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Like the high-revving imports and American muscle cars that roar down the streets of its south Florida setting, 2 Fast 2 Furious is tricked out to the max. While Vin Diesel opted for his XXX franchise, this obligatory sequel to The Fast and the Furious benefits from Diesel's absence, allowing returning star Paul Walker to shine while forging a lively partnership with rising star Tyrese, who fulfills his sidekick duties with more vitality than Diesel could ever muster. The Miami/Dade locations are another bonus, lending colorful backdrop to the most dazzling street-racing sequences (both real and digitally composited) ever committed to film. The plot is disposable--former cop Walker and jailbird Tyrese are recruited by the FBI to dethrone a thuggish kingpin (Cole Hauser)--but director John Singleton keeps the adrenalin pumping, enlisting a rainbow coalition of costars (including rapper Ludacris and Chanel supermodel Devon Aoki) to combine a hip-hop vibe with full-blown action while showcasing hot babes, edgy humor, and some of the coolest cars that ever burned rubber. Heed the movie's warning, kids: Let the stuntmen do the driving. --Jeff Shannon

Universal 2 Fast 2 Furious - HD-DVD
The adrenaline-fueledthrill ride that began with The Fast and The Furious takes an explosive new turn in 2 Fast 2 Furious! Its the nitro-fueled answer to the question: how fast do you like it?
Now an ex-cop on the run, Brian OConnor (Paul Walker) hooks into outlaw street-racing. When the Feds strong-arm him back, OConnors no rules, win-or-die skills are unleashed against an international drug lord. With his velocity-addicted buddy (Tyrese) riding shotgun, and a drop-dead-gorgeous undercover agent (Eva Mendes)dialing up the heat, 2 Fast 2 Furious acceleratesthe action into a desperate race for survival, justiceand mind-blowing, jaw-dropping speed!

Customer Reviews:

  • A Little Less Fast Than the First One...
    Two years after audiences made a surprise hit out of "The Fast and the Furious", Universal Pictures released the speed-injected sequel "2 Fast 2 Furious". Gone were most members of the original film's cast, except for Paul Walker who opted to return once again as Brian O'Connor, and joining him this time would be then-newcomer to the acting world Tyrese Gibson ("Four Brothers"), Eva Mendes ("Ghost Rider"), and Cole Hauser ("Pitch Black"), along with director John Singleton ("Shaft") filling up the director's chair in place of Rob Cohen.

    "2 Fast 2 Furious" finds Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker), now an ex-cop, living a life in hiding, yet still trying to prove just how fast he is in the world of street racing. But when the FBI catches up with Brian, he is given one final chance to do what is right by using his skills behind the wheel to assist in bringing down an international drug lord (Cole Hauser), or face the next few years behind bars. To do this Brian must enlist the aid of a former buddy (Tyrese Gibson) who is just as addicted to the rush of high velocities as he is, and hope that their combined racing prowess will be enough to get the job done before time runs out.

    With the original film, "The Fast and the Furious" audiences were given a movie that no one really had high expectations for, and in the end it became a massive hit for the summer of 2001. For "2 Fast 2 Furious" expectations were notably higher going in due to the great success of the original, but only having Paul Walker return for the sequel didn't seem to spell good things for this installment's future, at least not in my book. As it turns out I was wrong in my estimation that the missing element of Vin Diesel and most of the other cast members from the original would effect box office take, because "2 Fast 2 Furious" easily drove past where its predecessor finally parked on the box office tally sheet.

    The original film was essentially a story about loyalty between friends that live their lives on opposing sides of the law (as it turns out); for the sequel writers Michael Brandt & Derek Haas ("Wanted") along with original writer Gary Scott Thompson tried to take that initial theme and expound upon it. The main thrust of this film rests upon the decisions Brian made over the course of "The Fast and the Furious", and how those decisions for better or worse have affected his life today. By taking this route, not only do the writers actually enrich the story for the first movie by adding some new layers after the fact to Brian's character, but also strengthening this film by linking it directly into the action of the original (something that many franchises forget to do, and at times causes a movie within a series to feel unrelated in a way that is detrimental to the franchise). I did enjoy how the story gave us insight into Brian's and Roman's (Tyrese Gibson) history, and made their relationship in this film a parallel to Brian and Dom in the original. It was also interesting to see a different side to Brian's character than we have before. In the first movie he was a cop, so he was bound by the law (to an extent); in this film, no such restriction is in place, and Brian is much more care-free and most likely being himself, thus making him a little more interesting as a character.

