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  • Classic
    The Matrix
    This movie should be in everyone's collection. The Matrix one of those movies that just has something special about it. I personally don't think it's perfect, but I agree that you need this in your collection. This is probably one of my favorite series of movies.

    You follow a character named Neo. Neo has lived a fairly normal life as a hacker. He has been tracking down a man named Morpheous, and the strange aura that attracts Neo to Morpheous. Neo eventually meets Morpheous and a group of people. Morpheous asks Neo is he wants to know what The Matrix is. The story is kind of weird because Neo seems to know everything without being told about it. He knows about the Matrix already, but has no idea what it is. I don't know if that makes sense, but I'm just trying to say he's heard of everything already. Anyway, Neo says yes. He is than asks to take a pill if he wants to know the truth. Neo takes the pill and appears in world he's never seen before.

    He turns out to be in the Real World, and the world he used to be in was the computer program called The Matrix. Neo learns that machines rule humans. The machines now grow humans to produce electricity for themselves. The survivors are now struggling to fight off these machines. Morpheous believes that Neo is what a prophecy called The One. The One was supposed to end the war bring peace to everyone.

    The movie has a real Alice in Wonderland feel to it. He is sucked out of his world and put in a mysterious new world. The story takes awhile to get going, but once it gets going it is great. You will see heart-pounding action, great story telling, and insane camera work.

    Extras include your basic behind the scenes and commentary along with a few other things. These are all good to watch. I don't think they are enough to up this movie to a 5 star though.

    Like I said at the beginning of the review, you need this in your collection. If your collection consists of only a few movies, this should be one of them....more info
  • The One with The Gun
    One of my favorite sci-fi movies ever. The Matrix puts the 'I' in sci-fi, in my opinion, that is. Keanu Reeves is one awesome actor. The thing I like the most about this movie is the adventure. Even though they don't really go anywhere, I like how they've been through like a lot of stuff, and the music keeps the intensity and suspense in the movie, and is able to show you exactly what's going on. I also love how smoothly they take one half of the movie and make it a scientific explanation for what's going on and all that, and the other half with action. They are able to fit it all in and make it one awesome movie....more info
  • The Matrix - 8/2008
    The Matrix is a many-layered shoot-em-up pure fantasy for adults. The post-Ragnar?k grimness is balanced by the optimism of the Bodhisattva, Neo. Ten years after this film was made, the technology portrayed is still current, the story is still compelling, it is worth the effort. Take the red pill.
    ...more info
  • enjoyable but not credible
    I liked this movie, I mean its worth watching, but its all the while a question of "suspend your disbelif", because this is just so unlikely. i dont know if the problem is the genre that its science fiction or what, buyt its hardly credible. pure fantasy. but fun...more info
  • The Unofficial Sequel to "The Truman Show"?
    I first saw this movie in the theater back in 1999. It had its moments, but not many. To start, the acting is terrible. Keanu Reeves has the emotive ability of a toaster, and Carrie Ann Moss is about as sympathetic as the ubiquitous sexy sidekick babe in a generic video game. Lawrence Fishburne comes off a bit better, but his dialogue is the most pretentious, ridiculous garbage I've ever heard. I imagine the characters in this film spend about six hours out of every day designing the leather bondage costumes they'll wear next time they're in the Matrix.

    For the first half of the movie, it seems to be interested in questioning reality, which, as the title to my review suggests, was already done more topically in previous films. "The Matrix" is astounded by what it perceives as its own brilliance, but for those of us who have thought of its ideas before, there are few surprises. Some people I know were blown away when Neo discovers the truth behind his reality, but I was waiting for something interesting to happen.

    "The Matrix" has been praised for its originality, but it suffers from two traditional and clich¨¦d movie formulas. First, Neo is the Chosen One (notice that "neo" is an anagram of "one." Was this supposed to be suspenseful?) who is destined to save the human race, bring balance to the Force, etc. He dies and comes back to life, like Jesus. Of course, to begin with he was just a pasty hacker in a crummy apartment and an anonymous office job, giving hope to all the spotty teenage geeks in the audience that they too might become the Messiah one day.

    The second fault is the movie's reliance on action. Instead of coming up with interesting and exciting ways for two people to fight each other in virtual reality, Neo and Co. whip out their guns and start shooting. The techno music begins, and the audience is treated to several slow-motion kicks and scenes of people dodging bullets. I'm not sure how they manage all this, because nobody ever takes off their sunglasses to see properly. If the villains of the movie really were programs in the Matrix, shouldn't they be able to manipulate it without having to resort to kung fu?

