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Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $44.99

You Save: $45.00 (50%)


Product Description

Matsunichi's mission is to be a worldwide leader in digital products. Through the years, the group has marked a miraculous development in the electronics industry. The success of the company is attributed greatly to the strong relationships with suppliers and business partners, active research and development, efficient resource management, brand positioning and effective marketing strategy.PRODUCT FEATURES:Load your Digital Camera's memory card and watch the slideshow;Play Slideshows of your Digital Pictures with Music;Traditional 4:3 and Widescreen Aspect Ratio Displays;Two Memory Card Sockets support CF, SMC, MS, SMPRO, SD and MMC.

  • 7" 16:9 Digital LCD Panel with 480 x 234 resolution
  • Plays your digital photos
  • Supports MS/MSPro/SD/MMC/XD media cards
  • Includes Black Frame
  • Worry Free One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Matsunichi Digtal frame
    Great for the price, picture quality is ok not the very best, the was not problem load or going threw picture. i want something simple for grandma to work with. OVER ALL YES I WOULD SELL TO MY MOM
    Texan, TEXAS...more info
  • No USB connection
    Warning, you have to have a media R/W device, this has no USB connection to upload photos....more info
  • Shipped quick.
    I ordered the digital frame because my daughter was getting married and I wanted to be able to have the wedding pictures on the digital frame.The seller was quick in shipping the product out, it was well packaged, and worked great....more info
  • pictureframe
    I bought the product for family downloaded pictures into frame ahead of time. I am not savy at electronics but had no problem implenting them into the product from source. The problem occured when it was put into folders it still had all the pictures. Overall it is a great product. ...more info
  • Bright and Happy
    We are very happy with this digital frame. It is bright and clear and was very easy to use....more info
  • Great value and quality
    I bought this as a gift for my mother who is not very tech savy. She loves it and the picture look very good for a unit of this price. Consider this as a lower priced alternative to some of the other models available. Excelent for most users, but if your picky maybe you should consider a higher resolution (and much higher priced) unit. A great bargain!...more info
  • Great gift
    We sent this to our parents with photos of their granddaughter already installed and it was a huge success. I tested everything in-house first all was great from the get go. We shipped them across country back home, parents plugged them in and they loved them. Great price for a very easy to use frame with wide viewing angles and nice quality photo display. We would buy these again....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this picture frame for my desk. I didn't know when I bought it that it doubled as a clock. You can play pictures, videos, or just use the clock. Its very classy and everyone that sees it admires it. ...more info
  • Nice
    This is a first for our household. I bought one of these for my wife for Xmas. She loves it as does everyone else. I let it cycle through several hundred pictures perpetually. You can stick quite a few pics on a 2 GB SD card. I would buy more of these although larger next time. It would be nice if these were available with better looking frames (wood), an auto on/off as I have to turn it off every night and back on every morning. I notice it has a speaker but I have no clue what for. The manual wasn't much. I would and have recommended this to almost anyone. One pet peeve which I suspect is common to all photo frames is that it requires electricity. So if you decide to hang it on the wall, you have an unsightly cord running down. Perhaps someone makes on with a rechargeable LIon that lasts all month?...more info
  • ok for price
    The resolution is not very great but its okay for what you pay. I have a kodak digital picture frame which costs almost double and the resolution is much better. If you are looking for a low end decent frame I would recommend this....more info
  • nice frame at a reasonable price
    shows decent pictures with a nice set of variations....and for the price it is really a good deal...more info
  • digital frame
    This was a gift so i didnt open it up but it was in great shape and my mother said it was awesome. Thanks!!...more info
  • Bang for the buck
    It is probably the cheapest and best 8" digital picture frame you can get in less than 100 bucks. It has a nice look and more importantly, it gives crystal clear sharp pictures with nice color depth. But remember, no frame has any magic formula to enhance the quality of the pictures put into it. It will show the pictures as they are. Crappy pictures will look crappy, it's not the fault of the frame. The operating buttons are at top behind of the frame which may be a little inconvenient for some people, but I hope nobody will mind that after seeing the picture quality. It does not have any internal memory, so be prepared to plug in a memory card. ...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised.
    I was actually pretty happy with this, despite what I expected. The resolution is fine if you are not too picky, or expect a super-sharp image. It would be nice if you could store pictures on the frame, and if it had a remote, but I'm sure these luxuries would soon price it out of my range. Overall, a nice product for the price....more info
  • Sent it back
    I had a number of problems with this order. First a few words about the transaction. I ordered this for a Christmas gift. My first problem was that the photo frame was not shipped out UNTILL the originally scheduled DELIVERY DATE. This ment it was delevered too close to Christmas to send it back if I didn't like the item and I did'nt want to give it as a gift if I did'nt like it or think it was up to snuff for the intended recipient. Ultimately I ended up shipping the Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame back after Christmas. I have to give credit for the painless prompt return and credit card credit process. This type of customer service (regarding returns) goes a long way in insuring that I consider for future purchases. Having said that I also have to say that this particular Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame was obviously a used or previouly returned item. The box showed signs of being opened and there were finger prints on the lcd screen, plus there was a sticky adheasive residue on the screen also where it looked like someone had removed a sticker or label or something.
    Now as far as the performance goes. I consider myself an advanced amature photographer. I read the reviews about the mediocre performance, even at that, I was still generally disappointed in the quality of many of the images displayed. Many came out very "fuzzy" looking. some were cropped too heavily to fit the wide screen format to be properly displayed even though I had resized all the pics as close to recommended screen resoloution/size as possible by batch processing in photoshop. I had to keep telling my guests not get too close to the Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame to view the images as they appeared to be unsharp when viewed at a close distance. Unfortunately with a small 7" screen you have a tendency to want to get closer to see details. I probably could have "tweaked" the photos to try to make them look better with the Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame but I decided that because this was a bottom of the line photo frame it wasn't worth the effort as the photos would never look good enough for my tastes and that I probably would be happier with a better quality photo frame. The old adage about you get what you pay for is in my opinion particularly true in the case of the Matsunichi Photoblitz 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame. I also have decided that I don't particularly like the "widescreen" format that many of these photo frames come in. The next photo frame I get will be of a more traditional and less of a widescreen and a higher resoloution type format. Unfortunately this means a more expensive photo frame. My bottom line recomendation is that unless your budget strictly prohibits spending more money you opt for a photo frame that displays a higher resoloution and possibly/probably offers more features....more info
  • Very Nice Frame
    This is a very nice product for the money. It has some really cool functions, and the picture quality is excellent. I would recommend this if you are wanting a really nice frame for yourself or as a gift and not wanting to spend the big bucks on a name brand one....more info
  • digtal picture frame
    Great product! My wife love it...because she available to load any picture without carring all hardcopy photo. Thanks to digtal its the only way to go....
    ...more info
    this product is great for the cost. It has great picture quality and is good quality...more info
  • very objective review
    Just got my photo frame. here's a quick and HONEST review.


