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Meet the Parents [HD DVD]
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Randy Newman's opening song, "A Fool in Love," perfectly sets up the movie that follows. The lyrics begin, "Show me a man who is gentle and kind, and I'll show you a loser," before praising the man who takes what he wants. Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) is the fool in love in Meet the Parents. Just as he's about to propose to his girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo), he learns that her sister's fianc¨¦ asked their father, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro), for permission to marry. Now he feels the need to do the same thing. When Greg meets Jack, he is so desperate to be liked that he makes up stories and kisses ass rather than having the courage of his convictions. It doesn't take an elite member of the CIA to see right through Greg, but that's precisely what Jack is. Directed by Jay Roach (the Austin Powers movies), Meet the Parents is an incredibly well-crafted comedy that stands in nice opposition to, say, the sloppy extremes of the Farrelly brothers. Stiller is great at playing up the uncomfortable comedy of errors, balancing just the right amount of selfishness and self-deprecating humor, while De Niro's Jack is funny as the hard-ass father who just wants a few straight answers from the kid. What makes the Jack character all the funnier is Blythe Danner as his wife, the Gracie to his George Burns, who is the true heart of the movie. Oh, and Owen Wilson turns in yet another terrific comic performance as Pam's ex-fianc¨¦. --Andy Spletzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Hilarious family movie!
    Ben Stiller stars as a male nurse. Already awkward. His goal is to propose to his girlfriend Pam. Meanwhile he's going to be going to her parents house to ask their approval. It's going to be alot harder than he thought. Robert De Niro stars as Pam's dad. He's an ex-CIA agent who is always "watching your every move". Everything goes wrong for poor Greg Focker. (Stiller) I won't give too much away as this is truly a hilarious film for the whole family to enjoy!

    I enjoyed watching this movie. This is most definitely a keeper for any Ben Stiller fan!...more info
  • Make-it-stop laughter!
    Worthy of 5 stars, especially if you like Ben Stiller's humor. This movie has that edge-of-your-seat quality to it. Full of situational goofs, it will bring you to your knees with laughter....more info
  • A good comedy!
    Meet the Parents is another film up Robert DeNiro's comedy sleeve and was alot more successful for him than his previous comedy film `Analyse This' alongside Billy Crystal. In Meet The Parents he shows some great timing and talent and has a lot of help from co-star and comedian, Ben Stiller (There's something about Mary, Zoolander). Ben plays Greg Gaylord Focker, a male nurse in a traditionally female profession. About to propose to Pam (Teri Polo) his girlfriend he overhears Pam talking to her sister who has gotten recently engaged and he soon learns that to ask her hand in marriage he must do it the traditional way and ask her father's permission first. What follows is an outrageous weekend in the country at Pam's parents house where Greg meets Pam's father and ex-CIA agent Jack (DeNiro) for the first time and Greg manages to get himself into some harrowing and hilarious situations involving human ashes, septic tanks, pool volleyball and Jack's most favoured possession, his beloved cat.

    Both Stiller and DeNiro have shown they both possess amazing comedic ability and Meet The Parents is an undemanding, agreeable comedy and it was one of the biggest hits in Hollywood in 2000.
    ...more info
  • Extremely disappointing comedy
    This movie was highly recommended to me and I looked forward to a good comedy but never laughed once. The story had every opportunity to be so much better; the nervous suitor going home to ask for his beloved's hand, especially with an actor like De Niro to intimidate him. Instead the movie relies on dumb cliches and corny lines that just aren't funny.

    Making fun of, and marginalizing, the nursing profession with repeated "jokes" wasn't amusing, (the movie has the girl's parents repeatedly insinuate that he's a nurse because he wasn't smart enough to be a doctor) nor was the hero's bumbling. If he's really so smart, then who do something so stupid - and cruel - as kill a family pet and then try to cover it up with a "counterfeit"?? Not funny at all. Having the cat urinate on the beloved deceased grandmother's ashes was just gross, and that's only a few of many unentertaining gems in this feature.

    I was really disappointed, and can't recommend this, especially as a family movie....more info
  • In-Law Laughs....
    This review refers to the VHS edition(Universal) of "Meet the Parents"......

    You may not think your in-laws are really so bad after seeing what poor Greg Focker has to go through with his future family. Yes you read right, his name is Greg Focker and he's about to spend the weekend with the parents of the girl he intends to marry. Pam's dad, Jack Byrnes, really loves his daughters, and any man who wants to share their lives better be up to his standards. He's an ex-CIA agent who will scrutinize your every move and you better like his cat as well.What will it take for Greg to win the hand of the girl he loves..and does he really want to be a part of this crazy family after all? It's laugh out loud stuff as every move he makes turns into a hysterical series of events that has Pam's family turning against him.

