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  • Broken Trail
    If you were an equestrian or just loved horses and real honest people, you will Love this movie. Well worth the money....more info
  • Disappointing and distasteful, NOTa family flick
    This film had a great story line that was poorly executed. It included what appears to be a real horse being trampled to death, a rape scene and other basic violence. I am sure this would receive an "R" rating from MPAA.

    At the beginning of the film, the Chinese girls (who actually are the best part of the entire movie) are inspected for their virginity. This of course has some nudity and other quick uncomfortable shots. The only thing that would have made it more gratuitous would have been a copycat scene from Basic Instinct. Ok I can get past that but clearly I would not let younger family members see this. The one scene I could not believe actually made the final cut is the running of the horses. As masses of horses are running toward the camera on the right you can see a horse turn upside down and get obviously trampled, I am assuming to its death. I was incredulous that a scene like that would be left for viewers. Any director would have to know that would color someone's opinion from then on. Obviously SPCA didn't certify that no animals were hurt during the making of this movie. I am sure the scene where horses fall and are killed showed even less mercy for the animals. I just cringe thinking of how many were injured during the production of this saga.

    Other scenes were disjointed. How Ritter knew that that the two men were carring diseases when they tried to cross the trail is beyond me. It would have made a great dropping on the editing floor. The rape scene is another great selection for droppings.

    If you are considering buying this, do not expect it to be a family western and do not expect to feel good afterward. This film lacked class and was NOT tastefully done. I got the feeling that only men influenced the production of this and I regret spending the money on a film that made money off of the poor treatment of horses. Instead of being an artfully done feel good western, this saga left me with a sick feeling in the middle of my stomach. At the end of the story, I really didn't care that a scroll of what happend to the characters rolled by. If it was based on a true story, I don't think the real people portrayed would be proud of this version of the true events.

    Just beware if you choose this "Western" that you are not getting a classic or even one you will want to watch again. ...more info
  • Duvall is Amazing
    It is not every actor who can portray an Irish mob lawyer, a radio
    evangelist and a seasoned cowboy (my favorite) all with the same verve
    and mastery.

    And you've got to love a man who knows how to ride a horse. Duvall rides his horse like he's driving a Cadillac - with total comfort, style and ease. Very sexy....more info
  • Outstanding
    Church and Duvall team up for an excellent movie in the tradition
    of Lonesome Dove. A movie should be like a good book only
    in video and this one definitely fits that criteria. A recommended

    Doug Gollihar/Author & Writer...more info
  • Great human interest
    This movie is terrific. A stark look into the old west and how the bad people treated the less fortunate and the good people who had higher moral values. Great job by Robert Duvall and Tom Church....more info
  • Broken Trail
    This movie was like old time hollywood. Then they had class. Today mostly junk. I loved this movie. Robert Duvall and all were marvelous and as I watched this movie I was entranced. Why did this not win an award? Stupid hollywood. I hope more quality movies TV or other will be made. But I doubt it. Hooray for Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church. ...more info
  • Another Western Outsourced
    First, let me say the actors and production crew on BROKEN TRAIL do an admirable job on this film. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE does an outstanding job in bringing this film to the screen. But Canada, was chosen, rather than the USA, for actors, production crew and location. These production companies generate alot of money to the local economy. But the locales of the story are supposed to be Oregon and Wyoming. Why was a foreign country chosen instead? Is this because locations and talent were not available or suitable in Oregon or Wyoming? No. Were it that simple. It's because of greed. Because of taxes and other incentives, many American directors and producers work in Canada because it's cheaper. Duvall, who is "Executive Producer" and director Walter Hill, felt they could do it cheaper and better outside the USA to make more profits and work with the people they've done so on so many other films shot in Canada. How much money do these guys need!!!!? I'm surprised at Duvall as he is so pro-american being a staunch Republican. Wake up everybody. We are losing so much of America including even the western through more "outsourcing" and what Duvall proudly calls " our greatest American heritage"....more info
  • Broken Trail-a true Western
    I recently have been enjoying Westerns, and I ordered Broken Trail. Great performances from the whole cast, and lovely scenery too. Robert DuVall and Thomas Hayden Church are terrific in this unique, compelling story--which is based on a true story. It will keep your attention with a good storyline and lots of action and even a little romance. I definately recommend this film. ...more info
  • fantastic
    this series is great. duvall,church and gwendolyn yeo are magnificent. the story was moving and made me weep at certain times.all the asian girls were so pretty and is a shame asian women were sex slaves in this country and others. we learn from this film and hopefully the love between the cowboys and the asian girls will spread worldwide. this film is highly recommemded....more info
  • Worth seeing time and again!
    The scenery in this movie would make it worth seeing time after time, even if the story were not so good. I was completely unaware of this title and ordered it for my Dad (Lonesome Dove - the movies only - huge fan) and we watched this several times when I was at home last. The story has a lot of twists and turns, not everyone is okay, not everyone survives. True to life out in the back country and wonderful acting. I don't know if I missed this if it was in theaters or on t.v., but am so glad to know about it now. My college-age son & his g.f. watched it with us one night and were truly fascinated. They thought the story was very well told and acted and the scenery was gorgeous. short, it works for anyone who likes this genre & is between the ages of 22 & 81 -- or at least that is my personal experience!...more info
  • epic
    This is one of the most beautifully filmed and moving stories of all time.Blu-ray only makes it even more beautiful to behold.Both Duvall and Church are superb in their portrayals of cowboys with hearts.This BD belongs in every man's library....more info
  • True to life
    This is a great move. It is an honest rendention of life during this time frame. The charactors are not heros but down to earth people doing what they know is right and just. I highly recommend this move for all family members to watch together....more info
  • The Western is not Dead
    This was a spendidly made movie. It was like "watching" a beautiful poem or a "moving" oil landscape. I was mesmerised.

