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Lux Products TX9000TS Touch Screen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $60.95

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Product Description

7 Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, Vacation Hold, Smart Recovery, Default Energy Star Approved Program, Lighted Display, 2 Or 5 Minute Delay, Temporary Temperature Override, 12/24 Hour Clock, Filter Monitor & Energy Usage Monitor, Most 24V Heating & A/C Systems, 1 Stage Heat, 1 Stage Cool, Gas, Oil, Electric, Or Single Stage Heat Pump Systems, 2 Wire Heat Only Hydronic Systems, Hot Water Baseboard & Radiator, Millivolt Subsets, Wall Heaters, Furnaces & Gas Fireplaces.

  • Touchscreen interface
  • 7 day programming - 4 periods per day
  • Default Energy Star approved program
  • 2 or 5 minute delay
  • Filter usage monitor

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good Programmable Thermostat
    This thermostat was very easy to install and program and is doing its job well. The other Amazon reviews were very helpful in alerting me so some of its small programming quirks.

    My system is very simple: a forced-hot-water heating system with the thermostat controlling the circulator pump. I took off the old mechanical programmable thermostat, connected the two wires to this thermostat following the clear instructions in the manual, screwed the new thermostat in place, and programmed in the desired schedule. The whole process took less than an hour (including a thorough reading the manual).

    My only complaint about this thermostat is that it does not have a vacation feature that allows one to set an override temperature for a specified period of time (for example, remain at 55 degrees for 13 days and 7 hours while I'm away on vacation or 60 degrees for 8 hours while I'm out for the day).
    ...more info
  • THE Thermostat
    If you are shopping for a thermostat that works great and it's easy to use you are in the right place. This thermostat delivers what promises. If you want to change the day while programming just tap on the day. If you want to change the time of the day, tap on it. Someone wrote that it was hard to program....that's because it has several programs:D If you select the preprogrammed settings you may find it chilly in your home....more info
  • Lux Touch Screen
    Easy to install, easy to program. Really like the offset feature that brings it to temp at the time you want, rather than starting to adjust at the time you set....more info
  • Great Product!
    I just bought this product a couple of days back to save on my souring gas heating bill. This is my first ever programmable thermostat and I must this was very easy and intuitive to use. I bought this after lot of review. The programming was very simple and its copy function is great. For the first couple of days the time kept blinking and I read that it was normal, but it has stopped blinking now. I am not sure why..I defnitely recommend this product....more info
  • Works as advertised
    My wife and I recently bought our first house and noticed right away that it didn't come with a programmable thermostat. I spent maybe 2 weeks researching and realized a 7 day programmable thermostat was what we needed. There were 2 options I narrowed it down to: Honeywell and Lux. The Honeywell was over $100 and seemed to be the choice for most people, but I read a few reviews and ended up going with the much cheaper Lux model that pretty much does the same.
    Installation was a breeze and programming it was just as easy. We are very happy with our purchase so far....more info
  • Awsum and Easy to Install
    Having upgraded my thermostat a number of times I was skeptical in the easy of functioning. I'm a huge beliver that products should be intutive or they shouldn't be sold. My TiVo and Ipod/Iphone are excellent examples. While this isn't that well done, it is incredibly easy to manage. I hate to admit, that the backlight and large numbers are a huge plus for me to change the settings without having to find my glasses. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Big Display, Easy to Read, Back Light, Touch Screen
    What more do you need? Yes it is a tad confusing at first, and the "copy" function takes some figuring (or reading), but in the low light of night and without my glasses, I can still see and use this thermostat!

    I just wish they made these things in some way that they don't stand out on a wall like a bad piece of art. Maybe a changeable faceplate? A picture hook on the front? ...more info
  • Easy to install and program.
    It took less than 30 minutes to remove the old thermostat and install the TX9000TS. Programming took maybe 10 minutes in total. It is very important to read the instructions before you start, it will save you a lot of guess work in the long run. I highly recommend this unit....more info
  • Great Product
    I'm very happy with this purchase. I have no complaints. It was easy to install and easy to program. The screen is responsive I like the large screen. It's bulky but it works for my household. I'm not an electrician so the wiring gave me some trouble but I managed since I only have four wires. ...more info
  • Excellent unit
    This was an excellent buy. I wasn't sure about the installation because I had a couple of extra wires coming out of the wall, but following the directions I only connected the two going to the thermostat (the other was to an additional clock) and it works perfectly. Operationally it is very easy to program and all members of the family have no problems using or making heat adjustments....more info
  • Takes time to get used to but works great
    Having used Honeywell products for years, it took 10-15min to get used to this touch screen user interface (where you have to confirm your choice by pressing "yes" but it was easy to install and works great.
    ...more info
  • Great thermostat
    Hello All,
    I don't usually leave a review on products that I have purchased, but this thermostat has been one of our best investments for our home. Ihe installation was simple. Just connect a few colored wires and program. The programming set up was simple and easy to read on the large display. Buy the Lux TX9000TS! Why bother shopping for any other home thermostat? You won't be dissapointed......more info
  • Lux TX9000TS Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat
    The installation is simple and setup is fairly intuitive. The thermostat looks nice and has been working well for me. The temperature control, including temperature swing adjustment, is quite accurate....more info
  • Programmable Thermostat
    I purchaed this item after reading that having a programmable thermostat saves you money. Why heat the house when your NOT there? I turn it down to 55 degree's at 9PM. Then it turns itself back on (heat) at 6AM just before I get up. That way the house is warm for a short time until I leave the house and wife does as well. Then it turns heat down to 60 degree's for the rest of the day until 1/2 hour before I get home. Saves money for sure! Since Consumer Magizine reccomended THIS particulat model for screen size to see, and easiness to program AND install. Took less than an hour to take old one out, and new one in. GREAT MODEL to purchase!

    ...more info
    Really simple to Install with just a screwdriver. Wiring made simple by good instructions. The product itself comes with a size increase backplate to avoid having to redecorate if size does not correspond to old unit. Now onto the functions, really simple easy to program with smart copy function. Large display and numerals can be read from 10 feet away. Touch screen is a pleasure to use. Backlight is bright and clear and makes this unit an absolute dream do adjust in the night time or as you walk into the house....more info
  • A useful tool!
    I bought this thermostat so my wife could use it without having to find her reading glasses. It was easy to install and has worked well. The touch screen makes it really easy to use and even programming was a breeze. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!...more info
  • Very Easy To Use
    I haven't used a lot of other thermostats like this, but this is quite easy to use. It takes a while to program it...but daily use is SO very easy that it's worth it. I really recommend it. It looks very nice....more info
  • Lux Products TX9000TS Touch Screen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
    I researched this product before I bought it. I am very happy with it. It was easy to install and I am anxious to get my bill....more info
  • Very Satisfied, Works as advertised.......
    Very good product. Very simple to install and setup. The touch screen is great and the numbers are large and very easy to see. Highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great product
    Great product and very easy to install and program - you will not be disappointed. The price is by far the cheapest around too....more info
  • Great Thermostat
    I love its ease of operation and simple installation.The large touch screen is easy to read and the price here at Amazon is excellent so buy one now....more info
  • Excellent Value
    I chose the Lux over Honeywell for their value and design. The display is large and simple to read. Menu controls are self explanatory, and installation was a breeze when I replaced my old "Chase" thermostat. The only drawbacks I can see are the flimsy lower door and the not-so intuitive temperature adjustment. Instead of the competitor's simple up and down button, you will have to press the display temperature in order to find out what your set temp is or to display the scroll bar. Other than that, the unit is attractive and elegant. ...more info