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Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Quad-Core Processor, 2.40 GHz, 8M L2 Cache, LGA 775
List Price: $349.99

Our Price: $192.90

You Save: $157.09 (45%)


Product Description

The Intel Core 2 Quad processor is the latest in cutting edge processor technology for the desktop PC. Based on the Intel Core micro-architecture, the Intel Core 2 Quad processor delivers four complete execution cores within a single processor, delivering unprecedented performance and responsiveness. More instructions can be carried out per clock cycle, shorter and wider pipelines execute commands more quickly, and improved bus lanes move data throughout the system faster. Four dedicated, physical threads help operating systems and applications deliver additional performance, so you can experience better multi-tasking and multi-threaded performance across many types of applications and workload. A 4-pin connector is included for fan speed control to help minimize the acoustic noise levels generated from running the fan at higher speeds for thermal performance. Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T) Execute Disable Bit Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) Intel designed Thermal Solution for boxed processors CPU Speed - 2.40 GHz PCG - 05B Bus Speed - 1066 MHz Bus/Core Ratio - 9.0 L2 Cache size - 8 MB L2 Cache Speed - 2.40 GHz Package Type - LGA 775 Core Stepping - G0 S-spec - SLACR Core Voltage - 0.85V 1.5V

Four computing cores in a single processor give multitasking users the ultimate edge in efficiency and performance¡ªno matter what software application they are running. With a quad-core processor, multimedia experiences are faster and more responsive as video transfers, image rendering, data compression, and intense gaming applications are streamlined to process seamlessly with remarkable speed. As a result, demanding users can accomplish more in less time. Product Description
Four computing cores in a single processor give multitasking users the ultimate edge in efficiency and performance¡ªno matter what software application they are running. With a quad-core processor, multimedia experiences are faster and more responsive as video transfers, image rendering, data compression, and intense gaming applications are streamlined to process seamlessly with remarkable speed. As a result, demanding users can accomplish more in less time.

Intel? Core?2 Quad-Core Processor Product Highlight
By including up to 8MB of shared L2 cache and Front Side Bus speeds of up to 1066 MHz, the Intel? Core?2 Quad processor pushes the technological innovation envelope farther than ever before. For demanding users, this means the latest and most advanced software applications will open and work faster with excellent responsiveness. When used with the latest multimedia software and next-generation games, dropped frames, long waiting times and stuttering performance are history.
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Intel Technology
Intel? Wide Dynamic Execution. Enables the delivery of more instructions per clock cycle for shorter execution times and improved energy efficiency¡ªaccomplish more simultaneously and with greater efficiency.

Intel? Intelligent Power Capability. Turning off portions of the processor when they aren't being used improves overall energy efficiency and reduces heat production, resulting in a quieter, more energy efficient system.

Intel? Smart Memory Access. Increasing available data bandwidth means more multitasking with less slowdown¡ªrun more demanding applications simultaneously and accomplish more in less time.

Intel? Advanced Smart Cache. Placing data closer to the processing cores improves platform responsiveness and performance with a wide range of applications.

Intel? Advanced Digital Media Boost. Accelerates performance with a broad range of applications including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications.

With professional-grade photo, music and HD video editing software readily available for consumers, it's becoming increasingly popular to create, edit, and share entertainment with friends and family. Unfortunately, these same applications are notoriously performance hungry. Built to handle the most demanding software, the four cores of this Intel processor help ensure that when you're working with high-resolution photos, exporting your next audio mashup, or editing HD-quality home movies, your computing platform will be able to keep pace with your creative muse.

A computing platform featuring the Intel Core 2 Quad processor maximizes processing efficiency, allowing users to juggle multiple projects in multiple applications without experiencing the slowdown typically seen with traditional single-core processors. As a result, work and creative projects will get done sooner.