    Who else could be the over protective,over bearing,over analyzing, prospective father-in-law than than Mr. Tough Guy himeslef..Robert De Niro. His straight faced comic timing is just one more side of this very talented actor. Ben Stiller is a laugh a minute as he tries to please this unpleasable Dad.
    The rest of the cast is nicely rounded out by Blythe Danner,Teri Polo,James Rebhorn and the fabulous Owen Wilson. Director Jay Roach brings this terrifc ensemble together beautifully and the music by Randy Newman adds more fun to the story.It's one of those great comedies that is still funny with repeated viewings.

    The VHS is in Stereo surround, sounds great,has closed captions, and has a nice picture as well.

    So kick back,enjoy the film, careful not to let the cat out!.....have fun with this great addition to you comedy or De Niro collection.....Laurie

    [...]...more info
  • Meet the Parents
    The movie 'Meet the Parents' is a humorous film. It is about a guy named Greg who is a nurse. How weird is that?! Well anyway he meets this girl named Pam Burns. They fall in love and all of that good stuff. But, Pam's dad is a bit suspicious and litterally sniffs out lies. He has this thing called the circle of trust. Greg is given a chance and is in it for.........a little while.

    But Jack isn't too fond of his daughter's dates or boyfriends. Well anyway in the movie Pam's cat jinksy gets lost and its up to Greg to find him. Greg really didnt have any luck finding him. But, I think you should watch the movie and find out what happens. You'll love it. This movie is rated PG-13 and is about 2 hours long.

    I would reccomend this movie to anyone who likes crude humor. ...more info
  • Great Comedy!
    This is truly an exellent comedy movie to watch, without being corny. I am not a fan of corny un realistic movies and this one is truly hilarious without being corny at all. I really got a lot of laughs out of this one! I also enjoyed Meet The Fockers, but I liked this one a lot better. Meet The Fockers was a little corny but still very enjoyable to watch, I hope they come out with another Fockers movie! These movies are the best comedies that I have seen in a really long time! ...more info
  • Wow
    We do not get so nervous much even when we go to the dream job
    interviews as much as we do when we go and meet our girlfriends
    parents.All of a sudden we get stupid than we really are, we get
    clumsier than we've ever been in our lives.
    Anyways this movie is excatly about that and we all can relate
    to what the poor guy goes through from the beginning to the very
    end of this hilarious movie.
    It is definitely a movie everyone should watch....more info
  • No redeeming quality...
    When I saw this movie the first time, I saw no humor. However, I was subjected to this film four more times that week, due to some unusual circumstances, and it was only then did I truly come to despise it.

    The story is Ben Stiller meets girl. They fall in love, and then Stiller has to meet her parents. The humor is reliant on the fact that people find it humorous that the hopeful husband-to-be always gets everything wrong. However, it's just not funny. DeNiro, although playing an interesting new character as father of the bride, does not add to this, already mess of a film.

    Stiller can be funny, but bathroom humor and slapstick can only go so far. If that's you're thing, then you'll like it, otherwise just stay away.

    (The only good thing is that the sequel is ok, but that's a different review.)...more info
  • The parents are not worth meeting
    It was supposed to be so funny. An hour into it, I was still waiting to laugh. The plot was predictable. The characters were made of the cheapest cardboard. I wound up thinking, "none of these people are worth what Stiller's character is going through." Least of all, the complete whelp of a fiancee who was dishonest, weak-willed and insensitive. The funny moments can all be viewed in the trailer. Beyond that, it's just difficult to watch.

    I really like Ben Stiller and I love Blythe Danner. But DeNiro should be totally ashamed. Totally ashamed....more info
  • National Lampoon's Inlaws
    Picture this. There you are, about to go on the first date with a girl you met in a club. You ring the doorbell, mother opens, and invites you in. In the living room is the girl. Mother mentions dad will be right in, and positions you in a sofa, as far away from the girl as possible, leaving the seat right next to you.

    In walks 300 pounds of Dad, who sits down, eyes you from top to bottom, then locks his eyes on yours, and starts a monologue about his daughter being in pristine condition, and him demanding she'd be returned in that very condition, too. He continues about how you are to take things easy.

    With sweat trinkling down your back, you finally leave with the girl who immediatly makes a comment about over-protective parents followed by a giggle.

    While I wish this was made up? It is not.

    When I first learned about 'Meet the Parents', I figured it would be worth a laugh. In the cinema, though? I was experiencing that scene over and over in my head. Except, 300 pounds of dad looked remarkably like Robert De Niro, while my character was being played by Ben Stiller.