    As strengthened as the film was by its link to the original, it was also hurt by it because it forced the inevitable comparisons between the two films to come even more naturally. The script for this film did have some weaknesses that detracted from the end result, some of which were problems in the first movie, just not to the extent that they are here. Numerous times throughout the movie the dialogue began to grow tiresome, especially the pervasive uses of the words "Yo", "Bro", and "Check it", all of which seemed to find its way into almost every single moment of Paul Walker's screen time. I know that in the first movie he used these words, and that it kind of solidified his surfer image; however, when it begins to become noticeable to the point that it's annoying, something has gone wrong. Along with that problem there were also several moments within the story that felt slow, as if the writers weren't really sure how to propel the story forward in an interesting way. It was at these times that the movie seemed to be meandering about aimlessly just waiting for the next action/racing sequence to begin so that the story could find its mojo once more. It was due to these problems, and a few other minor ones along the way, that caused "2 Fast 2 Furious" to stumble along in places, and in the end fall short of the standard set by the first film.

    A staple of this series is of course the racing sequences, and there are a plethora of such scenes in this installment, all of which are fun to watch no doubt about that. Yet, the problem with a franchise such as this, or any action series for that matter, is that it becomes harder in the sequels to make the action (in this case racing) seem fresh and original. No matter how hard you try the racing is going to resemble that which came before it, unless you explore a new style of racing or just go completely unrealistic with the scenes (which appeared to happen in a few instances in this film). With this problem standing in his way director John Singleton did manage to at least make the racing interesting by including more stunts into the sequences than had been done before, some of which were a little harder to believe than others. It was this decision that helped keep the racing from feeling stale, yet also resulted in a more gimmicky feeling than the previous film's races had. Despite all that, director John Singleton did a very good job in trying to differentiate his movie from the original, while at the same time keeping a similar feel and tone. Not an easy task, but one that he managed to succeed in doing.

    As I stated earlier Paul Walker was the only primary cast member to return for this installment, and I had praised him previously for his work in the original film. However, for this movie he seemed unfocused and uninterested through several of his scenes, almost as if he were simply "phoning in" his performance. I'm not saying that Paul is the greatest actor of his generation, far from it actually, but his apparent aloofness to the material, and at times wooden portrayal, was very distracting. Despite the problems that Paul had in his role, there were several moments within the film where he actually came out of his funk, and delivered some very key scenes; namely those revolving around his past mistakes and how they have effected his decisions and choices ever since.

    Joining Paul Walker we have actor Tyrese Gibson, who has become quite a decent actor in his own right since this film. Now, his performance in this movie is troubled like Paul Walker's, but for different reasons. Unlike Paul, Tyrese clearly enjoys his role, and seems to really be trying to invest himself in the performance; however, his talent had not yet been honed enough to let him fully deliver in all his scenes. This is best illustrated by what is easily one of the worst line readings within this film, and reminds me of Hayden Christensen's horribly flat utterance of the words "Don't underestimate my power!" in "Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith", which is, "I have a problem with authority." Wow, could a line be delivered any flatter and with any less conviction, obviously it could be if Hayden had delivered it, but still that was atrocious and by all accounts should have resulted in another take to try to get it right (take note director John Singleton).

    Alongside the two leads is actress Eva Mendes as an undercover FBI agent working inside the drug cartel. Eva was very good in this role, and had the good fortune of actually receiving a female character that was given more to do in this film than Michelle Rodriguez or Jordana Brewster was in the first one. Cole Hauser as the drug lord gave a decent performance, and seemed to do the best he could with what he was given to work with. The problem with his character was that he wasn't really a guy that was all that interesting, and truth be told he seemed more like a stock villain from any other action film. I know that the main focus for this series will always be the cars, but a little effort could have been put into making this villain a little more of a threat and much more developed as a character. Truthfully, even though we rooted for him, Vin Diesel's character Dom was in essence a bad guy in the original movie, but it was the way his character was developed to be a more complicated guy than what you merely see on the surface that made him so interesting. That is what was sorely lacking in this movie's villain; I'm not saying you need a villain that you can root for, but at least give me one that isn't so one-dimensional.

