looks great. Functionally, it's pretty much the same as my last mouse. Has all the functions that I used anyway. Same ergonomic shape that fits in my hand perfectly. I suppose I'll see if laser is that much better than optical. Much better than the Logitech choices at the local stores. The forward/back buttons look and feel nice, and don't click loudly and feel cheap like the ones offered in the stores.

    I don't really use the speed adjustment buttons, but I suppose they might be nice for gaming if I still did that. The middle setting is good for me.

    As far as the weights are concerned, I popped four 4.5g weights in, it felt good, and I left it. The sheath on the cord is braided, which I thought was strange, but trivial.

    I had a similar wireless mouse a while ago. Hated it. I hated having to put it on the charger, and always forgot. Sucks when you need to use your super sweet (and battery heavy) mouse that is dead.

    Did I mention that this mouse looks and feels really cool? The G5 has my blessing. Go ahead and buy it. It's good stuff. :)...more info
  • Feel is important
    Bought this mouse for someone who suffers badly from arthritis, a feeling of having something to drag is essential. The textured feel is probably more subtle to arthritic fingers. The others that came before this were just too light. Well loaded with weights I've not heard a complaint about the smoothness and accuracy of movement. At first the sensitivity of the buttons was an issue, more positive less touch could be easier to master. The motion is heavy yet smooth and the button touch is light, but over time that has become more comfortable....more info
  • Delivery
    So I waited for the mouse for over a week, past the usual shipping date, and I finally received it. I opened it, plugged the mouse into my computer and started installing its driver. Unfortunately, on the day I received my Logitech G5, it was D.o.A., defective on arrival....more info
  • may think twice
    I brought the same G5 old version a year ago and it stoped working. So I buy this new mouse to replace the old one. It was pretyt much the same, accurate and smooth. The only reason I give 3 out of 5 star is because of the plastic cover. It is not good for people with sweaty hands, it stinks the mouse and needs regular cleaning. I wonder who designed this NEW mouse which looks worse than the old version. It is a decent deal, only if, you can stand the ugly outlook and the smell of sweat. (Infact, I wouldnt have brought it if I knew this before.)...more info