Vengeance in Death
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He is an expert with the latest technology...a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes he is about to commit--always solved moments too late to save his victims' lives. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the first victim butchered in his own home. The second lost his life in a vacant luxury apartment. The two men had little in common. Both suffered unspeakable torture before their deaths. And both had ties to an ugly secret of ten years past--a secret shared by none other than Eve's new husband, Roarke.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best stories in a long time
    Nora Roberts/J.D Robb writes the most amazing stories I have read in a long time!! When I'm reading one of her stories I feel like I'm actually seeing the characters come alive on the pages. Her Roarke character is the best. He doesn't let anyone push him around including his wife. I love the way her male characters come out in her books, rough around the edges, bossy, demanding, want things done their way, and just a little rough with their women. Keep the stories of Roarke and Eve coming! I have everyone of her books on these two and I can't wait for the next one!!...more info
  • Vengeance in Death is a winner
    In this latest installment in the " Death" series, Vengeance in Death, there is a series of vicious murders involving torture and mutilation. Eve discovers that all the victims had assisted Roarke in his quest for vengeance for the murder of a young girl back in Ireland. The young girl was Somerset's daughter. Somerset is Roarke's butler and they have been together for many years coming to America together from Ireland.

    The murderer sends Eve riddles before each murder. And she tortures over each riddle believing that if she can solve the riddle in time she might prevent the murder from happening.

    Somerset's character is largely developed in this book as he is framed and made to look like the murderer, also implicating Roarke. Eve decides to take the investigation underground or risk making Roarke look like the prime suspect.

    Figuring out the murderer was difficult and entertaining. Another excellent book in the series....more info

  • "The business of murder took time, patience, skill, and a tolerance for the monotonous. Lieutenant Eve Dallas had them all"
    J. D. Robb is the pseudonym Nora Roberts uses for her futuristic "In death" series, set in the year 2058. Many things have changed, but other stay the same. There are criminals, and those who fight against them. Eve Dallas is one of those who try to uphold justice. "Vengeance in death", the 6th book in the series, starts by stating that "The business of murder took time, patience, skill, and a tolerance for the monotonous. Lieutenant Eve Dallas had them all".

    In this book, we will see Eve applying those skills to the solution of some crimes that strike close to her. Victims previously connected to her husband Roarke start to appear gruesomely murdered, and there are clues that tie their deaths to a vengeance carried out long ago by Roarke, in Ireland. When someone tries to frame Roarke's butler Somerset as the murderer, Eve knows for certain that something is afoot. The question is what, and why?.

    In my opinion, "Vengeance in death" is a book well-worth reading, even though it isn't the best in the series. You will enjoy trying to discover the mystery behind the murders, and learning more about Roarke and Somerset's past. The interaction between Ian McNabb (from the Electronic Detective Division) with Eve's faithful sideckick, Officer Delia Peabody, will draw sparks and make the reader smile and wonder about them. All in all, I think that you will like this book, specially if you have already read the previous books in the series. Happy reading :)

    Belen Alcat
    ...more info
  • Dallas scores again
    This is a general review of all the books in this series, not this particular book. I enjoy the series greatly, even though there are remnants of the days when the author was primarily a writer of romantic novels (the heroine's husband is impossibly rich and handsome, and the sexual encounters between them are always overwhelmingly passionate), and some of the dialogue between the heroine and her husband is too predictable. But generally the dialogue, especially with the supporting characters, is realistic and fun, and all the main and supporting characters have depth and very distinct personalities. I'd enjoy spending an evening or working with these people, not just the heroine and her husband, but also her friends and co-workers, and so I enjoy reading about them. The crimes are sometimes pretty gruesome, often with a sexual aspect, and the killers generally psychopaths - these are NOT cozy mysteries. The horrific childhood of the heroine is a major element in the books. Mostly, the plots have been pretty good, not too repetitive or predictable, though I read this series for the characters and not the plots. A good read, if you don't mind the gruesome parts....more info
  • The Best Yet!
    Vengeance in Death, there is a series of brutal murders involving torment and mutilation. Eve discovers that all the victims had assisted Roarke in his quest for vengeance for the murder of Somerset's daughter back in Ireland years ago.. Somerset, Roarke's butler has been jointly for many years coming to America together from Ireland. Roarke feels he partly responsible for the death of Somerset's daughter even though Somerset doesn't feel this way. The murderer sends Eve riddles before each murder. And she persecutes over each riddle believing that if she can solve the riddle in time she might prevent the murder from happening. Somerset's is really developed in this book as he is framed and made to look like the murderer. This was the best in this series yet. This series offers a perfect blend of suspense, romance. It is fast paced and full of action. I recommend this series to everybody. You won't be disappointed but start with the first book!...more info
  • It's hard to put Robb's books down...
    I have mixed feelings about Nora Roberts (aka J.D. Robb) books, mainly because of the rough language in them. But she writes so well and her stories are so engrossing that I find it hard not to pick one up and read once in a while.