    All that being said, for me "2 Fast 2 Furious" was a generally fun ride with plenty of high-energy racing, a decent story, and average acting for the most part (with a few bright spots here and there); however, the movie never did quite capture what made the first one such a success, so it does fall somewhat short in the end.

    "2 Fast 2 Furious" is rated PG-13 for violence and language....more info
  • Not as good as the first
    Could be better, some one told Paul Walker he could act and they keep paying him for it. Way to go Paul....more info
  • the best movie.
    ne 1 who doesn't like this movie...there is something wrong w/u...if u dont like the plot..@ least appreciate the cars that r in this movie..if u dont even like those..look @ the god damn girls! OH MAN! Miami has the title of having some of the most beautiful women on the free world! So unless your gay (nothin against ya), or just a geek or hates everything but computers and pocket protecters..u better like this movie..im out.
    PEACE...more info
  • never recieved item
    the item was paid for at the same time as a few other items. I have received them all except for this movie. ...more info
  • Moronic but awesome
    This movie has a strange appeal.
    It not only brings out your atavistic side but it also shows a simple and very often touching comradery not only between the two main characters but also the entire group of the good "bad" guys.
    The plot is simple and mindless but it is a great ride, particularly on a 57" HD TV....more info
  • a sequel that sucks? gee what a surprise
    -The original "Fast and Furious" was fun, and packed with Michael Bay
    moments that would make any short attention spanned teen giddy with
    excitement, now we have a pointless sequel that's a great example
    movies that you forget the very second you watch it. The pointless
    movie begins with a CGI race where Paul Walker's character wins, after
    that the FBI or cops offer him a deal where if he can take down a drug
    kingpin then he's past sins will be forgotten and he can get back to
    being a cop. Since Universal wouldn't cough up $20 mil. for Vin Diesel
    to return for the sequel they went with Tyrese. He did an amazing job
    in Singleton's "Baby Boy" but in this, his gifts are wasted. Everyone
    in this crap is wasted.

    -The movie has some very hot girls just like in the first one, great
    music and sound, great looking cars and the classic B movie overacting,
    but that's about the only good things it has going for it. It almost
    makes me wish that the first movie hadn't done so well, so we wouldn't
    suffer through movie. If you must watch this waste of timer then please
    watch it on Starz or borrow it from a friend who thinks it's the
    greatest movie ever.

    -John Singleton, you're breaking my heart...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great movie. Everybody's saying "OH ITS SOOOO UNREALISTIC SO IT SUCKS". So wait... just because its unreleastic means it automatically sucks? Wrong answer. The movie that does suck is Lord Of The Rings, kill that movie and watch this. Peace out....more info
  • Better than the first.
    I can't understand how people can say this sequal is not as good or not better than the first.
    Do you miss Vin? He's kinda irrelevant to this story. The action is there. great driving and stunts. Paul Walker is just a fun guy to watch. I recommend it. I own it and watch it all the time....more info
  • "Entertaining, But The First One Is Better"
    Come back Vin Diesel. Diesel turned down this film because he wanted more money, bad mistake. "2 Fast 2 Furious" made almost as much money as the first one in the box-office. This film was entertaining, the girls were hot, but I left the theater, wanting more....more info
  • Tyrese Did It For Me
    I might potentially have groupie tendencies when it comes to Tyrese. Pretty much any movie that he's put in, I'm going to track run to the show to see. To put in one of my other favorite things to look at (cars) only complimented the movie more. The cop in "The Fast and the Furious" is on the lookout to arrest some dealers and needs some manpower to help him out. He comes up on an ex-con and a past friend, Tyrese's character, to help him fight the bad guys. Again, I don't get into action movies, but pretty much every time Tyrese came on set, I was all eyes and ears. I didn't really get into Eva Mendez's character and the end of the movie was way too Hollywood for me, but the building of the plot, and again the cars, helped it out some. I was also delighted to see Ludacris in this one....more info
  • Not Even Worth Finishing
    Saw the previews of the first movie, but I wasn't expecting too much from that. I tried to finish both the first and the second, but that didn't work out too well...I felt these films didn't deserved to be watched all the way to the end. I don't know how some of y'all were able to sit through this poor excuse of a movie, and that includes the first. All I really have to say is you if you like this movie or maybe a better version of it...Y'all should really consider watching Cops and those insane police chases shown on TV. After all this is just another episode of Cops with guest actors in it....more info
  • A Worthy Sequel
    Pretty good flick. Much better than I expected. Pretty decent story line. Fans of the first will definetely enjoy this. Tyrese Gibson can act...Who knew ? Great action, and all the car chases you can handle...probably more. Eva Mendes is nice to look at...as always, and Cole Hauser is cool as hell...as always. If hot cars, hot girls, great action and a better than expected story are your thing....Give this a look. A generally good film. 3 Stars....more info
  • More like a Model T
    2 Fast 2 Furious is a stupefying glance into Hollywood. It seems to represent a new kind of filmmaking where the bare minimum will do, revealing a real contempt for even the popcorn movie audience.