    I found out though, that I had experienced the mild version.

    Gaylord 'Greg' Focker (Stiller. (what's in a name?)) has steadily been dating Pam Byrnes for a while, and is about to propose to her. Until he finds out her sister is getting married. When he overhears Pam making a comment that Bob (her sister's fiancee) was very smart to seek out Pam's dad's (De Niro) approval first, he decides against asking her right then and there.

    Greg and Pam head over to her parents' place for the wedding of her sister, with Greg intended on getting on Dad's good side, to see if he can get his blessing. But that's when the trouble starts.

    Greg's luggage is lost, and a series of misinterpreted comments, little lies by Greg in order to stay on Dad's good side, and some honest mistakes lead to growing tension between Greg and Dad. When Greg finds out that Dad is, in fact, NOT a florist as he was told, but a retired CIA spy interrogator, things start getting REAL ugly.

    Though Stiller probably was typecast based on his performance in '"here's something about Mary", his performance doesn't give you a feeling of deja vu. Stiller is exceptional at playing the poor misunderstood, but most of all pity-inflicting guy; someone you can't help but feel sorry for, and yet at the same time laugh so hard about.

    Drama after drama piles up, and from a rather confident man, the viewer sees Stiller transform into a paranoid and broken man, who is trying SO hard to get on Dad's good side, but unintentionally manages to create situation after situation leading to dad noticably liking him less and less.

    De Niro is a wonderful 'bad' guy. From the very first moment we meet him, he convinces as the over-protective father, who is a tad skeptical towards Greg, turning more and more suspicious of him as the movie goes along. One can't really blame him. All evidence suggests against Greg, and he's just looking out for his favourite daughter.

    All in all, the movie is highly entertaining. Nothing is funnier than laughing other people's misery (Proof? America's funniest homevideos. The harder they fall? The harder we laugh), and this movie exploits that fully well. You can't help NOT laughing, while at the very same time you feel so terribly sorry for Stiller.

    For those interested? I did return the girl in pristine condition, and broke up with her shortly after. One of the reasons was her parents being overly suspicious, and spying on us whenever we had some privat time. De Niro handles that part a bit better and uses micro-cameras....more info

  • ~Be Aware~
    If you have a weak stomach muscle, do not buy this movie, because this movie will make you laugh so hard that you will sure be suffocating....more info
  • It's A Hoot
    I am one of those who is rather late getting around to watching this show. It is very funny and was worth the wait.

    It features Ben Stiller as Gaylord 'Greg' Fokker and Teri Polo as his fiancee, Pam Byrnes. Although they have been together for awhile, he has not met his future in laws. This movie centers around their trip to do just that.

    Robert DeNiro stars as father-in-law to be Jack Byrnes and Blythe Danner is Dina, his wife. Byrnes is a formidable character and a nightmare for any potential son-in-law. He thinks no one is good enough for his baby and Fokker is certainly no exception. The dynamics between these two are priceless. DeNiro really steals the show.

    This is full of laughs from start to finish. It is a good time....more info
  • Decent film
    I enjoy this film & it's follow up "Meet the Fockers". Certainly NOT the best film ever made-far from it. Enjoyable. I am NOT a fan of Ben Stiller's. This is 1 of the 4 films I like where he is in a starring role. The other 2 "Night at the Museum" & "There's Something About Mary" HE BASICALLY PLAYED THE SAME ROLE IN ALL 3 FILMS. A nobody reacting to things going on around him & overreacting.

    I actually like the follow up film more than the original. Another negative of the original: Owen Wilson Only got to see him briefly in the 2cd film.

    Randy Newman's same old music-we've heard in films over the years & they all sound the same.

    Good NOT GREAT extras on the DVD package.

    Hard to feel for Stiller's character in either film when his character lies all the time.