    In this book Eve Dallas is still coming to terms with her marriage, when a series of murders are committed...all of which involved Irishmen that her husband knew at one time or another. She needs to find out why he knew these men and what connection he had to them in order to find out why this serial murderer is killing and why he is using the MO that he is. Eve comes to understand that her husband is at risk because of his bringing to justice several men who had horrendously hurt the young daughter of Summerset, Roarke's 'valet' and man-of-all-trades.

    These books go fast and furious much like the movie of that name. Makes me wonder why no one has ever tried to bring these books to the screen, except too often they botch the book up in screenwriting.

    Dallas solves the crimes at great risk to herself and to the others around her. She has to tred a fine line between the law and her husband's old world, so as to not involve him.

    Karen Sadler...more info
  • "The name of the little riddle is Revenge"
    The previous book in the series was good but left me with a somewhat bitter taste. The reason was the J.D. Robb plunged into the unnatural events genre alla Laurell K. Hamilton. Since I enjoy the work by both authors, I would rather see each one of them write about that which they "know" best. This is why I was pleasantly surprised when in this book I found no references to events outside the boundaries of the futuristic world of 2058.

    Finally, the year 2058 is coming to an end, and it is unbelievable how much has happened in just a few months: Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke meeting and getting married, Eve remembering crucial events from her childhood, Mavis seeing her career surging forward, and many others. The current case involves a serial killer that punishes people that have strayed from the path of the Lord. The first victim Eve finds was not only killed, but also tortured savagely. To complicate matters further, the victim is an old friend of Roarke, from his time in Ireland, when Eve's husband was involved in certain activities that would not be appreciated by Eve.

    In the case of the second victim, the killer's intentions become a little clearer, since he calls Eve and gives her a clue useful for finding the victim before the time of death. So now it is personal, since the killer wants Eve as an opponent and the second victim is also a friend of Roarke. The relationship between Eve and Roarke is put to the test, since Roarke's secrets from his past may aid Eve in the investigation, but these secrets make him criminally liable. Is Eve more concerned about justice than about keeping her husband? Things really heat up when Sommerset, Roarke's faithful servant, becomes a suspect in the investigation.

    The quality picks up considerably compared to "Ceremony in Death", with Robb focusing on what she does best and also limiting the passionate scenes to more reasonable levels. These had gotten a little bit out of hand in previous works in terms of their frequency and lack of variation in their development. Now the author creates a much better balance, presenting the scenes for those that crave them, but not repeating them so much so as to make the book a little boring. Hopefully, the quality of the series will remain at this level until the end.
    ...more info
  • Nice
    The book was used, but in very good shape. I bought it for my ex-mother inlaw, I didn't tell her it was a used book and she never knew otherwise. :)...more info
  • Can't wait to read another
    THis was my first J.D. Robb book to read and I definitely was not disappointed. I thought I had it figured out before the end but he managed to prove my theory wrong. That's what a great writer does, right? Anyway, I highly recommend the book and can't wait to read another one....more info
  • The best so far!
    It's official. I'm addicted to the " Death" series. I was hooked after the first book, "Naked in Death", but convinced myself that I could stop anytime I wanted. Yeah, right. I've even got my husband reading the series and he's hooked too. This is the sixth book in the series and, in my opinion, the best so far.

    Once again, Roarke is linked to a series of heinous murders Lt. Eve Dallas is investigating. This time, however, he's a target. In the process of keeping her man safe and tracking the killer, Eve learns more about Roarke and Summerset's past. This one kept me guessing until the end. Eve's relationship with Roarke is further developed. As always there's just the right amount of great love scenes but the fights are even better!

    This series offers a perfect blend of suspense, romance and even humor. Lt. Eve Dallas is such a wonderful character. She's got guts, brains, strength, wit and just a touch of insecurity. And what woman wouldn't want a Roarke in their life? This book won't disappoint....more info

  • Just enough sci-fi to spice it up.
    Anyone who enjoys reading crime tales, either fiction or non-fiction, will definitely love this book. Top notch writing weaves a suspenseful story about Police Lt. Eve Dallas and her mysterious husband Roarke. Another absolutely great book in the series of novels about the tough woman crime fighter and her world. Read them all. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • First One to Fool Me!
    Vengeance in Death by J.D. Robb is the fifth book in this "In Death" series by this author who is the alter ego of Nora Roberts. This pseudonym is only used for her futuristic series (don't let that genre fool you - these books are fantastic, even if you don't usually like science fiction type stories!)

    It seems that each of the books in this series so far has the murders involving Eve Dallas' lover/husband, Roarke, in some form or another and this one is no different. If you've read these from the first book, Naked in Death, then you've followed the relationship evolution between the two strong main characters and you've been given a glimpse of each of their pasts. Vengeance in Death explores, in greater detail, Roarke's past and that of his butler, Summerset.