    The film shouldn't be expected to do much to begin with. If you ever saw the preview, you'd think it was supposed to be stupid, summer fun. There's nothing wrong with that, everyone grew up with popcorn summer movies in their lives, whether it was the 70s, 80s, 90s, whatever. But this is a new chapter, I think. The line between good video games and movies like this has been completely blurred. I found the film so inept in even the intended aims, that I sat open-mouthed, speechless, watching the film unfold in what seemed like three times its actual length.

    I don't know where to begin. The first film was what it was, a summer popcorn movie with fast, silly street machines racing, Vin Diesel inventing a career, and that was about it. A sequel was almost a no-brainer, indeed.

    First off, I'm in disbelief that this was directed by John Singleton. A promising young black director back when Boyz in the Hood appeared, he has now been completely neutralized by Hollywood. After all, why should white directors have a monopoly on crap? I can only hope Singleton was paid well for his troubles, as I believe his does have some talent.

    The film takes place in Miami, where the 'hero' of the original, no longer a copy, is now living a subsistence life street-racing. He gets involved with some Cuban drug barons and an old friend who wound up in jail, etc, etc. It doesn't matter. The story and plotting are so ludicrous, it doesn't matter. There isn't even an attempt at credibility, so I guess some credit is deserved. In fact, the only way to really watch a movie like this and even try to enjoy it is to completely disregard any story or plot, and just trust that the dots somehow connect, at least on paper. Speaking of Ludacris, he appears as some kind of heavily-connected gangsta thug who promotes these street races in neighborhoods the cops don't even bother patrolling.

    But the main draw of the film is the car chases, and the cars. And I have to say, even in this, they've pretty much failed to deliver. Yes, there are some wild street machines. And there are plenty of chases. But only a couple of stunts impress at all. There appeared to be so much trickery involving the scenes, it was disappointing and lame. The opener says it all. I don't know how they've done it, but the shots of the drivers in their cars look very fake and processed. Sure, I know the actors aren't driving, but you can tell digital fakery was involved, and if you look closely, there is a dearth of scenery from real, actual, impressive stunt driving. It looks boring, and that's the real crime.

    The acting is appalling on all fronts. The only person of any note or credibility is James Remar, character actor extraordinaire, always with a menacing face. He has a side role. The two main stars are so bad, the film at times resembles a reading for the film, as opposed to the film. They both look like male models saying lines, and indeed, at least one of them is.

    If you like video games, go and play Midnight Club Street Racing 2, or Burnout and its sequels, because they are the equivalent of watching this film. No, they're better, because you can control them, and end them when you wish. That it can't even deliver on the very simple, guilty-pleasure front it looks to be on is the real crime of 2 Fast.

    Not recommended, except if you're a car addict, and at least the film has a lot of extras....more info

  • Paul Walker finally yields his throne to...
    ... Tyrese Gibson, for WORST ACTOR EVER. Up to this point, I've been a huge Paul Walker fan for his comedically bad acting. He's made a career of it. In this one, his impressive acting techniques involve the use of the word "bro" at least 75 times (to give his character street cred), and thoughtfully rubbing his chin during meetings with the other cops - it's clear Walker is deeply considering his plight. But really Walker can't hold a candle to the absolutely atrocious acting of Tyrese Gibson. My god where did they find this guy? The movie would've been OK as a standard, mindless action film, but it really was ruined by the 6th grade drama club acting.

