Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor Lens
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55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor lens with 35mm equivalent of 82-300mm * Vibration Reduction allows in-focus shots with longer exposure times (up to three shutter speeds slower) * Silent Wave Motor for fast, quiet focusing * ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lens element for superior optical performance * attachment/filter size: 52mm *

The newest addition to Nikon's world-class Nikkor lens lineup, the DX Nikkor series was developed for professional and advanced amateur digital SLR users who demand high optical performance. This 55-200mm lens offers such features as two extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass elements for minimized chromatic aberration, an exclusive Silent Wave Monitor that allows for accurate and quiet high-speed autofocusing, and a nine-blade rounded diaphragm. And thanks to the 200mm maximum focal length and 3.6x zoom, you can shoot everything from close-up sports shots to national park wildlife without standing right next to your subject. Other details include a super-integrated coating that minimizes ghosting and flare; a nine-blade rounded diaphragm for more natural out-of-focus highlights; and a focus switch that lets you easily switch between autofocus (A) and manual (M) modes. All Nikon lenses carry a five-year warranty.

  • Focal length: 55-200mm
  • Maximum aperture: f/4-5.6
  • Minimum aperture: f/22-32
  • Picture angle (Nikon DX format sensor): 28 degrees (at 55mm) to 8 degrees (at 200mm)
  • Maximum reproduction ratio: 1:3.5
  • Lens construction: 13 elements in 9 groups (with 2 ED glass elements)
  • Lens drive: Silent Wave Monitor
  • Dx type: DX Nikkor (for use with Nikon digital SLR models)
  • Minimum focus distance: 3.1 feet
  • Filter/attachment size: 52mm
  • Included accessories: LC-52 snap-on front lens cap, LF-1 rear lens cap, HB-34 lens hood, CL-0815 lens case
  • Dimensions: 2.7 inches in diameter, 3.1 inches long
  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • 55-200mm zoon Nikkor lens with f/4-5.6 maximum aperture for Nikon digital SLR cameras
  • 2 extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass elements for minimized chromatic aberration and superior optics
  • Super-integrated coating minimizes ghosting and flare for more vivid images in dim lighting
  • Silent Wave Motor produces quick and quiet high-speed autofocusing; weighs 9 ounces
  • Measures 2.7 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches long; 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great lens for the price
    THis lens is recommended for any amatuer photographer that is looking for a reliable, crisp fairly priced telephoto lens. You could get a cheaper one, but for a few bucks more, this Nikon is awesome!...more info
  • Nikon DX 55-200mm Lens
    I received my lens very promptly. I am extremely happy with the product, delivery time and overall service. Thank you again.
    Bob G - New Mexico...more info
  • Great lens for it's price
    I have to say that for it's price, this is a great sharp lens. Ok, I am just a beginner photographer but still I like what this lens can produce. Went side by side with someone shooting with a Tamron 18-200 lens and this lens seems to be able to product sharper picture with better color too. And it's light and shares the same filter size with my kit lens. VR works well too....more info
  • Not bad, but not enough for pro photographers
    For the price, this lens is sharper than you would think. Since this is a DX lens, you get decent telephoto ranges on most Nikon digital SLRs. However, you don't want to use this on a D3 or a D700 as those cameras would be limited to a mere 5.1 MP. All in all, not a bad deal for beginners, amateurs or occasional photographers.

    However, this lens has some problems for pros and semi-pros. It's slow. It's not good for sports or event photography and you're going to want lots of light when shooting with this lens.

    If you need a cheap telephoto for a camera with a DX sensor, this isn't bad. I just prefer Nikon's prime lenses....more info
  • Photos made easier
    I am thrilled with my new lens, I am a casual photographer, but I wanted to be able to take pics of my son pole vaulting from a distance.
    It is a great lens for the price....more info
  • Very nice consumer glass
    This certainly is not the 70-200 f/2.8. Another poster commented that you should go for that instead. If you have a couple grand to spare and are using this professionally, he's absolutely right. In fact with $500 I would go for the (also consumer) 70-300 f/4-5.6 VR which has VR-2 and a decent focus motor (though I haven't tested one so I can't comment on anything else about it). For a mere $200, though, this is a fantastic piece of glass.

