D-Link DSL-2540B ADSL2/2+ Modem with 4-Port Ethernet Router TR067/069
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Product Description

The D-Link ADSL2/2+ Modem with 4-Port Ethernet Router (DSL-2540B) is a 2-in-1 device that combines the function of a DSL modem and 4-port 10/100 Ethernet router. The DSL-2540B supports the latest ADSL2/2+ standards to provide higher performance (up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream) and longer reach from your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM). You can also create a wired network to share your high-speed Internet connection, documents, photos, music, videos, printers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: D-Link Systems, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DSL-2540B
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.dlink.com
  • Product Type: Broadband Router
  • Number of Ports: 5
  • Fast Ethernet Port: Yes
  • DSL Port: Yes
  • Interfaces/Ports: 1 x RJ-11 ADSL ADSL WAN, 4 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX 10/100Base-TX LAN
  • Dimensions: 1.3 Height x 7.6 Width x 5.9 Depth
  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year Limited

  • Features:
    • Supports the latest ADSL standards for superior performance
    • Access a high-speed DSL connection and share the Internet
    • Connect up to 4 computers or other Ethernet-enabled devices

    Customer Reviews:

    • Hard to set up
      I bought this as a backup if my service provider ADSL modem burned out. It was hard to set up on Embarq of TX and so I bought a Zoom ADSL modem from Best Buy. I would recommend the ZOOM modem instead because it was much easier to set up. However I did finally get the DLink modem to work. I still kept it as a backup. Thanks....more info
    • No Brainer - Just Works
      Have had the device for about three weeks. Easy setup with Embarq ADSL under PPPOE. Used the auto config option to see how well it would work but was prepared to manually address if needed. Worked like a champ and has never dropped, hung, etc. Very stable. Can't say that about my previous equipment which is why I replaced. VPN Passthru and Vonage works with no additional configs needed from the default settings. Also, the device "stealths" all external ports to external scanning. Very happy so far. ...more info
    • Great D-Link ADSL Router
      Retired WAN (Wide Area Networking) programmer from a vary large networking company, and as such was surprised when my AT&T ADSL/Router died after only two years. My options were to buy:
      AT&T ADSL/Router
      ....Will diagnose their products remotely - however not others.
      ADSL/Router at large office supply store.
      ....Difficult to configure.
      ....Non-standard local IP Address.
      ....Had to call support to configure.
      ....Returned - didn't meet 6 Meg bandwidth spec (a waste of $$$).
      D-Link ADSL/Router.
      ....Meets all specs.
      ....Works like a champ.
      ....Easy to setup.
      ....Standard local IP address.
      ...more info
    • work with Verizon DSL right away, no site blocking though
      get this modem combo instead of Actiontec one
      it detects my Verizon DSL right away, and gets connected in 2 minutes
      the speed is about as fast as Actiontec
      the modem has dynDNS support, while Actiontec doesn't
      but there's a big minus, it doesn't have site blocking setting, since I have to block some annoying ad sites, that I had it setup on my old netgear router, this one doesn't, this is a big security issue!
      D-Link support must add it because this is very important...more info
    • Item was apparently defective.
      This item did not work for me. After two calls to technical support, and no success in getting it to work, I was advised that it was a defective unit. I returned it for a refund. I bought another brand and that other router worked fine. ...more info
    • Works with my Verizon DSL
      First of all auto-connect might not work for some people but manual configuration will work, the settings below is for verizon. I have verizon dsl with dhcp, no pppoe or pppoa, which means i get a dynamic ip address from verizon. I had to disconnect my old modem overnight so the IP address would be release from my old modem, and then plug in my new dlink modem and go into the dlink browser and create new wan setting and enter VPI=0, VCI=35,MAC encapsulation,Routing=LLC/SNAP Bridging,Obtain IP Address Automatically,Connection type=MER,Service name=mer_0_35(default),Servicd category=UBR(UBR without PCR),Service state=enabled, nat enabled,Firewall=enabled,IGMP Multicast enabled,wan service enabled, Quality of service=disabled, user/password=admin/admin to start.