    Now you might be wonderning: who's the genius who decided to put these two together in a movie? But wait, there's actually method to this madness. Since their was no Vin Diesel, the director knew he had only Paul Walker left. And it's well known that Walker cannot carry a film (see "Timeline"). So what to do? Of course! Find an actor EVEN WORSE than Walker and cast them together! All of the sudden Walker doesn't look so terrible, because everyone's focusing on this other chump. And apparently it worked, because a lot of people enjoyed this film, and there's even a sequel. ...more info
  • great movie
    I loved this movie, looks back on Brian's life.
    Eva Mendes looked great!!!
    RENT IT FIRST. Then, if you like it, BUY IT!!!...more info
  • 2 fast 2 furious
    this was a christmas gift to a family member and she loved it. bought this and tokyo drift...she loves the trilogy! can't stop watching. recommened to those who like these types of movies...more info
  • action
    hello movie ' this is the first time i'm gonna do this and i really wanna be a member for this hmv review lol so please let me be the member for this kind of show times and can u send me some stuff that r u movies new and if u have somethink to contest or somethink new so there u go now can watch the preview now please show time now...more info
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
    This was on my grnddaughter's wish list. It is certainly not my kind of entertainment, but she loves it.
    Your service, delivery and ease of shopping made my holiday less work and more fun, thanks.
    Bettie Btodka...more info
  • Why?
    Why do people pay to see a movie like this? A bunch of slimy morons zooming around in cars. This is what you think is entertainment? Jesus christ!...more info
  • Better than the original?
    Its hard to say if this one is better than the original as there are differences between the two. First off the first had people you could really care about because it had the tension and acceptance for Brian and the drama of the gang finding out he was a cop. This one on the other hand is so fast paced that you can't tell what people are really thinking and what their reaction is going to be (Well it is Miami you know). This movie shows more about the cars and really, how tricked out they could be, expecially with great neons lights added to them (nice computer graphics there with the racing sequences as well). Pretty much the plot is Brian is on the run from helping a fugitive back in Fast and the Furious. He gets muscled by the FBI to either take down a drug lord by being one of his drivers. He tells the FBI that he wants to bring another driver with him and to have his record cleaned as well (which would of looked good with Vin being there). Lots of speed, sarcasm diaglog and great cars with the girls that go with them, this movie is meant to be a high impact fast paced movie. The only problem that I had was that Mia (Brians love interest from the first movie) was nowhere in this movie which almost made no sense since you had the impression that they were still good together when the first movie ended. If you like fast paced action or cars in general, a great movie to check out. If you don't like them... well see it anyways. ...more info
  • [3.5] Fast, but not too furious
    2 Fast 2 Furious is your typical sequal. The actions scenes and effects nearly double that of the original. We have a returning character - Brian O Conner (Paul Walker), with the rest of the cast composed of fresh faces that don't carry the same charm from the firt film. Then there is the story, script and dialouge - all felt thrown together with the excuse to produce a sequal so we can get another chance at more tricked out rides and races. Unfortunately unlike its predacessor, all that leaves an impression in the end is the race action.

    The film begins right away with an explosive street race in Miami at night, which I found more enjoyable than the street race in the first F&F film. In fact, this is one of the best action senes of the movie. At the finish line, cops arrive soon after and take in Brian, who is already wanted for helping Torretto escape in the first film. Brian's record can be wiped clean if he plays ball by going undercover and busting a big dealer in the area - Verone. Brian requests that his old pal "Roman Pierce" (Tyrese) accompany him to complete the deal. The pair go undercover, working for Verone, where another undercover (Eva Mendes) joins them. The whole Miami-drug dealer plotline felt too cliche, so it added very little interest for me. Verone was very boring as the villain and his men are laughably bad and uninteresting. The script and dialouge only adds to the problem, making the film as a whole seem very juvenille and thrown together as compared to the first film.

    The races and cars are obviously the reason to watch this. The first street race is probably the best, but there are numerous other races and cop chases on the highways throughout the film too. The driving felt faster and more intense this time around. Unlike the first film, we do not nearly get to see into these vehicles as much and what makes them tick (except the gps units the cops installed to watch both Brian and Rome). The two cars that they are given to drive in are nice, but like the owners of the two muscle cars in the film say, kinda look like "cracker jack toys". They just didn't have as strong appeal as the rides in the first film either. The bonus this time around was the muscle cars. There are several race and chase scenes involving these beautiful machines. So if you are into American muscle, there is definelty more of that this time around.

    This is an ok sequal, pretty average as far as sequals go. If you loved the first for the cars and races, you should be satisfied with 2F2F. However, the rest of the movie doesn't carry much else to even the load.

