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The River Wild
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  • Rollin', Rollin' Rollin' down the river...
    I like that Tina Turner song. Anyway...
    This is a great movie. It's one of the few movies that I've seen more than once in the theater. Meryl is great and I have to say, Kevin Bacon is a true creep in this movie. The action is realistic and the cinematography is wonderful....more info
  • Oh boy
    Kevin Bacon can so beautifully play a sadist, a charming and vicious creep, a bad guy that it's almost like he's not acting. And Meryle Streep, trying her hand here in an action film, NEVER seems to be acting - she's always stellar, completely immersed in her character. In The River Wild, Streep plays a suburban mom and former white-water rafting guide who is taking her family on a raft trip for summer vacation. She's a bit on the outs with her husband, who is, at the last minute, too busy to go along - so she and her son go it alone - and quickly run afoul of some killers on the lam. Bacon and a buddy, of course. They coerce Streep to take them down a terrifyingly dangerous stretch of river rapids to escape from the pursuing cops.
    Marvelous. And Streep did all the river scenes without the use of a stunt double - which, if you've ever been white-water rafting on a Class 4 or 5 river, is utterly amazing....more info
  • great!
    I never heard of this movie until I saw it on t.v. I was a cool movie it has action, adventure, family moments.I bought it not long ago.if you like action, adventure buy it!...more info
  • A trip that is worth taking
    "The River Wild" was one of my favorite movies of 1994. Gail (Meryl Streep), her husband, and her son decide to take a white-water rafting trip. They already have their problems because Gail's husband pays too much attention to his job and he doesn't pay enough attention to his family. However, before they know it, they'll have more deadly problems to deal with. Gail is an experienced and knowledgeable white-water rafter, and soon she and her family meet two mysterious strangers, one of which is Wade (Kevin Bacon). Wade asks for help to get to a certain place and Gail agrees to help, but little does she know that soon she, her husband, and her son, will be fighting for their lives.

    "The River Wild" is a better movie than a lot of critics and other reviewers have said that it is. It has exciting white-water rafting sequences, especially when Gail and the others try to live through 'The Gauntlet,' and it features a great performance by Meryl Streep. If you like exciting movies or anything to do with white-water rafting, I definitely recommend getting "The River Wild."...more info

    Let me make this clear right from the start. The only thing that saves this film from getting just one star is the wonderful acting of Meryl Streep. She does a fantastic job of believably playing a gritty former river guide and a loving mom. The rest of this movie doesn't fare nearly as well.

    "The River Wild" is about a mother, father, son and dog who go on an adventure whitewater rafting down a river. They encounter some shady characters who are rafting down the same river. I typically break down the plot of the movie in my reviews but it is rather pointless here. Everything is completely obvious from a mile away and I do mean EVERYTHING. There are also several completely ridiculous parts of this film. For one, there is a portion of the movie where the father has to follow along the river on foot through treacherous terrain. At the same time, his river guide wife is rolling down the river in a raft. Guess who makes it downstream faster? That's right...the father. Give me a break! There are too many more moronic things like this for me to waste my time going over them. In short, if you fancy whitewater rafting and Meryl Streep then check this one out. If you like movies with actual suspense and action then watch something else....more info

  • It was a good movie
    It had a nice plot and all, the acting was ok. I didn't like how the entire movie was on the river, it got boring after a little while....more info
  • So Suspence Filled!
    This is a great movie which has one of my favorite actors in it. Joseph Mazzello plays Roarke, the son of Gail(Meryl Streep) who is a white water river rafting guide. They take a ride down a river with Roarke's father, Tom, played by David Strathairn. They have a fun time at the start of the trip, but when two fellows (Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly) ask for help riding down the river, things start to become odd.

    This is an excellent movie with great acting by Joseph Mazzello, Meryl Streep, and Kevin Bacon. I highly recommend it. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and you just beg that the family will make it out okay. I give it 5 stars....more info

  • Delicious for its gender content
    I liked this movie because it explores:
    1) that women can by physically and psychologically strong
    2) that women can face challenges such as whether to possibly mistakenly kill a threatening person
    3) that men can be strong around women who are strong
    4) that the human spirit is resilient and can overcome extreme challenges

    Plus the nature is great, the acting is excellent and the journey is interesting....more info

  • Ladies can be Women, too.
    Saw the movie in the theater, which is the best way to appreciate the river scenes. Had the opportunity to see "white water" up close. Wow! Loved the storyline;loved Meryl's role as the strong yet gentle woman who can think for herself. Loved the music, which I believe has Celtic roots. Would like to purchase the soundtrack....more info
  • A Good Ride
    An entertaining journey down a beautiful whitewater river with an age old theme of good vs evil. This is a good movie to just sit back and enjoy the ride even though as the plot develops you may feel bit uncomfortable.

