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Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Black Body Only)
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Product Description

Enjoy a high performance SLR digital-camera with pro-style features you can handle. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ease-of-use and value. It has a newly designed 10.1 Megapixel Canon CMOS sensor plus a host of new features including a 2.5-inch LCD screen, exclusive EOS Integrated Cleaning System featuring a Self Cleaning Sensor and Canon's Picture Style technology, all in a lightweight, ergonomic body. DIGIC II Image Processor enhances every aspect of image capture. Rebel XTi compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF lineup, ranging from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto lenses, and including Canon's EF-S series lenses, manufactured specifically for Canon's APS-C sized digital sensor. This particular model is a Body only. It does not include a lens. Picture Style technology EOS Digital Rebel XTi, lets you recreate characteristics of your favorite film types. Adjust color, saturation, sharpness and contrast settings to customize your saved image. 3 - 2 Aspect Ratio Recording Format - JPEG, RAW, and RAW+JPEG simultaneous recording provided USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Interface, mini-B port, NTSC/PAL for video output Viewfinder Type - Eye-level SLR with pentamirror Shutter Speeds - 1/4000 to 30 seconds Pop-up electronic-flash with shoe for adding optional Canon Speedlite flashes Self-timer - 10 seconds delay, 2 seconds delay Continuous Shooting Speed - Up to 3 frames per second (at shutter speed of 1/250 sec. or faster) Compatible Printers - CP and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers, PIXMA Photo Printers and PictBridge compatible printers (via USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU) Automatic folder creation; up to 9,999 images per folder Select Auto/Manual TTL Focus and Exposure modes Power Source - One Battery Pack NB-2LH (included) / AC Charger included Dimensions - Width 4.98 x Height 3.71 x Depth 2.56 inch, 126.5 x 94.2 x 65mm / Weight - 18 ou

  • 10.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints
  • Large 2.5-inch LCD display; body only (no lens included)
  • New self-cleaning dust function, plus Dust Delete Data Detection in included software
  • DIGIC II Image Processor provides fast, accurate image processing; Picture Style settings for added creative control
  • Stores images on Compact Flash (CF) memory cards; powered by battery pack NB-2LH

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camera
    I was missing moments of my children with my regular point and shoot camera and upgraded to the xti in march. This camera is easy to use and takes great pictures. I took a photography class thru adult education and learned about night photography, taking potraits, and getting the instant of a balloon popping. All of my pictures came out awesome. I recomend purchasing the Canon digital rebel XTI field guide book. Many things I learned in class are explained in this user friendly book.
    Overall, a great camera that is fun to use! Take the time to play with all the settings and features....more info
  • WOW! What a picture Quality
    By the time, I am writing this review, I have captured more than 10K pictures on this lovely camera. It takes superb pictures. The picture quality is stunning. I highly recommend buying Canon external Flash for better indoor shoots and Canon EF 70-200mm F4L USM lens for stunning pictures. Value for money and once you get used to DSLR, its hard moving back to point and shoot.
    Great camera. ...more info
  • Best Entry Level Digital SLR Keeps Getting Better
    The third generation XTi is the successor to the popular Rebel XT. An entry level camera but considered to be quite an excellent performer in many levels.
    It comes with a battery and a sleek compact charger. It also uses the well known Digic II image processor. Uses CF card.

    Improvements compared to its older brother XT:
    - 10 megapixel resolution compared to 8 megapixel for the XT
    - A larger 2 1/2 inch LCD panel compared to 1.8 inch
    - A new self-cleaning sensor
    - 9 point AF system while the XT has 7
    - Better burst shooting capacity from 23 to 27 frames
    - 7 LCD brightness levels compared to 5 for better viewing in bright surroundings

    - Image quality is superb. Color rendition and low-noise
    - Light and small
    - Can shoot RAW format
    - Impressive long battery life.

