Weber 9986 Premium Cover
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Product Description

Weber, Performer Grill Cover, Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover With Weber Logo, Full Length, Fits 2005 Model Year & Newer, MAP $39.99.

  • Heavy-duty vinyl
  • For Performer grills

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this Weber Grill Cover!!
    I love this grill cover. It fits beautifully, very well constructed. It couldn't be better! The wind has not affected it! I highly recommend this product!! ...more info
  • MED
    Cover is strong/durable; easy to clean; fits grill superbly (not at all too "snug").
    Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great item, very durable feeling but not great fit.
    The grill cover is very nice and thick material, however, it does not have the "fitted" look as in the picture. Over all, good product....more info
  • Weber grill cover
    This cover is just perfect for the Weber Performer grill w/touch-n-go ignition. Easy to put on, take off & keeps the grill clean & dry. I highly recommend it. The only drawback is it has no way to tie it to one leg to keep it from blowing off. It does have a snug fit but I put a small potted plant on it to keep it from blowing up. Works fine!...more info
  • Fits like a glove, or at least a sock
    You would think waxing rhapsodic about a grill cover would be silly, but this one actually deserves it. It is a thick, heavy material with a cloth-like texture embossed into the surface. It fits the Performer perfectly, without leaving gaps to billow in the wind, but not so tight that it doesn't go back on easily. It also goes all the way down to the base, which means that items stored on the lower grate (gloves, fire extinguisher, and extra tools, in my case) are kept clean and dry.

    I usually think that grill covers are overpriced, but this one is actually worth twice the price. It really is that good....more info
  • Fits The Performer
    Very good cover. Fits my Performer perfectly. Just wished it came in the colors that the Performer does. I like to color coordinate!...more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased this for my husband's new Weber Performer. It was confusing to find the correct cover, because the previous models of the Performer were a different shape and many I found online did not specify which model the cover fit. Perhaps so they can get rid of the old ones?

    Anyway, this cover is very thick and high quality. It fits the new Performer perfect.

    ...more info
  • Great Cover
    It's a great cover that will protect my Weber Performer for the years to come. Good material. It's the real deal....more info
  • Perfect cover for the perfect grill!
    I got this cover for the Weber 847001 22-1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill. It is the perfect cover for this perfect grill! You can't go wrong spending a little extra to keep this great grill protected! It stays in place great and we get some hella winds out here! ...more info
  • the cover
    The cover is a great thing to have to keep the grill covered and clean and keep the weather from damaging it....more info
  • Perfect cover
    This cover looks great and goes on good. It's the perfect compliment to the incredible Performer grill....more info
  • Grill cover review
    Great product/will protect my Weber Grill for years, hopefully! It took a day or so longer to arrive but good things are worth waiting for. I would order from Amazon again. Good experience!...more info
  • Completed the Cooker
    Perfect fit, great "free" shipping and timely
    delivery. Completed the view and beautified my
    cooking patio. A must for the performer...more info
  • Nice Cover
    Fairly heave, so I expect it to last for some time. I do wish that it was longer so that it covered the wheels also. Oh well. Glad I purchased it....more info
  • Works great!
    Does the job of protecting the grill from rain, snow and dust. Never had the wind blow the cover off because it has a tight fit....more info
  • Nice Fitting Cover
    This cover is well worth the money. Its a thick polyvinyl that covers the grill very evenly and seems to stands up well in thunderstorms....more info
  • Weber Cover
    This grill cover looks great and fits perfectly. Keeps the grill clean and ready-to-use...more info
  • Weber Performer Grill COVER #9986
    This COVER Fits the Performer charcoal grills perfectly. Be sure you get the model 9986 that is made to fit over the cooking dome. There are other covers that look like they may fit (i.e. model 7455) but you may not be happy.

    The MODEL 9986 looks nice with the Weber logo and extends almost to the bottom of the unit, protecting the grill for rain..... also, one should not be concerned that a strong wind could cause the cover to blow off.......more info
  • Great Weber Cover
    Have only had the cover for about a month, but love the quality and how it covers our Weber "Performer." Am glad to spend a little extra and feel confident the cover will protect our grill and last....more info
  • A perfect fit, BUT...
    While I wouldn't disagree with the five star praise here for the fit and overall quality of this cover, I have one continuing (and not insignificant) problem: it regularly blows off my Performer grill on even modestly windy days, to say nothing of the gusts that get kicked up during a good rainstorm. As a result, my grill gets a thorough soaking anyway while the cover gets blown halfway across my yard. Only the heavy weight of the vinyl has kept it from sailing away completely. I've tried laying bricks on the cover, over the flat, table area of the grill, which does help--but the half of the cover that actually covers the grill portion gets blown off anyway! (And, by the way, I live in NYC, not exactly a locale renowned for windy weather.) I wish that Weber had provided either an elasticized bottom for this cover, or some grommets near the bottom that would allow you to anchor it with a bungee or two.

    So, all in all, while this is a spiffy looking cover for your awesome Performer grill (and the only real choice available), just be prepared to chase it around your yard....more info