    Anyway, I didn't like this movie. "Dark City" is a better, more original version of the same premise, without the Chosen One nonsense or the martial arts....more info
  • Simulacrum and Simulation
    WARNING: This review contains spoilers! DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN THE FILM!

    Every once in a great while a film comes along that changes everything and revolutionizes the way films are made. It happened with Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Steven Spielberg's Jaws, and George Lucas' Star Wars... now we are given Andy and Larry Wachowski's The Matrix. The Matrix not only has a cool, cyberpunk, hyper stylized look and jaw-dropping special effects, it also features an intelligent story that is often overlooked by the mindless action junkies. The story unfolds at a feverish pace while we, the viewers, are given the thrill ride of a lifetime.

    Thomas Anderson worked a menial desk job at a major software company. In his spare time he leads a double life as Neo, a computer hacker, and it is as Neo that he gained the attention of some very strange people. One night, after falling asleep in front of his computer, Neo wakes up to find a message flashing on the monitor. "Wake up, Neo... The Matrix has you... Follow the white rabbit. Knock, knock." Not two seconds after reading this message, the door knocks. It's only one of Neo's friends stopping by to pick up a disc, or is it? Neo notices that his friend's girlfriend has a tattoo of a white rabbit on her shoulder, so naturally when he's invited to go to a rave he agrees out of curiosity. Once there, Neo is overwhelmed by the blaring rock music, the flashing strobe lights, and he's just considering leaving when a beautiful woman dressed in a slinky black outfit approaches him. She introduces herself as Trinity, a name that Neo is already familiar with. She's an expert hacker and an ally to Morpheus, a mysterious man that the authorities are after. Trinity tells Neo that he's in danger, that she understands him and his growing feeling of disenchantment, that she can help him, and that Morpheus can answer the question that's been eating away at his subconscious: What is the matrix?
    The next morning Neo wakes up and realizes that he's late for work. When he arrives there his boss lectures him saying, "You have a problem with authority, Mr. Anderson. You believe that you are special, that somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously, you are mistaken." After his reprimand his day only gets worse. He receives a FedEx package containing a cellular phone, which immediately begins to ring. When he answers it he hears, for the first time, the voice of Morpheus. "I don't know if you're ready to see what I want to show you, but unfortunately you and I have run out of time. They're coming for you and I don't know what they're going to do." Over the phone Morpheus gives Neo instructions to on how to escape the building without being seen, but Neo fails to follow these instructions. He's taken into the custody of several strange agents, who interrogate him and plant him with a "bug".
    Neo wakes up the next day believing that all the events of the previous day had been a dream, until he gets a phone call from Morpheus who cryptically tells Neo that he is "The One". They agree to meet at a safe location. When Trinity picks up Neo, she asks him to lift his shirt because she thinks he may be "bugged". Trinity reveals a large, awkward, high tech contraption that she uses to locate and remove the "bug". She then takes Neo to an old deserted building where he finally meets Morpheus face to face. Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to know the truth about the Matrix. He explains that no one can be told what the Matrix is, that they have to see it for themselves. Morpheus produces two pills and then offers Neo a choice: Take the blue pill and his life will return to normal, but if he takes the red pill Morpheus will reveal to him the mystery of the Matrix. Neo, with a little hesitation, takes the red pill and his world begins to dissolve, literally. The next thing he knows is that he's naked, covered with cords and wires that are plugged into his body, and that the vat of amniotic fluid he's been sleeping in is suddenly drained away, pulling him down through a series of tunnels and depositing him in a lake of waste. A large airship comes to his rescue and removes him from the grimy water. When Neo reawakens, Morpheus tells him that his entire world, his entire existence was fabricated, that he had been subjugated by an illusory reality designed to keep him compliant. The real world turns out to be a nightmare and the nightmare a reality. In the real world, the machines have long ago developed artificial intelligence, and taken over the surface of the planet as they use human beings as their energy source. The Matrix, as it turns out, is nothing more than an elaborate set of programs meant to deceive human beings so that the machines may parasitically feed off their semi-conscious bodies. Neo's life has been an empty dream world... but there is hope.
    Morpheus has been leading a band of freedom fighters who live in the real world and hack into the Matrix through a pirate signal, to free humanity from the clutches of the machines. Morpheus tells Neo of a techno-mystical prophecy that one day a man will be born who will liberate humankind and end the war between the living and the mechanical. Morpheus trains Neo to become their champion in a virtual reality simulator, where Neo learns martial arts. He is also taught how to adapt his mind so that when he next enters the Matrix, he will be able to fortify himself for protection as well as bypass the laws of physics (mainly gravity). But they also face great obstacles, both in and out of the Matrix. In the real world they must deal with Sentinels, robots that are squid like in appearance and armed with a deadly arsenal. Within the Matrix, there's the threat of the Agents who eliminate any dissenters. Of these Agents, Agent Smith is the most dangerous for his programming was flawed. He is capable of experiencing human emotions such as ambition, pride, and a general contempt for all organic living things. Soon Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity have begun a revolution from which there can be no turning back. They will either end the tyranny of the machines or be crushed in the attempt.