    - Cannot shoot using the LCD panel. You always have to use the viewfinder. LCD is for menu and playback only.
    - Supplied lens is very basic. No image stabilizer. Slow.
    - No movie capability
    ...more info
  • Canon EOS 400d
    Got this camera recently and totally in love with it. Yep, it's not the new modet, but I does alot for the old model.
    Also, if you'd like to have something professional, take Canon EOS 5d)
    ...more info
  • Will not power up... Hasn't anyone else had this issue???
    Well, I bought this camera from another store locally to use on a trip to Europe. I should have bought their ridiculous warrantee, though :(. Two days into the trip, it stopped working. I tried cleaning battery leads, the flash leads, the lens leads - EVERYTHING. Still, no worky! Then a couple days later it decided to work again. Came home from the trip - has worked fine for 6 months... then this past week I tried to get a picture of my son and daughter with Santa - the camera decided it was a good time to stop working again!! I bought a new battery from Amazon - I mean, it HAS to be the battery, right? NOPE. Charged the battery, took a couple pictures - all is good, right? WRONG. Went to turn it on this morning and have the same issue - says to recharge the battery and shuts down as soon as I turn it on :(.
    Now what am I supposed to take Christmas pictures with? And I am sure Canon CS will just send me back the same lemon after I send it in to them :(. I can always hope that they don't, because I do not believe this is a fixable issue... This camera was to expensive for this problem to happen....more info
  • NOT an upgrade
    bought the Rebel XTI with 2 stabilizer lenses. Everything works as advertised. I am really disappointed in the quality of the pictures. I have a couple other low end cameras that give me a sharper focused picture than the XTI. I live on a hill overlooking a valley with Zion national park on the other side. I love taking pictures of the sunrises over Zion. Both my old Fuji S5000 and my Fuji F30 give me MUCH sharper images. I have had it for about 6 months and a few thousand pictures, so I guess I'll just bite the bullet and start over....more info
  • WOW!
    This is my first dslr camera and am I glad I got it! Though is has been discontinued for the newer model, I am pleased with what I got. Easy to use and worlds better than my point and shoot! Yay amazon!...more info
  • Fantastic Beginner SLR
    I purchased this camera in April of 2007 and i have been loving it ever since. In terms of SLRs this one is very entry level. It has a lot of different auto modes to chose from but i always shoot in P or "program mode". The reason i gave it 4 stars is because of the lens that comes in the kit with it. The Kit lens is crap! I would recommend buying this camera body only! then buying a good lens. Something more all purpose like an 18-200mm. Just make sure not to lose your eye cup!...more info
  • Great camera for amateurs
    I've had my Canon Rebel for a couple years now and it takes fabulous pictures. The difference is amazing from basic digital cameras. Highly recommend this camera....more info
  • Excellent
    Whether a beginning digital SLR user or somewhat of an enthusiast, this is a fantastic entry level camera. It has plenty of features built in, and also has the capacity to be updated (via download and computer hookup) of new and interesting picture styles that add more creativity to your photography.

    There are the easy modes built in, like a point and shoot camera, then you have a selection of more creative and somewhat manual modes.

    The output quality is high, so that quite big enlargements can be produced without losing picture quality and tonality.

    This camera is a great camera and a great buy no matter what you level of photography. And the internet is full os websites offering extremely useful information and tips on how to get the best out of it....more info
  • very nice camera
    Very nice camera, the only drawback is that it didn't come with a lens. It worked out because we were able to get a lens we wanted. ...more info
  • Canon Rebel XTi Digital 10 MP
    I do commercial work for hotel advertising. Already own a Rebel 8MP, but having two bodies eliminates changing lenses so often. Why the Canon? Least digital noise in higher ISO settings, durable body, very user-friendly settings.

    This XTi has a quick change on point of focus and a larger LCD viewer which I like. In the nearly 3 yrs of using my first Rebel, I haven't found much about these cameras I don't like. The one thing I miss, that I had with my G series Canon point & shoot, is a preview of my shots in a tip-out LCD viewer.

