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SIGMA BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $19.15

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Product Description

The BC 906 has everything a bike rider needs. Next to standard functions this all around computer is equipped with average speed. The computer is easily programmable with click buttons. If the battery is running low, a reminder alarms the bike rider before it is too late.

The ability to monitor individual rides, and overall training schedules is important to the serious cyclist. The BC 906 tracks your trip, your overall speed, distance, and riding time as well as allowing you compare your actual speed with your average speed. Complete functions include: clock; actual maximum and average speed; comparison of actual and average speed; trip and total distance; trip and total riding time; language selection (seven languages); and low-battery indicator. Also, the BC906's small, low-profile keeps wind resistance to a minimum, its twist-mount, no tools required design ensures quick installation and its included 3-volt lithium CR2032 battery provides long-lasting power. Whether you are a serious cyclist or a novice the BC 906 is simply everything you need in a bike speedometer.

General Functions:

  • 7 language settings, Dot matrix LCD readout, watertight design
  • Low battery indicator
  • Clock and model name in standby

Bike Functions:

  • Actual speed
  • Average speed
  • Comparison of actual and average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance (not shown while riding)

Time Functions:

  • Clock
  • Riding time
  • Total riding time bikes 1+2

What's in the Box?
BC 906 bicycle computer, two-piece spoke magnet set, bike sensor/receiver/mount with wire, 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery, 42mm O-ring, 32mm O-ring.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year warranty on defective parts or products.

About Sigma Sport
Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering. Sigma tests all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually throughout production. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved.

  • 9 Functions: speed, avg speed, max speed, speed comparison, trip distance, total distance, clock, ride time, low battery indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Easy to program/Tool Free installation
  • Waterproof

Customer Reviews:

  • Sigma BC 906 Bike Computer
    Sorry, I cannot agree w/ the reviews. I am returning this bike computer.
    Reason: This computer has cancelled out the trip distance every single time. Not once have I seen the milage biked. The distance biked jumped to 35 miles after a brief stop when I had biked only abt 11 miles. The O-rings attaching the bike computer to the handle bars are pathetic to put it mildly. If they break, the computer probably will hit the pavement.
    Not recommended....more info
  • Great speedometer
    Easy to install, works great, easy to read and the quarter turn mounting and dismounting is great...more info
  • A solid piece of equipment after a month of use
    The speedometer does exactly what you ask of it- no more, no less. It is relatively easy to install. however, when i put the part that anchors the computer onto the handle bar, i used a bit of adhesive to stick it to the handle bar to make sure it wouldn't fall off if i torqued it too much. The computer itself was easy to setup. it is easy to operate, the big fat button at the bottom lets you toy around with it while riding. i recommend this, especially for the price, but in the future, id like one with a temperature sensor....more info
  • Multi purpose
    I bought this for use as an R/C heli main rotor tach. All the sigma range can go up to 200kph, and can accommodate a wide range of wheel sizes.

    You also find motorcyclists using them as speedos for that same reason, and I have one as the readout on a storm-chasing type anemometer - so they're pretty versatile!

    As a bicycle speedo, it has a great clear readout, is nicely made with a good mounting system, and the magnet is strong so it's not overly sensitive to the air gap between the sensor and the magnet. Sigma definitley make quality, reliable units....more info
  • Bike speedometer
    Excellent product, easy to install. I wish it has a light to use it at night......more info
  • Track car speedo
    I have a small track car (Lotus 7) that does not have a working speedometer. The transmission itself does not have an exit port for the cable. The Sigma speedo was epoxied in place, the cable was lengthened and now it is ready to be used.SIGMA BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer...more info
  • Excellent tool for the money
    I have had this item for about 3 years now, and can say I am fully satisfied. I was looking for an inexpensive (less than $30) cycling computer, needed something that could tell me time, speed, trip distance, average speed... and found this beauty.

    You won't be disappointed with this cycling computer!...more info