NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service - The Complete Second Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 11/14/2006

NCIS takes the CSI formula, throws in a good dose of JAG, and comes up with an entertaining series that takes advantage of the actors' likeability. The season begins with the introduction a couple new regulars--agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and assistant medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen). And one cast member departs the show by the end of the season. The six-disc set includes all 23 episodes, which aired on CBS during 2004-2005. The show's sophomore year begins with "See No Evil," in which a Navy officer (guest star David Keith) is forced to embezzle millions of dollars, or risk having his wife and blind daughter killed by a kidnapper (played by Tom Cruise's cousin William Mapother). Led by Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), the crack NCIS team comes through to save the day and reveal the mastermind behind the twisted case. Gibbs doesn't display much more emotion this season than he did in the show's debut, but he's just as sarcastic (and even tempered) when being threatened. During one altercation, the mafia threatens to kill his father, brothers and uncles. Non-plussed, Gibbs calmly says that while he has no male relatives still alive, he'd be happy to fax over the numbers of his three ex-wives.

With the help of his ace medical examiner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum from The Man from U.N.C.L.E), Gibbs and his team are almost invincible when it comes to solving complicated crimes. Whether he's piecing together the bones of a body, or performing an autopsy on a crisply burnt poodle, Ducky is matter-of-fact as he talks to his dead "clients." Of his nervous but eager assistant Jimmy, Ducky notes, "He means well, but sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to slap him." This season, viewers get to see the romantic (and slightly gross) side of Ducky as he briefly romances a doctor half this age. Also on hand to aid (and annoy) Gibbs are happy-go-lucky Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), former Secret Service agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), and forensics expert Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), who can solve anything if you say "please" and bring her a Big Gulp to sip. Look for a gentle guest appearance by Charles Durning as a Medal of Honor recipient who wants to turn himself in for killing his best friend and fellow comrade during World War II. While the plot twists won't surprise most viewers, the acting, writing, and spirit of the episode leaves the viewer feeling satisfied. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • One of my favorite primetime programs
    My introduction to NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service came last spring as I watched several episodes of the third season with my wife and mother-in-law. I've enjoyed the program immensely, and with the DVD releases of Seasons One and Two, I have been able to do some catching up watching the show's earlier episodes.

    The series follows a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which handles crimes connected to personnel of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, ranging from murder and kidnapping to espionage and terrorism. Created by Donald Bellisario (Quantum Leap, JAG), NCIS originally began as a two-part episode of JAG in the spring of 2003. The program then debuted on CBS as a stand-alone series in September of that same year.

    Returning cast members from Season One include Mark Harmon stars as special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the no-nonsense leader of the NCIS team. Gibbs' teammates include former Secret Service agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), special agent and former homicide detective Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), forensics expert/goth chick Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) and Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum, best remembered as The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s Ilya Kuryakin), a quirky medical examiner. Rookie agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray), who was a recurring character in Season One, is now an NCIS regular.

    Season Two begins to deepen the show's characters, developing them and their working relationships with each other progressing from the previous season. Bellisario gets us more involved in the characters and the program, and he does a great job of building up toward the climax of the season. Season Two ends with a bang and serves well to set up the show's third season.

    This six-disc DVD set includes all 23 episodes of the second season of NCIS, plus several bonus features. The featurettes "Investigating Season 2" and "What's New in Season Two" provide a behind-the-scenes look at making of the second season episodes. "The Real N.C.I.S." goes inside the real life Naval Criminal Investigative Service featuring interviews with actual NCIS agents. This featurettes examines the differences between the TV program and the real NCIS, but also goes into how the writers consult with the real NCIS to develop realistic storylines for the show. Finally, Pauley Perrette takes us on a tour of the lab on the NCIS set.

    NCIS has quickly become one of my favorite television programs over the last year, and the DVD sets for Seasons One and Two have helped me catch up with the show's past. I look forward to the Season Three set, due for release on April 24th. NCIS: The Complete First Season is an absolute must-have for fans for the program, and a great introduction for newcomers to the show.