    CON: PICTURE QUALITY (more on this below), frame shuts down when i move it around. at first it was annoying but once i had it on my desk, i didn't need to move it and it wasn't that big of a deal.

    now regarding the picture quality, when i first plugged it in, i thought it was pretty bad. I never owned a digital photo frame and didn't come close to my LCD monitor. But i kept looking at it, and it wasn't all that bad. matter of fact, i'd now recommend it to my friends because for the price, it's definately worth it! so save yourself couple hundred $s and spend it on buying a nice new camera.

    ...more info
  • Picture is a bit out of focus
    The picture is okay. If you dont look at it straight on then the pic looks out of focus. It is easy to use though. The price was good....more info
  • Works
    So...the picture is fine, it's a keychain.

    It doesn't hold 56 pictures, it holds 55 because if you put 56, all the images get large solid color blocks running through them. No problem if you only put 55.

    The software to load the pictures is kind of bad. It completely disregards protocol regarding safely ejecting hardware. When you install it Windows tells you the software wasn't run past Windows Logo testing or something and that you shouldn't continue the installation.

    When you connect the keychain to the computer, sometimes the software fails to do something and so you have to unplug and plug the keychain in again. It took some voodoo combinations to get it to work after you have pictures already on it. The software doesn't save which pictures are on it, so you have to redo it every time, even just to change one picture. You also have to click and drag each picture individually as there is no select all feature.

    The on/off button on the keychain is hard to move.

    Software - 2 stars
    Keychain - 4 stars
    Total = 3 stars...more info
  • Not for your parents!
    I ordered this item thinking it would make a great Christmas gift for my mom (78) and my father-in-law (93). The screen was indeed a nice size, but I decided that the controls were too small and difficult to see to make a good gift for Mom and Dad. If I had difficulty seeing them and operating them at 50, how would they manage it. I ended up returning the items and I must say that WorldWide was very accommodating about the return, although I did end up paying shipping both ways!...more info
  • Sucks
    did not come with a memory card and is super difficult to get pics on there not user friendly...more info
  • Good price. Solid product. Easy to use. 4:3 ratio.
    One of the main things I looked for when shopping for digital picture frames was a ratio of 4:3. I was surprised that so few used this ratio, since that is how my photos turn out automatically in my camera. This one is reasonably priced and I haven't had any problems with it. I was able to set it up and program it so my 70 year-old dad could use it. It accepts SD cards, though not Sony cards (which my camera uses). Still, connecting to my computer was pretty easy and navigating the menus, as well. I don't know much about the picture quality of other frames to compare this one, though this one seems fine. It, maybe, looks a little dark from some angles....more info
  • No memory
    I was disappointed to find out after I opened that the video frame had no memory card and that I had to purchase one separately. After spending the $12.99 for the card the frame was not the great value that I originally thought. However, it works fine and my wife is happy....more info
  • this was great when i first bought it
    as all digital picture frames, they get outdated fast
    i bought this for my husband last year and it worKs great
    ...more info
  • Good for the money
    I am sure not the best frame out there but it looks nice, it is easy to use and it is inexpensive so we are happy with it....more info