    This dvd (just like the Fast and the Furious Tricked Out Edition) contains a 6 minute short film of Brian's journey from L.A. to Miami, which sets up the beginning of this film.

    Acting - 3
    Action - 4
    Characters - 3
    Story - 3
    Overall - 3.5
    ...more info
  • The Fast and The Furious is way better than this one
    I cannot feel the quality of the film, although there are expensive cars. The story line is so so and the charactors didn't put much effor during filming. In The Fast and The Furious, I can feel the love, the friendship, the leadership and the emotion of Dominic's heart. In this movie, I felt that those racers are more like "gangs" rather than "teams". The friendship between 2 main charactors is just too weak to hold the story up....more info
  • Soft Core Car Porn
    2 Fast 2 Furious: 5/10: Okay so it's car porn. It's rather well done car porn. Stunningly brainless but rather fun in places 2 Fast 2 Furious gives us a candy colored version of street racing with a plot that is best not even discussed.

    After all you don't watch this for the plot. You watch it for the cars. A giant product placement for Mitsubishi among others the cars and characters are right out of a video game (the paint jobs match the personalities) and kudos to the filmmakers for keeping the CGI to a minimum. The movie made me want to trick out my old Dodge Dart.(Electric Blue paint job with matching neon on yeah baby).

    Director John Singletary moves the cars around like he has been directing Burt Reynolds's movies all his life. (This is not a criticism and the fact he avoids Cannonball Run style humor is another plus.) Singletary who usually films much more important movies, (what's next Scorsese's Jaws 5 or Spike Lee's Ella Enchanted 2 Ella in Da Hood? Actually the way some of Spike's recent films have gone this may not be a bad idea) keeps the pace tight and the actors attractive.

    However all is not peachy keen. For example I haven't seen African American hairstyles this bad since Cotton came to Harlem. The Tyrese character comes across as a complete idiot almost sinking the movie once or twice. (Now I know Tyrese can act I saw Baby Boy.) Another quick note I have driven cars with nitrous oxide and they give you a burst of acceleration not warp speed effects from Star Trek. (And lets face it the Mitishibishi cars are pretty but not fast. These cars are dragging down a strip after a minute and the speedometer finally moves from 90 to 120 my Dart has better acceleration after 60 sixty seconds.

    The movie, to its credit, acknowledges when the cars get whooped by some old American muscle. I know I promised not to discuss the plot but one thing. If you needed someone to drive a couple of million dollars from Miami to Key West (all of 2 hours on Interstate 95 and Route 1), would you A: hire and old couple in a RV B: Drive it yourself or C: Hire two ex-cons in the flashiest cars you have ever seen and who had to this point been incapable of rounding the block without causing an accident and attracting various state and local agencies. I guess that's why we are not criminal masterminds....more info
  • Mediocre sequel, although final 20 minutes aren't too bad
    The original FAST AND THE FURIOUS was brainless but reasonably entertaining, with a charismatic performance by Vin Diesel, a fairly interesting plot, and some very well-done action scenes. This inevitable sequel, starring Paul Walker (who played second fiddle to Diesel's character in the original) and Tyrese (as Diesel's "replacement"), hardly approaches the highs of the first film at all until the last 20 minutes or so, when 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS truly comes alive with a fun-to-watch car chase scene, some ingenuity, and some momentum. Until then, it's pretty mediocre, with a cookie-cutter plot, some wince-inducing dialogue (which tries way too hard to be "cool"), and bland car racing scenes. Thanks to Tyrese, who brings considerable energy and charisma to a badly underwritten but important role, it's still fairly watchable overall, but at least with THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS I wasn't annoyed with the dialogue and bored with the plot. Action fans can easily skip this one....more info
  • Garbage compared to the first.
    Paul Walker can act as well as a brick wall. He is that bad.
    But beyond that the movie is semi-watchable.

    The Skyline race at the beginning was the highlight of the film and the rest just went downhill. The cars rocked in the first one from old school muscle to tricked Civics and Supras. What do we get in the sequel? Two Mitsubishi stinkers.
    Did Mitsubishi pay off the director or something to have their dying car lines in the movie?