    The concept that our perceived reality is a mere illusion is by no means revolutionary. Since ancient times, philosophers and scientists have suggested the possibility of alternate realities which are only accessible through the mind. What makes The Matrix so fascinating is that it combined this metaphysical idea with modern technology, contemporary politics, social counterculture, and martial arts action. The film also has an underlying spirituality and frequently makes references to world religions and mythologies. The iconic characters are played to perfection by a talented cast including Keanu Reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Joe Pantoliano as Cypher, and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. Though it was released in 1999, The Matrix has often been cited as the film that ushered in the new millennium. It is a high energy, thought provoking modern masterpiece.

    Also recommended:
    Philip K. Dick: Five Novels of the 1960s & 70s
    The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Star Wars Trilogy
    Blade Runner
    The Terminator
    Dark City
    The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture...more info
  • Enter The Matrix -- You Won't Be Disappointed
    The Matrix is a pivotal film in the history of film. While that may seem overstated, The Matrix deserves every ounce of acclaim it has garnished over the years. Before this film, we didn't truly know action could be so good!

    Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a mundane computer geek who lives an equally mundane existence. Until he takes an unexpected trip down the rabbit hole. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), the legendary man who is only whispered about by the kind of people Neo knows, contacts him and offers him a choice: Learn what the Matrix is, or stay in your regular old life and remain unfulfilled.

    He asks, "Did you ever have a dream you were so sure was real?" The philosophical influences in the Matrix are obvious to anyone familiar with works of Descartes. Neo chooses to learn what the Matrix really is, and that's when the fun really begins. Trinity (Carrie- Ann Moss) kicks some serious butt. Neo finds out the truth is scarier than fiction, and that reality is never what it seems to be. Love soon develops between Neo and Trinity, but not before Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) steps in to try to stop any hope from triumphing in a world dominated by killer machines. Are you ready for The Matrix?
    ...more info
  • Great Film
    I can't believe that it's been 9 years since this movie's release. I remember my date and I talking about this movie for hours afterwards. The whole concept was so fresh and imaginative...and deep. I think the greatest crime was for the powers that be to turn the film into a trilogy. I saw the second movie and never saw the third. That's how much they ruined it for me. Keanu, an extremely lucky and untalented actor, turned up gold with this script. The art direction and graphics still manages to impress and even after all this time, the action and suspense of this film is still razor blade sharp. Excellent filmmaking....more info
  • YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God, this movie SUCKED! Stupid story, bad acting (hey it's got Kenau in it--'nuff said), and it moves VERY slow. Just a boring movie with great special effects. Overrated drek. Avoid at all costs, unless you have a problem with insomnia, and this will definately cure it.

    Oh by the way, I did get it before anyone asks. Just because I didn't like this movie, that does NOT mean that I did not get it. ...more info
  • Man vs Society, with modern special effects
    So let's take the Man vs Society theme, set it in a sci-fi plot, and use the latest special effects.

    Slo mo bullets and super-slo-mo blood splattering. How many bullets and corpses can we get in a scene? What can we do to out special/effect all the other movies that have come out?

    It ends up being a pandering effort at those who love a gore-fest.

    Not even worth one sequal, much less two....more info
  • Good movie
    I love keanu Reeves as an actor. The matrix movies are just another great acting of Mr. Reeves.
    Full of excitment.I have all three movies. Like them all.They won't lst you down....more info
  • One of the great Sci-Fi movies of all time...
    What more can I say? Nothing like this movie had ever been seen before. It revolutionized cinematography wth "Bullet-time" and created a multi-million dollar franchise that spawned two additional movies, a video game, an animated film...Great story, great effects, if you haven't seen this yet, where have you been?...more info
  • The Matrix
    The Matrix is a great movie. I ordered it and it arrived in good time and in good condition. I am happy with the service....more info
  • Matrix 10th anniversary Blu-Ray
    Obviously, this is a great movie for special effects. The biggest upset was seeing a noticeable difference between the basic DVD and the Blu-Ray version. Neither the sound or video made me go "Wow, what a difference". I would recommend this movie to any who don't already own a's a must own in that respect!...more info
  • Unmatched
    Before seeing this movie, I didn't even know there WAS a red pill.