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  • NCIS Second Season
    This series is wonderful! Seeing season 1 through 5 in order really ties everything together. A must for NCIS fans!...more info
    NCIS is STELLAR television. After discovering the series on CBS in the fifth season, I started watching the re-runs on ION. The show is so awesome I wanted to back track through all of them, but the re-runs jump around the seasons. There's so much continuity, and the characters flesh out over time, it helps to watch this show in order from the beginning.

    Donald Bellisario said in an interview that he likes season 2 the best because the show "gelled." I like season 3 best when Ziva and Lauren Holly arrive and really spark up the show, but the last two episodes of season 2 are my all-time favorite from the entire NCIS series.

    Bellisario points out that the show's success and popularity has been entirely word-of-mouth, and every NCIS fan knows this is true. If a show can build an audience from the ground up with virtually no support from the network or press, it ends up stronger. It STILL doesn't get that much press, and it's STILL got a lousy web presence on the CBS website, but now it doesn't matter: a loyal audience just keeps on growing. The cast says in commentary that season after season, they assumed they would be cancelled. After all, CBS scheduled them opposite the most popular show on television. I was thrilled to hear that in its sixth season, NCIS moved ahead of American Idiot in the ratings. Very few other shows in television history could have pulled that off. BOOM, BABY!

    The characters are deliberately more interesting than the storylines. There's strong chemistry between the actors, and every one of them brings presence and personality. They are dimensional people who struggle with personal ethics and moral dilemma. Not to mention former UCLA quarterback Mark Harmon, son of a Heisman trophy winner, is still drop-dead gorgeous in his late 50's, and a superb actor in the lead role. You'll notice he can throw a grenade like Peyton Manning.

    I totally agree with the cast members who say in commentary they think the best moments in the show are the interactions between Gibbs and Fornell. There are a lot of great moments in every episode, but those are always perfectly executed scenes between two actors with an electric connection, and the elevator "conference room" is a touch of genius. You gotta love Fornell. I crack up every time he says "De-NOTE-zo."

    I get a kick out of how NCIS takes the Star Trek approach on technology. Some of it doesn't exist at the moment or is in its infancy, is illegal or requires permission or a warrant they either don't have or get like magic, would be highly improbable to go undetected, or would take more than one second to process, even for an MIT geek. But mixed with very cool real technology, such as iris security scanning, it comes off believable.

    A real NCIS guy in one of the commentaries says they do a good job of depicting the real agency. The head writer for NCIS was a Marine for nine years and says Harmon is a natural. The reason we've never heard of NCIS before, and that they make it a running joke on the show, is because the Navy intentionally kept the agency on the down-low. But Navy stuff is just too cool. The ships, the subs, the Seals, and even the sea itself. Harmon apologetically points out that the popular show is not making the real NCIS job any easier, but at least it's helping to attract new talent to the agency.

    The humor is what really makes NCIS exceptional, brave for a crime show. It's redefined "dramedy." So what if it's a hilarious crime show oxymoron? It's TV, after all, and they pull it off with perfection. Shows that are strictly dead serious and attempt more realistic forensics seem hopelessly dull in comparison now. Every other crime show on TV is suddenly trying to humanize and flesh out the characters, and attempting to interject humor into a dry script. Too little, too late, and way too lame. And more than a little obvious.

    They do need to be more careful about the actual facts of Middle East conflict and U.S. involvement, especially when most Americans don't know squat about the truth. Hamas is a democratically-elected Palestinian resistance group that would like the Israelis to stop killing their kids with missiles paid for with U.S. taxes, not a "terrorist" group. It was a serious misrepresentation. Then we had the Mossad operative chasing Al Qaeda cells because of "the holocaust." Huh? Since when is the Middle East responsible for the Jewish holocaust? The U.S./Israeli war against the Palestinians is confusing for Americans because it's so muddled and biased in the U.S. media. Travel outside the U.S. and it will all become crystal clear in about five seconds. David's Mossad, on the other hand, is considered a hardcore terrorist group pretty much everywhere but Israel and the United States. It is to the writers' credit that they portray her as a trigger-happy assassin who is literally in love with her knife, instead of just the typical TV Barbie Doll who happens to be from Israel. Since TV shows only muck politics up even more by unfairly and inaccurately lumping all things Middle Eastern into one big terrorist ball, and the fact that Palestinian genocide is not exactly looked upon favorably by the rest of the world, they should just do us all a favor and back away from the Israel issue altogether. Better to stick with Iraq, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, North Korea and domestic whack-jobs when the script calls for terrorists. In season 2 they begin to migrate into safer terrority with domestic crimes.