    All in all it was an ok popcorn movie but it is a total waste when compared to Diesel and the first movie. ...more info
  • Fun moive, looks and sounds great on HD DVD
    This movie is pretty brain dead, but a fun ride anyway. It looks and sounds phenomenal on HD DVD--a bit step up from the already decent DVD release. I now have the other two movies in the series on order on HD DVD. ...more info
  • It's all about the cars baby!!!!!
    First, let me say that I decided not to watch this movie when it came out summer 2003. I was so turned off from the first one (Fast & the Furious) that I though the sequel will be a waste of time & money (most sequels tend to flop nowadays). The cars in the first movie were ok, but there was no plot...basically none...nada!! Not to mention Ja Rule only showed up in the movie to get dissed? lolol...serves him right. Fast & Furious was lame overall, but Vin Diesel stole the show (hands down). So, I'm disappointed that he wasn't in this sequel though.

    So I rented & watched the DVD 1yr later expecting to see another dumb sequel.

    I was wrong...

    This movie finally has a decent plot that gelled all parts of the movie together into one exciting rollercoaster ride.

    The cars, were much better, waaaaay faster, not to mention the girls and the setting (how can u beat Miami?). The first race totally blew me away. Incredible Car Stunts!! Not to mention the cars. Skyline? Spider? Evo VII? The 2 Hemi monsters? American Muscle?...What more cars could u ask for Man? They even rolled out the whole pack of cars near the end. The police aren't that stupid. It's just flat-out fast paced action from the word "GO!" The driving maneuvres during all chases were well done.

    Paul Walker's a pretty cool actor...I respect the man. Tyrese was just too funny. Eva Mendes is so pretty, that I've stopped dreaming of J-Lo. Ludacris & Devon Aoki look so cute together. Not to mention the villian (Cole Hauser), he was stoned cold. All the actors were tight.

    How can I forget the soundtrack? All the tracks are flat-out club bangers that fit the scenes like a glove. That track during the buildup to the 1st race (when the skyline was driving in) was my favorite. You'll be feeling the beats for real.

    To me this is one of the hypest movies I've seen that really lived up to it's name...definitely one of the best urban movies I've ever seen in a while now. You won't get tired of this movie, and you'll want to watch it over and over again. This movie is a keeper for all car-lovers.

    Should they do "Fast & Furious 3" with Vin Diesel back in with Paul Walker, Tyrese in it, true justice will be surely be served.

    This movie rocks! Why? It's all about the cars baby!

    ...more info
  • Could have been better
    The original was a great movie, and really helped advocate the growing trend of import tuning & racing. The "2 Fast 2 Furious" sequel turned out to be a bogus attempt to take the original a step further. The thing that made the original so cool was that it was all about the cars and the racing scene (particularly LA/So. Cal). 2 Fast 2 Furious simply feels like another cop movie with chase scenes and a poor story.

    I've never seen a sequel bomb as badly as this one. It's too bad they didn't try harder to make this one a hit too. No wonder Vin Diesel didn't appear in this one: Apparently he can see a bad script a quarter-mile away.

    I'm glad I only rented this movie. If I would have paid full price to own it I would be forced to sell it to some poor unsuspecting fool. I have one more thing to say about this movie, and it is a possible spoiler so if you haven't watched it skip to the next review.

    The first scene was the worst of the whole movie, so it really failed to set the mood for the rest of the flick. Most of the first race was done by low-budget computer graphics, and it is painfully obvious. The steam from the Nissan Skyline's hood was just lame, BTW.

    Do yourself a favor, buy a different movie....more info
  • "2 Fast 2 Furious" Review!
    John Singleton, best known for urban dramas like "Boyz N The Hood" and "Poetic Justice", takes some time off to pay the bills with a commerical property, a sequel to "The Fast And The Furious", 2001's big dumb adrenaline-filled car chase movie starring Vin Diesel. Vin's out of the picture in this one and vanilla-white Paul Walker is stuck carrying the bag with a supporting cast that includes R&B singer Tyrese (who made his film debut in Singleton's last movie, "Baby Boy") and the beautiful Eva Mendez. Also involved is rapper Ludacris who helps Singleton keep up his "rapper-per-movie quota".

    Walker's renegade cop Brian O'Connor is back and this time, he's paired with his estranged childhood friend (played by Tyrese) so that they can infiltrate a Miami kingpin's organization. (Don't ask me. I didn't write it.) Walker, who if not for Keanu Reeves, would probably be the least charismatic leading man in cinema history, is still able to blend in as a criminal henchman despite the fact that he looks about as menacing as the cast of "Leave It To Beaver". Tyrese, who seems to forgive and forget his estranged buddy sending him to prison in record time does a decent job overall but it doesn't do much to save this one from being a mess.