    The focus motor is so slow they would have been better off using a normal AF mount and having the camera do the focus work, but then they couldn't sell this for use with the D40/60. It has acceptable sharpness in all focal lengths at most apertures. It has slight vignetting at all lengths, but not enough to be noticeable unless you like shooting plain walls. Also it has slight barrelling at 55 and cushion at 200, but not enough to be a problem unless you're using it for architectural shots (why would you want a telephoto for that?)

    The biggest plus on the lens is the VR. Despite some negative comments about it having cheapo VR, it preformed beautifully for me. I tested it shooting 8, 4, and 2 pixel separated lines at 12 feet and 200mm and I could tell no noticeable movement distortion with VR on in about two thirds of the shots down to 1/8s. At 1/6s I got no usable shots, but without VR I'd get maybe 10% at 1/30s so this is a 2.5ish EV gain on no VR. If you're going to use the lens at all without a tripod I would highly recommend springing the extra $50 to get this lens instead of the VR-less version.
    ...more info
  • Great bargain
    I bought this lens as a backup for my 80-200 f2.8 lens. I shoot a lot of sporting events with my 80-200 lens, but I also coach sports. When I coach, I don't want to hassle with the extra weight and the monopod, so I picked up the lightweight 55-200 vr lens for easy carry. I was very pleased with it for this application. Yes it is very plasticy, but the optics are fine, and I wanted a simple lightweight rig that would function well in sunlight. Most of my shots are taken from between 70mm and 180mm which is probably the sweet spot of this lens, but I haven't tested it scientifically, because I don't want to spend the time testing a $160 lens. I crop all my sports photos, so any ca or fall off at the edges is irrelevant. Yes, the VR works well, which means I don't need my monopod when I use this lens.

    I have had excellent results and now carry this all the time. For portraits, landscapes, and other critical artistic work, I still use my primes and a 35-70mm f2.8 lens, but for everyday use the 55-200mm vr works great. I got mine refurbed, and it arrived in "like new" condition. I have had zero problems with this lens. For the money it's a super buy. ...more info
  • Right Ammo
    This is the right ammunition for amateurs. The VR is an enhancement to get the right picture whether you're still or mobile....more info
  • 18-55VR lens is very versatile
    This is a great all-around lens and a perfect complement to the D60. The D60 flash completely covers the frame at the lens' widest setting for well-lit indoor photos that can encompass an entire room. It captures great detail and accurate color when used outdoors. I especially like the way it captures front-to-back detail in wide-angle shots such as this one taken at 18mm and for comparison, this one was taken at 55mm, the other extreme of the lens taken at the same time....more info
  • Amazing!
    Wow. Pretty much sums it up. I cant tell you how happy I am I bought this lens. The pictures it takes are amazingly clear,crispt and just the way I like them to look. Im not a proffessional photographer but with this new lens this what the family now calls me, The family Photographer. I could not be happier with this purchase. And the price was perfect. Oh by the way, i have a Nikon 40D that im using the lens with....more info
  • My opinion about Nikon 55-200mm
    I think it is one of the best entry-level lens for Nikon.
    Low price and high quality are greatly combines in this product.

    I sincerely recommend these lens for every customer....more info
  • BEST Lens for the price!
    Seriously... I use it on my D60. I LOVE it. If you have the money, go ahead and buy a high end lens, but if your like me and a college student with no money, then buy this lens. It is an awesome telephoto lens for the price. I take tons of pictures and they are almost never soft... I love this lens. It is a great addition to any camera bag, and since I paid only $95 for a brand new one thanks to the Circuit City Liquidation, I REALLY made out. I would easily spend $175 for this lens and not think twice about it! Quit reading reviews on it and just buy it!...more info
  • kind of cheap
    A little more plastic and cheap feeling than I expected. Pictures are nice and brilliant. I haven't noticed too much difference with the VR....more info
  • Good Telephoto
    Takes really nice pictures! As others have stated it searches a bit in bad light/overcast conditions. But what do you expect for $200. The zoom is not as much as i expected, but i guess my expectations were too high.

    A good buy for one on a budget.