    That being said - it's a great camera for the money. - Ed Plimpton, Xact Image Photography
    ...more info
  • Super Entry into Digital SLR
    I have owned my Rebel xti for two years now, taking over 20,000 photos. I have had one other digital camera in the past, before using my Canon AE-1 Program for over 20 years. I could not have picked a better camera to upgrade to. It is easy to use. It has all the automatic buttons, for beginners, but if you are more advanced, as I was, it worked like a pro camera. I worked at a race track and took thousands of racing photos, and the camera never let me down. If I had a bad photo, it was because of me, not the camera. I use Canon lenses, which I think are worth the money. I do recommend buying extra batteries and compact flash cards, just for backup. The replacement batteries have a better lifespan than the Canon battery, but all of them hold a charge for a long time. I never ran out of battery when using one fully charged.
    I cannot praise this camera enough. ...more info
  • A truly GREAT camera!
    I've had this camera about 6 mos and have NO complaints. It takes much better pictures than my current abilities. Coupling this camera with Photoshop Elements helps me produce some much "better that average" pictures for printing! ...more info
    OK, I am not a professional photographer or anything, but this camera is driving me nuts!!! I bought this camera from Amazon about a year ago and I mainly use it to take photos of my 1 yr old daughter. After taking about 20 shots while using the internal flash, the camera starts giving me "busy" errors and I would have to wait about 15 seconds before I can take another shot! I literally have to wait for 15 seconds on EVERY shot after the error appears! As a result, I would miss a lot of great shots of my daughter, because the flash has to recycle itself! I have read different forums online and many other people are getting the same problem, but Canon refuses to admit that there is anything wrong with the camera. I have had many Canon cameras before this and I never have any problems. Even my Canon SD450 point and shot takes photos using the flash and NEVER gives this error. This camera costs a lot more and performs very poorly. ...more info
  • From Professional to Amateur Perfection
    The best review I can give on this product is my personal experience with this camera. I have used everything from high end professional use cameras, to the disposable digital cameras, to the credit card sized middle-class digital cameras. I decided to jump to the middle ground for my last camera purchase, when I bought this one.

    I was in the same place a few months ago that many of you are in now; reading review after review on multiple websites. Each review lists many details, many of which are very similar. In all honesty, for most users, the minor details will not matter very much; it's more based on performance, which in this case, is top notch.

    I've had this camera for a few months now and I have absolutely zero complaints. My range of subjects differs from senior portraits, going out with my friends, to sporting events, etc. and this camera captures all of them with an ease. There are still elements on the camera that I am attempting to learn but the automatic capturing has been fully self explanatory.

    I believe this camera is perfect for people wanting to transition from a point and shoot digital to someone who is looking for a digital SLR. With 10.1 mega pixels, the picture quality is high. The 2.5" screen makes it easy to read and view pictures on a larger scale. There are also some different Picture Styles. This helps a lot when people aren't too computer savvy when attempting to create the perfect picture. You can adjust certain settings on the LCD screen in order to get the right look for your picture. ...more info
  • You'll never go back
    Once you go SlR you'll never go back. I got other point and shoot cameras, but never used them after I bought my SLR canon xti. The other day, I ran out of battery and I tried to used a point and shoot to get some picture of some abandoned kitties I found. Then I realized that once you get used to your SLR, you'll find p&s a nuisance. And let's not get into picture quality and pixels....more info
  • Simply amazing
    I've had this camera for almost two years now, and I've taken well over 10,000 pictures with it. I've never been happier with this digiecam than with any camera I used before. I went from a 35mm SLR to a hi-grade P&S digital, and then to the XTi; and haven't looked back since.