    Thank you brothers W...more info
  • Great Blu-Ray, Great Movie!
    I won't go into detail in regards to the movie plot, as we all know just what the Matrix is all about. I will say this, though, The Matrix is an instant classic, which will be looked upon for many years to come. It brought not only a sense of "cool" and "style" to the action genre, but it bended the very though of cinema with "bullet time." Great movie.
    Now, unto the Blu-Ray.
    The video is wonderful. Though you will mainly be seeing many shades of green and earthy colors on your display, the BD still strikes as demo-worthy. Color representation is great, with those greens looking very vivid, the blacks are just wonderful, very bold and inky. Detail is also top-notch, making sure you get ingest every single pixel in the Matrix. Great transfer, WB.
    The audio is another great TrueHD track by WB. Bass is wonderfully strong, dynamics are strong throughout, and the clarity of the dialogue is on target. Pans are seamless, and even though the mix is 10 years old, it will still impress. Jump to the chapter where Morpheus is being held by the agents, and you will hear some great HD sound.
    Overall, a package that is worth the money, specially if one disliked the other two dissapointing sequels. Take the red pill, and see the Matrix in HD.
    5 out of 5....more info
  • The movie was still great but...
    Blu-Ray was supposed to mean more... More extras, more clarity. I keep finding, not only with rereleases of older movies, but also with new movies, that a lot of the special features not only fail to fill the screen, but they look like crap. Seriously, if you're going to put the time in to bring a movie to Blu-Ray, you need to get your act together and make the entire disk BLU-RAY!

    Tired of this......more info
  • I would recomend this blu
    Cool book cover case. The picture quality is not the greatest of blu's, but it's not to bad either. I would give picture quality a 3/5 and sound 4/5...more info
  • Technically, this movie can't be beaten. But what is it's message?
    I've enjoyed the segments I've seen of this movie, but had yet to see the whole thing. Visually, this movie cannot be beat.

    Also, I think Marcus Chong deserved more notable billing for his portrayal as Tank. He made the movie, in my opinion.

    The directing is great. The angle shown of the agent dodging bullets differed from the hero doing the same thing, and this added to the suspense and the concern for the hero.

    The story is a bit on the dark side, without one conclusively knowing who survived except for Neo (Keanu Reeves). This movie had spiritual overtones that I want to comment on.

    In an internet group I'm on, someone compared this movie with the Chronicles of Narnia, and said this movie was more Christian than Lewis' classic series. Having seen the movie, I really disagree.

    This movie fits into a relativistic mindset. There are no absolutes. The oracle told Neo "what he needed to hear", but that turned out to be a lie. Neo definitely fits into a substitute Messiah, having skills the others do not have. The ideal, though, is to be antinomian, that is, without rules. This is contrary to Biblical Christianity.

    Just my thoughts.

    ...more info
  • Overrated
    The Matrix is a run of the mill summer movie that for some strange reason gained a cult following. I swear, I really didn't hate The Matrix at the beginning. It was a summer movie, entertaining for the duration of the show, forgettable afterwards.

    Keanu Reeves is well suited to play stiff, blank-faced humanoid type characters in science fiction movies... well, because he can just be himself, and all that effort of acting is not getting in his way. So he wasn't the problem. I have enjoyed watching Hugo Weaving in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Proof, so that was a definate plus. The special effects were a bit too self-satified and flashy, but who cares, give the masses eye-candy.

    No, what put me off was the mass hysteria that followed. Have you ever seen pictures of screaming teenage girls at a Beatles concert? It was like that, but with grown men. There was a guy, whom I previously considered reasonable, explaining to me how this movie just blew his mind, how incredibly original and philosophically deep it was. I was looking at him wondering what on earth he was talking about. The philosophy of this movie has the depth of a kiddie pool. Everything in it is covered in your average Philosophy 101 class - you know, the one that the graduate students teach, because the professor has better things to do. The plot, once you brush off the SFX glitter is nothing Hollywood haven't regurgitated million times before. As matter of fact, it is the standard Reluctant Hero plot: shy young boy/man is told that he is special, The One. He at first rejects the idea, but of course eventually gives in and ends up saving the day/world/Princess Leia/etc.

    The endless gushings about The Matrix finally made me just really hate the movie, and boycotting all the follow-ups. I'm still stupefied by all the hubbub. ...more info