Next-generation gaming is more than just pretty environments and smooth motion. Behind the incredible visual realism of waterfalls or the unlucky ricochet of a bullet are intense, high-speed calculations of asset streaming, terrain generation, 3D rendering, and physics effects. When running select next-generation games, each of the cores in the Intel Core 2 Quad processor can be dedicated to individual processes, resulting in smoother, more lifelike graphics and further blurring the line between virtual and reality.
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  • Amazon is only shipping the Q6600 with confirmed BX80562Q6600 SLACR, with G0 stepping
  • Intel wide dynamic and quad-core processor
  • Intel smart memory access
  • Intel advanced smart cache
  • Intel advanced digital media boost

Customer Reviews:

  • g0 stepping: reporting in!
    Just wanted let you guys know it does come in G0. One of the best values right now.....more info
  • damn good
    this beats my old 2.8 p4ht

    this processor is amazing for its price.. well worth it!

    ...more info
  • Great performance/price ratio
    The fastest processor on the market is not always the best value. A upgrade to each component and software package in your system could cost you 2-3 times what you had planned. Whether this processor will allow you to perform your tasks well is the real concern.

    I use this processor in a media center PC. Its load is typically about 8% with many concurrent tasks running. I can watch an HD video while recording two others, and similar tasks won't make a dent. Neither will my office software usage or even some intensive database applications. For these uses, it's not likely that I'd see a difference with a faster processor.

    If I edit large videos and convert formats, some of my software will push the processor to its limits. What would have taken me days to run on my five year old PC might take several hours on my new one. A three hour task could conceivably be cut down to under two hours with a faster processor of the current generation.

    But this processor meets my criteria. Interactive tasks are always responsive. Intensive tasks don't take an unacceptably long time and my computer remains responsive when they run. If I start a task, it won't matter to me whether I should plan to get back to it in three hours instead of two. It did matter when I had to wait three days during which other tasks would become intolerably slow. A processor must keep up with my needs for as long as I would reasonably use it. I believe this one will.

    Whether this is right for you depends on the tasks you will use it for, and your threshold of tolerance for highly intensive tasks. If you will use it for less intensive everyday tasks such as web browsing, email, or tax software, this processor is overkill. If your usage is similar to mine, I'd recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Misleading price
    Amazon is very misleading when they quote a Retail Price of $329.00 This processor has been widely available for $199 or less for almost a year. ...more info
  • Price is still too high
    The only people who will get any great use out of these overpriced CPU's are gamers who know how to overclock, and people who want to set up a server at home. ...more info
    indeeed, WOOOOW, just make sure to get a little cooler something, like ceramic paste or such, this baby runs hot. I was thinking on gettting a nice set up, and then overclooking. but this has exeeded my expectation, I don't even need to overclock. I might later when I install my games. but right now, for school, it runs the CS3 adobe suite like nothing, seamesly, I can work on video editin no problem, and all the aplications and programs run lightning fast. I mean, FAST. so, if you0re a gamer on a budget, get it, you really don't need to overclock, but if you do, tell e about it, I am pletny happy with the way it is. I don't think it could be anyfaster. Booting up the first time was like. I pressed the on button and the BIOS POST appeared, I turned my back on the monitor to pick up somehting from the flor, when I turned around windows was loaded and ready to go. I was like, WAT? but very happy!...more info
  • Great stock, OC it and it will FLY!
    After some shipping issues (USPS idiocy, not Amazon's), I finally got this processor and fired it up. Stock it's really nice, but OC it a little and it FLIES. I was pleased when I received the GO stepping of this (newer edition) as it OC's much better than the earlier edition. With just the stock heat sink and a decent thermal paste, I was able to get this up to a stable 2.82 Ghz from the stock 2.4, with reasonable heat levels (during stress testing it never exceeded 59C), and didn't even have to mess with voltages to get it there. With water cooling you can easily get this well over 3 Ghz. Stable as hell, and the performance gains are incredible. If you've got a decent mobo, you can OC this to (and past) the performance of the more expensive "Extreme" processors, for about half the price. Bottom line: get this processor and you will not be sorry.

    *EDIT* With some tinkering regarding my mobo, this baby is up to 3.2GHz with stock cooling (with Arctic Silver paste) and voltages at 1.32. Bottom line is this baby is a hell of a deal....more info
  • Q6600 - Fan Broken

    The product shipped quickly and I had no issues with the CPU. The fan however was broken and did not register with the motherboard. Unfortunately, the $2 fan could not be replaced without shipping the entire package back. It just wasn't worth the cost and put me out for about a week until I could purchase another fan.