    As always, Robert Duvall gave a wonderful performance. He is such a multi talented actor, but the western is his forte. From Lonesome Dove, Tender Mercies, Open Range and now Broken Trail. It is his show!

    It was my first time to see Thomas Haden Church, and he was equally as wonderful. His understated performance had me from the time he came onto the screen. Never trying to compete with or out do Mr Duvall, he held his own . . .

    I understand their maybe a sequel with Mr Church. I am anxiously anticipating another beautiful movie, only missing Mr Duvall. . .maybe he is just making another great western somewhere. . .One can only hope!

    ...more info
  • "So I went and got our horses and our money... had to stretch a fella... and you start a finishing school for Chinese girls."
    Walter Hill's Broken Trail is a good but at times a little too leisurely Western miniseries following Robert Duvall and his nephew Thomas Haden Church as they try to drive a herd of horses across country only to become sidetracked when they find themselves the unlikely guardians of five Chinese girls being shipped to a brothel - and the target of some bad men determined to relieve them of both...

    It's curious how Robert Duvall, and actor who came to prominence playing a mob lawyer who deposited horses heads in peoples' beds, has evolved into the kind of archetypal Western figure of unquestioned decency you'd be happy to trust your life to - even more so when you remember he tried to kill John Wayne in True Grit! If he shoots someone seemingly out of the blue, you know it's someone who needs shooting (although much of the action takes place offscreen) such is his moral stature. By contrast, Church seems uncomfortable and out of place - he does well enough, but they never strike the sparks that made Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones' relationship in Lonesome Dove so memorable and affecting. And Lonesome Dove does unfortunately cast a giant shadow over this: it may be a smaller story, but, especially after Open Range, you expect more when Duvall gets in the saddle.

    Despite that, it's an engaging enough amble and extremely well made. Hill is one of the few working directors who still know the power of an extreme long shot, giving the show an occasional sense of the epic, though this is sometimes undercut by the fact that he generally plays his scenes in medium shots. More focused than his intriguing but scattershot Wild Bill but less impressive than The Long Riders or his under-rated Geronimo: An American Legend, it's worth a look, but you might just want to spread it over a couple of nights.

    ...more info
  • Rounding up in more ways than one...
    Please excuse my attempt to be clever in the review title... it's yet another lamenting of the inability to be able to use half-stars in the ratings, and of course a lame attempt at being punny...

    Broken Trail started out as a 'made for TV' mini-series, but please don't let that scare you off from watching as the quality here is every bit as good as any major motion picture would be really. The story is interesting, the acting is not bad and it does the Western genre respectfully enough.

    On the other hand... well, the story is also sadly predictable and has basically been done before, somewhat with the same star (Robert Duvall), in an earlier movie (see Open Range, where he co-starred with Kevin Costner for a very similar role) and if not that directly there you could try Unforgiven (with Clint Eastwood) or perhaps pick from the collection of John Wayne films which populated the genre long before this film came to pass.

    Personally I'd rank this effort at 3-1/2 stars, but I've rounded up rather than down to use 4 stars here.

    The visuals are solid here though a bit soft in spots, the sound isn't bad, but the extras that might add value are pretty sparce here with only a "Making of" featurette included.