    I'll be upgrading to the XSi in the near future, basically the same camera with a little bit higher resolution sensor, live view and a few other bells and whistles. ...more info
  • It has been good for one and a half month until the charger burned
    I will come back to modify this review when I hear the result from either J&R or Canon.
    I was doing a ten day trip and shot a lot of pictures. So I bascially charged two batteries every other day alternatively. Unfortunately, the fourth or fifth time the charger just went bad. I had to shoot pictures very selectively.
    When I came back, I sent an email to J&R and they asked me to call Canon service since my charger is still under warranty. So I called canon, and was very disappointed to be told that the charger was not covered in warranty!
    The rep kept asking me whether the charger was damaged when I received it! I am trying to contact with both J&R and canon and see how this got resolved.
    ...more info
  • Great camera and great price!
    Bought this for my adult son for Christmas...he is an amateur photographer, and he loves it! It takes beautiful pictures - very clear and crisp. ...more info
  • So much fun!
    This is a great little DSLR. It's super-light (by DSLR standards) and takes some amazingly detailed photographs. Don't forget a good flash (580EX-II) and good portrait lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.)...more info
  • Excellent experience!
    I am very very happy with the quality and service I received from Cameta Camera. ...more info
  • I love this XTi Rebel!!!
    I bought this for my boyfriend's (now husband) b-day back in March. We both have only been accustomed to using point & shoot digital cameras. This Rebel is very user friendly and takes GREAT pics! The 10.1MP allows you to take beautiful shots and you can print enlargements that look professional!
    The only draw-back I have is that it doesn't allow you to use the LCD monitor to take the pics, only for viewing pictures already taken. Something about the mirrors.....blah blah blah. But we're used to it now.
    Other than that, we use the camera on a weekly basis.
    Thanks Canon for making such a camera at such an affordable price.
    LA in TX...more info
  • One of the best Canon has ever made...
    There are over 600 reviews on this camera, and over 90% of them are 4-5 stars. So, why would I add my 2 cents? Because this model is simply one of the best Canon has ever made.
    I'll give you three simple reasons why:
    1. Value--for the price, this camera is awesome. You can take professional quality photos that look like they were shot with a $4,000 camera. Purchasing this camera leaves room in your wallet for great accessories (especially lenses), books, and maybe even lessons, that will really make your pics stand out. Spend money on accessories and knowledge, not the camera body!
    2. Image Quality--I have taken pictures that people thought were done by a professional. Just the other day Walgreens wanted me to produce a copyright release for a picture THAT I TOOK MYSELF. They thought it was professional. I've tested this camera against the 40D and 5D models. Not much difference in image quality, period.
    3. Ease of Use--It was not hard to learn how to use the advanced features of this camera. I was snapping decent photos right out of the box. Reading the manual got me photos that were twice as good. Then I bought a couple of books here on Amazon related to the Rebel and digital photography in general, and now people are willing to PAY for pictures that I have taken.

    Please don't think I'm writing this review just to brag about myself. My point is this: 10 months ago I couldn't take a decent picture to save my life. Now, photography is a serious hobby that I truly love. I owe this enjoyment to the low price and great quality of the Rebel Xti.

    For other newbies out there, I'll list three books that will take you a very high level for an amateur. I recommend reading them in this order. "Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/400D Guide to Digital SLR Photography by David D. Busch," "Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera (Updated Edition) by Bryan Peterson," and "The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby."

    ...more info
  • Very nice DSLR camera by Canon
    This is my third Canon DSLR camera. I own a Canon Digital EOS Rebel 6.3 MP (which I can't use in AF mode, but otherwise works great). I also own an XT (which my daughter now uses) and the XTi. With each new generation of DSLR cameras Canon makes subtle (and not so subtle) improvements. The end result is that each new camera line is subtantially better than the one it follows. The changes from the XT to the XTi are not great; if you already own an XT you may wish to skip the XTi and move to the next generation of Canon's prosumer DSLR. But if you want a second DSLR body and want to save some bucks over the XS and XSi, then get a TXi, you will be happy. For me, what makes the XT series better than the XS series is the use of CF memory cards in the XT series. The XS series uses SD/SDHC memory cards which are a lot smaller. The smaller card is nice because it helps save weight, but personally I prefer the larger cards (they are harder to lose). The XTi DSLR is a great camera and coupled with the Canon 28-105mm USM standard telephoto lens you will have a fomridable combination of glass and body - you can't go wrong here.
    ...more info
  • Great deal
    Great camera, fast shipping and delivery. I found the camera easy to use, takes great pictures. ...more info
  • I will only ever own Canon.
    I've waited for years to buy something better than a PowerShot. I've never taken photography classes, always loved taking pictures, and have been told many times I have a good eye. This is the perfect camera to help me realize my full novice potential. I don't know how it rates with old school SLRs or even comparable products, but I do know that I love it and will keep it with me always. You never know when a perfect photo op will present itself....more info