The First Years Newborn Soothie Pacifiers, 2-Pack
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* Sized and shaped for baby's developing mouth * Made of latex free, hospital grade silicone * One piece durable construction * 90 day limited warranty * Green * 0-3 months * 2 per card

  • Sized and shaped for baby's developing mouth
  • Made of latex free, hospital grade silicone
  • One piece durable construction
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Green

Customer Reviews:

  • A Paci My Boy Could Love
    I love that this paci is made from Silicone and not latex. I love that it is one piece with no hard plastic bits to press against my little guy's face. It is also the same mouth piece as his nebulizer paci attachment.Woohoo for small favors. This one is soft and flexible. My son hates the next stage which is refered to as the super soothie. That one is harder and not as soothing to him.

    Another point of interest is that you can see into the mouth through this Pacifier. Everyone thinks that is kind of neat....more info
  • Great Product!
    This was the pacifier given to my daughter at the hospital. When I first saw it I couldn't believe how large it was, especially since I had bought cute little ones (Gerber, Avent) to try at home. However, my daughter decided that this was definitely the pacifier for her! She spits all the others out after two seconds. We also like the fact that the under side of the nipple is open and you can place your finger inside the allows our daughter to hold our finger at the same time. For some reason that really helps comfort her.

    The only thing I don't like about this product is the lack of a decent pacifier holder. The flower attachment (that you can buy separately) is cute, but it's huge! It is also too big for her to use when she is in her car seat. I found a stuffed Pooh Bear pacifier holder at Target and was able to loop the string through one of the Soothie holes, so that is the one we use for her car seat. The lack of a great pacifier attachment is the only thing preventing me from giving this product 5 stars....more info
  • Great pacifier
    My son has been using these since he was born and is still using them at 11 months. He'll chew on them when he's teething as well so they serve a dual purpose....more info
  • had to get more
    I had to get more of these after my hospital gave this to my newborn - he won't take another pacifier now :( They are very well made and rubber construction but I had a bunch of another brand....more info
  • My twins LOVE them
    I had twins at 36 weeks and they were given these pacifiers at the hospital. They both love them and won't take to anything else. I tried a different paci when we were at the store and it fell on the floor. One of my boys just cried and refused to take it. If you like something visually different, try the gumdrop pacifiers. They are awesome too. One of my boys loves that one and the other loves the Soothies, but they're pretty much interchangeable as they both have the same nipple type. The gumdrop pacifiers also come in preemie size....more info
  • Not all it's cracked up to be
    i read all the reviews and although i cannot say it is a bad pacifier, all i can say is that my daugther hates it. She screams when we try to give it to her. But children's sucking preferences are different and my child does not like this one bit....more info
  • Not for all babies
    We bought these because they are endorsed by so many hospitals. My son did not like them at all, and first we thought he was a baby that just didn't like the pacifier. After having success with Avent pacifiers, we realized he just didn't care for these. ...more info
  • Not for use with babies with nipple confusion/preference, no cover
    My son was two weeks early (38 weeks) and as I wasn't informed, allowed him to use this in the hospital. He took it it, though later would prefer Avent paci's but this along with other artificial nipples added to problems I would have breastfeeding him. Trips to laction consultants later and I found a way, and left this soothie behind. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security believing that using this won't interfere with early breastfeeding. Nipple confusion is very real and disruptive to breastfeeding moms who encounter it.

    The soothie has no cover, transporting this requires a paci holder pod, which to me is a waste of money if you buy binkys that have covers on their own. So okay binky. My son liked it, but it's not a fail proof soother for breastfed babies in the beginning....more info
  • my 2 month old cannot keep it in
    My baby likes his Avent paci just fine, but I bought this one to try it out since it is more natural nipple shaped than the Avent. He takes it initially with no problem, but cannot seem to keep it in his mouth more than a few seconds. I had to keep popping it back in. I really did give it many tries, but the problem persists. Another downside is aesthetics. I find it ugly and kind of creepy looking. The Avent paci is clear, small, well ventilated and is easy to attach to a "keeper". I couldn't figure out how to attach the Soothie to the kind of keeper I have. Needless to say, I'm staying with the Avent. Plus, the Avent comes with a cover to keep it clean. To each their own, however. Baby will have to decide, not mom and dad!...more info
  • Worked great for us, well worth a try at their inexpensive cost.
    I didn't want to give my baby a pacifier AT ALL. I was paranoid that since I was breastfeeding, that any pacifier was going to ruin things... but we were at the hospital for a test and the baby was fussing a bit and the nurse asked if we had a pacifier and I said no. She reached into the cupboard and pulled out one of these, saying they were highly recommended. We took it from her, thanked her, and threw it in the diaper bag. (We didn't try it right then because, as I mentioned, I did NOT want my baby to use a pacifier.)

    And then came a time when he was really fussy. And we had just watched The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and learned that Sucking is something that, ironically, PACIFIES a baby and calms them down... so I gave the baby the Soothie...and he loved it! LOVED IT! I immediately went out and bought two more 2-packs (from Target and Babies R Us). I also bought the next-stage pacifiers (one step up from newborn).

    Of course if he is super agitated (or hungry) then it won't stay in his mouth, but if he is somewhat calm already, then it's enough to keep him calm. I never thought the pacifier was too heavy, as another reviewer thought, claiming that was why it wouldn't stay in the baby's mouth. I also never thought the pacifier holder was too big. I didn't have any pacifier attachers yet, so I just bought the ones made for this pacifier and it worked just fine.

    As far as the breastfeeding worries, I continued breastfeeding for a few weeks after the introduction of the Soothie with no ill effect....more info
  • 5th times a charm!
    I tried all types of pacifiers (4 kinds) with my daughter and she wouldn't take any of them. some people may say that is a blessing in disguise but with no other way for her to self-soothe she's be up at all hours crying hysterically. At almost two months I had almost given up on pacifiers until i read about soothies. I bought these and she took it right away! Hoping it'll last :)...more info
  • Great, just lacking smaller attacher
    After trying several pacifiers including the binky, my 2 month old loved the soothie. While other pacifiers seemed to allow air to be sucked in, the soothie makes a tight seal. I also love that there is no nipple air pocket that seems to look grungy very quickly. The only change I would make would be an smaller attachment system. I have avoided buying the attachment because it looks so big! I might give it a try......more info
  • The one and only
    This is the only pacifier that my son will take. He was in the NICU for 23 days and this is the pacifier that the hospital used. They also make bottles with the exact same nipple as the soothie. I don't use them (I use Dr. Brown's), but if you have a picky nippler it might be something to look into....more info
  • Too heavy
    We tried this pacifier for several weeks with our newborn. It has two problems: the nipple doesn't bulb out at the end, which doesn't allow a baby to grab hold of it; and the silicone ring is so heavy it constantly falls out of a newborn's mouth. Both aspects combined mean you have to sit with your finger inside this pacifier to keep it in. We had much better success with a Swedish pacifier of very lightweight plastic and a straight bulbed nipple. I believe the closest model available here is the Gerber Soft Center (not the Nuk)....more info
  • Soothie Pacifiers
    Order was filled quickly, shipping was reasonable, and we got a free sample pacie. All around a great experience. I would definately do business with this merchant again....more info