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Sportline Solo 900 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
List Price: $44.99

Our Price: $33.00

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Product Description

The Sportline Solo 900 changes everything. With patented One-Touch Technology, one finger and a few seconds is all you need for EKG accurate heart rate readings. Break free from uncomfortable chest belts and complicated heart rate sensors that only work when you're standing still. Maximize your workout and weight loss program with the heart rate watch that's accurate, easy-to-use and responds whenever you need it to.

Easily measure your intensity level while jogging or working out with the Sportline Solo 900 heart rate watch. Boasting patented S-Pulse One-Touch technology, the watch responds to a single touch of the finger to deliver accurate EKG heart readings in just a few seconds. Merely hit the center button and you're set. Even better, he Solo 900 doesn't require an uncomfortable chest belt, nor does it require you to stand still to measure your pulse. Easy to use, accurate, and responsive, the Solo 900 is a must for the modern workout enthusiast. Other details include a built-in chronograph, 12- and 24-hour time settings, a large digital backlit display, an hourly chime, and an alarm. Water-resistant to 30 meters, the unisex watch is backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Patented one touch technology
  • Ekg accurate heart rate reading
  • No chest band required
  • Chronograph
  • Time 12/24 setting

Customer Reviews:

  • Like the price, like the product
    Checked mine at the heart rehab center and it was accurate. Sometimes a bit of a struggle to get it to shut off when finished....more info
  • Not impressed..... Dead little Chinese heart rate monitor...

    I'm a glutton for punishment, I bought 2 of these. Neither worked truly well, one died after under 2 weeks of actual use, the mechanical buttons didn't hold up. Died just after the amazon return time window, actually.

    Takes 5-10 seconds to get a heart rate, you need to be holding still or nearly so to do it. Often it simply doesn't work - yes I read the instructions and followed same.

    It gets better: it's big and clunky, the end of the wrist band pops out of it's retainer under hard exercise and the band eats into your wrist, too...

    Most annoying - after 5-10 seconds of near inactivity you get a stable heart rate - by which time you lose 10-15 beats off your peak - so it isn't reading your active heart rate anyway!!!

    Having to STOP the exercise you are doing to elevate your heart rate in the first place, just to get -maybe- what constitutes a semi-resting heart rate makes this idea both stupid AND lazy.......!!!!!

    Back to the old finger on the neck and watch with a sweep second hand, I guess..... hey, it's free, accurate, and takes less time.

    Funny thing - the pulse monitor on my old Nordic Track never misses a beat - and it's 12 years old....more info
  • Simple and pretty effective
    This is a good value and a great way to monitor your heart rate if you don't want to deal with wearing a chest strap. It works by measuring the electrical signals from your skin given off by your heart. It has a metal back that lays on your skin and the button you push to check your heart rate is actually a sensor. By pushing on it you complete a loop, which allows the electrical pulses to be measured. There are times when it can't read--I think it's because I have a small wrist and sometimes don't have it high enough on my arm to keep contact with the full back of the watch. I try it again and it works. You have to stop your workout for a few seconds to get a reading as it takes 3-8 seconds to register. That's the only thing keeping me from giving it five stars. For the price, I think this is a great deal. In addition to the heart rate monitor, it's a watch with alarm and stop watch features....more info
  • Sporline Solo 900 Heart Rate Monitor wath
    Really happy with my purchase. This is my first heart rate monitor watch. Easy to use, fits snugly on wrist and has an off feature to save the battery power. Has helped me take my training to new level.

    Has a number of other features I haven't used yet but may do in time. Ideal for a newbie to heart rate monitors like me....more info
  • Would not work for me
    This and another watch like it have not worked for me, I do not know if my ICD (pacemaker/defibrilator)interupts it or what. But I sent it back, got my refund and am veery pleased with how Amazon handled the transaction....more info
  • Does what it says
    Good little heart rate monitor. Worth the price here on amazon.

    The one thing that caught me by surprise was that it does NOT monitor year hear rate. I thought it would continually give you feedback, but it does not. You press the little button on the face of the watch and after a few seconds it shows your heart rate. This is not a deal breaker, it just caught me by surprise.

    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Not good for tiny wrists!
    I'm giving this watch a 4 because it does exactly what it says it does. However, if you have a small wrist (mine is only 5 inches in diameter), you will run into issues with trying to use only one finger. I end up using a second finger to keep it steady long enough for me to get a reading, even with the wristband on the second to the smallest hole. If I wear it on the smallest hole, it cuts off circulation in my hand. I've decided to give this one to a friend, and opt for one with a chest strap instead....more info
  • Best Price
    Heart Rate Monitor Watch Sportline 900 / B000O3OHAW

    I bought this for use with my Youself! Fitness game - a heart rate monitor is one of the items that you can use with Maya in your exercise regimen. As a neophyte to the world of fitness, I was shocked and appalled at how expensive heart rate monitors are, and finally settled on this one as the lowest price with the fewest bells and whistles.

    This watch does what it does, and (best that I can tell) does it well. I was initially skeptical about the pulse readings, but having done some research on what my readings *should* be, it does seem that the watch is correct, or at least plausible. The sampling time for the pulse measurement is very low, prompting the concerns about accuracy (a longer sampling time, with an average over that time would be more accurate, I think), but a short sampling time also means that you aren't gripping your watch as you jog, praying for it to hurry up so you can let go (the watch requires you to press and hold a button during the pulse measurement).

    Note that this watch is supposed to be unisex. It fits my boyfriend just fine, but the watch band around the watch face is not flexible and juts out from my slightly-more-slender female wrist. As long as you tighten the band accordingly, the watch stays in place and functions just fine, but it looks and feels a little silly. I'd rather cheap out and look silly, but some people may prefer a more expensive non-unisex watch, so I thought I'd mention it here....more info
  • Satisfactory
    This watch/clock/heart monitor does the job. A positive point is that it really sensible, you get your heart monitor not only in the wrist but in many different points of the arm.
    As negative, but minor, I highlight that the watch does not show date and, the worst, there is no option for continuous heart monitoring. Yes, it is necessary to press the watch agains't the wrist (simultanous with the heart monitor button (the central one)), to obtain a single data. It is somehow complicated if you arr running a 800 m fast shot, or 400 m... but for long runnings it is ok. ...more info
  • Could't get product to work
    Sportline Solo 900 Heart Rate Monitor Watch I purchase two and only opened 1. After reading directions I found the unit slow and difficult in adjusting time. Multiple attempts at getting a heart reading with all ending in failure. I decided this is not a product that I want to waste any further time with....more info
  • Fine if you're not actually running
    I didn't want to spend $150 for a heart-rate monitor, so thought I'd give this a shot. It is wonderful for giving an accurate reading while you're not exercising. I have found that during exercise, it's difficult to get a reading. Whether I'm at the gym or on trail, it's hit or miss as far as getting a reading at all. When I am able to get a reading (1 out of 10 tries while exercising), it does appear to be accurate.

    ...more info
  • Works most of the time.
    The heart rate monitor function always works well for me (about a 3 or 4 second wait), but rarely works for my wife. It may have something to do with her slender wrist, but there is a very marked difference in functionality depending on who is wearing it....more info