    Overall, the company that I bought from was great, I just wish that they were a little flexible with their return policy.

    As for the product, intel + broken fan? = :-(
    ...more info
  • A good deal for the $
    The best processor yet that I have installed on my computer. Know I can actually play Crysis...more info
  • Awesome processor
    There is so much written about the product there is nothing to add. It is my master desktop processor in an intel board. I am going to upgrade my board and move this processor to it. This with RAID striping is outstanding. Spending more for a faster processor isn't really necessary unless you are a gamer. I am not, but I have very high requirments as I work on PC's for a living....more info
    I bought this for my most recent and first computer build ever. After lots of research I went with this Quad Core based on the computing that I do. I wanted something that could handle tons of multitasking and large engineering programs such as AutoCad, Solidworks, LabView, RSLogix 500, etc. So far I haven't even been able to heat this thing up!! It takes everything I throw at it! I'm nothing but satisfied. I have this paired with a MSI P45 MoBo and it just screams. I plan to overclock to 3.0 in the near future, not because I need too, but because I can!!!

    While this is a somewhat outdated CPU it is by far a huge bang for the buck and will still be for some time....more info
  • awesome
    Kicks AMD out of the water. Buy it with a load of ram and a fast harddrive and you will be astonished. Best value for computing power. ...more info
  • Quad-Core is Smoothe
    I have been running the Intel quad-core for about a year and I have never regretted the investment. I am not a gamer, but I do use my pc for streaming video, processing very large data files, running DB2 DBMS, and I seem to have 5+ apps open at any one time. If I had to sum up the results of this cpu, I would say "smoothe and stable." Windows Vista runs very smoothly with all of its services and gadgets. At under $200, what are you waiting for? ...more info
  • 45nm Quad: Not a good investment, yet
    I've seen way too many people being convinced about Yorkfields by the paper. I, however, oppose going to 45nm at all, yet.

    Price vs. Specs

    Think about it, what do you get from and for how much can you get a Q6600 these days? A Q6600 is about $270-$280 on average and it's almost certain that the B3 stock has been flushed so you can be safe to assume that it's a G0. It does come with a 1066MHz FSB and most importantly, a 9x multiplier.

    Now looking at the 45nm version we can throw out the Q9300 as it has less L2 cache (only 6MB) and a 7x multiplier. The only comparable quad would be a Q9450 it seems, with 12MB L2 cache and 1333MHz FSB. Given that Q6600 wasn't exactly priced at what the early chart said ($266) because then you'd have to buy so many of them, it's pretty safe to assume a Q9450 would be around $350 when it surfaces.

    We've seen so many 45nm quads (or was it merely a few?) getting 4GHz on air. That all sounds good, don't you think?


    I doubt it can be as good. Why would an overclocker care for 1066MHz vs 1333MHz FSB first of all? As you overclock that levels out. At 3.6GHz (450x8) both the Q6600 and Q9450 would be on 1800MHz anyway.

    Now look at the multiplier. Apparently there is no way to get 9x multiplier on a 45nm quad unless you go all out and buy a QX9650 or QX9770 which most of us won't. Even with a $500+ Q9550 you would still be getting a 8.5x multiplier.

    Of course then you would think: "Who cares? They still overclock better." No, they won't overclock better. Earlier, CD posted about how Wolfdales aren't hitting the magical 4GHz, and both Wolfdale and Yorkfield are on the C0 stepping, so why would anyone think the quad would overclock better than the dual if they're on the same core stepping? Nevermind that, add in the 8x multiplier. Are you certain your motherboard can achieve 500FSB on a quad? After all that's what it takes to hit 4GHz. With a 9x multiplier you'd only need 445FSB.

    It's pretty obvious those 4GHz on air chips were cherry picked.

    But there's one more reason: voltage. You have to realize that if you use what you think is the max safe 24/7 voltage on a 65nm on a 45nm, you can potentially damage the chip. It's know for a long time that 45nm makes these chips much more sensitive to higher voltages. So therefore, you might be limited even more on overclocking if you want it to live.