    The speeding to get back to Jack's (DeNiro's) house because of the Jinx? the cat lost bit. WHERE WAS THE NEEDED REACTION FROM THE OTHER CHARACTERS ABOUT GREG SPEEDING & BEING UNSAFE? ...more info
  • funny but not great
    i liked this movie. Ben Stiller Is One Of The Great Actors. I Laughed At This Movie. It Wasn't Great Though....more info
  • puff the magic dragon
    hilarious comedy featuring the works of the great DeNiro and the hilaroius Ben Stiller. The two work magically and bring this gem to life. Stiller meets the parents of his fiancee, Teri Polo(Mystery Date, Domestic Disturbance, etc., etc.) and then things get a little bit out of control. her parents being, DeNiro and Blythe Danner(Gwyneth Paltrow's mommy). you get funny ass moments including the part where Stiller explains to DeNiro that the song puff the magic dragon is about smoking pot and DeNiro thinks hes a pot head. other great actors star in this movie, Jon Abrahams(KIDS, Scary Movie), James Rebhorn(Independence Day1996) and Owen Wilson(I:Spy, The Minus Man, Bottle Rocket)....more info
  • Lov'in Your In-Laws
    Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller team up for this 2000 film directed by Jay Roach. DeNiro stars as Jack Byrnes and Stiller as Greg Focker (pronounced just as it is spelled) . "Greg" has decided to propose to "Pam", played by Teri Polo. After learning that "Pam's" younger sister has just been proposed to by the perfect future son-in-law "Dr. Bob", "Greg" feels the pressure to earn "Jack's" acceptance. "Greg" plans to ask "Jack" for "Pam's" hand in marriage while visiting for the weekend to attend "Pam's" sisters wedding. "Jack" is a retired CIA profiler and puts "Greg" to the test, literally. As things fall apart, "Greg" continues to "jump" through "Jack's" hurdles and tries his hardest to make his best impression. From losing the family's beloved cat to nearly burning down the house, "Greg" nearly loses his mind. If you loved "There's Something About Mary", you'll love Stiller's outrageous performance. If you love your in-laws or even if you don't, watch this film and be happy with what you've got....more info
  • Brilliant comedy, excellent casting, yet still family funny!
    This is by far one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and yet can enjoy with my family as well as my friends. The characters are so well defined you feel their every emotion and they are all perfect in their roles. And here's one of the best parts - not only does it NOT play down your intellect, but it has a wonderful plot with plenty of surprises to keep it from being anything but predictable. De Niro is at his best, and although Ben Stiller has had his share of weak movies, this is DEFINITELY one for the portfolio. He is brilliant as he fumbles his way through meeting this unique if not strange family. He is hysterical when meeting Owen Wilson whose excellent portrayal of the ex-boyfriend is classic humor with a modest/jealous balance that makes him shine. Blythe Danner, the mother of the family has never had more fun with a role and is at her best. You MUST see this movie!! It's one that you will definitely want to own....more info
  • Great Movie
    Conservatvie family meets the new boyfriend. He does not live up to their expetations in the slightest, but he does love their daughter. See the push and pull of a crazy conservative father checking out his daughters new boyfriend. He is trying to make a good impression, but nothing goes right even though his heart is in the right place. the sequel to this movie is meet the fockers. See this movie first and then that. The next movie is more funny if you see this one first....more info
  • Pretty bad.
    Meet the Parents starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller is not that funny or original. Blythe Danner is pretty good in this but Teri Polo is one horrible actress, she's so lame and wooden. I have never been a Stiller fan but his chemistry with De Niro makes this movie not so dreadful. I don't why but I saw the sequel to this film a few years ago I enjoyed that one more than this. The jokes are somewhat crude but if you like those kind of comdies than this film is for you....more info
  • Ben Stiller and Robert DeNirro are so funny
    I love this movie I think Robert DeNirro and Ben Stiller are Hilarious. Theres a sequel to this movie coming out in 2004 called "Meet The Fokkers" Hopefully it will be just as funny as the first one....more info
  • Non-stop laugh riot!
    `Meet the Parents' is one of those classic comedies you can't help but love. Ben Stiller proved he's comic genius, Teri Polo burst onto the scene and Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner stole the entire show. I just have to say I'm so glad my father-in-law isn't THIS insane.

    Ben Stiller plays Greg Focker, a male nurse who's about to pop the question to girlfriend Pam (Polo) but before he can get it out she gets word that her sister is engaged. What makes this a bad thing is that Greg then finds out how old fashioned Pam's father is and realizes before he can propose he needs to ask her fathers permission. Her father Jack (De Niro) is not just an intimidating man, he's an ex-member of the CIA who is bent on exposing Greg for the sap he's certain he must be.

    With Greg trying too hard to impress everyone he ends up making things much worse for himself, lying to make himself look better, losing Jack's precious cat Jinxie, flooding the backyard with sewage and quite a few other embarrassing and damaging things. What makes this film so delightful is the chemistry between every actor here; no one seems miscast despite what you may think.

    De Niro is fantastic here proving once and for all that he's one of our greatest actors, and Blythe Danner is just hilarious as Pam's mother Dina. Great supporting performances by Owen Wilson (proving yet again that paired with Stiller they are dynamic) and James Rebhorn who's hilarious as Dr. Larry Banks. Just pop this one in, sit back and get ready to laugh, laugh and laugh some more....more info