      Everything works great, and downloads faster than my crappy westell 327 modem/router. The port forwarding is under virtual server section which is weird.
      ...more info
    • Read this before buying
      I bought this to replace my old dsl modem which has problems once it gets hot. I received it last Thursday. Got all the info from my ISP. I have a static address using a bridge 1483 protocol. The modem did not work, called tech support, wouldn't you know it, it was in India. The phone connection kept disconnecting. So from Thursday until Monday I called their tech support 13 times. They kept insisting that my ISP was mistaken and that I should use PPP0e which would not work. Finally they upped the problem to second tier support, still in India and again they kept insisting that the automatic install should work, when it didnt they wanted to install PPPoE. We finally tried every protocal they had, none worked though my ISP provider indicated to me that the modem was sending & receiving when I configured a bridge connection. The modem could not work since there were no entries for Name, password & statis IP address. Now the forwarded we to third tier tech support at their corporate headquarters. They did not give me the phone number so I had to keep calling India, explain that I was now using what their product specailist (third tier support). Tech support stateside is at this phone number. 800-326-1688, press 0 and get the operator. They could not figure out how to get their product to work with my ISP. Previously I had a DSL modem that gave a WAN connection to my broadband router that worked great with my ISP. But the D-Link does not work as a DSL modem and a broad band router unless you use DHCP PPPoE, PPPoA, MER and IpoA. They claim on the box to be compatible with all ISP's, obviously a lie. Tech support was horrible (first & second tier). Third tier could not get the modem to work either. So they finally gave up the ghost & recommended that I talk to their sales department to find which product would fulfill my needs. Sales could not figure out understand why the DSL-2540B would not work. I finally gave up. The product if it had worked would have been great since I would have gotten rid of one device. Instead I have to find another modem router combo. ...more info
    • Tricky to set up for a novice but now works just fine
      It wasn't completely straightforward, but armed with all the appropriate information relative to our ISP (user name and password) I was able to call D-Link help and get it set up just fine. It was probably because I was a novice that I couldn't manage it myself, but D-Link support were extremely helpful and patient, once I negotiated my way through their rather lengthy automated system. A big improvement on our old modem - a good piece of gear at a reasonable price....more info
    • piece o CRAP!!
      I cant believe the hoopla I have read about this product. I bought it based on the hoopla. I cant get it to work. I spent about 6 hours in one night, both with Embarq (who told me to call the manufacturer) and D-Link, who told me to call the ISP.

      I got nowhere, after running around connecting and reconfiguring and downloading firmware, absolutely NOTHING!!

      This is one of the most user UNFRIENDLY products I have bought in my life!! If you have Embarq, forget it, no one will help you solve this giant piece o crap puzzle....more info
    • Works great - easy to set up.
      I chose to buy this instead of buying a DSL modem from BellSouth. I am happy I did. ...more info
    • Much better than the default QWEST modem
      First off, if you're scared of tech, this modem might not be for you. The 'auto connect' function doesn't always work. If it does, you're golden. If not, you'll simply need to copy down the DSL setup information (VPI/VCI) from your current modem and use them on this one. Don't plan on calling your ISP for help, since they're almost entirely useless.

      After fiddling with the various settings, I get (slightly) better throughput, and far fewer hangs when running torrents through it....more info
    • So Glad I Bought This Combo Modem/Router
      I have DSL service and it was awful - constantly I had no internet connection, sometimes for days at a time. Or, it would be on then 2 minutes later, go out and keep going on like this day after day. After countless calls to my provider, who just kept having me do the same things over & over which never fixed the problem, I gave up. I had figured it was the lousy modem that came with the service, so I decided to buy my own modem/router. So I did some research and read alot of reviews on here and elsewhere, and decided on this D-Link. I had read a few others mention it worked with their Verizon service, so I figured it would work with mine. It would have been much easier to set up and get started if I'd not had problems setting up my first DSL account a couple years ago, the software failed to install and we never got an email account or username & password, etc. And go figure that I needed that username & password to set up this new modem. After hours on the phone with both Verizon and D-Link (until I finally spoke to someone who knew exactly what they were doing), this modem was installed and ready to go. Right away I could notice a huge difference! My browsing is much quicker and smoother, and the best thing is...I actually can get on to the internet, unlike with my provider's modem. I only had 1 or 2 days where the service was out, so I'm sure that was the "service" and not the new modem. Before it was out constantly and with this modem my connection works great. And since it is a combination DSL router and modem (it is not wireless, though), you can also hook up to 4 computers to it. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase!...more info