    Meryl Streep is outstanding as usual, however I feel Kevin Bacon is even better as the deceptive, yet charming 'bad guy'. There is also some excellent acting by David Straithairn (who portrays Meryl Streep's husband) even though his character is annoyingly pathetic.

    The nature cinematography is spectacular and the high intensity musical score only adds excitement to the journey.

    I highly recommend watching this one on a home theater system with wide screen and DTS sound decoding....more info

  • The river is your heroic ally
    A beautiful film about the Colorado River. The hero is the river and the nature it crosses, the gorges and the rapids and the falls. And you will go down the river in a light boat. Beautiful indeed. Then the film sets a plot on that river of a nice vacationing family held hostage by the surviving thieves of a cattle auction robbery who try to escape the police after the robbery by using the river and the expertise of the mother of this family. This adds some family tension with a father who is working too hard as an architect and neglecting, in a way, his family, and yet he will save his wife and his son from the grip of the thieves after having escaped them before. Courage, for sure, tenacity definitely. And the beauty of this river all over and always. This plot is multiplying the beauty of the river just as if it took a lot of courage for the river itself to go down this valley and its gorges.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • the river wild
    fantastic, great condition and price. quick delivery and great movie.
    recommend them to anyone purchasing a product. i will certaintly be looking for them in future purchases....more info
  • "The Islanders"
    "The River Wild" is an uninvolved, confused drama that intertwines a violent legend of a river with two know-it-all's who believe that they can walk on water. The basic script of "The River Wild" has extra additions that are pointless to the movie. The father of the group initially takes a rain check to the supposedly peaceful vacation, claiming that his work was more significant at the time. What this does is add family problems to their vacation, which will make a negative difference further on in the movie. As their journey begins, they greet their deaf relatives and observe ancient markings, making this a "Discovery Channel" sort of motion picture. Minutes prior to push off, they meet three friends, who are also planning to row their boat gently down the stream merrily. For no reason, the family has to become best friends with the three men and then proceed to monitor their every move. Out of the blue, the family suspects foul play since one of the three men is not with them anymore. Because of this, they put together a simple, "never gonna work" plan for leaving the two civilians behind and it turns out that they are a little hostile. Looking for a way to punish them, they decide to force the family to take a boat down the fabled river, "The Gauntlet", which no one gets through safely. The father is able to run off temporarily, along with his dog, trying to request a help signal to an aircraft that obviously doesn't exist. As mentioned before, the father not wanting to attend this trip makes it that much more cheesy: two murderers' hold an unattractive, bickering family hostage so that they can go down a river. The ending isn't very believable, and how nice it is to see such a happy ending with the family back together. All of the actors were chosen poorly, and it was impossible to like any of them through "The River Wild"'s status as a family that has to deal with psychological problems and life threatening problems at the same time....more info
  • scary in real life
    this isnt exactly a horror film but its scary because it can really happen. Kevin Bacon is in it (one of my favourtes). He is mean and trys to capture this lady and family and they try to escape. He tried to kill them by a river, when they are camping out, and its totally freaky. I would reccommend you to see it. It is good for mostly everyone, and parents should allow it unless it might frighten a kid....more info
    Meryl Streep is certainly an amazing performer. Few actresses can enliven such a formulaic movie as "The River Wild." And yet, Streep's portrayal of Gail is as always brilliant. Meryl uses her exquisite face, and exhibits her continued range of performances in her first (and probably only) "action" role. She is truly the best of our generation's many fine actresses. Kevin Bacon is effectively chilling; Joseph Massello shows a good range for such a young actor; David Straitharn is at first too wooden, but as his character grows, so does his performance; John C. Reilly, as always, is efficiently supportive.
    The vistas are beautiful and the final rafting scenes breathtaking. A good if not great film....more info
  • Kevin Bacon's best performance
    One of the least talked about films of the 1990's is also one of the best. This is an often overlooked gem featuring perhaps the best performance to date from Kevin Bacon. The movie itself is a nice change of pace for an action movie. It keeps you hooked from the beginning to the very end and it seems you learn something new about the characters in every scene. Bacon plays the evil villian to perfection and for the first time in along time, he seems motivated. If you are a fan of Kevin Bacon, this is a MUST SEE!...more info
  • The word that describes this movie does not exist
    This movie was dull, predictable and dull. I guessed before the movie was half over that Kevin Bacon was the bad guy who held up the Livestock Auction. I also guessed that the Husband who was "dead" would make like Lazarus and come back to life and along with the runaway Dog would save everyone from certain death. Meryl Streep acted as though she was half awake and bored during the entire movie, she hardly woke up when the raft went down the rapids. Save your time and money and pick a different film....more info