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VideoSecu Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount Plasma TV LCD Flat Panel Display Screen black Brackets MP50B 1GR
List Price: $150.00

Our Price: $29.50

You Save: $120.50 (80%)


Product Description

This heavy duty steel mount fits most 32" to 60" Plasma TV or LCD monitor. This Universal Flat Panel Mount offers quality, versatility and security for 32" to 60" Flat panel televisions. It features a high capacity and low profile design, lift-n-lock installation and adjustable tilt for optimal viewing. When you're looking for a mounting solution for your flat panel television, don't settle for anything but this world's premier mounting products. And now available at the lowest price in the industry. Will This mount Fit my Plasma TV? First check the weight of your TV. It must be less than 175 lbs. Second, look at the back panel of your TV. If your TV has 4 holes or 6 holes on the back of the screen, measure the vertical and horizontal distance between the holes. If the vertical distance is within 2.95 inch to 18.9 inch, horizontal distance within 30.5 inch, then this bracket will fit. If you currently have a stand attached to your LCD TV this is usually removed prior to fitting the wall mount. Third, the width of your TV should be 32" or above. Otherwise the mount is too wide to hide behind your TV. This mount does not fit VESA800x400. If you have a TV needing 800x400, please look at B000WXF7E4

  • Fits most 32" to 60" flat panel screens; VESA200/300/400/500/600 /700compatiable, up to 774 mm width
  • Adjustable 15 degree of forward tilt. Black color
  • Supports screens up to 175 lbs
  • Mounts to any stud separation up to 30"
  • Complete hardware pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple and enough room to reach behind
    This is the second mount I bought the first one wasn't the right type but I am glad it wasn't for this mount is perfect for my needs.

    I placed the 37" TV on a flat surface on top of a blanket to prevent scratching. I screwed the side brackets on. (I placed mine on upside down but I figured it out before and real work was done.) Time to mount the wall plate. I went and sat down in a chair opposite from where the TV was going to be and "eyeballed it" a bit higher. I then marked it with a pencil. I am not going to tell you the exact measurement because everyone is different so just make it at the height that you want it and remember the higher it is the more you have to look up to watch it unless you stand to watch TV. Okay now your gonna need a level you can try to fake it but I wouldn't since you are screwing holes in you wall. Draw a line with the level and line up the wall plate and screw it in. Some people say you should use better bolts then the ones that came with the mount well I used the ones that came with it and they worked fine.

    You have the TV on the floor with the side brackets attached and you have the wall plate level and screwed to the wall. I wanted a more clean look so I drilled 1/2 inch holes in the wall with a hole bit on my drill so I could pass the cables through it. I would suggest you go ahead and do this even if you are not ready to attach all the cables.

    Time to place the TV on the wall plate. Attaching the cables to the back of the TV is probably a good idea but not a necessity but it makes life easier. Pick the TV up and place the little hooks on the brackets to the wall mount and let go! Don't worry it will hold. Tighten the little clamps and make sure the safety screw is there.

    Your done with the mounting now you just have to adjust. The mount allows you to tilt the TV but you have to unscrew the little knobs on side and if the TV isn't exactly right where you want it you can slide it from side to side a few inches.

    There is enough room to reach your hand behind the TV to plug in cables but its tight and you have to look at a diagram of the connections on the back but it can be done.

    For good measure and I wouldn't recommend doing this I held onto the top of the TV and hung from it for a second just to see how well it held. The TV didn't fall so I guess it did well.

    Buy this TV mount you will enjoy it....more info
  • Exceptional value, exceptional service.
    VideoSecu Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount Plasma TV LCD Flat Panel Display Screen black Brackets MP50B 1GR

    I ordered this product for my new LCD TV. It was delivered on time. The instructions were very easy to understand. It included a large selection of mounting bolts to fit different models of TV's so you don't have to make additional trips to the store or purchases. Customer service was very helpful and professional. The price cannot be beat. I highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • very pleased
    received before promised date
    item was as described, new in the box
    lower cost than identical product advertised on other sites...more info
  • Great Value!!!
    It does what is says.... Its a great inexpensive mount with tilt...
    the instructions are not complete but its pretty straighforward...

    Definitely would recommend this mounth for a any LCD/plasma over 34".......more info
  • Awesome
    Excellent Mount. Went on the wall in no time. using a Panasonic 50" plasma and it looks awesome on my wall.

    ...more info
  • Great buy!
    We bought this item to mount our 46" flat screen LCD on a brick wall. This item was sturdy, came with instructions for wall or brick mounting. It was exactly what we needed at a FRACTION of the price the television store wanted! I am 100% satisfied, you will be too....more info
  • Great Product
    Excellent product and very reasonable. All of what others said is true. I did purchase new bolts. I also had to cut it down a bit with a hack saw on one side because I have a 32" tv and it would have stuck out a bit. Otherwise a very good product....more info