    Why buy a 45nm quad now? SSE4 isn't gonna be implemented in major, everyday applications anytime soon, and the extra 4MB L2 would make a minimal, unnoticeable performance difference in real world applications. Certainly you wouldn't enjoy overclocking it as much either.

    If anything, don't even wait for the next core revision, wait for the marriage of a higher multiplier and better core revision. By then, wouldn't we be close enough to Nehalem to not waste more money on a shrinked version of what we already have?

    For now, the Q6600 is the best quad overall.

    Wolfdale vs Yorkfield vs Kentsfield

    This part should make it very clear why you shouldn't get a Yorkfield.

    Since the only so-called "worthy" 45nm quad is the Q9450 due to it being the lowest priced 45nm quad with 12MB L2 cache, we'll use that to represent the Yorkfield. Both the E8200 and E8400 will represent Wolfdale, and Q6600 will represent Kentsfield.

    Let's start with the E8400. There's no doubt that this is the best dual core release since the early good batches of the E6600. With a 9x multiplier and 45nm shrink, it's a sure win if you're in the market of getting a dual core, especially with the not low, but reasonable price tag of roughly $220. It's actually that 4GHz 45nm chip everyone's been waiting for.

    But what about that E8200? Not so good it seems. On average, it's not hitting that 4GHz that you would sell your kidney for. Yes......blame the 8x multiplier. Now that you need 500FSB instead of 445FSB, things can be quite different. Now you're gonna need more voltage, a really good motherboard, and better cooling.

    Oh snap, here comes that Q9450, or should I say dual E8200? Given that quads don't overclock as well as their dual core equivalents according to history, I really don't expect that Q9450 to do better. I'm sure that your motherboard won't clock as high either with 2 more cores onboard. Now I really wonder, why would anyone want all this trouble for a whole $100 more than the Q6600?

    Q6600 has a 9x multiplier and if anything, it's got a better chance of clocking higher. And you can spend that extra $100 on a kickass cooler, so why not? Remember the days before the E6750 G0 was in your shopping cart? You probably saw a lot of 4GHz results before buying one but you probably never got there. Thanks to the 8x multiplier, not much people were happy with the E6400, E6420, E6750, E8200, and now, most likely, the Q9450.

    Does the Q9450 really worth its price then? Your money, your choice. I've given more than enough advice for you to decide. Whether you get one or not, it's your money. Oh by the way, reselling isn't always an easy thing.

    I have mines folding 24/7 at 3.712GHz 1.5V on air and I love it!...more info
  • Good price great performance
    This was a great part of a new system that I built, but I did not use the CPU cooler that came with it. I used it on an EVGA SLI motherboard and the combo proved great for playing games such as Team Fortress 2. ...more info
  • Very good relation price value
    Very good relation price value, we are to the delay of improvements in softwere to operate all its potential...more info
  • Well valued price!
    I installed into a Dell XPS410 and it was recognized immediatly by bios.
    G0 stepping SLACR, computer runs on one processor most of the time and scales up when work load increases. Noticable improvement, recommend over any other processor for XPS410. Have owned for 30 days. ...more info
  • Still nead to put it to the test
    Great product, easy to install, awesome performance, though I haven't given it much of a challenge yet. I'm looking forward to when we'll have more applications using the full power of a quad-core.
    I was lucky to get the one with the new stepping, so maybe I'll do some overclocking when the time is right. No point now; 4 core processors at 2.4GHz is more than enough at the moment....more info
  • Still the best value quad out there
    I switched from a pentium DC e5200 to this and after I sold the DC it cost me about 100 dollars for this chip so it was a good deal. One thing I can't figure out is how the price of this chip actually has gone UP over the last few months. I believe this was closer to 180 and it is just inching up lately, I got mine from an overstocked seller here for 150 dollars sealed. I've also heard from a friend abroad that the price of this chip has gone up in the UK by 50 pounds over the course of the last year so intel is definitely keeping these high artificially, you may want to check into a latest edition AMD quad for a newer and cheaper alternative.