    It might also help to get a monopod for greater pictures....more info
  • Average performance
    This lens offers a lot for the price, but it delivers an average performance. The images are sharp given enough light so that you don't shoot at the lower fstops or pushing the ISO up. I find that the images are not quite as crisp sharp at the lower fstops. Some distortion occurs as well, but not enough to be concerned about.

    Night photography. -- The lens is slow! It does not perform well in low lights, never mind night photography. This is not a lens I use in the evening. If you are planning on shooting towards the evening or night you need a faster lens, f1/2.8 or better.

    Wild life -- If you are planning on taking pictures of wild life, 200mm focal lenght is not good enough, go for 300 mm. You won't regret it.

    Structure -- The plastic body is lighter, less weight and makes it fun to use. For outdoors, it really needs to be more solid. My auto focus failed and is now in need of repair. I dont abuse my equipment, but humidity and heat seems to add to the wear. If you plan on using it outdoors alot, turn off the continuous autofocus. Set it to focus for steady objects, otherwise the lens will surge all the time and the servo motors will wear out.

    It is a fun lens to use and will serve the average user well. I like the lens and use it alot, but I prefer a more rugged lens with a 62mm aperature, but the cost goes up as well.

    ...more info
  • Nikon Lens Review
    Product works perfectly. Shipped in the amount of time the seller promised. Overall, a perfect transaction. I would definitely purchase from this seller again....more info
  • Nikon 55-200 MM Lens
    This is a compact, light weight lens. The range is perfect for general photography. Love it. The VR feature is perfect....more info
  • Great lens for the price
    My copy of this lens is sharp and has relatively low chromatic aberrations. It makes terrible noise when focusing compared to other lenses, and is not blazing fast. However, the construction is fine. It is plastic, so it 'feels' cheap, but I've not heard of anyone breaking the mount. In turn, it is very light weight. It is brighter and more contrasty compared to the super zooms. One negative is that it doesn't have macro mode. Taking the price into consideration this lens is highly recommended. You will not get this image quality with the 18-200mm VR....more info
  • Awesome Lens for Awesome Price
    This lens is wonderful, I just got it today and was so pleased. And at $190 you can't beat the price. I've been looking at different stores for a month know and they are all $250, so when I found this I was pretty skeptical especially never having purchased anything from Amazon. I got free two day shipping for trying out Amazon Prime, and it came right on time. This lens produces beautiful pictures from a good distance. Next on my list is the SB-600....more info
  • Nikon 55-200mm VR Zoom Nikkor Lens
    I bought this lens for my trip to Yellowstone and was not disappointed! The VR zoom made the difference. Clearly and quickly captured a coyote in the field as well as a wolf that ventured onto the road. The photos of the bison were great. Great for photographing the Grand Tetons and scenery. Need an inexpensive lens that produces a decent result? This lens is for you....more info
  • it's a nikon...
    I have a Nikon film camera and many lenses sitting in my draw. I decided to purchased a Nikon D-60 Digital camera body from a friend. I needed a lense and chose the 50-200mm VR from Amazon. It came in an original box, new and the lense slipped into place without any problems. I took several shots using the various zooms stops and am pleased with the results of this lense. I recommend it!...more info
  • A must-have lens at this price-point!
    An upgrade of Nikon's original digital-only tele kit zoom, this new 55-200mm f/4-5.6 ($250, street) adds Vibration Reduction and a number of optical improvements for only $70 more. A 3.6X 82-300mm equivalent zoom, it's not expected to be bundled in Nikon DSLR kits any time soon.

    Hands on:

    The barrel, when contracted, is nearly an inch longer than the earlier 55-200mm non-VR DX lens, but is still extremely light as a result of all-plastic construction, including the lensmount. The large zoom ring's slightly uneven and underdamped turning action is what you'd expect from a lens at this price. The narrow manual-focusing ring is even-turning but also underdamped, with a very short turning radius for fast, if coarse, manual focusing. AF action on our test camera, the D40x, was adequately fast and quiet, thanks to Nikon's Silent Wave Motor in the lens.

