Garmin Europe Map for Detailed Maps of Major Metropolitan Areas in Europe (microSD/SD Card)
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Navigating Europe just got easier thanks to City Navigator Europe NT. This latest version contains highly detailed maps of major metropolitan areas in Europe and includes Eastern Europe coverage. It also includes full coverage in Spain and Portugal and expanded address coverage in Belgium. This extensive points-of-interest database makes it simple to find a local gas station, restaurant and more. It also includes traffic data that allows one to use traffic receivers. Expanded coverage in Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and the Czech Republic Expanded points of interest and full postal code support in the UK Detailed maps of major metropolitan areas in Europe, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads Expanded coverage now includes Eastern Europe Will automatically create point-to-point routes in MapSource and on your compatible GPS Updated points of interest such as - food and drink, lodging, border crossings, petrol stations, hospitals and more

  • Contains Detailed Maps Of Major Metropolitan Areas In Europe, Including Motorways, National & Regional Thoroughfares, & Local Roads
  • Contains Navigational Features Such As Turn Restrictions & Speed Categories & Points Of Interest Such As Food & Drink, Lodging, Border Crossings, Petrol Stations, Hospitals & More
  • Automatically Creates Point-To-Point Routes On Nt Compatible Garmin(R) GPS Units
  • Compatible With Astro(Tm) Series, Colorado(R) Series, Edge(R) Series, Etrex(R) Series, Nuvi(Tm) 200, 300, 600, 5000, 700 & 800 Series, Streetpilot(R) 7200, 7500 & C-Series & Zumo(Tm) Series

Customer Reviews:

  • A must if you have a rental car or are on foot
    OK, it IS stupid and overdone to give a name to your GPS monitor, but we did it anyway. She is Diane and we love her. Confused only rarely, she knows even the smallest, narrowest streets in France and Italy. Nearby hotels and gas stations are comprehensive and lifesavers, at times. The list of local attractions and historical points of interest and landmarks is also comprehensive and a nice addition to our "Rick Steve" tour book. I take (the map) loaded on my Garmin NUVI with me when I leave the car, not only to prevent theft, but to navigate the streets of Lyon and Rome by foot as easily as behind the wheel, also to mark where I left my car, etc. etc. etc. I will never leave home without it....more info
  • Garmin Europe Map
    The Garmin Europe Map was everything it promised. We used it in Germany for two weeks and never got lost (except when we disobeyed directions)....more info
  • Invaluable for driving in Czech Republic.
    We recently returned from our two- week holiday in the Czech Republic. We drove from Prague to Kutna Hora, Telc, Cesky Krumlov and back to Prague. This device was GREAT because the majority of the roads have either no name at the intersection or any other indication of what it is. For example, our Nuvi told us to turn right on Road 403 and continue for 20 km. At that turn there was absolutely no road marker and it wasn't until we were on Road 403 for 10 km that we finally saw a road sign. And the device was very appreciated at detours. We came to several detours and there were no arrows or any other indication of how to get through/around the road construction. The Garmin helped out a lot. In the small towns we were able to find our hotels using this device. Even though we had a very detailed Czech Republic driving map, we primarily relied upon the Nuvi. Bottom line----don't leave home without it.
    ...more info
  • garmin for europe
    I cancelled this order because you could not ship to France. Please make sure I have been credited for this charge.

    Thank you,
    Row Henson...more info
  • Europe Map
    I own a Nuvi 200 and bought the Europe map for a trip to Portugal. The map was there and complete but I could never get my Nuvi to locate a satellite so I could use the maps. It was far easier for me to get a local tourist map than try and manually use my Nuvi. Sorry I spent the money......more info
  • Made our trip to Scotland
    This SD card was the absolute hit of our recent trip to Scotland. We flew into Manchester and picked up a rental car there. It took a couple of minutes for our old Garmin 330 to pick up the signal but once it did, it took us everywhere. Can't imagine traveling without it now....more info
  • Navigating through Europe
    This is a great product that also works great. My wife and I travelled to Rome, and yes, we are still married. I used it with a Garmin Nuvi 350. It provided detailed maps with superb vocal direction. I will never travel again without a Garmin GPS....more info
  • Indispensable
    My wife and I used this in Spain and France, and it was terrific. For getting into airports, it was indispensable. Sometimes it took a little time to find a satellite at first, but we came to rely on it, and it never let us down. I'd never drive in Europe without it again. ...more info
  • Very accurate, comprehensive map of Europe
    I found very little wanting in this product. The maps are incredibly accurate, even for areas far from city centers. My only complaint is that the interface does not behave the same as it does when looking at the built-in maps of North America. Many cities, for example, do not appear until the map is zoomed-in on the region, and only then does the map for that area load and zooming out is again possible. Before I discovered this trick I was under the impression that very few metropolitan areas were covered. Only after zooming in to the neighborhood level did the right panel load, and it was possible to see the full layout of that country or region.

    The map also seems very recent. Some streets we did not expect to find were in fact on the map, so there is little to complain in this regard. I was also happy with the price. Definitely beats buying a dedicated unit for Europe....more info
  • Great for Ireland
    [[ASIN:B000BS6RDU Garmin City Navigator NT SD Data Card for Garmin GPS Units, Europe (010-10680-00)

    Having used a GPS extensively in Canada & the US we purchased this card for Europe specifically Ireland. We found it easy to use & invaluable for our trip. We found many sites that we would have missed with just a map & traveled back roads with ease knowing that we could never get lost. I highly recommend this tool for anyone driving in Europe who is not familiar with the roads....more info