    I think at the current price you are better to go with the e8400 for 30-40 bucks less and get about the same power just not 4 cores which I have yet to see fully used in any practical way even using video encoding programs. The only game I've seen that utilizes all 4 cores is the latest GTA which uses around 80%. So if you use photosop, 3dsmax, maya or other programs like that you should get a quad otherwise get the high end e8xxx core 2 duos at a lower price for the same effective cpu power. Like I said I got this at such a great price that it was a no-brainer but bar that you have to make your decision based on what you will use your computer for most of the time.

    As for the chip it's easy install and I'm not even using the fan it came with since my mobo wouldn't accept it so I'm using the fan rated for the older e5200 to cool it and have had no problems. Of course I'm not OCing. I'm happy with this chip, it seems like it will stay competitive for a few years. I've been using windows 7 on my other partition and I'm thinking that OS will be able to utilize the extra cores better, my working OS is XP.

    So I'm not really seeing the whole utilization of this CPU but am hopeful that in the future I will. My effective performance has not increased on average that much more than my e5200 DC at 2.5GHz as most programs don't utilize all cores, so if they utilize only 2 or 1 core its about the same in terms of clock speed, 2.5ghz vs. 2.4gzh, a little faster in terms of FSB 800mhz vs. 1000 mhz, and much better in terms of L2 memory cache 2MB Vs. 8MB. Of course that all changes with a multi-thread, multi-core optimized programs like GTA, benchmarking software, video/rendering, and general multi-tasking....more info
  • For the money, this is the ONLY option!
    I did not purchase my G0 Q6600 from Amazon. Back in late October, 2007 the G0's were scarce, so I went with a vendor who guaranteed that I would get one (versus the distinct possibility of getting the older "B3" version of the processor with most other vendors, including Amazon).

    For the uninitiated, the usefulness of a quad-core CPU versus the more ubiquitous (and less expensive) dual-core version is dubious for most desktop users. Most applications are not multi-threaded and therefore are not able to make use of the extra CPU cores packed onto the Q6600. Your operating system (Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, etc) can, to some extent, "balance" (sometimes) different tasks between cores, in which case a multi-core CPU can yield noticeable advantages.

    However, many software developers are adding "multi-thread" capability to future versions of their applications to take advantage of the new processors. Therefore, at this moment, a quad-core CPU is the best bet for "future-proofing" your computer (if there is such a thing), and Intel is the leader of the pack -- by a wide margin (substantiated by every review on the planet).

    Why the Q6600?

    For starters, the price/performance ratio of the Q6600 is nothing short of remarkable. This processor has single-handedly given the average desktop user high-end, workstation-caliber performance for a price that is simply unimaginable. The Q6600's dual-core sibling, the E6600, is only a few dollars less expensive. The Q6600 is essentially TWO Intel E6600 processors, for only a few dollars more. It's a no-brainer, especially since the Q6600 will run on most of the same motherboards that support the E6600.

    Second, the Q6600 (especially the newer G0 model) can be easily overclocked to a speed that rivals or exceeds Intel's latest flagship $1000+ quad-core "Extreme" processors (as-of this writing). With just 60 seconds in the motherboard BIOS, my Q6600 is running at 3.2GHz, air-cooled (ie: heatsink and fan), at all stock voltages and RAM FSB (800MHz). Only the CPU is actually overclocked (using a GA-P35-DSR3 motherboard) again, at stock Vcore (1.3v). It is rock-solid stable (Prime95 "Torture Test" for 24 hours) and the four cores never exceed 50C (SpeedFan, corrected) under load and run at 20-30C idle. I have run it at a fully-stable 3.6GHz, but prefer the cooler temps that 3.2GHz operates at. I am reasonably certain that I could get to 4GHz if I wanted to move to water cooling, though I haven't experienced any lust for more power with the current setup (a first in my computing life).

    I run 8GB (4x2GB) of Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2-800 RAM (at stock Bus and VLU) and an EVGA 8800GTX-OC GPU and this is the fastest desktop computer I have ever used (Windows Vista Ultimate x64).