    In the lab:

    SQF tests found Excellent sharpness and contrast at all focal lengths -- an improvement over the earlier, non-VR version of this lens. DxO Analyzer 2.0 tests found Imperceptible barrel distortion at 55mm (0.08%), and Slight pincushion distortion at 105mm and 200mm (0.24% and 0.19%, respectively). All three are also improvements over the earlier lens. Light falloff was gone from the corners by f/5 at 55mm, f/7.1 at 105mm, and f/8 at 200mm.

    At the uniform close-focusing distance of approximately 43.5 inches, tests of close-up ability found maximum magnification ratios ranging from 1:14.25 at 55mm to 1:3.8 at 200mm, about an average magnifying power, and not up to the 1:3.4 turned in by the non-VR 55-200mm. DxO Analyzer Blur tests of the lens' first-generation VR system (at 200mm) showed an improvement for three users of about 3 stops of extra handheld sharpness at slower shutter speeds; 4 stops are possible with Nikon's VR II system.


    Even though it's the earlier version of VR, to get any VR at this price is a steal....more info
  • Great Lens - I Would Give it 6 Stars if I Could!
    This is a great lens -- I would give it 6 stars if I could! Especially at this price!

    When I first realized that *ONLY* AF-S model lenses would work properly on my D40 (i.e., fully functioning auto focus), I must admit that I was a bit bummed. This fact greatly limited my choice of lenses, therefore limiting my pricing options. But when I found out there was an AF-S telephoto for less than $250, I just had to buy it!

    This lens works great, takes great pictures, and is super focused (and super stable especially at long distances thanks to the VR technology). And at close physical ranges, the shallow depth of field creates amazing contrasts between your main subject and the background. Used as a macro, the subject pops into focus beautifully, with wonderful bokeh behind it.

    I could go on and on about this lens, but I won't. It is the best $220 I have spent in a long while!
    ...more info
  • not too bad.
    I first I was afraid because the product made some funky noises. I purchased this item used so the price wasn't too bad. after a while I found out that the noises were normal. Has a high frequency sound when the VR is turned on.Lens is not too bad. Might go with the 18mm-200mm though....more info
  • Great Addition
    I already had a 18mm - 55mm lens for my Nikon D50, but there were definitely times when I just couldn't get close enough to my subject to frame it how I wanted. This lens was the natural progression. I've only used it a few times so far, but with fantastic results. I'll be interested to see when the VR comes in handy....more info
  • Lens Upgrade
    This is my first lens upgrade to my standard issue Nikon D40. I've been using the 55-200 for cycling and nature photography. Having the VR feature has been extremely helpful when shooting at the long end of the range. It's a little larger in diameter than I was expecting, but I haven't found that to be a problem. I'm still getting used to my DSLR, as I've only had it since last Christmas (2007), but this lens gives me the range for the type of photography that I'm interested in at this point. It was a great value from Amazon as it saved at least $40-$70 compared to local stores....more info
  • Great lens for the money
    This lens was not much more expensive than the Nikon zoom without the image stabilization. My wife loves it.......more info
  • Best value for money with NO compromise - Period
    Many other reviewers have gone in length to explain how good this lens is and thus I will not not repeat it. From past reviews, few lines that truly sum this lens up are like...

    Amazing picture clarity..
    best $220 I have spent...
    better than I thought...
    I am thrilled with my new lens...
    remarkably light, inexpensive, and GOOD lens...
    On a tripod, it's scary sharp...

    My two cents .... JUST GET IT!

    - I use the lens with my D60

    ...more info
  • Very Pleased!
    This lens is a great addition to my 18-55 kit lens. It is very sharp and lightweight. I took many photos with it in the past month and it was a joy to use. I was able to handhold at very slow shutter speeds with no sign of camera movement, even at 200mm. The only thing it was unable to cope with was autofocusing in heavy fog over water. It was a great bargain and I would buy another if I lost this one....more info
  • so far so good
    I just received my 55-200 VR lens. I shot some test photos of my lens resolution charts. I can't tell the difference in sharpness or contrast comparing the new nikon 55-200 with my 13-70 nikon lens and my 80-400 nikon VR. Its light yet feels good and solid. The vibration reduction works like a dream. I can't wait to try this baby in the field. I just might call in sick and work and head for the mountains.
    ...more info