    My best recommendation is rent this one before making a purchase. It's a nice film but you'd need to be a fairly serious fan of the genre to want to own this disc. ...more info
  • Almost a perfect "10"
    I have been buying from Amazon now for 2 years and they have never been late on a promised delivery time. Now that I am buying Blu-Ray DVDs, Amazon is the only way to go. If you buy 3, you can save enough on one movie to pay to for shipping, so you get 3 for the price of 2 at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Also, you can't find this title locally. This is a under-rated gem of a film. Reference quality transfer with just a few specks. 9 out of a 10. Very good picture quality, even in the low light and night shots. Excellent story and character development. Audio doesn't use the rear surround speakers much though, about the only knock against this film. Audio on the front is very good with dialog always easy to hear. This is a definite buy on Blu-Ray if you like westerns....more info
  • True Western
    Excellent rendition of time on the trail drives. Thomas Hayden Church shows more acting depth than previous roles have allowed. Duvall, great old cowboy, as usual....more info
  • Good Buy!!
    I would compare this movie to BBC Planet Earth. Both films are great, have a lot of amazing shots and a few not so amazing. My machine plays this movie at about half of computing power, electricity is filtered, HDTV (used as monitor)calibrated with Spider2Express. This Blu-ray release is not as good as 3:10 To Yuma. I would still recommend this purchase. ...more info
  • Classic western
    I thought good westerns died with John Wayne, but this movie will rank high with the classic westerns of yesteryear. Robert Duvall has true grit....more info
  • Broken Trail DVD
    We had previously seen this movie. It was so good we wanted to add it to our library. We enjoyed seeing it again. We plan to watch it again and share it with our friends. Thank you for your prompt service. ...more info
  • Another Great Western from Robert Duvall
    Another great performance from Robert Duvall, who seems to have a knack for performing fine western characters. Thomas Haden Church gives a equally fine performance with the added bonus of really looking like a weathered old time cowboy. All of the actors give fine authentic performances, esp the bad guys. The result is a good story well told. I just had to add it to my DVD collection....more info
  • Broken movie...
    An interesting western but filled with nudity and actions that bring the quality of he movie down. The acting was less than smooth.

    Two cowboys save five chinese girls and have to take them cross country with them on their cattle drive.

    I can't recommend this movie to any one....more info
  • Great western full of emotion and action
    The movie took me to another world. At the same time the actions scenes are fantastic. It is so emotional. Robert Duval is a great actor and he outperforms his role. I felt love and friendship when I was watching this movie. I bought this DVD and added it to my collection because I feel that I will be able to watch it time and time again. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes westerns....more info
  • Awe Inspiring Scenery, an unusal story, truly GREAT western
    This is a really moving and marvelous western. Robert Duval (also Exec. Producer) said he considers this the third part of his personal western trilogy (Lonesome Dove 1 & 2 being the first parts)... but the story here, and his character is different. (I didn't care for Lonesome Dove, BTW, it was too hard-hearted for me.)

    Like most great westerns the real battle here is between corruption and ethics, even if they are wild west ethics. Duval and Church give 100% perfect performances, but Gwendolyn Yeo as the sweet strong mother figure for the Chinese girls is the heart of this piece, and she gives us brilliant moments of heart wrenching confusion, relief and joy. It is her smile which brightens this dark tale, this, and the Director's vision that true goodness does actually exist, and has strength and power. That mindset is what makes any western great.

    In the traditional trail drive, non verbal male atmosphere, we have 5 kidnapped Chinese women ( rightfully not dubbed, so seemingly non-verbal as well) and this mix lifts the story far above the ordinary.

    Greta Scacchi - looking beautifully her age - later comes in as a woman whose life has let her slip far downhill, and we have a truly great, restrained, mature, romantic scene between Duvall and Scacchi.

    Through all of this is really beautiful and majestic cinematography, used to to it's best to highlight and magnify the whole story. Even in a genre known for landscape, this one is near the top for scenes of raw, expansive, natural beauty. We see why Duvall's character feels most alive on the trail.

    This is a smart western for men and women, a western that is also a date movie... one of the greats of the genre. ...more info
  • History
    Beautiful story - great acting - gave one an insight into how the west really was - loved it - would recommend...more info
  • Great Western!
    This is really a great film to see! Good westerns are getting harder to come by these days. Maybe Hollywood will wise up and make more films of this caliber. Not a moment too soon!...more info
  • Super movie
    This is a great movie, of course my husband & myself enjoy Robert Duvall. This movie shows the decent side of some cowboys, & the ruthless side of a few. You don't know what will happen next as they drive the 500 horses and encounter Chinese girls. I think the show was very well done....more info
  • beautiful, laconic western...
    It is always a pleasure to see a well-done western. Broken Trail adds to that genre with a tale about two cowboys delivering horses from Oregon to Wyoming and the troubles start when they rescue 5 Chinese girls that are destined to be sold as sex slaves. Robert Duvall is one of America's most memorable cowboys and he adds to his legend here, Thomas Haden Church is terrific as the laconic, no nonsense cowboy. The beautiful part about this original AMC is that though we've seen everything a Western could possibly offer, Broken Trail keeps surprising you and getting away from the expected formula. It has a rich storyline that keeps building and a nice balance between action, humor and on the edge of your seat expectations. But you don't need to be on the edge of your seat, sit back, kick your shoes off, pour yourself a cup of coffee and revel in a well told story. ...more info
  • Excellent beyond words!
    This is wonderful movie where the cast fits "hand in glove." Words cannot describe how uplifting, heartwarming and refreshing it is to see a movie that focuses on compassion and care for others such as this, rather than the ad nauseum sagas of the self-centered, surgically "beautified" celebrities of today. Robert Duvall has starred in many movies that depict real people in realistic life situations, always with a villain we "love to hate." MORE PLEASE! M.L. Paxton...more info
  • Broken Trail
    I don't care about some western movies, but htis one was excellent to me it is a western with a little drama ...more info