    I am NOT a gamer. I've never played a game on this computer. I do use Photoshop CS3, Lightroom, InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro CS3, AfterEffects CS3, and a number of other CPU-intensive (and multi-threaded) applications. I can process PARs, rip RARs, convert x264 HD video, download NNTP, and write this review all at the same time, all without ANY noticeable slow-down or system "sluggishness." This processor has single-handedly ushered in a new era of personal computing productivity I never would have believed possible.

    Behold, the power of four cores!
    ...more info
    I totally agree with Brendan Getchel's review of the Intel Q6600. I bought the first generation Macpro quad 2.66 running Bootcamp and Windows XP for $2500.00. After seeing the price of the Q6600, I sold the Macpro a few months later for the same price and I built 2 Q6600 machines using the MSI p35 platinum and the GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R motherboards for about $1650.00 and I have never been more satisfied. Both machines are running at 3ghz. I do music so I have one computer just for recording in protools and one just running my virtual instruments. Of course both machines have the same software installed so that means that I also have a backup machine in case one goes down. What would be nice is if this chip could be used in a dual cpu motherboard...8 cores...I'm not sure if the architecture of the chip allows this but I cannot see myself even buying the Intel Extreme chips because every session that I had done on my Macpro which has Xenon chips, even sessions which had my useage meter in protools over 60% opened and worked fine on my quad machines. The best cpu for the money....more info
    This is the best processor i bought. It is fast... very fast. But it cannot be described by words,you have to see it working. It's the best.....!...more info
  • For the money the best bang for the buck
    I felt I need to leave a review. The q6600 is excellent and efficient cpu. For the money hands down the best not comparing to the newer 45nm processors. Price is kind of high for 3-4 years old cpu but what can I say, it is still selling!!! G0 is the marketing selling point of the Bad boy. If you cannot afford i7 this is your best choice. I overclocked this to 3ghz and it is absolutely smooth. Once one OC this processor it is almost par with the 900+ dollar quad.

    Again Amazon!!! Great Job..!!! ...more info
  • Quads Rule!!!!!!, Duals Drule!!!!
    Just buy it, at this price is insane!!!!, forget the e8400, or the e6750, or any dual cores, i have them both and i still feel the quad much stronger and running vista ultimate with 3% of resources and 0-1% of resource on each core, is insane, while the dual core e8400 is always running 5-7% resources because it has lower cores, the quad core q9450 will be another great buy, not because of the ghz, but because of the new arquitecture, it will improve many things, but this baby for the price is unbelievable. buy it. REMEMBER A BETTER STEPPING RULES!!! NOT A C1 LIKE E8400 AND WITH THE TEMP ISSUES WHO WANTS IT?, i'll talk to amazon if they can let me return it again to buy another quad for another system.

    system specs

    msi p35d3 (DDR3)
    ocz reaper 1333 mhz cl6 ddr3
    9800 nvidia gtx+ 512mb
    q6600 (KNOW) , E8400 AND E6750 (THEN)
    500 gb x2- 1tb wd sata II
    wd external 250 gb usb 2
    windows ultimate sp1
    zalman 9700 fan.
    ...more info
  • easy install, good performance
    I function in a corporate environment but we had a special need application for a computer that controlled a steam valving system. It required more horsepower than our typical corporate workstations.

    This processor comes boxed with a fan and performs as advertised and reveiwed. ...more info
  • Best bang for buck
    Bought at New Egg for 289.99 about 9 months ago. Overclocked to 3.22 Ghz and runs 30Cish core idle and 50Cish full load all cores. Needs a better heatsink but other than that its perfect for money....more info
  • Excellent processor for an ideal price!
    The Q6600 Intel Core 2 Quad processor is obviously one of the best in the market right now. Four processors at 2.40 GHz each is A LOT of power. The fan and heat sink used on it is huge and effective. Compared to my old PC with a Pentium 4 2.8 gig, there is no comparison. I would of given this product five stars, but I expected more from it. It isn't quite as fast as I expected it to be. Excellent product nevertheless, and I would recommend it....more info