    The DVD set is well worth having because like other reviewers have said, you don't tire from watching episodes repeatedly.

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  • Great show
    I didn't rate this a five star because you have to select each episode individually you can't simply pick play all since this option isn't on this season. Otherwise great quality....more info
  • Better than CSI !
    Yes it is, hard to believe I know !
    While a very similar show in theory is very similar the sense of humor is much darker and its a slick, well scripted show with excellent plot lines, great characters and very funny moments.
    If you are a fan of CSI buy this and prepare to be blown away!!!!...more info
  • NCIS Great TV Show
    NCIS is a great show, season 1 was thrilling and season 2 was even more so with a very surprising finale which i can wait to see the results of in season 3!...more info
  • NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service - The Complete Second Season
    NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service - The Complete Second Season

    The welcomed return of Gibbs! This is the BEST television series I have ever watched. Gibbs and his team are up to their usual antics in a slick, professional manner that leaves my favourite CSI in the shade, I am afraid.

    The script is intelligent, the filming is fabulous, you are kept guessing with the plots and storyline. If you are a fan, hold onto your seat because this Season Two will thrill and excite you just as Season One did.

    After watching this, just as I was, you will be rushing on-line to buy Season Three! I enjoy watching on dvd because I can sit and watch as many episodes as I want back to back.

    They just never disappoint! Every single episode is as great as the last. What else can I say? You have GOT to see this!...more info
  • NCIS
    I enjoy watching NCIS. Can sit and watch them over and over. Each time I see somtething that I didn't see before. The charaters are great. I like them all!...more info
    This season was by far my fav, I love Cote de Pablo, so the into of her and the exit of Sahsa alexander, PERFECT!!...more info
  • best show on tv
    This is the best show on tv. It has good story line, great character interaction and the best cast. I watch it everyday....more info
  • Spanish Language
    Although not listed in the product details, this DVD version gives a Spanish language track as well!...more info
  • NCIS - 2nd Season
    We've enjoyed re-seeing some of the old episodes -- and we can watch them again and again! Good purchase that we'll enjoy for years!...more info
  • Great show
    I have been hooked on this show since the beginning - I plan on purchasing all of the seasons so I can enjoy them all over again... minus the commercials!...more info
  • Hard to beat
    When you like NCIS its hard to have anything bad to say as long as the set is for the season you ordered and they aren't damaged....more info
  • NCIS
    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I cannot wait to watch it every week. The DVD's I recieved are in excellant condition and I enjoy them very much. I hope to buy the complete series as soon as I can.
    Sincerely, Marilyn Jo Weaver...more info
  • ncis season 2
    The second season of ncis is what I consider the season for new beginnings. And having the disk set is really gratifying. The extras are great and the disk set is about as simple as you could want them to be, what I mean by that is that you dont have to go through a thousand steps to get to your shows, and I have not noticed anything missing from the shows. Except of course the commercials....more info
  • Great series to watch
    We're big fans of the NCIS series and loved the prices we found on Have more of the series order and hope to complete the sets soon....more info
  • NCIS is one of the best shows out there
    Season Two provides some great background into the characters attitudes and story lines that are present through today. As always, the show's dynamic cast and great writing shine through!...more info
  • Great service and transaction.
    The product was shipped as promised and arrived prior to the deadline. It was in great condition when I received the package....more info
  • Perfect
    I bought the second season for my husband b/c he's never seen this one season. The package arrived very fast and the condition was great it wasn't beat up or anything. He watched the whole season in a day and a half,LOL, and he loved it! Great buy, stores are trying to sell them for $45 and up, so this was a really great find! thanks....more info