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Magnet Locks by Kidco (4 locks per package - key sold separately)
List Price: $24.99

Our Price: $21.95

You Save: $3.04 (12%)


Product Description

The only magnet lock that installs without tools or drilling! Adhesive mount installation makes it ideal for any surface. Contains four locks. Key set sold separately.

  • The only magnet lock that installs without tools or drilling
  • Adhesive mount installation makes it ideal for any surface
  • Contains four locks
  • Key set sold separately

Customer Reviews:

  • Where is the key that's in the photo?
    Frustration is how I sum up my experience with this product. On the front cover, and with the directions on the back, there is a photo of a key that locks and unlocks the magnetic lock. However, after opening the packaging, there was no key. There were four locks, alright. And, lots of little screws in case you felt like screwing the lock in, despite the product's claim to be the only child lock that doesn't require tools. With how the packaging is designed, I don't even think there's room for the key. Which makes me you have to buy the key separately? I'm returning this product and am bitterly disappointed for the wasted time and energy....more info
  • Horrible
    I purchased this item to keep my son out of the cabinets. Only 25 percent of these locks actually worked. The locks functioned for about the first month then they stopped latching. I would much rather have put in a different brand because I am chasing my son just as much as I was before. ...more info
  • An absolute must-have!
    This lock is the best! There is no way the kids can get into it. It doesn't even leave enough room to pinch fingers, like others do. Be sure to buy the key, as it comes separately. I use them in my kitchen and my bathrooms, and have been thrilled. I did use the adhesive to stick them on, then added the screws for extra security. I plan to have these through many kids, and feel confident they will hold. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Only locks to use
    We have been housesitting for a couple who installed these locks for us. They are wonderful! The doors to the cabinets stay tightly shut (almost sealed) so there are no mashed fingers and no frustrations from being able to see just far enough inside to provoke more curiosity. They are easy to open when you want to release the magnet. We're getting ready to go back to our own home and I'm going to order a slew of them....more info
  • greatest locks ever!!!
    these locks are easy to install and even easier to use. they are fool-proof and don't permit cabinets or drawers to open far enough for any pinched fingers. they also preserve the beauty of your cabinets....more info
  • Best lock out there!
    We have purchased several types of locks and all were very difficult to install, but these were extremely easy and work very well. When we were installing them, one didn't work. We called the company and they sent us a replacement immediately. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone....more info
  • Excellent and NO SCREWS!!!!
    I have bought multiple types to secure the cabinets and these are by far superior. I bought the Safety 1st, which were going to be challenging to install and required a lot of time; which I did not have, so I never installed the silly things. I am impressed at the strength of staying power without being mounted/secured by screws! Now I tend to forget they are installed, so I end of giving them a sudden strong pull and then remember to grab the magnetic key. I would recommend ensuring you have either 1- purchase several keys, or 2-buy some easy to grip magnets to keep several in the kitchen just to keep it quick and easy to get into the cabinets. Luckily for me, I have the two magnetic keys from the Safety 1st products....more info
  • best magnetic lock on the market
    These locks not only work very well, but I was able to install them in under 5 minutes with the enclosed screws. You don't have to use the screws as the adhesive seemed to hold well, but who knows what will happen over time. I originally ordered the tot-lok magnetic locks, but they were very difficult to install, especially in tight places. ...more info
  • Great product
    These locks are great and require no drilling. I had previously bought tot locks, but they require drilling to install and are a pain. These just stick on, but they stay in place and make it so children cannont open the cabinet doors. They also come with screws if you would rather attach them that way. I have them on all my bottom cabinets in the kitchen and bath and are definately worth the money....more info
  • Great locks
    I installed the locks last week and they are fantastic. I did not have to use the screws, just the sticky tabs. I chose the locks because they keep the cabinets completely closed. Our baby cannot get his fingers inbetween the cabinet (so no pinched fingers). I also like that the locks can be unlocked. So, once our baby is old enough to know better, we can unlock then until our next baby needs them.

    I am not sure why other reviewers said that they were hard to install. The directions are a little confusing, at first. It didn't take long to figure them out. I had to install 18 locks and it took me less than an hour.

    Excellent product. I am glad I spent the money on these. I recommend them to anyone....more info
  • Does not work
    This system does not work well. Our first attempt with swinging doors required them to be closed with enough force (but not too much) for the latch to catch. This would require way too loud bangs than what we are used to and wish. Most of the times the door would remain unlocked.

    We then tried using this on drawers and the same thing happened. The tolerances are too small for it to be easily installed. The latch moves on gravity and so it is too weak to catch and stay put. We abandoned this product and whilst the sticky portion is ruined, we will try to get a refund.
    ...more info