    "2 Fast 2 Furious" is a dissapointing sequel to a movie that was for the most part, an overrated full-length car commercial disgusied as a movie. While the original at least had its share of entertaining moments despite its juvenile plot and cardboard characters, this sequel doesn't seem to have such luck. Singleton, who still remains one of my favorite directors despite his involvement in this atrosity, should have known better than to take on this one. ...more info
    This movie was up and down, to an effect. Having seen both movies, anyone who saw the first one knows that Vin Diesel was what shaped the movie... not Paul Walker. I can't say I have anything against Paul Walker's acting, and much less Tyrese, but I do think that it was the idea of changing both the concept and the crew for this one.

    I mean, don't get me wrong. This movie has some parts that the first movie lacked. For example... this movie has the humor that the first movie needed. Hell, the first one probably would have been a -LOT- better if it could have been as funny as this one was. This one had the saturation of humor that everyone probably wanted anyway. Not too little, not too much. The first one had none at all.

    On top of that, the plot, the concept, the acting, actors, and the backstory pretty much all change. No one has any idea that O'Conner (Walker) has any history with street racing. In addition we never knew he grew up in Florida or anything like it.As we can see from the first movie he drives like he's a newb when he's at the speedway in Los Angeles, and in the second movie you hear Tyrese discussing about them both being fast drivers in the past, and so on.

    I guess the concept lost it's depth when they chose to put Cole Hauser (Paparazzi) in. I dislike his acting ability on the whole. I thought he sucked in Paparazzi and he wasn't much better in this one.Not to mention the change of location, the whole location flip flopped. It went from pacific to Atlantic, and neither of these movies have anything to do with one another. If they -really- planned to do this movie with Paul Walker returning, they should have based it somewhere else out of California, like Malibu or something.If they wanted to keep it Miami-oriented, they should have went for a new lead actor and dropped Walker altogether.

    On the whole, the movie was fine but I dislike it for what it's lacking, originality more than anything. I wouldn't recommend buying it right away. Go rent it to see if you like it first. I wager some will like it, and some won't.

    ...more info
  • Much better then the first...
    I enjoyed this movie much better then I did the first. There was non-stop action this whole movie. The first race & the big stunt was awesome. I figured the rest of the movie would be great & I wasn't disappointed. Great racing the whole movie. Tyrese was a great addition to this movie & he'll give you many laughs. I highly recommend this movie to anybody who want to sit back & see some good racing, awesome cars & neat stunts....more info
    When I first seen 2 Fast 2 Furious, it wasn't all that to me. I first watched this movie with my old tv so that can be called "480i" television.

    By the time I got an new HDTV from Wal-Mart, it an Sanyo model: DP26746 Integrated HDTV.. I had my Playstation 3 hook up to that HDTV with HDMI cable and play that movie in the slot and the quality looks so good, I had to adjust my brightness a little dark. Well thats all I can say about this movie, it has the best picture and the story is just average but fun. So, if u get the same device i have.. you will see what I am talking about. My HDTV display resolution at 1366 x 768 WXGA screen, so you know it is above 720p and less than 1080i/1080p but great picture on screen.

    ...more info
  • Fun ride!!!
    I think there is enough eye-candy to keep you entertained for 2 hours.The picture jump of the screen as soon as you start the movie.I think what this lacks in story it sure makes up for it with bright and beautiful color and excellent sound that test your speakers though out the film. I have to say John Singleton made this film his own giving us a great visual set piece in Miami. If only the "Miami Vice" film had what this movie has going for it in the visual department it might be easy to watch....more info
  • A bit too much like The Simpsons hit & run
    When I first saw the preview of 2 fast 2 furious in the tv commercial,I thougt that the movie will do a great job bringing the old cast back from The fast and the furious.But when I found out that Vin diesel was'nt going to appear in the second part,I was'nt happy about it at all.However,Paul walker who play the role of an ex-cop,tried his best to save the movie but he could'nt do it...It did'nt get the good stuff that part 1 got,the driving and the crashing looked too much like The Simpsons Road Rage,The Simpsons hit & run and Namco's Smashing drive.Spend your money in another place....more info