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Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W V2.0 with 12cm Fan Power Supply
List Price: $70.99

Our Price: $64.99

You Save: $6.00 (8%)


Product Description

Thermaltake is a respected leader in computer thermal solutions technology. Thermaltake has increasingly enjoyed the adoption of its thermal strategies by OEM and ODM companies worldwide. Its engineers are masters of airflow analysis, material conductivity and efficiency design. Thermaltake's unwavering devotion to quality and customer satisfaction has earned its products the approval of computer enthusiasts everywhere.PRODUCT FEATURES:Complies with ATX 12V 2.0 Version;Support 6-pin PCI-Express, 4 SATA, and 20+4 pin connector;Low noise 12cm fan and mirror effect casing;Protections against Input Protection, Over Power, Over Voltage, Short-Circuit, and No Load Operation.

  • Complies with ATX 12V 2.0 Version.
  • Support 6-pin PCI-Express, 4 SATA, and 20+4 pin connector.
  • Low noise 12cm fan and mirror effect

Customer Reviews:

  • Quiet, good quality
    Very good, quiet supply. Replaced factory one in my eMachine tower. I upgraded the video card and needed something better than a 160W stocker.
    Good workmanship. My only complaint is the length of the wires---too many and they are too long. I ended up stuffing the unneeded wires into the empty CD bay. I wish Thermaltake would use modular wires across the whole whole line of power packs. Wires were nicely bundled, though, so corralling in one spot them was not difficult.

    Running nVidia 512 MB 9500 GT, 2 SATA Hard drives, 2 GBs of RAM, 1 IDE DVD burner and 10 USB-powered devices without any problems.

    Pay attention to the motherboard, mine has 24 pins, but factory used a 20 pin power plug on the power supply. Last 4 plugs were unpowered. Thermaltake came with a 20+4 motherboard plug-in. I unclipped the +4 plug on the Thermaltake to match the factory setting. Works great.

    I got a 500W with future growth in mind (upgrading a CPU to dual core). Not a whole lot of $$$ more than 430W. I'd rather not run a power supply at 100%....more info
  • Best Power Supply I have owned
    Thermaltake Purepower has always been known for their quality. I purchased this one to replace a older one due to upgrade of system and adding a PCIe card. The dual 12v+ rails and design sold me on this Power Supply. So far it has exceeded my expectations; Quiet and plenty of power. The black goes with my case and the 12cm large cooling fan does the job. Since installing this power supply my case temp has decreased 5 degrees. I would highly recommend this power supply to anyone looking for a dual 12v rail and power for todays pc components. Currently running 3 hard drives, 2 opticle drives, card reader, floppy, 4 120mm cooling fans, one 250cm side case fan, duo core processor and a 512mb PCIe graphics card. This power supply handles it well....more info
  • Worked like a charm!
    I'd bought my son a refurbished computer to adapt as a gaming computer, but it needed a larger power source. He tried 2 different power sources from a local retailer (at double the cost) and neither one would work. I decided to give it one last try, and this one installed & powered up right away. My son is thrilled with his 'new' computer, and it is running his AGP card without a problem....more info
  • well worth the money.
    Needed a 500W P/S for my new 8800GT video card in HP Pavilion media PC. It fitted perfectly and took very little time to install. Had to wiggle out the old P/S first but nonetheless all went fine. This is a very quiet P/S and appears to be well made. I highly recommend this to people looking to upgrade their P/S. No need to pay extra money for overblown wattage settings for home computing....more info
  • Good power supply
    I bought this because I suspected my cheapie 350W was marginal on my system. Thermaltake's calculator confirmed this, depending on assumptions. Anyway, I installed this power supply and noticed right away that it's quieter than my old one. Almost silent. Seems to work well and strangely my X-Fi audio quality seems to have improved but I could be imagining that. My system hasn't had any of those weird random reboots since I replaced the PS so I guess that did the trick and I'm definitely not imagining that. Would recommend....more info
  • Best PSU I ever owned
    After doing some research I boguht this one. I got it today and installed it easily. It's extremely quiet, no noise at all, and keeps my CPU cool. ...more info
  • Great Power Supply
    Very quite power supply. I was able to install in by mid-tower case. The multitude of cables and their length made it a little challenging for small space. However, it is working well now powering my new 9400 GT Video Card. So far so good. ...more info
  • Super Quiet!
    This power supply is great!!! It is ultra quiet and was easy to install in my HP Media Center.
    I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone....more info
  • Nice
    A good price, and good performance. No problems with installation or operation. Two notable features are the near-silent cooling fan, and the neat and tidy wrapping of cables in a type of plastic-braided loom. You will have plenty of cable length for drives and other devices.

    The only negative is a lack of a fan-monitor connector to the motherboard. This connection allows some motherboards to monitor your power supply's fan and take action (such as sound an alarm, or even shut down your PC) if it should fail or run too slow. Not too big of a deal but would have been nice to have.

    Overall it looks and sounds as good as it works!...more info
  • Great PS for the Price
    This PS is very stable and quiet. It has a large number of 4-pin molex connectors, and due to SATA, I'm not using any of them! Wish it had a couple more SATA connectors (I used all four for 3 HDs and one SATA DVD-R), or at least wish they had thrown in a couple of Molex-ESATA adapaters. Also REALLY wish it was modular (I have ~10+ linear feet of spare cabling in the case that is just in the way!

    10/21/08: Post script. When I was installing two new fans in the case, I went ahead and cut out two of the molex cables, as I can't envision needing more connectors than now remain (be sure to cap the cables to prevent short cirucuiting and fires if you do this yourself)....more info