    A killer is loose and he's killing men with Irish links; unfortunately, that Irish link is Roarke and his past crimes. Summerset's daughter, Marlena, had been brutally murdered in Dublin, Ireland many years before and Roarke avenged her death by killing the six men responsible. Now it seems that someone is killing Roarke's informants from the past. It's Eve Dallas' job as primary homicide detective in the cases to find out who this mad man is and stop him before another victim is found.

    Sounds like a typical "who dun it?" type book right? Well with J.D. Robb, you can always expect to find a bit more intrigue, romance and humor thrown into the plot. The added character of Ian McNibb (Electronic Detective Division Wonder-boy) is a pure stroke of genius. And the undertones of a romantic entanglement between McNibb and Officer Delia Peabody (Dallas' able assistant) leaves the reader wanting more and not being able to wait to read the next book to find out if these two actually do get together.

    One of my favorite support characters, Mavis, is missing from this book - actually, she makes a very brief appearance, and that leaves a bit of fun out of the story line. But don't worry - the other colorful characters are all there - Commander Whitney, Police Chief Tibble, Summerset, Peabody, Dr. Mira, and of course Eve and Roarke.

    The identity of the killer wasn't predictable this time, and actually had me guessing up to the end of the book. The clues as to his identity were few and far between, but the outcome made sense once everything was in the open.

    Vengeance in Death is more sound writing from J.D. Robb and her versions of the future are impressive. I want a turbo car that can go from New York City to New Los Angeles in three hours just as they have in this book! (With gas prices the way they are now, I'm wondering what kind of gas and gas mileage they're getting in the future!) It will be interesting to see if the world is any closer to these creations in the year 2058 - only 57 more years to go and we'll see! But I'm first in line for one of those AutoChef inventions that cooks your meal upon voice command - no cooking, no cleaning - ah, paradise!

    Vengeance in Death isn't the best book in the series that I've read, but it is still excellent.
    ...more info
  • Vengeance is Roarke's for the Taking
    I did enjoy this book as well as all the others so far in the series. It took me a little bit longer to read though, I have to say, there were a couple of really "slow" parts, but when the book picked up....I mean it picked up in a hurry. We find Eve once again on the case of a killer. Roarke right beside her as her partner, not just in the marital sense, but right next to her throughout this whole book. Peabody, well you know Delia, she's always inquizitive and always working hard for Dallas. We get introduced to McNab who at this time is taking the place of Feeney since he's on vacation. We see our characters all get caught up in the past, and with the past muder and mutilation of Summerset's Daughter Marlena. The past which Roarke had thought he "buried" has come back to haunt him, as each friend of Roarke's who was invloved in the muder of Marlenas killers, start becoming killed themselves. Its up to Dallas to stop the killing before Summerset and Roarke become the next victims on this killers list! Enjoy the read, it was a good book!...more info
  • Just this: read this series, it's a hell of a ride!
    I really enjoy this series a great deal. Eve and Roarke are two of the most intriguing people I have read about in a long time. I have read several reviews on this book. One problem I've heard mentioned is one that involves Eve's superiors believing her take on the reason for the killer going after Roarke. I don't think they believed for a moment that Roarke wasn't involved in the murders years before. But, they are willing to accept Eve's explanation because of the circumstances of the girl's death, and their faith in her. I think this installment gives us a view of what formed Roarke...his loyalty and his need to comfort. Not to mention why he keeps Summerset around. The love between these two charactors is nice to read. They are devoted to each other. Roarke is slowly teaching Eve to allow herself to love, trust and believe in another person. Her prickly, stubborn veneer is a shield to protect herself. But, she is finding it harder and harder to hide behind it with him. Because of that, she is also allowing others into her circle...Peobody, Feeney, Mavis, Mira, Nadine..even McNab. I highly recommend this series. I've read them all, and can't wait for the next one....more info
  • 5 stars
    I have to admit, the 5 stars for this one is a sentimental choice. In fact, I've read this book so many times that I'm not even sure I really know what I think about it anymore. Granted, that's true of the preceding 5 books, too, but Vengeance is the most intensely emotional, and I'm all about intensely emotional books these days (as long as they don't have depressing endings, that is!), so I can't look at it objectively.

    Or rather, I can, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I can, for example, question how Eve can so calmly accept Roarke's past that's so vividly shoved in her face here. Or I can question how the killer latched on to those particular victims. And I can certainly read the part where Roarke gets all pissy about Eve locking a door on him and remember a later book in the series where he does the same thing and want to smack him upside the head. And yes, I can see the headhopping--Nora does it all the time.

    But in the end, it doesn't matter. It's a 5-star read. ...more info